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Trainer in a Faraway Place


Wonder Trade Results - Finished!

Posted by Blessed Blade , in 3DS, Pokemon, Gaming Mar 14 2016 · 712 views

Max five tries per cycle.

Ralts #1: Scatterbug [No perfect IVs] > Ralts(... lol) [4 perfect IVs] > Shroomish [No perfect IVs] > Zigzagoon [No perfect IVs] > Spritzee
[No perfect IVs]
Not a bad end to the first cycle.

Ralts #2: Bulbasaur [3 perfect IVs] > Communication error(Bah =/) > Cubone [1 perfect IV] > Gulpin [No perfect IVs] > Communication error (??????) > ... Sand...shrew? apparently the last one wasn't as error as thought. .-. [No perfect IVs] > Rattata [4 perfect IVs]
Well, that was a rocky cycle... not sure why it errored out twice... but! On the bright side! I now have a Rattata in the top percentage!

Ralts #3: Zigzagoon [No perfect IVs] > Gulpin [1 perfect IV] > Tyrogue [No perfect IVs] > Poochyena [1 perfect IV] > Carvanha [2 perfect IVs]
This was an interesting cycle. That Carvanha looks pretty enticing, I might rebreed that later.

Ralts #4: Poochyena [No perfect IVs] > Zigzagoon [No perfect IVs] > Jigglypuff [No perfect IVs] > Wingull [No perfect IVs] > Zigzagoon [No perfect IVs]
This one was more... boring, other than Jiggly and Wingull showing up. ^^'

Ralts #5: Tropius [No perfect IVs] > Wurmple [No perfect IVs] > Oddish [No perfect IVs] > Zigzagoon [No perfect IVs] > Vivillon [No perfect IVs]
I'll take a Vivillon, thank you very much~

Ralts #6: [No Trade Partner] > Mawile [4 Perfect IVs] (swapped to Zigzagoon) > Wailmer [No perfect IVs] > Froakie [No perfect IVs] > Excadrill [No perfect IVs] > Whismur [No perfect IVs]
This cycle was a win from the first trade for me. xD

Ralts #7: Zigzagoon [No perfect IVs] > Swablu [4 perfect IVs] (swapped to Whismur) > Audino [No perfect IVs] > Plusle [No perfect IVs] > Mightyena [No perfect IVs]
Like last time, it was the earlier one that caught my interest. =P

Ralts #8: Geodude [No perfect IVs] > Ursaring [No perfect IVs] > Zigzagoon [1 perfect IV] > hacked Xerneas [lol not even one perfect IV] (swapped to Spritzee because I'm not perpetuating obviously hacked Pokemon) > Budew [3 perfect IVs]
So, this run was... amusing. Not only was it shiny. with Pokerus. With not a single perfect IV(where all stationary Legends have at -least- one). It also had hacked EXP, as it needed -390,000 EXP to reach the next level. Just. That Xerneas was fantastic, just because of how funny it was. xD I'd've maybe seen it if it had Pokerus only, and the rest, minus the hacked EXP... but with it being Shiny, with a non-event OT... yeah, it's hacked, because it was shiny locked in X. =P

Ralts #9: Swablu [1 perfect IV] > Fletchling [2 Critical Failure IVs] > Poochyena [No perfect IVs] > Machop [No perfect IVs] > Magi...karp... [1 perfect IV]
Well, this was certainly less eventful. =P

Ralts #10: Volbeat [No perfect IVs] > Ralts (WOW) [No perfect IVs] > Luvdisc [No perfect IVs] > Pichu [1 perfect IV] > Eevee [2 perfect IVs]
Not quite as eventful still, but the Eevee's a nice keep.

Ralts #11: Bulbasaur [4 perfect IVs] > Cascoon [No perfect IVs] > Tentacool [No perfect IVs] > Swablu [2 perfect IVs] > Sealeo [No perfect IVs]
This was an interesting cycle, for sure. xD

Ralts #12: Marill [No perfect IVs] > Flabebe [No perfect IVs] > Poliwag [No perfect IVs] > Bidoof [No perfect IVs] > Eevee [5 perfect IVs]
Well... that was definitely a good ending to an otherwise quick cycle!

