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Trainer in a Faraway Place


Life, The Universe, And Everything.

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Random, Internet, Writing, BZP, General Life Mar 22 2014 · 855 views

Disclaimer: This will likely make no sense at all. This most definitely does not reflect my true feelings, and is mostly random musings for something.


(The following is an excerpt from a rather odd research paper. The full thing is rather too odd to even consider posting, however, it has had the most intriguing parts left in for people to read. Judge for yourself how sane this person is. We have not yet reached a conclusion on how this guy could seem so insane with so few words, but it happened.)

Are we alone in this universe? Is there life out there? I am not really sure, to be honest, however, it is most definitely possible. When you consider that there are many different planets, each with their own particular conditions to it, I am sure that there is more than one that has the potential to sustain life. It might not be a close planet, but the possibilities are there. However, if that is the case, why have they not contacted us? Do they not have the means to yet? Or have they actually contacted us already, and we just do not know it? Those number stations, are we certain they are really from places here on earth? Or this Blade guy, how are we certain he is not really an alien? Either way, considering most planets would have to be many light years away, it might simply be that they have no real way to travel this far yet, if they can even travel at all. Or might even just feel comfortable staying on one planet for the rest of their lives. Which is a good thing, if they are not a peaceful race, as getting conquered is never a fun feeling.

On that note, what would they even look like? Would they be drastically different? Would they even be scaly as everything likes to show? Or would they be just as potentially varied as creatures of earth, possibly even resembling some of them? Is it even possible that the 'parallel dimensions' that everyone has a fascination with is actually just a world far, far away? After all, we just have to look to Star Wars to see that possibility in action. Or maybe they are totally different. What physics would even exist on that possible different world? Would they be similar to here? Would people be able to jump high into the air? Would mysterious red mushrooms grant these people the ability to instantly grow taller, and only shrink upon getting hit? Or could there be aliens that never really die, but always just faint?

If it were possible for us to travel in space as well, would any other planets even want us to visit them? Would they want anyone to? Or would they want to just be hermits, living alone in the galaxy forever, so as not to risk things going badly for them? Would they even have concepts like emotions, or their own varied types of things; or even nothing at all? Would they enjoy any of the things we do; or would they enjoy all of them? On the flip side, would we even like their stuff, or would it be so foreign even to us in the current times where some foreign things are starting to become typical for people, that we would go 'what is this, really'? Would they have their own concepts of music? Are some populations the type that would just plain talk in song? Would they just randomly burst into song at very random points, like you'd see in some of the musical shows or such that you see around everywhere? Is this the real life? Was Bohemian Rhapsody really an alien song all this time!? ... Ahem, excuse me, went off on a tangent there. Anyway, my point is, aliens? Like music. Love it. Music is their lives. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Aliens, contrary to what I wondered earlier, really do like games of all types. If they are video games, they love them. If they are normal games, they're all over it. Sports? They kinda like them, I gues- *VUVUZELA PLAYS LOUDLY IN BACKGROUND WHILE EVERY ALIEN ON THE SURFACE OF THE PLANET LOUDLY CHEERS FOR WHATEVER TEAM IS PLAYING IN THEIR GAME OF SPACE FOOTBALL, SINCE ALIENS ACTUALLY CALL SOCCER 'FOOTBALL' AS WELL* Okay, I stand corrected, they really, really like sports. That was just a fragment of fans, after all. Forty two percent of aliens say they hate sports, but that still leaves the other fifty eight percent to enjoy them very much. They say it is partially due to the strategy part of it, though given that it encompasses many galaxies, that reason probably varies a lot in comparison to how humans would normally think about it. The strategy game genre is rather heavily enjoyed, however, which kinda backs up that claim, so it might be closer to the truth than people might think. However, they also happen to like action games, especially action adventure games, and most especially action adventure games that have Role Playing Game elements, since leveling up and getting stronger while moving around freely is something that every alien should attempt at least once in their life. Sports video games are also heavily liked, though mostly among the fans that just can not play the normal versions for whatever reason. Of course, some alien companies have come to earth to showcase that, by either releasing many versions of a sports game a year, covering it up by having their name be different, or crossing over sports elements with other game elements. Inazuma Eleven? Yeah, aliens. It is why aliens are so prominent in it at times.

Aliens rather enjoy many types of food. While some species can not handle certain types of food, there's enough variation to have that not be much of a problem at all. Of course, certain people get rather up in arms at being eaten, since morals are not really totally the same across the universe... There has been a movement to try and stop one species in particular, but strangely the notes sent just randomly vanish. There is a theory going around, however, that the notes have been eaten, but why would that happen? That just seems weird and odd and I doubt that is what happened really. Either way, aliens like food, especially human food. But do not let that fool you into thinking they enjoy humans as food, that is just wrong; it literally means that they enjoy the food humans enjoy too. "Human Food" I believe they call it to the pets that the humans have.

