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Trainer in a Faraway Place


Sonic The Hedgehog

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Sonic The Hedgehog, Super Smash Bros., 3DS, Gaming, General Life, Megaman, Nintendo Nov 29 2012 · 1,010 views
New, Format
[You're Too Slow!]

I'm gonna try a new format for my alternate titles, just to mention. Hopefully nothing eventually corresponds to an actual tag. ^^'

Anyway... So, one reason I've been off more than normal the last few days, is because of Sonic, specifically Sonic Generations, since I got that a few days ago.

Second reason, but more so why I haven't been on at night sometimes, would be Megaman 2. I CAN in fact defeat Airman, so take that as you will. It was on Difficult, and without the Leaf Shield. Put Item 2 to use, as well. =P

Third reason? I finally got Super Smash Bros. Brawl working again! Which means I can once again spend time to try to get 50-100 hours in multiplayer only, with no-one to crush fight against except the Bots. =P They really didn't make that easy to do, since Classic Mode, All Star Mode, Boss Battles, Subspace, and even WI-FI of all things doesn't work for that goal. ._.; Ah well; nearly to 20 hours as it is, then I'll just need 10 more.

That said, I'm nearly to the end of the unlocks, which saddens me. =( I want to eventually play through again, but I'm not sure how... Might be with the Wii U, but there's no way I'll be getting that any time soon, and without the Gamecube Controllers, I can't play Brawl as it should be played(No Classic Controllers unfortunately. I really need to get one, yes, but...), and I can't play my Virtual Console games, period, except for the handful of NES games I have, so I won't be transferring my data likely.

If I'm lucky, I'll be able to get a Classic Controller Pro soon enough, but since I just got two new Gamecube Controllers, there's no rush, except for Monster Hunter Tri. So yeah. =P

Back to Sonic, though, playing Generations has really gotten me back into a Sonic mood. I'm wanting to find a Sonic avatar now, and finish the games I have once again. Yes, I may have forgotten to mention it in the past, but I'm a Sonic fan. =P Just not once of those crazy ones that seem to be everywhere nowadays. xD


Megaman 2's Dr. Wily Stage 1 Theme

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Creativity, General Life, Megaman, Music Nov 24 2012 · 680 views

Alternative Titles: I Finally Got To Combine The Creativity Category With The Music Category!


So, what have I been up to, other than disappearing for my birthday and using Blender? Well, getting a slight cold. But aside from that? Playing Cave Story and Megaman. But that's not what this is about, oh no. What this is about, is me playing my keyboard. And no, not the thing I'm using to type this; I mean what's essentially a piano. And what overplayed song from Megaman 2 have I been playing more often than not recently? No, not the title theme, I'm still learning that. No, the song that's probably only second to the X vs. Zero fight from Megaman X5 in terms of remixes. The Dr. Wily Stage 1 theme.

I've been trying it for a couple days now, but today and last night was the first time I actually got further than an off-key redition of the first part. I actually figured out the notes, for when you're only playing one note at a time(Since I still fail at playing the Keyboard with 'chords', and it's closer to the 8-bit version this way), in part thanks to different videos on the net. I still mess up some of the notes when I try to speed through it at the normal speed, but when I concentrate, the only times I mess up, are me hitting the wrong notes because I can't reach far enough; or me just missing the right key by accident.

My next try, will likely be the Protoman Whistle Theme used for MM3's ending, but we'll see.


3/DS/Wii Friend Codes

Posted by Blessed Blade , in BZP, Gaming, Mario Kart, Megaman, Nintendo, Pokemon, Zelda Aug 17 2012 · 715 views
Nintendo, DS, 3DS, Friend, Codes
PM me if you add any of these, otherwise you'll be stuck in limbo forever. =P


3DS FC: 4425-1588-8276 Name: Blade


(Only these work, due to having WPA, and not WEP)
Pokemon Black FC: 5200-1728-1174 Name: Blade
Pokemon Black 2 FC: *Placeholder* Name: Zach

