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Trainer in a Faraway Place


Oh hi there~

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Internet, BZP, General Life Jan 22 2017 · 1,082 views

Alternative Title: Oh Forgot To Mention This

Hi everyone! How are you all doing~~~~? So, hi, my name's Chloe, everyone knows me as Blade, yada yada yada~.

Well, this is probably going to be a short entry, but....

Oh, by the way, I'm a transgender girl, so, yeah, there's that too~ ^^

P.S. I'm Windy's Lesbian Lover now, so <3


Ask Me Anything - Birthday Edition!

Posted by Blessed Blade , in BZP Nov 11 2016 · 1,143 views

Alternative Title: I Can Not Guarantee Sensical Answers.

Now, um, you can begin when ready! I'll be here... waiting... ^^;


Time Wasting

Posted by Blessed Blade , in General Life, BZP May 24 2016 · 320 views

So, I just went through and got all of the blogs that weren't disabled marked as read. All 90+ pages of them. Why did I do it? I have absolutely no clue, I guess I was too bored for even Picross to help... ;-;

now, if you'll excuse me, I think I need to reboot Firefox, it's complaining a bit about the sheer amount of stuff that's happened since the last reboot.


Windy Appreciation Entry

Posted by Blessed Blade , in BZP May 22 2016 · 1,171 views

I want to take a moment to just give a shout out to Windy for all she does! She is one of the best here, and I want to celebrate that fact right here.

So thank you for all you've done for us so far, and all you'll continue to do, Elisabeth! You are amazing! ^^


A Penny for your Thoughts

Posted by Blessed Blade , in BZP Mar 21 2016 · 520 views

I thought I'd join in on this blog fad!

Posted Image


Ask Me Stuff

Posted by Blessed Blade , in BZP Jan 24 2016 · 631 views

Alt title: wait this thing exists?

I dunno what to do, and I've noticed a bunch of these again, so let's start fresh and ask questions again. This might be like the third time, but I've lost count honestly. =P


Life, The Universe, And Everything.

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Random, Internet, Writing, BZP, General Life Mar 22 2014 · 855 views

Disclaimer: This will likely make no sense at all. This most definitely does not reflect my true feelings, and is mostly random musings for something.


(The following is an excerpt from a rather odd research paper. The full thing is rather too odd to even consider posting, however, it has had the most intriguing parts left in for people to read. Judge for yourself how sane this person is. We have not yet reached a conclusion on how this guy could seem so insane with so few words, but it happened.)

Are we alone in this universe? Is there life out there? I am not really sure, to be honest, however, it is most definitely possible. When you consider that there are many different planets, each with their own particular conditions to it, I am sure that there is more than one that has the potential to sustain life. It might not be a close planet, but the possibilities are there. However, if that is the case, why have they not contacted us? Do they not have the means to yet? Or have they actually contacted us already, and we just do not know it? Those number stations, are we certain they are really from places here on earth? Or this Blade guy, how are we certain he is not really an alien? Either way, considering most planets would have to be many light years away, it might simply be that they have no real way to travel this far yet, if they can even travel at all. Or might even just feel comfortable staying on one planet for the rest of their lives. Which is a good thing, if they are not a peaceful race, as getting conquered is never a fun feeling.

On that note, what would they even look like? Would they be drastically different? Would they even be scaly as everything likes to show? Or would they be just as potentially varied as creatures of earth, possibly even resembling some of them? Is it even possible that the 'parallel dimensions' that everyone has a fascination with is actually just a world far, far away? After all, we just have to look to Star Wars to see that possibility in action. Or maybe they are totally different. What physics would even exist on that possible different world? Would they be similar to here? Would people be able to jump high into the air? Would mysterious red mushrooms grant these people the ability to instantly grow taller, and only shrink upon getting hit? Or could there be aliens that never really die, but always just faint?