Also, speaking of pets, dogs? Cats? They are secretly aliens. Their cover has not yet been blown, though, and they have requested I keep it a secret, especially from the Hamster-Kind. However, I believe I can mention it to alien-kind, such as yourselves. Hopefully you all can keep it a secret as well, to everyone. After all, safety for aliens everywhere is key, no matter what they look like, or what they think, or what other aliens they hang out with. Always practice safety, always travel in twos, and never be out when the stars are on the other side of the planet. Which is technically always, but still. Just carry your house everywhere, those snail aliens, although slow, set a good example for the rest of alienkind. Just try to be more like them. Slow and steady wins the race, is that not right? So also be like those human creatures known as turtles. Turtles are nice and good. Better than the hyenas at least, I mean, who would want to laugh almost all the time, I mean, that is just crazy, ha ha ha... ha...

Contrary to popular belief, aliens also have a lot of emotions as well. Both more and fewer, but everyone has emotions. Humans are about mid to lower range on the scale of emotions, and it is really difficult to explain how they are both spot on at times, but also rather very simple for emotional ranges. It is odd. Humans are very good at being odd and complex creatures, that is for sure. Their time system is also very weird, considering no-one seems to have an idea at what time it really is.

Did you also know that some aliens have really good imaginations? It is true! There have been many intergalactic reports of aliens having very good imaginations, and being very creative. (The LEGO group? Yeah, aliens. You did not hear it from me, however. Bionicle? Totally aliens.) Their creativity, however, leads others to think they are not aliens, oddly enough, though. This sort of event has not yet been explained, and it even happens to other aliens species. Wait, what journal is this going into... Oh. Oh this one. Uh, forget what I just said. I am positive, however, aliens have good memory. They most certainly do not forget things rather quickly and get distracted easily and accidentally stick things into the wrong folder and then start writing stuff up. After all, I believe the average alien IQ level is around 300 or so... Or was it -300 on human scales... Hmm... I will have to look for that equation later, I know I put it around here somewhere. Aliens are also very good scientists and mechanics, it took them like two years after they discovered electricity to create computers and a system that let them transmit stuff into space! Wait, human research paper, right, this is all just a guess in my mind. Also, Milky Way planets, I am so disappointed Pluto is not a planet; sure it is so far away, sure it is so small; but who is anyone to judge the size of a planet, does that not let people more easily meet up? I am sure you have not had the problem of having friends on vastly different planets and never getting to see them because the price of rocket fuel is so expensive that it does not make any sense to, no matter how much you want to see them... So things with small surface space would be nice!

And on that note, the moon. People try to tell you that nothing is on it? Hah! No, no, things are definitely on it. Mostly just flags and the like, but I am certain, just below the crust, there are actually species. ... Okay, no, I am making that up, there is no livable atmosphere there, sadly, but, I am certain if things tried hard enough, they could at least have an outpost or two there, while they prepared for heading to earth to make contact, at least until they finish that artificial atmosphere they were working on last I checked. Assuming they have not finished either already, of course. Those aliens can be crafty, you know, what with blending in- ahahahaha, I mean they could blend in, if given the proper time to figure that out! Of course that is what I meant, why would I not mean that? Besides, with a universe this large, why would any aliens choose this to be their first place to check out, and maybe stay here because they really liked it?? That would be preposterous. ... Do people still say Preposterous? Yes? Okay, good. Anyway, where was I... Oh right, spacecraft. Have you even seen anything that looks like a spacecraft? ... All those satellites might not be ours? Okay, yeah, you have a point there. Hm, yeah, that could be it, I mean, it is not like we, I mean, the aliens put it there or anything... Oh, hey, would you look at the time, I think I have to go meet a friend that's totally not an alien! Totally not. Why would anyone be an alien, we are not martians, we are humans! Everyone knows there is no such thing as martians after all, ahahahaha.

(Though we are not, we are not even from the Milky Way, heh. ... Wait, this is not the 'review' section of the comments, for the love of... This is permanent ink, too! Someone get white out before a human sees this, and starts panicking and showing all this evidence to everyone!)


What did I tell you; totally random.


Old Destiny of a Hero Chapters

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Writing, Creativity Mar 22 2014 · 655 views

So, well, I recalled that I'd written all this stuff, then decided to rewrite it for the millionth time. But every time I do that, I always just push back the old stuff. So, I decided I'd just toss the first prologue chapters from version 3(? I forget now) of it on here. =P


-==Chapter 0: Prologue==-

The year is 2000. Technology has advanced quite a ways recently, as research into different aspects of the human bodies have begun. One of these aspects is enhanced abilities, such as greater strength than normal. This has allowed different government funded groups to be able to push their members past their normal limits, and train to higher levels of strength and speed than ever before. One of those groups are known as the Chaos Hunters, and act as an independent peace keeping group. Their influence has reached all over the world, and their group is known as the most successful in the training project. Every group has darkness, however.