(These don't work, thanks to my Wi-Fi)
Animal Crossing WW FC: 5197-8121-0770 Name: Blade
Mario Kart DS FC: 3694-5772-1551 Name: Toa Blade
MegaMan Star Force 2: Ninja: 4425-2913-0802 Name: Omega Blade.
Pokemon Diamond FC: 4942-4225-9953 Name: Blade
Pokemon Platinum FC: 4125-0887-2432 Name: Kaze
Pokemon SoulSilver FC: 4898-8122-8673 Name: Kaze
Zelda Phantom Hourglass FC: 5112-2148-1934 Name: Blade


GoldenEye 007 FC: 1861-2912-9663 Name: [VNV]Blade
Mario Kart Wii FC: *Placeholder*


Megaman Zero

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Megaman, BZP Jan 31 2012 · 519 views

Alternative titles: Because I Haven't Blogged About Megaman Much Since Bzp Returned

/EDIT: Finally finished; sorry for the wait. Blame the 3DS for having a character limit. xD

So, I just finished thrashing the final boss of Zero 4 for like the hundredth time in 2 years. Yes, I know, shocking. :rolleyes:

This has to do with ending spoilers, but hey, the collection's been out for 2 years, the game itself for like 8 years(... I feel old, I remember wanting to play it right when it came out. D=), so if you haven't played the game and beat it; What are you waiting for?!

So, uh, anyway. Back to what I was saying. So, Zero fight Weil, gives his whole "I never called myself a hero" speech, and promptly blows Weil to pieces. And, coincidentally, himself. Whoops. So, while Ciel has a nice little mental breakdown, he lies in pieces in a desert. OR DOES HE? What are the chances, honestly of the only thing surviving an atmospherical entrance being a not-so-damaged helmet and an intact sword? I know people have dealt with my conspiracy theories every time I played through the end of this game... But... It seems too convenient. Sure, the guy deserves his rest before being turned into a living rock only to sacrifice himself again... But... It seems very odd that the sabre just happens to make a humanoid shadow, and also just so happens to be completely intact. If it was even partly broken it wouldn't make that shadow, no?

And honestly, for being on a free-falling piece of satellite that plunged through the atmosphere, his helmet doesn't look that bad. Sure, it's missing pieces, but the guy just finished like 10 battles in a row, logic says he'll take damage.(Now, the player on the other hand...) The helmet should be totally destroyed, is what I'm getting at. No miraculous 'Oh, it just happens to still have it's shape so you know it's him', if you want that, have one piece of broken red helmet with the gem... Not pretty much the whole thing.

Might Iadd this is a series that makes a habit of surviving unplausible things?(Zero himself is bad for this... See the shuttle crash from X5 that he just so happens to survive, both slamming into a space colony, and proceeding to get his waist blown off, his arm destroyed, and a laser through the chest, and still manages to kill Sigma with a laser blast of his own before 'dying'. Did I mention he just happened to have enough body left to either 'repair himself', have someone else repair him, or just plain have his body eventually be stolen in time for the Zero series?)

Let's see... In order... Robot Timeline: Wily had a brick dropped on him in the third game. He got better. Protoman was supposedly dying. He got better(Then died for real by the time the X series rolled along. =P). Then a century later, Vile had X and Zero trapped. Zero decided to be heroic and self-destructed to give X a chance. He got better. Sigma died in every X game, but the problem is that he won't stay dead. Also Vile, he died in the first game, got better for the third and promptly died again, returned for the eighth game... Do I have to say it? He died. I wouldn't honestly be surprised if he returns for a ninth game, provided Capcom makes one. Then there's the whole X5 death for Zero... spoiler, he got better. Then, for the Zero series, we have Phantom, destroyed in first game, returns in third... Though, that was in 'cyberspace'. Heck, X died in Z2, and continued to play a role until the end of Z3. Aside from that, the Zero series was Ironically tame with this.

