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Trainer in a Faraway Place


The NX was revealed

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Gaming, Nintendo Oct 20 2016 · 466 views

No jokes; no hoaxes; no nothing. It was actually revealed, March 2017 release date.

All welcome the Nintendo Switch.


Wonder Trade Results - Finished!

Posted by Blessed Blade , in 3DS, Pokemon, Gaming Mar 14 2016 · 720 views

Max five tries per cycle.

Ralts #1: Scatterbug [No perfect IVs] > Ralts(... lol) [4 perfect IVs] > Shroomish [No perfect IVs] > Zigzagoon [No perfect IVs] > Spritzee
[No perfect IVs]
Not a bad end to the first cycle.

Ralts #2: Bulbasaur [3 perfect IVs] > Communication error(Bah =/) > Cubone [1 perfect IV] > Gulpin [No perfect IVs] > Communication error (??????) > ... Sand...shrew? apparently the last one wasn't as error as thought. .-. [No perfect IVs] > Rattata [4 perfect IVs]
Well, that was a rocky cycle... not sure why it errored out twice... but! On the bright side! I now have a Rattata in the top percentage!

Ralts #3: Zigzagoon [No perfect IVs] > Gulpin [1 perfect IV] > Tyrogue [No perfect IVs] > Poochyena [1 perfect IV] > Carvanha [2 perfect IVs]
This was an interesting cycle. That Carvanha looks pretty enticing, I might rebreed that later.

Ralts #4: Poochyena [No perfect IVs] > Zigzagoon [No perfect IVs] > Jigglypuff [No perfect IVs] > Wingull [No perfect IVs] > Zigzagoon [No perfect IVs]
This one was more... boring, other than Jiggly and Wingull showing up. ^^'

Ralts #5: Tropius [No perfect IVs] > Wurmple [No perfect IVs] > Oddish [No perfect IVs] > Zigzagoon [No perfect IVs] > Vivillon [No perfect IVs]
I'll take a Vivillon, thank you very much~

Ralts #6: [No Trade Partner] > Mawile [4 Perfect IVs] (swapped to Zigzagoon) > Wailmer [No perfect IVs] > Froakie [No perfect IVs] > Excadrill [No perfect IVs] > Whismur [No perfect IVs]
This cycle was a win from the first trade for me. xD

Ralts #7: Zigzagoon [No perfect IVs] > Swablu [4 perfect IVs] (swapped to Whismur) > Audino [No perfect IVs] > Plusle [No perfect IVs] > Mightyena [No perfect IVs]
Like last time, it was the earlier one that caught my interest. =P

Ralts #8: Geodude [No perfect IVs] > Ursaring [No perfect IVs] > Zigzagoon [1 perfect IV] > hacked Xerneas [lol not even one perfect IV] (swapped to Spritzee because I'm not perpetuating obviously hacked Pokemon) > Budew [3 perfect IVs]
So, this run was... amusing. Not only was it shiny. with Pokerus. With not a single perfect IV(where all stationary Legends have at -least- one). It also had hacked EXP, as it needed -390,000 EXP to reach the next level. Just. That Xerneas was fantastic, just because of how funny it was. xD I'd've maybe seen it if it had Pokerus only, and the rest, minus the hacked EXP... but with it being Shiny, with a non-event OT... yeah, it's hacked, because it was shiny locked in X. =P

Ralts #9: Swablu [1 perfect IV] > Fletchling [2 Critical Failure IVs] > Poochyena [No perfect IVs] > Machop [No perfect IVs] > Magi...karp... [1 perfect IV]
Well, this was certainly less eventful. =P

Ralts #10: Volbeat [No perfect IVs] > Ralts (WOW) [No perfect IVs] > Luvdisc [No perfect IVs] > Pichu [1 perfect IV] > Eevee [2 perfect IVs]
Not quite as eventful still, but the Eevee's a nice keep.

Ralts #11: Bulbasaur [4 perfect IVs] > Cascoon [No perfect IVs] > Tentacool [No perfect IVs] > Swablu [2 perfect IVs] > Sealeo [No perfect IVs]
This was an interesting cycle, for sure. xD

Ralts #12: Marill [No perfect IVs] > Flabebe [No perfect IVs] > Poliwag [No perfect IVs] > Bidoof [No perfect IVs] > Eevee [5 perfect IVs]
Well... that was definitely a good ending to an otherwise quick cycle!