In the town of Terakou, a 26 year old male ran through the streets, and then panted, as his dark brown hair blew in the night wind. The man looked up and pushed his glasses up, as he looked around, prepared for anything that happened next.
"I know you're there; come on out!" The man yelled out, as a chuckle rang through the streets, and a 27 year old man walked out from a nearby alley.
"Bravo, Kazuki. You always were observant." The man said with a malicious smile, as his red eyes seemed to almost glow. The two stared each other down for a moment, and the red eyed man quickly drew a sword. Kazuki held his hand out, and a sword formed out of energy, as the stranger attacked him with the sword.
"You always were impatient, Neo." Kazuki said, as the two jumped back, the cyan blade of Kazuki's sword glowing in the darkness.

The two combatants ran down the street, as they traded and blocked blows. Neo swung his sword toward Kazuki, but he simply ducked, and sent his elbow flying toward Neo. The man staggered back, as his black hair temporarily dropped in front of his eyes. Kazuki gripped his energy sword with two hands, as Neo chuckled.
"You always did rely on that... 'Ki' more than anything." Neo said, and then narrowed his eyes, as he whipped his sword toward Kazuki. The brown haired man quickly blocked, and then kicked out at Neo, who stumbled back again.
"And you always relied on that extra strength those so called 'Chaos Hunters' gave you." Kazuki responded, as Neo tilted his head at Kazuki.

Neo swung his sword out toward Kazuki again, but the man simply jumped back.
"It's over! Your friends have sealed their fate." Neo said, and Kazuki frowned.
"What are you talking about...?" Kazuki asked, and Neo smiled evilly.
"You don't know? You'll see then... You should watch the show." Neo said, and Kazuki growled, and ran toward Neo, and whipped his Ki sword upwards at Neo's face. The Chaos Hunter yelled out, as he grabbed his face, and growled at Kazuki.
"You... You will definitely pay for this. You and all your friends!" Neo yelled out, but put his sword on his back for the moment, and retreated into the shadows. Kazuki, however, frowned, and paused.
They want me... That has to be it. Kazuki said, but pulled out a phone that was black and had some lines that glowed cyan blue. He tapped a part on the touch screen, and then held it up to his ear.
"I just ran into a Hunter... I don't like this situation. Report back tomorrow? Alright." Kazuki said, and frowned again, and ran off out of the town.

The next day, Kazuki crouched near the cliff that was near the town of Terakou. Kazuki raised an eyebrow, as he saw a large group of Chaos Hunters enter the town, and placed something in the middle of the town, as well as four of the corners. As the Hunters evacuated, a circle of some sorts ran the perimeter of the town, forcing Kazuki to step back in shock, as he let out a gasp. A light shot out from the device in the middle of the town, and a half-bubble then covered the town.
"What the...? A barrier!? But... They shouldn't have that kind of technology still..." Kazuki said, and his eyes widened, as the image of the town flickered, and then disappeared with a bang. Kazuki just stared at what happened, even as the Hunters collected the devices, and returned to their vehicles.
An entire town... They destroyed an entire town!? No... That has to be some kind of mistake... He wouldn't sign off on something like that, would he? They have the advantage with it being such a small town, but... Kazuki thought, and then shook his head and pounded the ground in frustration, but then paused, and breathed in slowly, and then exhaled.
It's been done... There's no going back now I guess... No way of fixing this... Kazuki thought, and stood up, and started to turn around, but then looked at the empty space as a plan began to form in his head.
Or is there...?

Two years passed by after that incident; and no-one even cared about it, because it was such a small town, and the region had just been forming before the incident happened. However, in those two years, the town of Terakou had been rebuilt, and was currently even better than ever, as Kazuki leaned back in a chair in his office, and smiled at the notes that he was writing up...
"Terakou Town School would like to proudly announce that they are hosting the 2002 Global School Gathering... And would also like to announce that you have been invited to the event!"

-==/Chapter 0 End\==-

-==Chapter 0(1): Kaze==-

Kazuki wrote up the letters, but paused, as he took note of where each would be sent.
I'll literally be reaching the entire world with these, but I need to at least get to the important parts. Kazuki thought, and looked at the map. Terakou was located in the upper reaches of the United States of America, however, the only current way out of the region of Terakou... Is to travel south through the desert. Kazuki, however, didn't worry about that at the moment, as his planes didn't obey that restriction anyway.
Well, let's hope this goes as well as I'm hoping... Kazuki said, and then paused.
Who am I kidding; this is one of my plans; it won't go well at all. Kazuki said, and then nodded, as he picked up the letters, which were sealed inside their envelopes already, and nodded.
"Time to send these out, then." Kazuki said, as he walked out of his office, on the way to mail the letters.