Ralts #13: Mudkip [1 perfect IV] > Tentacruel [No perfect IVs] > Doduo [No perfect IVs] > Skrelp [No perfect IVs] > Wurmple [No perfect IVs]
Skrelp had an engima berry, so, as quite as this otherwise was, that was a nice bonus. ^^'

Ralts #14: Electrike [No perfect IVs] > Taillow [1 perfect IV] > Skitty [1 perfect IV] > Dwebble [No perfect IVs] > Zigzagoon [No perfect IVs]
Slow cycle. ;-;

Ralts #15: Zigzagoon [1 perfect IV] > Furfrou [5 perfect IVs] (Swapped for Zigzagoon) > Poochyena [No perfect IVs] > Eevee [1 perfect IV] > Carnivine [No perfect IVs]
Prize of this cycle was the Furfrou, and I don't even care for it a ton... But it's still nice to have. =P

Ralts #16: Nincada [No perfect IVs] > Wingull [No perfect IVs] > Wingull (...) [1 perfect IV] > Gible [5 perfect IVs] (swapped for Nidoran-F) > Whismur [No perfect IVs]
Not a bad cycle, and that double Wingull. xD

Ralts #17: Oddish [No perfect IVs] > Trapinch [No perfect IVs] > Ralts (Ahahahaha, I can't escape them) [No perfect IVs] > Froakie [No perfect IVs] > Poochyena [No perfect IVs]
Eh, this wasn't really a good cycle.

Ralts #18: Zubat [No perfect IVs] > Tentacool [No perfect IVs] > Kangaskhan [5 perfect IVs] (Swapped for Poochyena) > Skiddo [No perfect IVs] > Feebas [4 perfect IVs]
Well this was an improvement. xD

Ralts #19: Plusle [No perfect IVs] > Maractus [1 perfect IV] (Swapped for Whismur) > Wurmple [1 perfect IV] > Beautifly [1 perfect IV] > Tentacool [No perfect IVs]
Interesting cycle, but nothing truly of note.

Ralts #20: Honedge [2 perfect IVs] (Swapped for Tentacool) > Fletchling [No perfect IVs] > Unown-N [No perfect IVs] > Pikachu [1 perfect IV] > Shieldon [No perfect IVs]
Odd cycle.

Ralts #21: Snivy [2 perfect IVs] > Gloom [1 perfect IV] > Wurmple [don't even care] > Koffing [4 perfect IVs] (swapped for Shieldon) > Kecleon [No perfect IVs]
I didn't even care about checking Wurmple first. xD Only four more left, though, finally ;-;

Ralts #22: Illumise [1 perfect IV] > Mawile [1 perfect IV] > Pidgey [No perfect IVs] > Linoone [No perfect IVs] > Fletchling [No perfect IVs]
Nothing good here. Three to go.

Ralts #23: Diglett [No perfect IVs] > Linoone [No perfect IVs] (Swapping to Fletchling because of nickname) > Zorua [1 perfect IV] > Emolga [2 perfect IVs] > Bouffalant [5 perfect IVs]
That last one made the cycle, really.

Ralts #24: Gastly [4 perfect IVs] (Swapping for Carnivine) > Alomomola [No perfect IVs] > Murkrow [No perfect IVs] > Vulpix [4 perfect IVs] (Swapping for Wurmple) > Luvdisc [Don't care]
Two four IVs in one cycle... wow.

Ralts #25: Treecko [No perfect IVs] > Lotad [No perfect IVs] > Azumarill [No perfect IVs] > Mankey [5 perfect IVs] (Swapping to spare Ralts) > Eevee [No perfect IVs]
And that was the last cycle... I liked that random last Mankey. xP

But whew. I didn't expect it to take quite nearly as long as it did...


Oh No.

Posted by Blessed Blade , in 3DS, Pokemon, Gaming Mar 14 2016 · 676 views

Alt Title: "What did I do?"

Well. It appears as if, later today, the Wonder Trade network -may- be filled with, uh, just under a full box of Ralts. That have 2-5 perfect IVs.

The reign of the Ralts has begun.

(also new blog name, though it doesn't ring as well as if I hadn't gone with the location name, and with more of a reference thingy... Faraway Place, or Faraway Land?)