Then we have the ZX series. They revived pretty much every dead character from the Zero series, if the form of living rocks. And then there's the whole twist in ZXA, where the main bad guy seems to die... But pulls an Aizen on us, as the body was fake. And Model Z sacrifices himself. Again. I notice a pattern here, anyone else? Wasn't too much happening in Legends(That we know about. >_>), but there were a few 'How'd they survive THAT moments with the Bonnes. And Trigger himself, before the series started. And don't get me started on the body switching from Legends 2.(My 3DS is taunting me. It nearly had me typo that with 3 instead of 2. >=/)

That's just the classic series. Network Timeline: Where do I start... Wily. Didn't he die in the first game? If not, why wasn't he directly around for BN2? I forget that, since I haven't played 1. I can't forget 2! There is no way Lan should be alive, I don't care what anyone says. He walked right into the middle of a nuclear zone, and somehow survived. Granted, he never died, but... He should have. Not complaining, since Lan's awesome, but he's too lucky. xD Then 3... I believe that's when the 'they died' 'nope i got better' situation started... See: Megaman dying, but actually being okay; Wily surviving his base exploding. Then there's 4, where Regal jumps off his base's platform... And survives for 5. Which leads me into that... I can't remember how many supposed deaths there were in 5; Navi or otherwise. However, the main ones were that Regal apparently died again; but survived it somehow with mild amnesia. Take note the guy was in an exploding volcano base, right next to a probably nuclear device that was intended to merge the virtual world with the physical one. And he survived. And don't get me started on Wily and Baryl, who were there too(Albeit probably in different variants, I don't believe they were both there in the same game. Could be wrong, though.). And both were perfectly okay for 6. And speaking of 6; I forget what the ending was entirely, but Baryl was in a room. That exploded. And if I remember correctly, he still managed to be revealed to have survived. Think Wily died, though. Or maybe he survived too; dunno, I kinda rushed through the ending of BN6 so that I could play the endgame without that stupid Panic Music. =P

That was all just Battle Network. Then there's Star Force. It's much tamer; in the first two games, at least. Let's see: First game's obvious; Geo's dad, supposedly dead on that spaceship explosion; turns out he was simply turned into EM waves. Then, in the second game, when Solo creates a black hole that drags all of Geo's friends but Luna into it. They should be dead; but no! Not even two seconds later; right in the next cutscene, they're revealed to be alive. Turns out it just transported them elsewhere. And of course the exploding Mu, when Geo just happens to be in Solo's way, and gets saved. Only the bonus ending actually explains that, though, IIRC. =P

But then there's Star Force 3. Oooh boy. First of all: Luna dies. And gets brought back to life. FROM DATA. How?! But, wait! That's just the start. Well, kinda. Before we had Club Strong, who was fragmented in a similar attack, and reassembled. Didn't work out as well. So, that's two. Then we have Ace; who somehow managed to absorb an explosion, make everyone be convinced he died and grieve for him; and then somehow manage to be just lying in a hospital bed at the end. No explanation for that one at all. He shouldn't even have had the data needed, given all the noise that was around. But wait; there's still more. The gambits at the end all involved deaths of some sort. First off; King dies; but not really, he gets better in time to try and take over the final boss. Didn't work out too well, though, IIRC. And how could anyone forget the fact that after utterly decimating the last boss, Geo's left stranded in space, with seemingly no way to get home? Well, he manages it, surviving an atmospheric reentry better than either time Zero did so, not having a single scratch. Then Omega-Xis does it. Then Geo's father. All three survived reentry. And yet Zero apparently can't in his own game series? Very suspicious.

So; yeah; back to Zero. If all those characters can survive impossible stuff, including not one, not two, but three shooting star moments(Literally for one, since he's Shooting Star Rockman. =P); I just don't see how Zero couldn't have, especially with his damaged, but not destroyed, equipment.


Megaman X

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Megaman, Gaming Dec 14 2011 · 292 views

Other Titles: Retro Gaming Once More

Lemme start this off by saying that I have never beaten the first three Megaman X games, even though I've played each many times, and have played the Megaman X Collection. Even though I've beaten every single other game in the series.

Now, last year, Megaman Zero Collection came out. Some of the four hardest games you'll see, that's not named 'Half Life'. =P So, I beat them all.

I recently was able to play Megaman X, and I've beaten at least 3 of the 8 initial bosses already. I've been speeding through the stages, aside from Launch Octopus's stage, which is just plain brutal to get the Heart Tank.

I don't know if it's because I've 100% completed the Zero games or what...