One week later.
A young boy of around 10 years breathed in and out, as he laid on his bed. The boy was asleep, and it looked like nothing would wake him up. Looks are sometimes deceiving, however, as an extremely loud alarm started up, and blasted continuous beeps into the boy's ear, causing him to jump up very suddenly, and snap his eyes open. However, he quickly closed them again with a wince, when he slammed his head into the nearby desk in an attempt to quickly get out of his bed. The boy growled, and finally slammed his hand down on the alarm, and rubbed his head. This boy's name was Kaze Hikari. Kaze glared at the time, and then sighed.
"Right... 6:30..." Kaze muttered to himself, as he rubbed his head again. Kaze looked at his dresser, which was covered in all sorts of objects; such as different papers he kept out, a wristband he sometimes wore, a couple music and game players, and most of all... A very special envelope.
When Kaze received the letter, he had stared blankly at it at first.
"In this day and age, this place sends this note in the mail? Why not an email?" Kaze asked himself at the time, somewhat confused, but shook his head, and opened it, quickly.
"Kaze Hikari, Terakou blah blah blah, announcing blah blah blah, would like to invite blah blah bla-" Kaze had read, and paused, blinked, and re-read the line.
"You have been invited to the event... Which will be held a week from the original mailing of this letter, on the Sunday." Kaze finished reading, and frowned as he looked at the date. It had been sent on the Monday of that week, and it was the Wednesday. Kaze shrugged, and tossed the letter on his dresser at that time.

Kaze now walked over to the dresser, and pulled out the letter. He then looked in the envelope, and pulled out the ticket he had seen the last time he had looked into the envelope, four days earlier. Kaze sighed, and read the info on the ticket.
So, I have to get on the plane at the nearest Airport. Not that far, so I think I can walk. Kaze mused, as he placed the ticket and the letter back into the envelope, and then put the envelope into his backpack. He looked at the packed suitcase he had, and nodded.
I did want to see other places; perfect time to. Kaze thought, as he went to change.

Kaze yawned as he walked out of his room, suitcase in hand, and Backpack slung over his shoulder. Kaze walked down the stairs from his room, and put his stuff by the entrance. His outfit didn't really have a standard colour scheme, as his shirt was black with a green stripe, and his jeans were blue. And that's not even including his silver, black, and green shoes. However, Kaze liked that outfit's colours, so he almost always wore something with those colours; sometimes taking out the blue in favour of more black or green. Kaze walked to the kitchen, and quickly grabbed a piece of toast, put some jam on it, and grabbed a glass of water. Kaze started to walk back toward the entrance, however, tripped over the carpet due to his shoes throwing him slightly off. While he caught himself, and didn't drop his toast; his drink didn't fare as well. Kaze dropped the glass, which caught a lucky spot and didn't break... However, water covered the hardwood floor anyway, and drained the glass of it's contents. Kaze sighed, and quickly ate his toast, and grabbed a towel to dry up the floor. However, Kaze misjudged where the water had been, and slid on the patch of water. He had to be given credit; he didn't fall this time either. Instead, he slid face first into the nearby wall.

Kaze winced, as he shook his head and looked in the mirror.
Not too noticeable. Kaze thought, his emerald green eyes reflecting back to him, as he examined his forehead, which was slightly red from the impact, but didn't look to bad. He then looked at his hair, and saw how messy it looked. Kaze frowned, thought for a second, and then checked the time.
"... 7:30? Well; looks like I've run out of time to mess around any more..." Kaze mumbled to himself, as he decided not to do anything with his hair, and then walked out of the room. On his way to the entrance, Kaze picked up his two bags, and then walked out of the house. Kaze looked the door behind him, slung his backpack over his shoulder, and then started off toward the airport... He likely got a few looks, because of traveling alone, but he was used to that by now.

Kaze panted, as he reached the airport, and walked in.
One and a half blocks... Stupid faulty map... I'm sure that was more 3 or 4 blocks. Kaze thought to himself, as he walked in and looked around. Kaze had never been in an airport before, and it was bigger than he thought.
... This looks like it's bigger on the inside. Kaze thought, and shook his head, as he walked up to the receptionist, who raised her eyebrows at Kaze, who likely thought it was because he was traveling alone, but he couldn't have been further off.
"I have a ticket to Terakou." Kaze said, and handed the receptionist the ticket. The receptionist scanned it, and then nodded.
"Right this way." The receptionist said, as he went through all the normal security checks, and was then let on the plane.

Kaze looked around the plane in awe, as he walked toward the marked seat. Kaze sat down, and put the seatbelts on, as the plane started to move. Kaze looked around, and was just about to take note of what everything was, when the pilot's voice came over the intercom.
"This is your captain, Jack Highland, speaking." The pilot said, and Kaze about to yell hi to the pilot, when the pilot started to speak again.
"I just wanted to mention that we will be landing in the town of Terakou very shortly." The pilot said, and Kaze frowned, confused, as he was sure that hadn't taken as long as it should have, and he looked out the window, and noticed that, sure enough, they were rapidly approaching a town with a large skyscraper-like building.
Well that was quick. Kaze thought to himself with a blink, and he shook his head in confusion.

