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Trainer in a Faraway Place


Pokemon White Nuzlocke Journey - Part 3: Pinwheel Forest Really, Castelia, Nimbasa

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Gaming, Nintendo, Pokemon, RPG Aug 28 2012 · 756 views

Alternative Titles: Route 4 Was Boring.


Pinwheel Forest:

So, despite having this in my title for the last entry, I never completed Pinwheel Forest until last night, so it doesn't fit there. =P Also, I don't like being underleveled. =P

So, tried Pinwheel Forest. Got curbstomped. Went off and tried it again, made it further, but was iffy, and went and mass leveled. That worked. =P So, then I went back, missed out on a chance to get a Pokemon because I didn't realize I hadn't caught anything yet when I saw an Audino, and simply continued forward, scattering Plasma off once again.

Skyarrow Bridge is still awesome.

Castelia City Stats:

Party: Roughly level 18, with Smugleaf far, far ahead of the rest.

Castelia City:

So, entering the city, I go off, making my first stop the Name Rater's to change the nickname of Rockman first to Rockwoman, but then to RockGirl, because Rockwoman has too many syllables. =P

Then I went around, grabbing items, gathering lemonades and Fresh Waters(Why pay 700 for Super Potions when you can slowly get tons of lemonades, that heal more for cheaper?), gathering up the Amulet Coin to gain LOADS of money, and then just curbstomping Plasma. Again. =P By now, it's kinda stabilized at a rate where I'm in between normal levels, and SLIGHTLY underleveled, which is much better than Nacrene.

After raiding the place, though, I went to Route 4 and got a new Pokemon! Not a Darumaka, unfortunately. A Scraggy. Eh, it'll do; boxed SpoonyBard, named this HyperFight(The full name of Super Hyper Street Fighter 4 Uber Ultimate Deluxe Arcade Edition wouldn't fit, unfortunately.), and then went off and finished up the city, and curbstomped Burgh surprisingly easily.

Then Bianca challenged me. Not too bad; I thrashed her. However, some memory of my old Black playthrough made me stop and heal everything quickly. Sure enough, Cheren was waiting to challenge me like ten steps away!! ._. He couldn't have waited until the other side of the route? Whatever, crushed him easily, moved on forward, short route is short, got Ultra Balls, went into Nimbasa.

Nimbasa City Stats:

Roughly level 20, level 21 for my entire party. Except Smugleaf(Level 25 evolved as well), Roadkill(Somehow level 24. 0_o Also evolved), and Vezok(Level 23, and now a Simipour)

Nimbasa City: Aka, the Never-Ending-Sidequest:

So, here's where I stopped advancing the story for a bit. Entered the city, got the bike, got to hear the awesome Unwavering Emotions theme(=]), and got some more items. Then I just stopped. Why? Musicals. Or rather, one musical, so I could finally get that last prop for Black! =D I now have a Silver card on that, which is awesome. Now I just need to finish up the Pokedex(Which should be easy), and work on somehow getting a 49 streak in both singles and doubles, and it will have FINALLY been completed. And just in time for Black/White 2. =D

However, after I finished the musicals, I thought to myself, and decided it wouldn't hurt to go finish up all the Entralink missions. So now my rented game already has a Trainer card upgrade, and I haven't even gotten past Nimbasa. I also grabbed some trainers for my Black City while I was at it. =P

And... Yeah. That's about it for now. Haven't done much aside from sidequest stuff there. xD Though, the stadiums are higher leveled than I recall...

Stats, part 1: Roughly level 21, 22. Only a handful of levels since the last update. Will have a more comprehensive status update when I do Nimbasa City part 2. =P


R P G Tech Planning Entry

Posted by Blessed Blade , in RPG, BZP Jun 10 2012 · 6,383 views
This is the entry for the new RPG Grochi's thinking up that'll span the entire Matoran Universe; or rather, to think up and discuss tech in it.

We've already discussed teleport Kanoka, which is a good idea to me.

Also, just to mention, it might be a good idea to follow the entry, if only just to get notifications of it; my blog doesn't usually stay on the first page much.

Want me to add any links to the contest topic?


Shadows Of A Doubt

Tech Stuff:

All in-universe technology is present, along with teleport systems.

The teleport system is based off the Matoran Universe's newly discovered natural power source; however, it's unknown how that works, though a Toa of Lightning is required to regulate the power, and coordinates to get to the correct location. However, Voya Nui, Mahri Nui, and Mata Nui do not have teleport systems.

The teleporters are called 'Shift Gates' by the major organizations, and just plain 'Gates' by the normal Matoran and Toa.

The teleporters resemble a fusion between Star Gates, and the teleporter pads from Star Trek.

Story Stuff:

The first main plot is of a cold war between different factions in the Matoran Universe.

The second main plot is of rebuilding on Voya Nui and Mata Nui.