Ralts #13: Mudkip [1 perfect IV] > Tentacruel [No perfect IVs] > Doduo [No perfect IVs] > Skrelp [No perfect IVs] > Wurmple [No perfect IVs]
Skrelp had an engima berry, so, as quite as this otherwise was, that was a nice bonus. ^^'

Ralts #14: Electrike [No perfect IVs] > Taillow [1 perfect IV] > Skitty [1 perfect IV] > Dwebble [No perfect IVs] > Zigzagoon [No perfect IVs]
Slow cycle. ;-;

Ralts #15: Zigzagoon [1 perfect IV] > Furfrou [5 perfect IVs] (Swapped for Zigzagoon) > Poochyena [No perfect IVs] > Eevee [1 perfect IV] > Carnivine [No perfect IVs]
Prize of this cycle was the Furfrou, and I don't even care for it a ton... But it's still nice to have. =P

Ralts #16: Nincada [No perfect IVs] > Wingull [No perfect IVs] > Wingull (...) [1 perfect IV] > Gible [5 perfect IVs] (swapped for Nidoran-F) > Whismur [No perfect IVs]
Not a bad cycle, and that double Wingull. xD

Ralts #17: Oddish [No perfect IVs] > Trapinch [No perfect IVs] > Ralts (Ahahahaha, I can't escape them) [No perfect IVs] > Froakie [No perfect IVs] > Poochyena [No perfect IVs]
Eh, this wasn't really a good cycle.

Ralts #18: Zubat [No perfect IVs] > Tentacool [No perfect IVs] > Kangaskhan [5 perfect IVs] (Swapped for Poochyena) > Skiddo [No perfect IVs] > Feebas [4 perfect IVs]
Well this was an improvement. xD

Ralts #19: Plusle [No perfect IVs] > Maractus [1 perfect IV] (Swapped for Whismur) > Wurmple [1 perfect IV] > Beautifly [1 perfect IV] > Tentacool [No perfect IVs]
Interesting cycle, but nothing truly of note.

Ralts #20: Honedge [2 perfect IVs] (Swapped for Tentacool) > Fletchling [No perfect IVs] > Unown-N [No perfect IVs] > Pikachu [1 perfect IV] > Shieldon [No perfect IVs]
Odd cycle.

Ralts #21: Snivy [2 perfect IVs] > Gloom [1 perfect IV] > Wurmple [don't even care] > Koffing [4 perfect IVs] (swapped for Shieldon) > Kecleon [No perfect IVs]
I didn't even care about checking Wurmple first. xD Only four more left, though, finally ;-;

Ralts #22: Illumise [1 perfect IV] > Mawile [1 perfect IV] > Pidgey [No perfect IVs] > Linoone [No perfect IVs] > Fletchling [No perfect IVs]
Nothing good here. Three to go.

Ralts #23: Diglett [No perfect IVs] > Linoone [No perfect IVs] (Swapping to Fletchling because of nickname) > Zorua [1 perfect IV] > Emolga [2 perfect IVs] > Bouffalant [5 perfect IVs]
That last one made the cycle, really.

Ralts #24: Gastly [4 perfect IVs] (Swapping for Carnivine) > Alomomola [No perfect IVs] > Murkrow [No perfect IVs] > Vulpix [4 perfect IVs] (Swapping for Wurmple) > Luvdisc [Don't care]
Two four IVs in one cycle... wow.

Ralts #25: Treecko [No perfect IVs] > Lotad [No perfect IVs] > Azumarill [No perfect IVs] > Mankey [5 perfect IVs] (Swapping to spare Ralts) > Eevee [No perfect IVs]
And that was the last cycle... I liked that random last Mankey. xP

But whew. I didn't expect it to take quite nearly as long as it did...


Oh No.

Posted by Blessed Blade , in 3DS, Pokemon, Gaming Mar 14 2016 · 685 views

Alt Title: "What did I do?"

Well. It appears as if, later today, the Wonder Trade network -may- be filled with, uh, just under a full box of Ralts. That have 2-5 perfect IVs.

The reign of the Ralts has begun.

(also new blog name, though it doesn't ring as well as if I hadn't gone with the location name, and with more of a reference thingy... Faraway Place, or Faraway Land?)

/EDIT: ALRIGHT. SO. I'm starting the wonder trading thing - will have another entry with the chains for all 24 ralts.

And this is just the first, since I'm not even done breeding. .-.