Kaze got off the plane, and then looked around. Terakou obviously wasn't a city; it wasn't anywhere near big enough for that; however, it was still bigger than Kaze had expected. Kaze ran forward, as he headed toward the location that he had seen the large building in, and noticed a crowd was started to gather near the building. As Kaze neared the building, he understood why the crowd was there; as the sign near the building, as well as the one on the front of it, read 'Terakou Town School'.
Wow... This is bigger than I expected... Kaze thought, as the crowd slowly moved forward. After a while of waiting, Kaze eventually reached the entrance to the school. Kaze pulled his ticket out, as he noticed that a person was taking the tickets. As he walked up to the person, Kaze handed him the ticket, and the person nodded, and handed him a badge with his name on it.
"That's used for your ID, to get you into your classes." The person explained, and Kaze nodded his understanding. Kaze then walked inside, and then stopped, as his mouth dropped open in shock at how big the rooms were.

-==/Chapter 1 End\==-

-==Chapter 0(2): Introductions==-

Kaze looked around the room, as he marveled at the technology that was present, which was beyond anything he'd ever seen. Which was, admittedly, not exactly all that much, but that's beyond the point. He had a weird feeling he had seen some stuff before, but chalked that up to just imagining it. Kaze noticed that more people were starting to enter the lobby, and moved out of the way, as he looked around. Kaze noticed a brown haired girl who sat on the bench and was currently reading a book. As he approached the girl, he noticed she has bluish eyes.
"Hi; my name's Kaze." Kaze said, and the girl glared up at him.
"Go away." The girl said, and Kaze blinked.
"I was just introducing myself." Kaze said, and the girl rolled her eyes.
"Well then, you seem to be finished with that. Go bug one of the other thousands of people here." The girl said, and Kaze blinked.
"I'm sorry if I bugged you. One last thing though..." Kaze said, and the girl sighed, and then looked up.
"Yes?" The girl asked, and reached for her bag.
"What's your name?" Kaze asked, as the girl put a bookmark in her book, and then placed it in her bag.
"Kali." The girl said simply, as she grabbed her bag, and then walked off, as Kaze was left standing there, blinking.
... That went well. Kaze thought, some sarcasm creeping into said thoughts.

Kaze looked around, as he wondered if everyone would give him the same cold shoulder treatment. Kaze noticed a boy with black hair and matching clothes, and thought of going up to him to introduce himself; however... The boy gave him a look that said otherwise, and only reinforced Kaze's earlier thoughts. Kaze turned around, and started to walk before his head followed, and accidentally crashed into someone else.
"Sorry about that..." Kaze said, and looked up, as he saw a red haired boy around his age, who chuckled.
"Just don't do that again. Otherwise it's not something I really care about." The kid said, and extended his hand to Kaze.
"My name's Sakeo Lanation." The boy said, and Kaze looked surprised for a second, but then smiled.
"I'm Kaze Hikari." Kaze said, and Sakeo raised an eyebrow, and smiled mischievously.
"How do you pronounce that, anyway? Doesn't sound easy." Sakeo said, and Kaze rolled his eyes.
"Like your name's any easier. My dad named me that before he disappeared." Kaze said, and Sakeo stared at him blankly.
"... Well. At least it wasn't Sue." Sakeo said, and both of them chuckled at Sakeo's reference, as Sakeo paused, and looked at his watch.
"Ah; right; hmm... Gotta go; see ya!" Sakeo said, and then ran off, leaving Kaze to blink.
Is he headed to the Cafeteria...? Kaze wondered, but shook his head.
I am a little hungry... And thirsty. Kaze thought and walked in the direction that Sakeo headed.

Kaze pulled out one of the maps that he had picked up at the door, and examined the map. On the first floor, there was the hospital, which literally read as hospital, but it had to mean infirmary. There was also the cafeteria, and other things, like a Movie Theatre apparently.
... A Movie Theatre? Kaze wondered, as he stared at the map, and then shook his head. He then moved onward, and looked at the other floors. The second floor had the Principal's Office, some classrooms, and a Library. The third floor also had classrooms, but more of them than there were on the second floor, and there was no mention of what was on floors four and five, as they were greyed out. Kaze wondered what was on those floors, but that train of thought was lost, as he turned the corner, and, for the second time in about as many minutes, crashed into someone. Kaze fell backward, and winced as he landed. He figured it might be Sakeo again, and frowned.
"Sorry about that, Sakeo...?" Kaze said, but blinked as he looked up and saw that it wasn't Sakeo; but rather a young girl with hair the same colour as Sakeo's, and green eyes.
"Sakeo...? How do you know Sakeo?" The girl asked, as she looked to be about a year younger than Kaze. Kaze, however, felt a bead of sweat run down his face from her question.
"I crashed into him, almost literally a second ago." Kaze said, and the girl giggled.
"You seem to do that a lot." The girl noted, and Kaze sighed.
"Yeah; it's a habit I need to stop." Kaze said, as the two of them stood up.
"I'm Sonia." The girl said, as she extended her hand.
"I'm Kaze Hikari." Kaze said, as he shook Sonia's hand with a smile.
"So, Kaze Hikari... I'm guessing you're headed to the Cafeteria?" Sonia asked, as Kaze paused, and then nodded, as Sonia chuckled.
"Alright then, I'll come with you." Sonia said, and Kaze frowned.
"Weren't you heading away from the cafeteria?" Kaze asked, as Sonia slightly blushed.
"Well, uh, you see... I was just wandering the halls." Sonia admitted, with a sheepish smile, and frowned.
"I forgot to grab a map from the front door." Sonia said, and Kaze chuckled.
"Well; I accidentally grabbed a second." Kaze said, as he handed Sonia one of the maps he had picked up.
"Let's go then." Kaze said, and Sonia nodded, as they headed for the cafeteria.