/EDIT: ALRIGHT. SO. I'm starting the wonder trading thing - will have another entry with the chains for all 24 ralts.

And this is just the first, since I'm not even done breeding. .-.


Pokemon Black 2

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Gaming, Nintendo, Pokemon Oct 07 2012 · 494 views

Alternative Titles: I Might Be Off For A Few Days Now


So; yeah. I just got Pokemon Black 2 a couple hours ago, and I'm just starting it now. Between something else I had to work on, and reading up on everything, I've been too busy to actually start it. That changes now.

Of course, the first thing I did, was go on Mystery Gift and get Genesect. =P I can't pass up that opportunity, even if it does end over a month from the time of this entry. xD

Next, I'll activate Memory Link, and then start. I want things fully set up, so I don't need my second DS for a while. If I could set up Game Sync before starting, I would. =P


Pokemon White Nuzlocke Journey - Part 3: Pinwheel Forest Really, Castelia, Nimbasa

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Gaming, Nintendo, Pokemon, RPG Aug 28 2012 · 749 views

Alternative Titles: Route 4 Was Boring.


Pinwheel Forest:

So, despite having this in my title for the last entry, I never completed Pinwheel Forest until last night, so it doesn't fit there. =P Also, I don't like being underleveled. =P

So, tried Pinwheel Forest. Got curbstomped. Went off and tried it again, made it further, but was iffy, and went and mass leveled. That worked. =P So, then I went back, missed out on a chance to get a Pokemon because I didn't realize I hadn't caught anything yet when I saw an Audino, and simply continued forward, scattering Plasma off once again.

Skyarrow Bridge is still awesome.

Castelia City Stats:

Party: Roughly level 18, with Smugleaf far, far ahead of the rest.

Castelia City:

So, entering the city, I go off, making my first stop the Name Rater's to change the nickname of Rockman first to Rockwoman, but then to RockGirl, because Rockwoman has too many syllables. =P

Then I went around, grabbing items, gathering lemonades and Fresh Waters(Why pay 700 for Super Potions when you can slowly get tons of lemonades, that heal more for cheaper?), gathering up the Amulet Coin to gain LOADS of money, and then just curbstomping Plasma. Again. =P By now, it's kinda stabilized at a rate where I'm in between normal levels, and SLIGHTLY underleveled, which is much better than Nacrene.

After raiding the place, though, I went to Route 4 and got a new Pokemon! Not a Darumaka, unfortunately. A Scraggy. Eh, it'll do; boxed SpoonyBard, named this HyperFight(The full name of Super Hyper Street Fighter 4 Uber Ultimate Deluxe Arcade Edition wouldn't fit, unfortunately.), and then went off and finished up the city, and curbstomped Burgh surprisingly easily.

Then Bianca challenged me. Not too bad; I thrashed her. However, some memory of my old Black playthrough made me stop and heal everything quickly. Sure enough, Cheren was waiting to challenge me like ten steps away!! ._. He couldn't have waited until the other side of the route? Whatever, crushed him easily, moved on forward, short route is short, got Ultra Balls, went into Nimbasa.

Nimbasa City Stats:

Roughly level 20, level 21 for my entire party. Except Smugleaf(Level 25 evolved as well), Roadkill(Somehow level 24. 0_o Also evolved), and Vezok(Level 23, and now a Simipour)

Nimbasa City: Aka, the Never-Ending-Sidequest:

So, here's where I stopped advancing the story for a bit. Entered the city, got the bike, got to hear the awesome Unwavering Emotions theme(=]), and got some more items. Then I just stopped. Why? Musicals. Or rather, one musical, so I could finally get that last prop for Black! =D I now have a Silver card on that, which is awesome. Now I just need to finish up the Pokedex(Which should be easy), and work on somehow getting a 49 streak in both singles and doubles, and it will have FINALLY been completed. And just in time for Black/White 2. =D

However, after I finished the musicals, I thought to myself, and decided it wouldn't hurt to go finish up all the Entralink missions. So now my rented game already has a Trainer card upgrade, and I haven't even gotten past Nimbasa. I also grabbed some trainers for my Black City while I was at it. =P

And... Yeah. That's about it for now. Haven't done much aside from sidequest stuff there. xD Though, the stadiums are higher leveled than I recall...