Possible side plot to find the Great Beings.

This takes place less than a year after the Great Cataclysm.

There will only be a few Makuta who are actually free; the rest will be imprisoned in Toa Seals, especially Teridax, who is still imprisoned.

Those Makuta are Icarax, Mutran, Bitil, Gorast, Miserix, Tridax, Vamprah, and Krika, currently.

The reason for the Dark Hunters and the Brotherhood of Makuta fighting each other, is because word got to The Shadowed One that Teridax was the one who killed Nidhiki and Krekka. Therefore, the Brotherhood, desiring the Vahi, struck first, and started the war.

Story Summarizations:

Inside the Matoran Universe:
It's been a year since the Great Cataclysm. Teridax is still trapped in his Toa Seal, and in his absence, Icarax is running the Brotherhood. What they are planning is unknown

The Visorak army, lead by Sidorak and Roodaka, has invaded Metru-Nui and mutated most of its Rahi. The Rahaga have been trying to save the Rahi, but every passing day the situation looks worse.

On the island of Zakaz, the Skakdi have finally united themselves and have become allies with the Dark Hunters, whose base is on Odina.

The Toa have been fighting both the Brotherhood and the Dark Hunters in an attempt to reestablish peace in the universe. They have a few bases, but not too many. The Toa, unbeknownst to them, have been secretly aided by the Order of Mata-Nui, whose headquarters are on the island of Daxia. You can only join the Order on a special invitation with Helryx's approval.

The Vortixx, inhabitants of Xia, have become weapons manufacturers and dealers to all sides. They are relatively neutral, but a few have left to join whichever side they fancy.

For the outside, Jovan has just died, Mahri-Nui (not named so, as of yet) has been created as a secondary part to Voya-Nui on the volcanic outcropping, the chord connected Voya-Nui to the pit, multiple tribes of Zyglak taking main residence there.

Mata-Nui's matoran have been making significant strides in their efforts to rebuild, with Toa showing up in Voya-Nui fairly often, taking boat rides to Mata-Nui. Trade has been established between the two island nations.

The Barraki are attempting to re-instate their legions with other survivors of the pit and various Rahi, along with discovering the usefulness of the sea squids and the electric eels. Ehlek is constructing their fortress, as well. They are, on a side note, searching for a way to regain their former power and forms.

They have made expeditions to the chord, opening up the bottom of it. It has been lightly flooded near the bottom, though it is still mainly a dry, air-filled hollow stone lance. Zyglak run freely through it, as well as other, more...sinister things.

Species and Characters:

Great Beings are being considered for the RPG as NPCs.

A species is currently being thought up for expansion or creation.

The Rahaga are indeed still Rahaga, and Sidorak is still alive; this take place before Roodaka's defeat, in a different universe, as per current plans.

The Toa Metru are Turaga now, having skipped becoming Toa Hordika.

There will be a limit of eight characters, due to the massive size of this RPG.

Staff members are limited by the eight character limit for the most part, but Staff Characters do not apply to the rule.

The Visorak will indeed be serving the Brotherhood of Makuta, and, more specifically, are currently infesting Metru Nui still.

The Piraka are still with the Dark Hunters. Vezon has not been created.

Takanuva would only be around as Takua, at this point in time.

Location Stuff:

This, again, will span the entire Matoran Universe.

This includes the island of Mata Nui, Voya Nui, The Pit, and Mahri Nui.




The Toa and Matoran are the typical citizens; and while there is a Toa Army, the Toa never kill anyone, so in a way, the Toa are just empowered citizens willing to fight for what they believe in. They wish to take on all evil, however, their main goal is to defend their home islands.


The Turaga will try to tell you that there are no such things as Zyglak. They will try to make you think there aren't beings who can send diseases which can kill you in seconds through skin contact. They will tell you that your powers over the elements can affect anything. That nothing can resist your powers. Under no circumstances should you believe them.

Born of the Great Beings' failure, they rose up from the excretion of the first Matoran, they came up from the garbage that was a side product of such creation. For years, they have hated us. Hated you. Hated Mata Nui. They have crawled in the pits deeper than anyone dare go. But now? Now, we can't trust them to be so subtle.

-Order of Mata Nui-

The Order of Mata Nui is a secret faction, unknown to most normal beings, who attempt to keep the peace in the Matoran Universe. Their leader is Helryx, Toa of Water. They hate people who try to disrupt the correct workings of the Universe, and therefore, hate the Brotherhood of Makuta, and the Dark Hunters.

-Dark Hunters-

The Dark Hunters are effectively the Bounty Hunters of the universe. Led by the enigmatic 'The Shadowed One', the Dark Hunters continually fight with the Brotherhood of Makuta and Toa, in order to take over different islands. They especially hate the Brotherhood of Makuta, if only because they always get in the way of the Dark Hunters.