As the two children walked in, Kaze noticed that the guy he had seen with the black hair was sitting there. The boy glared at someone else, and Kaze looked over at the kid in question, as he seemed to yell stuff out, and seemed to be mean to the other kids who tried to approach him. The boy in question appeared to be blond, with seemingly blue eyes. The boy looked over at the kid with the black hair, and frowned.
"What do you want...?" The boy asked with a raised eyebrow, and the other boy smirked.
"What do I want...? I want you to shut up." The kid said, and the blond haired boy growled.
"Why you..." The boy said, and threw an apple at the other boy. However, the kid dodged, sending the apple flying toward a new target... Kaze.
"Uh-oh." Kaze said, as the apple hit him full force, and sprayed him, and Sonia from proximity, with the juice from the apple.
"... Err." Kaze said, as Sonia giggled. Kaze looked back to the Cafeteria, however, as a familiar red haired boy walked to the centre of the room.
"FOOD FIGHT!" Sakeo yelled out, a mischievous look on his face, as Sonia simply stared at him, not believing what was happening.
"Let's go; might wanna get this mess cleaned up." Kaze said, and Sonia shook her head, and looked at Kaze.
"Huh? Oh, yeah, okay." Sonia said, and the two walked out of the Cafeteria, and ran toward the stairs.

Meanwhile, Kazuki was in deep thought.
I had to bring them here... But was it really the best idea? I knew things would go wrong; they always do. But... the Hunters seem to have infiltrated the school... And that could place everyone in danger. Kazuki thought, as he heard people running toward his office.
Huh? Kazuki thought, as that was all the time he had to think before the door to his office suddenly opened, and Kaze and Sonia walked in.
"Uh... Mister Principal... People are having a food fight in the cafeteria; just wanted to let you know." Sonia said, before Kaze could open his mouth. Kazuki sighed, and nodded.
"Come on, then..." Kazuki said, and then started to walk back down to the Cafeteria. Kazuki walked into the cafeteria, and the room seemed to freeze suddenly, as everyone stopped in their tracks.
"What's going on here?" Kazuki asked, but no-one answered. Kazuki said, and chuckled.
"I don't think the food appreciates this much... However, I have an idea." Kazuki said, and smiled, as he pulled out a mini-microphone from seemingly no-where.
"Everyone in the school, meet me in the gym." Kazuki said, and looked at the crowd.
"Well come on, that means you too." Kazuki said, and walked out of the cafeteria, and toward the gym. Everyone looked around, unsure, but followed quickly. When the kids entered the gym, they noticed quite a number of desks, with chairs attached.
"Take any seat." Kazuki said, as he made his way to the podium. Kaze and Sonia picked desks near each other, and Sakeo chose the one of the opposite side of Sonia, though the girl ignored Sakeo for the moment. As the students were taking seats, however, two men dressed in black stood on a nearby balcony, hidden from sight by a curtain.
"Hartei... Explain why we're here again...?" The taller one on the left said, as Hartei sighed.
"The leader said to attend all speeches that so-called 'principal' gave, so we can try and figure out what he's up to. You know this, Neo." Hartei said, and Neo shook his head, his scar from two years earlier still visible on his face, as Kazuki frowned for a moment, and then smiled.
"Welcome, everyone, to Terakou Town School!" Kazuki called out to begin his speech.

-==/Chapter 2 End\==-

-==Chapter 0(3): Holders of Data==-

"It is a great honour to have you all here. If you haven't heard, this town was rebuilt recently, and this school was one of the first buildings that was built. You will find many different things in this school that you wouldn't find in other schools; such as our Movie Theatre. I'm really proud of that, took a while to get the permit to actually put that in, but I wanted it there, doesn't matter if it's a school or not." Kazuki said, and Kaze raised an eyebrow.
"Huh; so I did see that there was a Movie Theatre on that map." Kaze whispered to Sonia, who chuckled, and both of them continued to listen to Kazuki's speech.
"This event is running until next Saturday; so you should have enough time to memorize most of the layout of the school; or the basic locations for everything." Kazuki said, and then looked around the room.
"Oh; one more thing; there are multiple floored apartments near the school. From the front door, they are to the left of the school. They will be where you are staying while you are here in Terakou." Kazuki added, and then paused.