If it were possible for us to travel in space as well, would any other planets even want us to visit them? Would they want anyone to? Or would they want to just be hermits, living alone in the galaxy forever, so as not to risk things going badly for them? Would they even have concepts like emotions, or their own varied types of things; or even nothing at all? Would they enjoy any of the things we do; or would they enjoy all of them? On the flip side, would we even like their stuff, or would it be so foreign even to us in the current times where some foreign things are starting to become typical for people, that we would go 'what is this, really'? Would they have their own concepts of music? Are some populations the type that would just plain talk in song? Would they just randomly burst into song at very random points, like you'd see in some of the musical shows or such that you see around everywhere? Is this the real life? Was Bohemian Rhapsody really an alien song all this time!? ... Ahem, excuse me, went off on a tangent there. Anyway, my point is, aliens? Like music. Love it. Music is their lives. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Aliens, contrary to what I wondered earlier, really do like games of all types. If they are video games, they love them. If they are normal games, they're all over it. Sports? They kinda like them, I gues- *VUVUZELA PLAYS LOUDLY IN BACKGROUND WHILE EVERY ALIEN ON THE SURFACE OF THE PLANET LOUDLY CHEERS FOR WHATEVER TEAM IS PLAYING IN THEIR GAME OF SPACE FOOTBALL, SINCE ALIENS ACTUALLY CALL SOCCER 'FOOTBALL' AS WELL* Okay, I stand corrected, they really, really like sports. That was just a fragment of fans, after all. Forty two percent of aliens say they hate sports, but that still leaves the other fifty eight percent to enjoy them very much. They say it is partially due to the strategy part of it, though given that it encompasses many galaxies, that reason probably varies a lot in comparison to how humans would normally think about it. The strategy game genre is rather heavily enjoyed, however, which kinda backs up that claim, so it might be closer to the truth than people might think. However, they also happen to like action games, especially action adventure games, and most especially action adventure games that have Role Playing Game elements, since leveling up and getting stronger while moving around freely is something that every alien should attempt at least once in their life. Sports video games are also heavily liked, though mostly among the fans that just can not play the normal versions for whatever reason. Of course, some alien companies have come to earth to showcase that, by either releasing many versions of a sports game a year, covering it up by having their name be different, or crossing over sports elements with other game elements. Inazuma Eleven? Yeah, aliens. It is why aliens are so prominent in it at times.

Aliens rather enjoy many types of food. While some species can not handle certain types of food, there's enough variation to have that not be much of a problem at all. Of course, certain people get rather up in arms at being eaten, since morals are not really totally the same across the universe... There has been a movement to try and stop one species in particular, but strangely the notes sent just randomly vanish. There is a theory going around, however, that the notes have been eaten, but why would that happen? That just seems weird and odd and I doubt that is what happened really. Either way, aliens like food, especially human food. But do not let that fool you into thinking they enjoy humans as food, that is just wrong; it literally means that they enjoy the food humans enjoy too. "Human Food" I believe they call it to the pets that the humans have.

Also, speaking of pets, dogs? Cats? They are secretly aliens. Their cover has not yet been blown, though, and they have requested I keep it a secret, especially from the Hamster-Kind. However, I believe I can mention it to alien-kind, such as yourselves. Hopefully you all can keep it a secret as well, to everyone. After all, safety for aliens everywhere is key, no matter what they look like, or what they think, or what other aliens they hang out with. Always practice safety, always travel in twos, and never be out when the stars are on the other side of the planet. Which is technically always, but still. Just carry your house everywhere, those snail aliens, although slow, set a good example for the rest of alienkind. Just try to be more like them. Slow and steady wins the race, is that not right? So also be like those human creatures known as turtles. Turtles are nice and good. Better than the hyenas at least, I mean, who would want to laugh almost all the time, I mean, that is just crazy, ha ha ha... ha...

Contrary to popular belief, aliens also have a lot of emotions as well. Both more and fewer, but everyone has emotions. Humans are about mid to lower range on the scale of emotions, and it is really difficult to explain how they are both spot on at times, but also rather very simple for emotional ranges. It is odd. Humans are very good at being odd and complex creatures, that is for sure. Their time system is also very weird, considering no-one seems to have an idea at what time it really is.