-Brotherhood of Makuta-

The Brotherhood of Makuta is a group that was once effectively the bodyguards of the universe, however, after Teridax went rogue, they dropped all pretenses of that, instead attempting to control the Universe. The Makuta have almost all been sealed, however; though they still have armies that they can command, in order to get their goals completed. They hate the Dark Hunters badly, since they see the Dark Hunters as being in their way of universal domination.

-Scythe of the Makuta- (BoM Sub-Faction)
When the Toa first began capturing Makuta and sealing them in Toa Seals, nearly the entire leadership of the Brotherhood was cancelled, leaving only Icarax, Vamprah, and Krika. Icarax soon rallied the best and most skilled of the Brotherhood together and began a crusade across the universe to free the captive Makuta by killing the Toa responsible and using specially crafted scythes to 'reap' their elemental energy and redirect it to the Seals. Since then, the Scythe has successfully freed all other Makuta listed on this page. They remain under the command of the battle-hungry Icarax, and count amongst their numbers some of the fiercest Brotherhood warriors in the universe.
Symbol - A black scythe on a patch of blood over a black background. The point where the blade affixes to the shaft of the scythe is marked with the symbol of the Brotherhood.
Goals - Free imprisoned members of the Brotherhood.
Leader - Makuta Icarax
Base - Destral

-League of Six Kingdoms-

On cold nights, when Matoran huddle around a campfire, they speak in hushed tones of the six beings- the devil at their helm -who were sent to the most indestructible prison and came back even more powerful than before. Matoran lay awake at night, fearful of the forces that could overcome their protectors at any moment, loot their villages, and enslave them. Conquest in the Matoran Universe is never at such as scale as when the League of Six Kingdoms decides who's next.


Imagine an entire species, an entire faction, who cares nothing about the sides, the reasons. Who doesn't care who wins, or who loses. Only who has the most money. They would supply the darkest force, or the wickedest of armies with all they need...for the right price. Imagining all that, you've come to the Vortixx. They are the only truly neutral group, not bothering with sides. They have the most advanced tech, and most are extremely rich.

-Unnamed Custom Species-

Nothing is known about this species yet.


Work in progress
Goals: To be determined
Leader: Nektann?
Allies: Dark Hunters
Base: Zakaz
Symbol: Unknown, possibly Skakdi face.

-Voice of Artakha-

The Voice of Artakha is a group based on having true 'good' or 'light' morals; they detest evil, and wish to eradicate it from the universe. The best equivalent, is to a group of Paladins. They attempt to follow the Toa Code as much as possible, even for members who are not Toa, however, that is not always possible with their goals, causing slight discontent with other groups at times. They hate all evil, shown by their quest to eliminate all sources of evil.
Goals: Destroy all evil.
Leader: Unknown, as of yet.
Base: Nynrah
Symbol: Unknown

Potential Player Factions

Great Beings?



Kal Grochi - The Creator - Krika, Teridax, Artahka, Miserix, Jaller, Garan, Zaktan, Ehlek, and Axonn.
Blade - The Chronicler - Voice of Artakha Leader, and Bitil?


BenLuke-116 - The Bounty Hunter - The Shadowed One, Ancient, Nektann.
Belthnor - The Biologist - Spiriah, Dalu, Sentrakh, and Mazeka.
KNI - The Warlord - Tridax, Krakua, Defilak, Reidak, and Lesovikk
Krayzikk: Champion of RPGs - The Shadow - Vamprah, Brutaka, Thok, Darkness, Nuparu
Toa Levacius Zehvor - The Cartographer - Icarax, Vultraz, Ahkmou, Lariska, Conjurer, Johmak, and Voporak.
Toa Xemnas of Crystal - The Protector - Mutran, Vican, Helryx, Jerbraz, Tobduk, Velika, and Trinuma.


Tabby: Toa of Cats - The Engineer - Phantom and Gaardus
Doctor Wotz - The Artist- Roodaka, Takua, Vezok
TX Wade


R P G Contest 23

Posted by Blessed Blade , in BZP, RPG Mar 28 2012 · 414 views

Alternative Title: Just One Last Minute Push To Help An Awesome Role Playing Game

Please, everyone, vote for Day Run. A few things it has going for it are...

Mecha and other awesome futuristic vehicles.
Zombies you can play as, but not just normal zombies either.
A story that could really use an ending.
Awesome tournaments, and the potential end of a universe.
Very hard to beat opponents that would help that end of the universe.
Awesome players, characters, and story stuff.

Parugi has more of the details, but... Well, I think that Day Run should have it's ending...

Also, please also vote for Techna, as it should continue, as it's hard to find out what happens after the inevitable crash unless it wins. =)


Another Story

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Pokemon, Writing, BZP, RPG Mar 09 2012 · 373 views

Alternative Titles: Though It Doesn't Seem Good That I Haven't Fully Finished A Story Yet.