Neo looked down as Kazuki paused, and shook his head with a growl.
"Is this really what we have to hear? It's a bunch of filler and typical principal speak. And I've heard enough of what he has to say anyway." Neo said, and then looked to Hartei.
"If it pleases you... or the leader... Then I'm not sticking around just to hear him talk more about sleeping arrangements and what the building has to see." Neo said, and walked out of the room, through a secret door. Hartei sighed, and shook his head.
Neo has a very short attention span for stuff like this it seems... Hartei thought, and shook his head again, before he followed Neo out of the room. Kazuki glanced upward inconspicuously, and took a deep breath before he continued his speech.

"Since you are all going to be in Terakou for a while, I would like you all to have these devices." Kazuki said, as he pressed a button on the podium, which opened up the top of the desks to reveal a small handheld device. The screen on the device read 'Personal Data Holder V3'. Kaze picked up his, curious as to what it was.
"As the screen on those devices says, these are the Personal Data Holders; specifically the third version of them. They have a touch screen, and are extremely handy. They have cell phone capabilities, and you can message different people. It can obviously fit in your pocket. Try not to lose them please; they were specially made." Kazuki said, and paused once more.
"One last thing. Be careful; all of you. That is all." Kazuki said, and nodded, as he made his way of the stage.

Kaze raised an eyebrow, as he looked through the different things on the Personal Data Holder. He noticed a music player, the phone that had been mentioned, a messaging system, among many other features that seemed very cool to him.
"Wow; this is pretty interesting; I've never seen a device like this..." Kaze said, as he flipped through the options of the Personal Data Holder; and noticed a screen that talked about saving the IDs of other Personal Data Holders. Kaze frowned, and looked through the instructions. As he did that a plan formed in his head, and looked over at Sonia.
"Hey, Sonia... It sounds like these devices, while they can message other people as it is... Can store the IDs of others of their kind." Kaze said, and tapped on the tab.
"Apparently we're supposed to put the two devices on the Registration tab... And then push this sync button." Kaze mentioned, and pointed out the button in question as Sonia looked over to see what he was talking about, and then nodded.
"Alright; let's try it." Sonia said, and flipped her Personal Data Holder onto the tab in question. Kaze nodded, as both of them pushed the Sync button on their devices at around the same time. The devices beeped, and then a loading bar appeared, and quickly completed, as a screen appeared to say that the two devices were successfully registered.

Kaze noticed that there was a help tab for different aspects about the Personal Data Holder. He skimmed through the different topics available to read; however the only interesting stuff to him was about how to send messages, and the fact that exchanging IDs manually is another way of registering two devices. Kaze typed up a quick test message to Sonia, to try out the mail option, and Sonia nodded as she received it, and replied quickly.
"These are pretty cool; could allow quick messages at any time." Kaze noted, as Sakeo raised an eyebrow, and looked over.
"Kaze? Huh; interesting to see you here." Sakeo said; as he hadn't noticed that Kaze sat two seats away from him; due to the volume of the crowd and Kaze's earlier whispering. Kaze nodded in response, and Sonia chuckled.
"I heard how you two met." Sonia teased, as Sakeo shook his head.
"That kid needs to watch where he's going." Sakeo said with a joking smile, but all three looked down suddenly, as their Personal Data Holders switched on their own to the registration tab. After a moment, the screens noted that 'Akuzki' had been registered onto the devices.
"Akuzki? What's this all about?" Kaze wondered out loud, as the other two shrugged. Kaze looked around and saw that the other students appeared to be confused as well. Kaze then thought for a moment, and turned to Sakeo and Sonia.
"Well; I don't think there'll be much more to do here... Wanna check out those apartments?" Kaze asked, and the two nodded, as Kaze stood up, put his Personal Data Holder into his pocket, and the three walked out of the gym.

As the three kids walked out of the school, Kaze looked left, as Kazuki had said to do. He saw the apartments straight away, and nodded to the others, and Kaze walked toward the apartments. There were multiple buildings side-by side, with bridges between the buildings that were made of what looked like glass. The three walked into the building in the direct centre of the group of buildings, and Kaze looked around, as Sakeo went up first, and asked for his room. After a second, he got the key for his room, and then walked off to find it. Kaze then walked up to the receptionist, and smiled.
"Hi; I'm Kaze Hikari; I'm here to get the key to my room?" Kaze asked, and the receptionist nodded, and scanned through the list of names, and raised an eyebrow, but nodded, and handed Kaze a key.
"I'll see you later, alright Sonia? I'm going to find my room now." Kaze said, and Sonia nodded with a smile, as Kaze walked off.