Bionifight Profiles

Posted by Blessed Blade , in BZP, Gaming Mar 01 2014 · 986 views

I'm gonna use this to help iBrow out; this way, people can find their profiles easier, and maybe it can be linked somewhere so that there can be easy access.

The main player list will list the rounds they participated in, how many victories a player has, the rounds they became victor in, and the ultimate weapons/tools they have. The Rounds Player List will have links to each profile or the profiles posted here.

Please post your profiles in this entry for future reference.

Player List:

1 - Ehks - (Rounds 1-9) - 1 victory, round 6 (The One Ring)
2 - Voxumo - (Rounds 1-9) - 2 victories, round 3/team round 4[MVP] (Blue Orb of Not Fire)
3 - JiMing - (Rounds 1-9)
4 - Zakaro - (Rounds 1-9) - 1 victory, team round 2
5 - Unit#phntk#1 - (Rounds 1-3)
6 - Punished Snake - (Rounds 1-3, 7-9) - 1 victory, team round 2
7 - Canis Lycaon - (Rounds 1-9) - 1 victory, team round 4, community update 1 creator (Usain Bolt)
8 - Tyler Durden - (Round 1)
9 - Portalfig - (Rounds 1-3) - 1 victory, team round 2
10 - Blade - (Rounds 1-9) - 1 victory, round 5 (Ice Rod)
11 - Pupwa21 - (Rounds 1-3, 7-9) - 1 victory, team round 2
12 - Chro - (Rounds 1-9) - 1 victory, team round 2[MVP] (Rocket Launcher of Exploding Heads)
13 - Onarax - (Rounds 1-3)
14 - The Dapper Man - (Rounds 1-4, 7-9) - 1 victory, round 1 (Butterfly Wings)
15 - JL - (Rounds 2-3, 5-9)
16 - ShadowVezon - (Rounds 4-9)
17 - Oryx - (Rounds 4-6) - 1 victory, team round 4
18 - Pulse - (Rounds 4-9) - 1 victory, team round 4
19 - LockeBZ - (Rounds 4-6)
20 - Shadowhawk - (Rounds 4-9)
21 - Pahrak #0579 - (Rounds 4-6) - 1 victory, team round 4[MVP] (Red Orb of Fire)
22 - Makuta Luroka - (Rounds 7-9)
23 - Toa Kayn - (Rounds 7-9)
24 - The Noid - (Rounds 7-9)
25 - Phantom Terror - (Rounds 7-9)

Rounds 1-3:

1 - Ehks
2 - Voxumo
3 - JiMing
4 - Zakaro
5 - Unit#phntk#1
6 - Punished Snake
7 - Canis Lycaon
8 - Tyler Durden/JL
9 - Protalgif
10 - Blade
11 - Pupwa21
12 - Chro
13 - Onarax
14 - The Dapper Man

Rounds 4-6:

1 - Ehks
2 - Voxumo
3 - JiMing
4 - Zakaro
5 - Canis Lycaon
6 - Chro
7 - Blade
8 - The Dapper Man/JL
9 - ShadowVezon
10 - Oryx
11 - Pulse
12 - LockeBZ
13 - Shadowhawk
14 - Pahrak #0579

Rounds 7-9:

1 - Ehks
2 - Voxumo
3 - JiMing
4 - Zakaro
5 - Punished Snake
6 - Canis
7 - Chro
8 - Blade
9 - JL
10 - Pupwa21
11 - Dapper Man
12 - ShadowVezon
13 - Pulse
14 - Shadowhawk
15 - Makuta Luroka
16 - Toa Kayn
17 - The Noid
18 - Phantom Terror

WIP - Will continue.


Steam Summer Sale/Minecraft

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Half-Life, Gaming, Computers, Internet, Minecraft, Steam Jul 12 2013 · 917 views

Alternative Title: Wow I'm Still Doing The Alt Titles

So, the Steam Summer sale is very cool. Main thing I'm annoyed about right now is not waiting for that Sonic bundle, but I think I've gone on about that long enough now, so I'm just gonna drop it. =P

Also, I never really talked about it much, but I think the Trading Card system is rather interesting. It could be better, with a more standardized booster pack drop system, but it's not that bad, and actually gives a use for the badges. =) The way they're handling the summer sale's badge is interesting, though. Not likely to get more than one level on the badge, but I'll have one for sure, provided I don't mess up and forget to vote at one point. =P

Next, Minecraft; it's new update is cool! Except for the fact that one server's waiting on a reset, the other on bukkit to update like two months from now, and, uh, I guess that's all the servers I go on. =P I hate zombies now. I expect to be hating Spiders or Creepers more in 1.7, judging by the recent updates. =P

Also, I was briefly captured by the Dread Pirate 'skfer' and he destroyed my lack of HL2 Episodes 1 and 2. He was a Dalek Pirate in an interesting turn of events, it seems.