Two titles say it all. =P Though, I'm still working on one story, so it's not fully abandoned, and likely never will be. =P

Regardless, that's not the point. Point is that I'll be creating an epic based off Rise Of The Rockets sometime soon. It will mostly be an expanded variant of what's going on over in Unova in the RPG, along with adding some background info on the reasoning behind the situation. However, aside from name dropping of the faction Team Liberty, I won't involve any characters that were made by others, except as potential cameos. I don't want to accidentally get anything wrong. =P So, in that way, it'll be a retelling. =P

I might get the first chapter up sometime next weekend, potentially even sooner if I can get it written well enough on my 3DS =P ... But, then again, with no tabs and pasting, I need a computer to actually post it...


What I've Been Up To

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Books, BZP, Gaming, General Life, Nintendo, RPG Mar 09 2012 · 451 views

Alternate Titles: Aside From The Partying Of Course.

So... I bet people have noticed that I've been disappearing. This is why:

Tales of the Abyss
Tales of the Abyss
Tales of the Abyss
Tales of the Abyss
Preparing for stuff I need to do
Did I mention Tales of the Abyss?
And of course, emailing, but that part is more under a real life heading, as it's just people I know IRL. =P

Then, of course, there's the March Break, but nothing that important for me, since I'm done school, but I still will probably not be able to catch up next week, due to that.

Also, the 3DS browser's not fun for newer sites like this. I wish they'd make a standalone program app for it. =/


Recent Oracle Of Destiny Revelation

Posted by Blessed Blade , in BZP, Gaming, RPG, Zelda Jan 27 2012 · 874 views

Alternative Titles: Further Proof The Zelda Rpg Is Awesome

So, we're playing along, playing along, and a situation occurs where a player's character needs a subtle hint to go forward, or be stopped. I could have a mysterious old woman show up; have the Big Bad be ICed to either stop him or help him, depending on his mood; I could have had that map show him the location of where he needs to go, however unplausible it is.

What do I do? I USE THE ENVIRONMENT ITSELF! That's right! Oracle of Detsiny has the environment as an NPC, as Terminus pointed out. Given that two players commented on how that was different, and I honestly don't recall any other usages of things like that, I'm gonna say this is a first for BZP RPG land. =D

So, if you ever feel that that sudden rainstorm after an overkill defeat was just salt on the wound, don't feel too bad, the environment is sentient. xD


Oracle Of Destiny Inventory List

Posted by Blessed Blade , in BZP, RPG, Zelda Jan 04 2012 · 580 views

This is pretty much a list of who has what item in the game. Making it now so that I don't have tons of stuff to go through later on. xD Will sort by member, though it'll be random, or based off which member I see first. =P

Eventually, once other stuff, like magic, is introduced, I will upgrade this system to include magical abilities as well.


Link: Unknown items
Zelda: Unknown items


Orion: L1 Sword, L1 Shield
Kreena: L1 Sword, L1 Shield


Korkoa: No items
Lealna: L1 Sword, L1 Shield


Siris: L1 Sword, L1 Shield


Denkaro: Pen, Paper
Darren: Backpack Full Of Supplies


William: L1 Sword, L1 Shield, L1 Bow


Tobias: L1 Sword, L1 Shield


Oracle Of Destiny

Posted by Blessed Blade , in BZP, RPG, Zelda Jan 03 2012 · 583 views

Other Titles: My First Cot And Bzp Rpg

So, yeah, shameless plug. :rolleyes:

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Destiny just got approved by Than earlier this evening, and now it is ready for play. I probably should have mentioned that that was the opening IC in the topic, but, well, I left that out. My mistake.

However, I have awesome plans for this, and I don't believe anyone will want to miss them. =D


Day Run

Posted by Blessed Blade , in BZP, RPG Dec 28 2011 · 531 views

Other Titles: A Role Playing Game In Need

So, if you've been reading Parugi's blog recently, you'll know that Day Run isn't doing the best it can do. It's got votes, yes, but it's still behind the others. It can do better, and really, this last round is all it needs to finish up it's story.

Would you want something canceled before it's story is finished? No? Then please vote for Day Run, so that it's story can be finished, for all of us.


Zelda Rpg

Posted by Blessed Blade , in BZP, RPG, Zelda Dec 24 2011 · 386 views

Other Titles: No Snooze Button Here

So, if anyone's been looking at the COT RPG Planning Topic in the last day or so, you'll see that I've expressed interest in making a Zelda RPG here.

Well, I've got a Co-host, I believe I have most of the RPG's first post ready, and I'm not planning on going anywhere anytime soon.

So, that means that anyone who wishes to have a Zelda RPG here should keep an eye on the planning topic soon, as it should be up by the end of tonight, and provided everyone thinks it looks good, it'll be in the Request topic by the end of tomorrow. =D

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