Did you also know that some aliens have really good imaginations? It is true! There have been many intergalactic reports of aliens having very good imaginations, and being very creative. (The LEGO group? Yeah, aliens. You did not hear it from me, however. Bionicle? Totally aliens.) Their creativity, however, leads others to think they are not aliens, oddly enough, though. This sort of event has not yet been explained, and it even happens to other aliens species. Wait, what journal is this going into... Oh. Oh this one. Uh, forget what I just said. I am positive, however, aliens have good memory. They most certainly do not forget things rather quickly and get distracted easily and accidentally stick things into the wrong folder and then start writing stuff up. After all, I believe the average alien IQ level is around 300 or so... Or was it -300 on human scales... Hmm... I will have to look for that equation later, I know I put it around here somewhere. Aliens are also very good scientists and mechanics, it took them like two years after they discovered electricity to create computers and a system that let them transmit stuff into space! Wait, human research paper, right, this is all just a guess in my mind. Also, Milky Way planets, I am so disappointed Pluto is not a planet; sure it is so far away, sure it is so small; but who is anyone to judge the size of a planet, does that not let people more easily meet up? I am sure you have not had the problem of having friends on vastly different planets and never getting to see them because the price of rocket fuel is so expensive that it does not make any sense to, no matter how much you want to see them... So things with small surface space would be nice!

And on that note, the moon. People try to tell you that nothing is on it? Hah! No, no, things are definitely on it. Mostly just flags and the like, but I am certain, just below the crust, there are actually species. ... Okay, no, I am making that up, there is no livable atmosphere there, sadly, but, I am certain if things tried hard enough, they could at least have an outpost or two there, while they prepared for heading to earth to make contact, at least until they finish that artificial atmosphere they were working on last I checked. Assuming they have not finished either already, of course. Those aliens can be crafty, you know, what with blending in- ahahahaha, I mean they could blend in, if given the proper time to figure that out! Of course that is what I meant, why would I not mean that? Besides, with a universe this large, why would any aliens choose this to be their first place to check out, and maybe stay here because they really liked it?? That would be preposterous. ... Do people still say Preposterous? Yes? Okay, good. Anyway, where was I... Oh right, spacecraft. Have you even seen anything that looks like a spacecraft? ... All those satellites might not be ours? Okay, yeah, you have a point there. Hm, yeah, that could be it, I mean, it is not like we, I mean, the aliens put it there or anything... Oh, hey, would you look at the time, I think I have to go meet a friend that's totally not an alien! Totally not. Why would anyone be an alien, we are not martians, we are humans! Everyone knows there is no such thing as martians after all, ahahahaha.

(Though we are not, we are not even from the Milky Way, heh. ... Wait, this is not the 'review' section of the comments, for the love of... This is permanent ink, too! Someone get white out before a human sees this, and starts panicking and showing all this evidence to everyone!)


What did I tell you; totally random.


Bionifight Profiles

Posted by Blessed Blade , in BZP, Gaming Mar 01 2014 · 986 views

I'm gonna use this to help iBrow out; this way, people can find their profiles easier, and maybe it can be linked somewhere so that there can be easy access.

The main player list will list the rounds they participated in, how many victories a player has, the rounds they became victor in, and the ultimate weapons/tools they have. The Rounds Player List will have links to each profile or the profiles posted here.

Please post your profiles in this entry for future reference.

Player List:

1 - Ehks - (Rounds 1-9) - 1 victory, round 6 (The One Ring)
2 - Voxumo - (Rounds 1-9) - 2 victories, round 3/team round 4[MVP] (Blue Orb of Not Fire)
3 - JiMing - (Rounds 1-9)
4 - Zakaro - (Rounds 1-9) - 1 victory, team round 2
5 - Unit#phntk#1 - (Rounds 1-3)
6 - Punished Snake - (Rounds 1-3, 7-9) - 1 victory, team round 2
7 - Canis Lycaon - (Rounds 1-9) - 1 victory, team round 4, community update 1 creator (Usain Bolt)
8 - Tyler Durden - (Round 1)
9 - Portalfig - (Rounds 1-3) - 1 victory, team round 2
10 - Blade - (Rounds 1-9) - 1 victory, round 5 (Ice Rod)
11 - Pupwa21 - (Rounds 1-3, 7-9) - 1 victory, team round 2
12 - Chro - (Rounds 1-9) - 1 victory, team round 2[MVP] (Rocket Launcher of Exploding Heads)
13 - Onarax - (Rounds 1-3)
14 - The Dapper Man - (Rounds 1-4, 7-9) - 1 victory, round 1 (Butterfly Wings)
15 - JL - (Rounds 2-3, 5-9)
16 - ShadowVezon - (Rounds 4-9)
17 - Oryx - (Rounds 4-6) - 1 victory, team round 4
18 - Pulse - (Rounds 4-9) - 1 victory, team round 4
19 - LockeBZ - (Rounds 4-6)
20 - Shadowhawk - (Rounds 4-9)
21 - Pahrak #0579 - (Rounds 4-6) - 1 victory, team round 4[MVP] (Red Orb of Fire)
22 - Makuta Luroka - (Rounds 7-9)
23 - Toa Kayn - (Rounds 7-9)
24 - The Noid - (Rounds 7-9)
25 - Phantom Terror - (Rounds 7-9)