Posted by Blessed Blade , in BZP, Computers, Gaming, Internet, Minecraft Dec 23 2012 · 747 views

[Marathon Go Go!]

Oh yes, forgot to mention this in the last entry; there were two BZPCs this weekend! =D So, since Friday night was so awesome, I decided to go for BZPC 14, and stay up until 2 AM once again! =P No issues getting into the server last night; everything just worked. Threw away my extra stuff before ET showed up, but forgot I was in creative, so I picked it all up again, and just obliterated it by throwing it back in the creative menu. =P

Once everyone was ready, I quickly placed a bed, and then once setup time started, I ran off and found a hole to stay in. Punched trees, and ignored the masses of mushrooms around. I quickly made a pick(stupidly using up all my planks for sticks at first. -_-), and then started on making a stairway to the bottom of the earth. Quickly things started going wrong, as I found a ravine like 3 feet from where I made the base, and as I was trying to look around it, I got shot off the edge by a skeleton, survived, and then got shot by another skeleton(Or he followed me, I'm still not sure). Well that wouldn't do; but it was still set-up time, so the death didn't count. I quickly went back in, dove into the pool of water, and reclaimed my sword from the skeleton, which had picked it up. Skeleton, you should stick to your bow, because I beat you with just my fists. HAH!

Once I got everything back, I noticed some iron! I grabbed that quickly, and made a stairway back up. I missed my base, which led to a second stairway into the ravine, and then went back into my base, smelted the iron, and then proceeded to try and find a safe way down the ravine. Not two blocks going down the side that I got knocked off initially, I ran into the stairway that I had made to get up. 0_o I wasn't complaining, I started to expand that, and found not too much... Though, I eventually ran into a cave, and started to clear it out. The first time, however, I ran into a zombie with I believe full leather on. I killed it easily, but saw a skeleton nearby. At about that point, ET died to a skeleton. Take note of that, it's death two by skeletons, set-up or real. =P With one officially out of the game, I continued to look around, finding some stuff which I mined out. However, as I was getting overconfident, a skeleton appeared to antagonize me. Shot me in the back, but I managed to kill it. I quickly ran and got some mushrooms, and headed to the surface, getting the mushrooms I passed up, making a bowl in the process. Mmm... Mushroom Stew. That stew probably saved my life a lot.

Back in my mine, I sealed off the drop to the ravine, and proceeded back to the cave I found. Except, instead of heading into the dark cave, I headed back to where I saw that skeleton earlier. It was gone. What did it do, circle back to ambush me? Was it the skelly I killed? 0_o Either way, I moved onward, eventually finding a second underground ravine. I noticed a zombie, killed it. Cleared a path, backtracked for a moment, returned, and saw a spider. Killed it without it even touching me. At about that point, I checked my map, and noticed an odd spot, so I just tunneled toward it, eventually thinking to go further down to attempt to find diamonds. That... Was not a good idea. I started to mine out the place after running into coal, and iron. Proceeded further in, found more coal, and more iron. I also found lapis; MI's favourite Minecraft item. =P Unit had to leave at about that time, unfortunately. I established a temporary base in that man-made cavern eventually, as I kept clearing it out. Thinking I should check out that odd spot, however, I quickly mined my way to the surface, running into MORE stuff that wasn't diamond. After reaching the surface, however, I saw nothing. Not even the odd dirt footsteps I had seemingly been hearing. 0_o The odd spot turned out to just be an odd half-beach, if you can even call it that. Just shore with like 5 blocks of sand. When I was back down in the mine, however, Bambi died as well. By being shot by a skeleton.