Stats, part 1: Roughly level 21, 22. Only a handful of levels since the last update. Will have a more comprehensive status update when I do Nimbasa City part 2. =P


Pokemon White Nuzlocke Journey - Part 2: Route 3, Nacrene, Pinwheel Forest

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Gaming, Nintendo, Pokemon Aug 27 2012 · 504 views

Alternative Titles: I Update These Sometimes After Posting By The Way


Route 3: So, I trained against the people near the day care, and then headed onward. And then Cheren shows up for another fight. Seriously, do these people have anything better to do? 0_o

That's okay, though, I wiped the floor with him easily, and PLAAAAASMAAAAA showed up again, to cause more trouble. Cheren and I used them for target practice, and we were on our way, after I got two more team members, and messed up the name of one of them.(Molly the Lillipup and Rockman the... female Roggenrola. -_-; Needless to say, I forgot to look at the sign a few times. Updating that nickname for once, when I get to the namerater. Luckily, it's only one city away. =P)

Everything else was fine, though.

Route 3 Stats:

Smugleaf: Level ?
Roadkill: Level ?
SpoonyBard: Level ?
Vezok: Level ?
Molly: Level ?
Rockman: Level ?

I couldn't remember the levels. =P

Anyway, next is Nacrene...

Nacrene City:

Ugh. Started this at like ten or eleven at night last night; didn't finish until just now. >_>

First off, I talked to Cheren, and went around looking for items, and then skipped right past everyone, and headed straight for the next route; hoping for a fighting type. ... Yeah, I got a Tympole instead. >_> I just nicknamed that Heartfrog(Random name is random!), and then went around fighting everything for EXP, since I'd need it.

After finally getting through everything, and fighting the nurse for a free heal(To hopefully save the second heal from her for later), I went back into the city... A wild N appeared! Crushed him easily, and waltzed through to the Gym. I hate that place, I really do. After struggling(Not literally using the move) through to the end, with a reset because I apparently use the same techniques for a nuzlocke as I do for Fire Emblem, I got to the Gym Leader. ... Yeah, half those attempts can be described as being like the poor person who's in the path of a steamroller going 90 miles an hours. -_- Even if I had've reset, there would've been no way for me to continue, if I had've miraculously won. So, I decided to train a little more, and then got crushed more times.(I've likely failed the actual mode like ten times now, game-over wise, so I'm just going to keep resetting from now on, while keeping casualties if I win a fight with a fainted Pokemon; selling all revives I get, for Super Potions. =P) After getting utterly owned one time, I decided to try Smugleaf first. That did better, though the second Pokemon was the problem then...

Then I decided to use Growth. That was the trick. Used Leaf Tornado twice to reduce the opponent's accuracy to like nothing, and then used Growth while going 'HA ha!' at the Herdier as it tried and failed to hit me, before finally finishing the poor thing off with a supercharged Leaf Tornado. Of course, the first time I tried that, I underestimated the pure strength and speed of my Pokemon, and attempted to heal, forcing a faint. And since my last attempt before this had shown that the Pokemon up then could singlehandedly faint my entire team without even breaking a sweat, I just reset, and tried it again. That time, I just used Leaf Tornado before it could Retaliate me to death. Yeah, that worked, one hit KO, and I'm still laughing at how simple that was. xD Gonna have to hope for some fire or flying type, though, for Burgh... Thinking of trying to give the Liberty Ticket to this game, but I don't think that'll work. =/

Pinwheel Forest Stats:

Smugleaf: Level 20
Roadkill: Level 15
SpoonyBard: Level 15
Vezok: Level 15
Molly: Level 15
Rockman: Level 16

Heartfrog: I don't know, I don't care, it's boxed.

Now then, onto Pinwheel Forest! One day has passed, so I only have 4 more. Given that in the span of almost a day, I've beaten two gyms, however, I'm optimistic this'll work. =D


Pokemon White Nuzlocke Journey - Part 1: Nuvema, Accumula, Striaton

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Pokemon, Nintendo, Gaming Aug 26 2012 · 523 views

Alternative Titles: Let's Get The Blog On The Road!