Rounds 1-3:

1 - Ehks
2 - Voxumo
3 - JiMing
4 - Zakaro
5 - Unit#phntk#1
6 - Punished Snake
7 - Canis Lycaon
8 - Tyler Durden/JL
9 - Protalgif
10 - Blade
11 - Pupwa21
12 - Chro
13 - Onarax
14 - The Dapper Man

Rounds 4-6:

1 - Ehks
2 - Voxumo
3 - JiMing
4 - Zakaro
5 - Canis Lycaon
6 - Chro
7 - Blade
8 - The Dapper Man/JL
9 - ShadowVezon
10 - Oryx
11 - Pulse
12 - LockeBZ
13 - Shadowhawk
14 - Pahrak #0579

Rounds 7-9:

1 - Ehks
2 - Voxumo
3 - JiMing
4 - Zakaro
5 - Punished Snake
6 - Canis
7 - Chro
8 - Blade
9 - JL
10 - Pupwa21
11 - Dapper Man
12 - ShadowVezon
13 - Pulse
14 - Shadowhawk
15 - Makuta Luroka
16 - Toa Kayn
17 - The Noid
18 - Phantom Terror

WIP - Will continue.


New Blog Name

Posted by Blessed Blade , in BZP, General Life Nov 12 2013 · 449 views

Alt Titles: Birthday Aftermath Part 1, Time To Get Out The Vacuum


So, hi there. =P I think I returned... again... during the August-October period. =P So, since that's gone, I'm back making blog entries... again. =p Figured a new name would work. I apologize heavily for it... No, wait, no not really. =P

Not too much happening of note for the blog, though; I'm just glad I never got to doing that Y playthrough log I was planning on doing, or that would've been lost. =P

So my birthday was yesterday, and was pretty cool. So far I've gotten money, a concert DVD, and a couple assorted other things; though the bulk of stuff will likely be this weekend. =P

But yeah, dusting off the blog once more, and I'm gonna give it a shot... Again. =p Can't update on Blender, though, because I can't use Blender... So I'll have to think of something else. =P


Hello Blogs

Posted by Blessed Blade , in General Life, BZP, Music, Creativity, Sonic The Hedgehog Jun 29 2013 · 814 views

(Alt Titles: Gotta Go Fast!)
Funny how this blog title's still relevant like a year from when I changed it last. =P Maybe not Green Hill, but still Sonic themed. xD
Anyway; posting this entry for two reasons; because I've been neglecting my blog for the past little while, and to ask a question... Anyone here good at writing music and willing to share some tips? Been thinking of maybe experimenting with stuff based off my old hijinks with my electronic keyboard; but I'm not really sure where to start for the beat and such. ^^'

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Name: Chloe Anna
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Updated list on my profile.

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Johto Dex: Not Yet Started -- Crystal

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Kanto Dex, National Mode: Not Yet Started -- FireRed

Sinnoh Dex: Not Yet Started -- Platinum
Johto Dex, National Mode: Not Yet Started -- SoulSilver

Unova Dex: Not Yet Started -- Black
Unova Dex, National Mode: Not Yet Started -- Black 2

Kalos Dex: Not Yet Started -- ???
Hoenn Dex, National Mode: 721/721 - Main File/Alpha Sapphire

Alola Dex: 301/301 - Main File/Moon