With three down, I decided it was a priority to find diamonds, so I went and started digging around to try and find them behind dirt and gravel. So began the reason I set up that temporary base and began to expand it and set up double chests. So much dirt; so little diamond.(Including that verbatim since you seemed to like that quote, Cholie. =P) I spent like an hour, if not two, digging out all that dirt, and all that gravel. So many shovels, just wasted. I found Gold, and iron, and coal. But no diamonds anywhere at all. Heck, I even stopped keeping that to myself, and began to mention it, since I was just surprised. Unit had returned by then. Of course, since MI had switched alliances by that point, I formed an alliance with him. It seemed, however, that every time I'd say 'diamond', Unit would run into some. xD Actually, anything anyone mentioned, Unit would run into. =P However, shortly after he returned, Cholie blew up. Poor MI was left with no partner. xD

I was getting rather annoyed with the lack of diamonds, however, giving the quote that I said earlier about that point. I ran out of places to dig, so I instead started to strip mine the cave, thinking that there should be diamonds somewhere in there. I get to one passage just as AT got disconnected because of Internet issues, and find that I've stumbled onto a cave with TONS of redstone. Like, masses of it. I had discovered some earlier, but it was accompanied by the bottom of the map. =P Lapis, redstone, Gold, you name it, it was probably there. I secured a part of it, but I seemed to run out of torches(Protip: Check your freaking inventory before you think that. -_-), so I just got rid of one section that seemed to be bugging me, right near the entrance. BINGO. 8 freaking diamonds, right there. I was rather pleased about that, but almost out of hunger, with no Mushroom Stew left, and Unit halfway across the map. I go to the surface, run out of food, run back down as it drops me to half a heart, cook the chicken I found, eat it, but only have three bars of food. Unit had to leave for 10 minutes then, and Ry got disconnected as well, leaving MI searching for me. I tried to monitor his progress, but he was too smart for me, and wouldn't give his co-ords, despite the fact that he'd kill me in an instant anyway. =P Luckily(Err, um, yeah, maybe not), Ry logged on at about that time with the news that AT couldn't return because of the internet problems, so I tried to get MI to search for Ry instead of me, but I also got the brilliant idea to go and grab lava to at least counter kill whoever found me. From the unlit cavern. With half a heart left.

So, I go to grab the lava, hiking through the mine I had uncovered, bypassing the coal I left, and reaching the cave. In my haste, I didn't catch the skeleton sound. Of course, a second too late, I saw the skeleton out of the corner of my eye, and tried to grab lava. Of course, the sound of an arrow hitting a wall, dropped my attention from that. I turned around, and saw the skeleton right behind me; no means of escape. Resigned to my fate, I rushed the skeleton. *twang* "BZP_Blade was shot by a skeleton." "Respawn" Well dang. I should've just stayed in my safe hidey-hole. ;_; A couple minutes later, Unit shows up, and a few minutes after that, everyone has the ultimate showdown that decided the match; Ry killed MI and Unit, and too victory. MI got his Lapis platform, in a little funny coincidence there. =P And I did very well, considering the only real reason I didn't survive until at least Unit return was my brilliant plan to go exploring. =P

It was awesome fun, however; and I will certainly join BZPC 15 whenever it's ready. =D



Posted by Blessed Blade , in BZP, Computers, Gaming, Internet, Minecraft Dec 22 2012 · 677 views

[The First Attempt]

So; BZPC 13 was last night, and I joined in it as well for once. After a few technical difficulties at the start, everyone got in, and the game started. Me being clueless, I didn't have much of an idea of how to start off, but I slowly got the hang of it, doing the same as normal, and acting like a dwarf and heading underground. Turns out that I had a ravine right next to where the base was, which I revealed as I dug a staircase down. After killing a Creeper with a Stone Sword once the set-up period ended, I went and got some iron. I crafted a helm, and went looking around for food because I needed it. When I headed back, I noticed iron on a ledge close to where a zombie was moaning for brains, so I made a bridge over. ... Turns out, the zombie could walk down, so he went and gave me a hug, knocking me into the lava below; 2 blocks away from the nearest water source. xD

So, I respawned, and tried to stave off an undead and spider infestation where my Spawn point was, though I died once before I was set to Creative. xD After that, I just made sets of uber enchanted armour, and just randomly did stuff as I waited for the others to die(A couple were eliminated shortly after me, though.), and after a while, initially as a joke, I made a beacon, which the others then embraced.