So... As I said; I chose Snivy(Nicknamed Smugleaf), and my trainer name is Alex. Gonna be brief, since I can't waste all my time on writing. xD

Start, Nuvema Town:

So, me, Cheren, and Bianca all chose different Pokemon; Bianca an Oshawott, and Cheren a Tepig. I easily won both battles, got the Pokedex, and Town Map, along with the Xtransciever.

After watching the tutorial on catching, and the talking finished, I walked through the grass, and found a... Patrat. ... Lovely. Managed to will myself not to kill it, and caught it easily. Nicknaming it Roadkill, to show how much I like Patrat. =P Since that'll need training most, I'm gonna train that first, and hope it doesn't die on me first. -_-;

After nearly having my Patrat faint, I eventually decided just to head to Accumula. It's just not worth having everything faint trying to make them stronger, when you can't revive fainted Pokemon in a Nuzlocke. =P

Accumula Pokemon Stats:

Smugleaf: Level 7
Roadkill: Level 5

Let the Nuzlocke begin!

Accumula City:

Blah, blah, blah, tutorials everywhere. Grabbed the Pokeball, hoped for a potion I didn't get, and instead got a free heal(My last one, to my knowledge. D=), and bought a ton of potions.

Fought N, won by a long shot(Honestly I did more damage in one turn with a critical hit than he did the entire battle. And he was two levels higher. >>), went outside the city, got the Running Shoes, and fought a... PURRLOIN! ... What. I swear this game's forcing me to get all the ones I don't want... At least I'll be getting a Simipour. ... Watch it be male, to spite me. >_>

Anyway, this is how weird my thought processes can get: I named the Purrloin SpoonyBard. After thinking of how well it worked as a thief. And then drawing a blank on those names, and instead picking from others in Final Fantasy 4. And that being the first that popped into my mind. Wow. xD

Anyway, after a few close calls, I leveled up more, and went to exit to Striaton, to heal, get my money, and crush the three brothers! ...

Bianca: "Hey! Listen!"

Oh no, no, no, not a battle now... D= Sure enough, it is indeed a battle... And after one close call, I swept the floor with Bianca's team. Snivy is awesome. Patrat too, even. =P

Well, so far so good!

Striaton Pokemon Stats:

Smugleaf: Level 9
Roadkill: Level 8
SpoonyBard: Level 7

Onward we go!

Striaton City:

Gah. This has been the main reason I haven't updated for a few hours. >_> Let's see...

First off, I went straight to the Dreamyard, after gathering up the spare items lying around. Two battles, right off the bat. Won both perfectly, but it began to whittle my team down. Worth it, though; got a Panpour. A male Panpour. -_- Named it Vezok. =P

Next, I went to the school to advance things, and crushed Cheren. If you'll believe it, he was easier than those trainers in the Dreamyard. =P Then I attached the berries he gave me, and headed to the gym itself. Gah. I don't remember it being so hard. >_< Then again, I probably caught like 10 Patrat to switch out to when I fought it last. =P

First one, not a big problem. Second first, the first time, I lost my Snivy right off the bat. Accidentally turned the power off, though; but I don't think things would've gone well. Second time, I didn't hit the power button by accident, and won the match perfectly, prepared this time.

Then came Chili. Gah. I hate that Lillipup of his. -_- Kept spamming that move in the TM he gives out. Then proceeded to sweep my entire team, almost. Nearly took him out with my Panpour, but BAM, hit the power button again. I really am half tempted to play this on my 3DS, instead of my old DS. But since my 3DS is busy waiting with Black in it, I can't really do that. =P

Take two, I level up this time, and then take down the Lillipup with my Patrat and Snivy. Pansear was taken down exclusively by my Panpour, despite not having leveled up like the last time I fought Chili. xD

Then came the Dreamyard again. Luckily, it was just Team Plasma, so I wiped the floor with them, and am just stopping to grab my 3DS and use the C-Gear. So, yeah.

Route 3 Pokemon Stats:

Smugleaf: Level 13
Roadkill: Level 13
SpoonyBard: Level 11
Vezok: Level 12

Wish me luck for the future, I think I'll need it. =P


Pokemon White - Part 1

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Pokemon Aug 26 2012 · 433 views

Alternative Titles: Nuzlocke Go Go Go!