And regardless of this fact, I've only beaten 2(That is, Megaman 2, not two games) of all the classic games. xD


Before I Forget

Posted by Blessed Blade , in 3DS, Gaming, Internet, Megaman Oct 14 2011 · 561 views

Other Titles: Capcom!, The Moon Is Not Enough, Trigger Must Be Getting Lonely, The Megaman On The Moon Will Stay There Much Longer, When A Legend Dies Another Is Born - Just Not Any Time Soon

Yeah... This is more of a ranting entry, just to warn you guys. =P

So. July 18th, I believe, of this year. Not a good day for Megaman fans, not at all. I mean, we had two games announced the year before, 3 if you really wanna count Rockman Online. However, Universe had been canceled about 4 months prior; but we still had Legends 3, right? Right?

Eh, not really. Capcom apparently didn't think that there was enough people who wanted it, so, guess what, they canceled both it and the 'prototype' that was going to be sold on the Nintendo E-Shop. The rage that resulted certainly got word out, I believe, and many people showed their support to try and show Capcom that they were in the wrong this time... Any of it work yet? Nope. Nothing's worked, even though two developers(Including Keiji himself) wanting to make the game, and a massive campaign by the fans.

But, really, I do not get Capcom's logic at all. I would've understood if it had some game breaking bug.(From the one person who got to play the prototype outside of Capcom's own media people; that was not the case) I would've understood if there had've been other reasons, like the 'reasons' for Legends 1 and 2 not getting released.

But they initially claimed lack of fan input(And to be honest, we haven't heard any better reasons. =P), when they themselves said that participation in the Dev Room was not needed. And if they had've actually kept it going, they could have dominated the E-Shop; given that there's still almost no e-Shop exclusive games.(There's that Golf game, and the VC stuff, but that's it.) And if they had've stuck to their original plan of using the Prototype as a gauge of fan input, then we might have actually gotten the game, instead of a cancellation notice.

Oh yes, and that's the other thing. They claimed that the Prototype Version's popularity would dictate whether or not the game would get released. The prototype was never even released; so how do they know whether or not the game would have been popular? And after all the commotion that happened immediately following the cancellation, you'd think that Capcom would've realized, "Hey, wait, we made a mistake"... But nope. They're just putting out the games that they were planning on releasing... Well... Minus any Megaman games, of course.


Comic Con Capcom Panel

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Computers, Gaming, Internet, Megaman Jul 23 2010 · 533 views
Not much was revealed apparently about Megaman Univere or otherwise Megaman-related...


except for the whole 'There's an oft-requested thing that'll be announced soon'. Yeah. And Capcom's also going to have a big announcement Saturday at 12 PDT. Yeah.

Hmm; I wonder what 'oft-requested thing' this could be... Posted Image If it's what i hope it is; it'll be epicly awesome.

/EDIT: Oh yeah; forgot to mention that what I meant was the Megaman related stuff; and that this 'oft-requested thing' will be a Megaman announcement... Posted Image


Personal Picture Updated!

Posted by Blessed Blade , in BZP, Computers, General Life, Internet, Megaman, Random Jul 22 2010 · 375 views
So; as I mentioned a few entries back, I was looking for a new Personal Picture, and Jordboy helped me get a Zero-themed one! =D

It's a bit squished, but it's still good enough.

Thanks Jord!


New Games

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Computers, Gaming, Megaman, Nintendo, Pokemon Jul 20 2010 · 466 views
Randomness Stuffz
So, pretty much old news, but a month and a half ago now, I got Megaman Zero Collection.

Very good game; especially as a collection, and especially for someone who hasn't got any of the Zero series games. Posted Image

And then there's Pokemon SoulSilver I got way back in March. Doing pretty well, but I'm long way away from Living Dex completion... And while we're on that note; does anyone want a Dratini or Cyndaquil? ._.;


Hey, You Know What I Just Realized?

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Bionicle, BZP, General Life, Megaman, Random Jan 11 2009 · 516 views
(Was gonna do a Bleach entry, but realized something)

Metus. The name is so simple, and cool, and belong to the ice Agori. But wait. A u in Japanese is usually silent, no? So, I'm gonna do a comparison.

Mets=The plural of Met

So, as such, we can assume two things from Metus. That he's a Mettaur in disguise, and Metus is actually from Megaman. I always knew there was something off about that sword... =P

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