However, ET eventually wandered near the beacon, and I decided to follow him for a bit, especially after he noticed the desert temple I saw. I mostly just wanted to act as a ghost spectator, but unbeknownst to me, desert temples are trapped worse than I thought. >_< He opened up the treasure room, and I followed to look. I must've landed by accident, though, because I heard that I hit a pressure plate that had tons of TNT under it. I kinda accidentally blew ET up. >_< See, I had no clue what happened; I'll admit I heard the pressure plate, but for some reason at that moment, I thought it was one of the chests opening. >_< However, after it happened, I wandered around, trying to open one of the chests, not realizing the disaster I had caused. I then went out, since nothing was happening, and I thought I was about to crash for some reason. Turns out I did, because of all the TNT. Log back on, and I get confused because I had no clue that ET had died, and not sure what happened, I go back and see a crater. Learned two valuable lessons there: 1, never do what I did when in a desert temple. 2, Always hover when a ghost, and try to stay away from other players. =/ Luckily, due to the whole nature of the situation, ET was let back in, since a) I couldn't kill anyone then anyway, and b) It wouldn't have happened if I had've stayed floating in the air, since ET was actually being more cautious than I was.

The rest of the game was interesting, but not nearly as bad as me epically failing with the above thing. Ddude eventually barely took down MI, and then he decided to make podiums, and we all started to craft Fireworks. After I realized everyone else was crafting them faster than I could, however, I just resorted to keeping watchout and shooting skeletons and other bad things that might try and eat anyone passing by. As we were working, however, the topic of interest was how close Unit was to getting potions. Well, randomly, a lag spike hit Unit, and caused him to freeze up. Apparently, a Skeleton decided that was time to take his daily target practice, and used Unit as a pincushion. Everyone was rather shocked about that, since he was so close to the potion requirements. =/

Eventually, it came down to a fight in the Nether, intentional or not, between Bambi and Ddude. One died, then the other followed shortly after, which prompted a lot of chat, and much celebration. We had a fireworks set-up, and then some of us decided to spawn two Withers(Partly due to miscommunication), and we then killed them off, and nuked a mountain(Or at least most of it, somehow part of it survived. 0_o), setting up masses of TNT while MI was idle, getting the winning picture ready, though it was set off prematurely because of redstone proximity. =/

So, yeah, that was pretty much it, and it was a chaotic but very interesting match, with over half of the players dying from environmental deaths, and, of course, me very horribly failing. But it was fun aside from the whole 'accidentally killing ET' part, and a good way to join in on the BZPCraft games. =D


Minecraft Misadventures #5

Posted by Blessed Blade , in BZP, Computers, Gaming, Internet, Minecraft Dec 21 2012 · 603 views

[I'm Going To The Neeeeeeetheeeeeeeer]

So, following up from the last Minecraft Misadventures, I decided to head to the Nether after a little bit of not being sure what to do and making sure everything worked with the 1.4.6 update. This being the first time I went to my portal since I temporarily disabled the Nether Portal texture, I was amused to find the portal was all blue. =P Nonetheless, I went through once more, my view now on Short, so I could see the actual Ghasts, when they appeared. =P

First thing I did, was explore up the mountain I kept ignoring last time. Nothing, though I saw a mysterious place across a chasm of lava, so I made a bridge across. Ran outta cobble, but I luckily had dirt, and thought 'eh, I'll just use dirt for the last three blocks', estimating it. It literally used three blocks, which I never pull off. =P I explored around, but there wasn't really anything of interest, except for glowstone I couldn't reach without it falling in lava, which was unfortunate. =/

I continued looking around that spot, however; but as I was making a tunnel, my pick broke, so I had to head back. When I returned, however, I went around another way, headed more to southeast or so. After I spotted the first ghast of the session, I tried to kill it, but it was having more luck, managing to set the spot where I was standing on fire. I wasn't exactly pleased, but I survived that. =P I turn around, and find that another Ghast had crept up behind me, and was trying to kill me as well; however, I dodged a couple blasts, and then killed it with my first reflected shot, also gaining two gunpowder and a Ghast's Tear in the process, which I was pleased about.

I continued to make my way around the Nether, but nothing TOO exciting happened. I ran across a few more Ghasts which tried to kill me, but neither I nor the Ghasts had too much luck. I also did not find a single Nether Fortress; I think I had horrible luck in dimension generation there. =P On my way back, however, another Ghast tried to ambush me, however, I managed to somehow predict where it'd be correctly, while it was off screen, and killed it without even seeing it. Pure luck there. xD Unfortunately, it was over lava(Obviously, I can't have good luck, can I?), so I didn't get a single thing out of that, but still. That was awesome. xD Did I mention that I'm now playing on Hard now, since I never turned it off from when I was playing on NightCraft's world? Yeah. =P And I got back without any incident either.