So, Pokemon White Nuzlocke. Five days to pull it off. CAN I DO IT!? We'll soon find out! ... About as soon as I figure out how to delete save data, that is. >>'

/EDIT: And done; Trainer: Alex(Not my real name, if anyone's wondering, just one randomly chosen in my mind from different past RPG character names. =P), Starter: Snivy.

CAN I MAKE IT? We'll find out in five days! =D


3/DS/Wii Friend Codes

Posted by Blessed Blade , in BZP, Gaming, Mario Kart, Megaman, Nintendo, Pokemon, Zelda Aug 17 2012 · 709 views
Nintendo, DS, 3DS, Friend, Codes
PM me if you add any of these, otherwise you'll be stuck in limbo forever. =P


3DS FC: 4425-1588-8276 Name: Blade


(Only these work, due to having WPA, and not WEP)
Pokemon Black FC: 5200-1728-1174 Name: Blade
Pokemon Black 2 FC: *Placeholder* Name: Zach

(These don't work, thanks to my Wi-Fi)
Animal Crossing WW FC: 5197-8121-0770 Name: Blade
Mario Kart DS FC: 3694-5772-1551 Name: Toa Blade
MegaMan Star Force 2: Ninja: 4425-2913-0802 Name: Omega Blade.
Pokemon Diamond FC: 4942-4225-9953 Name: Blade
Pokemon Platinum FC: 4125-0887-2432 Name: Kaze
Pokemon SoulSilver FC: 4898-8122-8673 Name: Kaze
Zelda Phantom Hourglass FC: 5112-2148-1934 Name: Blade


GoldenEye 007 FC: 1861-2912-9663 Name: [VNV]Blade
Mario Kart Wii FC: *Placeholder*


Pokemon Black And White Random

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Nintendo, Internet, Gaming, 3DS, Pokemon Jul 25 2012 · 721 views

No Alternative Titles


Can't type up the entry and that quick enough.

Awesome match; I made someone DC. =P Basically, I used my annoyance inducing Swampert to scout the team, take out his Dragonite, and then toy with him after that. After my Outrage crushed him, he DCed. =P

Lemme explain further.

I sent out my Swampert as lead; set up Stealth Rock and roared him away as he kept hitting me for miniscule damage. He first had his Milotic dragged out, then his Blitzle, which is exactly what I wanted to see, after having noticed it in Team Preview. He switched, but my EQuake still did damage to his Vigoroth, which once again thought it could take me with Strength. I roar again, and groan as the Milotic's dragged out. It wipes me out rather quickly.

So, I send in my Gallade. Toxic and Protect alternations allow me to predict what he'll do(Yay, predictions that are actually right! =D), though I kinda wish I had've pulled off two Bulk Ups before my Close Combat, since he succeeded with Protect twice. I outsped him when he tried to attack, one down.

Blitzle's back out, I go to Close Combat it, the Blitzle faints me since I was getting low on health. That's fine, I send out Garchomp, one EQuake faints it. He sends out his already damaged Vigoroth, I choose 'Outrage', it may have gotten to the animation, 'Communication Error'.

The only real regret I have is that I couldn't save the video of it. =P It was hilarious. xD

Spore battle just now: 15-28749-74313


Another Story

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Pokemon, Writing, BZP, RPG Mar 09 2012 · 369 views

Alternative Titles: Though It Doesn't Seem Good That I Haven't Fully Finished A Story Yet.

Two titles say it all. =P Though, I'm still working on one story, so it's not fully abandoned, and likely never will be. =P

Regardless, that's not the point. Point is that I'll be creating an epic based off Rise Of The Rockets sometime soon. It will mostly be an expanded variant of what's going on over in Unova in the RPG, along with adding some background info on the reasoning behind the situation. However, aside from name dropping of the faction Team Liberty, I won't involve any characters that were made by others, except as potential cameos. I don't want to accidentally get anything wrong. =P So, in that way, it'll be a retelling. =P

I might get the first chapter up sometime next weekend, potentially even sooner if I can get it written well enough on my 3DS =P ... But, then again, with no tabs and pasting, I need a computer to actually post it...

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