What bugs me, however, is my death the last time. I found a portion of land around where my portal is, and it looks as if I was just barely missing the ground.(Not that it really would've helped, due to fall damage, but still) If I had've held forward, I probably would have avoided falling into the lava. I suspect a Ghast is to blame for that hole, since a ton of them were shooting me then, so there's no guarantee what they shot up. =P

Anyway, I get back, and wander around a little. I fixed up one of the many cave tunnels in my base, sealing it off so I can dig the gravel away and see if there's anything good around there later. I also got more potatoes. I have an entire stack of baked potatoes now, and a second stack coming soon. xD I then recalled my glass issue, and went to go get that, raiding a nearby beach. I also traveled around the nearby segment of land, looking for a good spot to make a train station, but couldn't find one yet. I also found a medium slime, but it was trapped in water, so I euthanized it. But I'm still alive!

I think that's about it. It was a rather boring session, since I wasn't entirely certain what to do, aside from the Nether run. ^^' I really expected to find a Nether Fortress, too... =/


NightCraft #1

Posted by Blessed Blade , in BZP, Computers, Gaming, Internet, Minecraft Dec 20 2012 · 1,508 views

[A New Journey]

So; as I decided the other day, I'm starting a new series of nightly Minecraft entries, based on my playthroughs. However, this is a second series, that'll run alongside Minecraft Misadventures, taking place in a world of it's own. That way, people looking for a dedicated entry series won't be confused by the fact that I started the entries of Minecraft Misadventures like halfway into the world(After I got the major stuff, like, you know, 19 diamonds. =P), whereas the people who like Minecraft Misadventures won't be disappointed by me prematurely cancelling the series, which is not happening, just to reiterate. These are two different series, and this might even be paused for a few days, until I can get into a rhythm of balancing the two series. Basically, the two series will be updated whenever I play the respective worlds(The Minecraft BZP Series for this, and The Map for Minecraft Misadventures).

With that over with, let's get on with the show, shall we?

So, I generated a new world, thanks to the kind seed suggestion from Biobeast in the comments of Minecraft Misadventures #3.(For the record, the seed was 'thisistotallynotagoodseed', apostrophes included. =P) I spawned... In trees. Again. I look around, and sure enough, I'm once again in a jungle. Honestly, I could use some variety, like, you know, Extreme Hills, or a desert or something. xD I look around, and find that I'm actually on top of a REALLY big hill. Checking my minimap shows me at about layer 80-90 or so, which is pretty dang high up.

I began to look around at the scenery, looking, in fact, for where the 'bonus chest' that contains my starting equipment went to. In the mean time, I see tons and tons of trees, quite a bit of sand(That should give me plenty of glass. =P) I still couldn't find that chest, however, no matter how much I looked, and decided to just give up on it for that moment, and focus on making a hole in the ground to hide in(I set the difficulty to hard, thinking it might give more entertaining deaths for you guys. =P). However, as it started to turn to night, I got the idea to look around for the torch(es) placed with the chest. After a little while, I see the light coming from UNDER a tree. ... Literally two seconds from my spawn point. I must've passed by it a dozen times. I was not impressed at that, but laughed it off mentally. =P

I headed back to my makeshift base, and hollowed it out, having still just had dirt. I started the mineshaft that'll be used a lot in the near future, and then began making a staircase down the side of my base to go get some cobble, getting 8 just in time to make a furnace; I had only gotten one torch from near that chest, and things were getting rather dark in the hole I made. So, I quickly made a furnace, burned a tree, and got charcoal to make a quick few torches out of. Went back, grabbed more cobble, and make some stone tools, including a sword. Continued down a little further, and then decided to check and see if it was day... It was.

I quickly worked on expanding the outer area of my base a little, and then made a door, so I'd be a little more protected. After that, I decided I wanted to get started on the mineshaft, so I went to grab sand for glass from some of the beaches. In fact, I found one near a small... pond, I guess. Seems too small to be a lake.(Though, you could argue it's a river, since it's in a forest/jungle thingy.) As I was digging the sand, however, I saw gravel. Recalling how many people have luck finding stuff hidden under gravel, I dug it all out, running out of shovel in the process. However, my extra persistence paid off: I found 3 iron hidden under all that. Still no sign of Coal, though.

Digging my way back, I made yet another staircase back up to my spawn area, and headed over to my dirt base, and smelted the iron and sand into iron ingots and glass. I broke the ceiling of my base in order to put in a skylight, just as it was changing to night. So what did I do? Well, I towered up with dirt to the tree that seemed to be blocking some of my skylight's light, and broke the leaves of the tree. What, do you guys do something else at night? Sleep? What's that? =P

After that minor detour, I headed back down my dirt pillar, and ran into a zombie. Someone's gonna call me out on this as 'cheating', but I just stayed on the pillar, in my sword's range but out of the zombie's, and smacked him to redeath. =P (Hey, I have no armour, of course I'm going to choose the option with less chance of death. =P) Interestingly enough, that was all the baddies for that night. I was rather surprised no skeletons tried to shoot me. 0_o

Got back in, quickly dropped things off, and took the remaining glass being smelted. (two blocks, not enough for anything but windows, which unfortunately are not possible right here. =P) I then headed out, and tried to make a spiraling staircase up a HUGE jungle tree, but stopped about halfway, when it was taking so long to do. I still managed to get about 12-15 lumber, though. I then just spent the rest of the time just taking a leisurely jog around the jungle, looking for anything interesting, but alas, I only found one odd cave that just connected two sides of one island, and a bunch of cows, which I killed because I had no other use for them yet.(That's going to bite me in the future, I can tell it) Two got stuck in the leaves, though. xD

I headed back, and made some ladders to get my mineshaft started, but after going down three layers, I just stopped there for the night, because it was getting late.

Hopefully I'll have more of both NightCraft and Minecraft Misadventures up tomorrow, but we'll see what I have time for. I wanna get around to the Nether(To die some more! 8D), but I'd like to see what's up with NightCraft's very odd lack of coal. I have yet to find a single piece of coal yet. Granted, I probably have just been missing it all, but... I'll need it kinda soon. xD

So, for now, Blade out!


Minecraft Misadventures #4

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(I Love Redstone)

First things first, thanks to Biobeast for the quick Redstone tutorial for those pressure plates; it really helped. =D
Now then... Following up from last night(Since I went on earlier than 10 PM today. :rolleyes:), I continued to deal with my redstone problem. Thanks to Biobeast's comment in the last entry, I knew kinda what I was in for. However, I hadn't made redstone repeaters before, so I had to go and quickly look that up. =P Once that problem was solved, I got to setting up my redstone doors; I expanded the cavern-like area I created last night, and refined it slightly. I had to redo where I got into it eventually, but, I also managed to get the pressure plates on the same level as the door. =D
First off, I started with the redstone torches, placing them as Biobeast had explained, one set on top(Which go first, which is important), and the second set on the bottom. Then I dug a 2x2 hole one block down, and put the first set of repeaters down, and redstone wire connected on the other side. That's when things got tricky, since I was down a ways. I refined the process after a bit, but pretty much what I did was to run the redstone around a split, up a ledge, back to the middle, and then up another ledge to where the pressure plates would be. It honestly took longer than I thought it would to pull that off, of course. =P But it worked, even though I messed up and went and broke one of my stone pressure plates with my fist. >_>
I repeated the process on the other side, only barely not breaking into my staircase in the process.(One more block over, and I would have. =P) After that, the doors both magically opened, even when you only stood on one pressure plate! =D Once I finished that, however, I decided to take a little break from redstone, and I went to do other things. I made an enclosure for my redstone cave, and in the process befriended another slime! That was short-lived, however, as I went into my nearby huge cave to get more stone, and the slime followed me the short way, falling to it's own doom. I initially made a grave for it too, but the sign glitched and showed nothing on it, so I reclaimed the sign, and left it unmarked. =(
Once I finished with that, I decided to go and try to FINALLY mark off some of those silly achievements that related to farming. Completed the first two, but then I got to the cake one, and had to go find a cow, since there were seemingly none around me. After traveling around a lot, lighting up even more area with torches, having a horde of Creepers try to blow me up, taking an arrow to the knee, finding unlit caverns, running across my new house, and deciding not to look in the quarry due to another creeper wandering around, I went back home, and found a cow further to the south(I think?), just standing where I used to have some sugarcane. xD I got the milk, tried the recipe, failed badly, and had to resort to looking it up. I'm actually glad it wasn't so far away, though, because I only grabbed one bucket, and needed three.(And wheat instead of bread. >>')
So, after all that, I finally got the cake, which apparently is not a lie. I expanded my sugarcane farm a little again, and harvested a ton of potatoes(BAKED POTATOES FOR EVERYONE!), and decided to take a break.
However, whenever I go on next, I will be making another trip back to the nether. You know, because I didn't learn the first time. =P

/EDIT: Gah, the tags and everything are all messed up for this entry. >_> Had to use parenthesis tags instead of brackets.

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