Kaze walked up the stairs to floor two, and looked at the number on the key.
The key says the room is 234... Kaze read in his head, and looked at the room nearest to the stairs. It read 238, and Kaze nodded.
Well; at least it's not that far away. Kaze thought, as he picked up his suitcase, and walked down the hall. He got to the door that read '234', and placed his key into the lock. As he opened it, he noticed two sets of bunk beds, and Sakeo, who laid on the top bunk of the bed on the right, a confused look on his face.
"What are you doing here?" They asked themselves at the same time. Kaze held up his key, and Sakeo did as well.
"Well that's certainly weird..." Kaze said, as he walked inside, and placed his suitcase on the floor.
"Lot of coincidences today." Sakeo agreed, and Kaze turned, as Sonia walked past the door, and then walked back, a confused look on her face.
"What's wrong?" Kaze asked, as Sonia turned to him, a frown on her face.
"What room number do you have?" Sonia asked, and Kaze frowned.
"Room 234; why?" Kaze asked, and Sonia raised an eyebrow, and held up her key. Kaze blinked, as the numbers '234' were present.
"... What were we just saying about coincidences? There's a ton of them today." Kaze said, and Sonia nodded, as she shrugged, and walked in, as she put her suitcase on the ground. Sonia walked up to the bunk bed under Sakeo, and laid on it.

The three talked for an hour, trying to find out where they were all from. By another odd coincidence, everyone was from Canada; to be precise; the same town that Kaze was from.
"What'd they do, sort us by which town we lived in?" Kaze joked, as the door opened, and everyone looked as the girl that Kaze had tried to talk to earlier that morning, Kali, walked in, and blinked.
"... Seriously?" Kali asked, as she checked her key, and the door's number, and sighed. Sakeo, however, didn't skip a beat.
"What country are you from...?" Sakeo asked, as Kali looked at him with a raised eyebrow.
"Canada; why?" Kali asked, as the three looked at each other, a shocked expression on their face.
"Yeah; definitely sorted by country." Kaze said with a nod, as Kali shook her head.
"I'm definitely missing something." Kali complained, as she took the bottom bunk of the bunk bed on the left.
"Sorry; we were trying to figure out how we all got these rooms. Current common link is we're all Canadians." Kaze explained, and Kali sighed, and rolled her eyes.
"Whatever it is; it's not the best system." Kali said, and laid on her chosen bed. Kaze looked at the time, and took the only remaining bed.
"Well; guess we should get some sleep... Tomorrow's likely to be busy." Kaze said, though he never realized just how busy that Monday would be.

-==/Chapter 3 End\==-

-==Chapter 0(4): Exploration==-

Kaze opened his eyes with a yawn. Kaze knew it was Monday, as he could see the sun. However, he had no clue what time it was at that moment. Kaze looked around and noticed that everyone was still sleeping. Kaze slowly climbed down from the bunk bed, and picked up his Personal Data Holder. If he had looked at the screen, it would have confirmed that it was the fifth of September. However it also would have shown that it was 7:30 at that moment. Kaze, therefore, was unaware that his upcoming stunt would get everyone annoyed at him. Kaze quickly changed into a similar outfit to the one he had on the day before, however, this one had two stripes of green on the front. He thought for a second, as he looked at the others who still slept. Kaze then walked over to Kali. He seemed to have forgotten the fact that she didn't like him, as Kaze tapped her on the shoulder to wake her up. Kaze was reminded of Kali's opinion of him, however, as she punched him in the face reflexively, which caused Kaze to stumble backward in surprise. Kali opened her eyes, and then saw who she hit, and sighed in annoyance.
"Don't do that again." Kali said coldly, and grabbed her bag, as she went to change.

Sonia opened her eyes slowly after all the noise that Kaze stumbling backward into the side of the other bunk bed had caused, and raised her eyebrow at Kaze.
"What's going on...?" Sonia asked, still half asleep, and Kaze winced.
"Apparently Kali doesn't like to have her sleep disturbed." Kaze said, and Sonia blinked, and must've realized that Kaze had tried to wake Kali up, and sighed, as she shook her head.
"I see. What time is it, anyway?" Sonia asked, as Sakeo leaned over the side of the bed, his hair a mess from sleeping.
"Keep it down; I'm trying to sleep." Sakeo muttered, as Sonia laughed quietly.
"Apparently there was a lot of that going on." Sonia said, as she explained what happened to Sakeo. Sakeo slapped his hand to his face, and sighed.
"Way to go, Kaze." Sakeo said, and looked at his Personal Data Holder.
"Plus, it's only 7:30." Sakeo added, and Kaze nodded for a moment, but paused as what Sakeo said dawned on him.
"... 7:30?" Kaze asked, as a bead of sweat ran down his face. A shoe was tossed in the direction of the beds quickly, but luckily missed the three kids.
"I think... Kali heard that, or realized it herself." Kaze said, as he stared at the shoe.

After everyone had gotten up and changed, their Personal Data Holders beeped once, as a 'new message' icon appeared on the screens.
"What's this?" Kaze asked, as he pulled out the device, and looked at it. His face turned from one of curiosity, to one of slight embarrassment.
"What is it, Kaze?" Sonia asked, as Kaze sighed.
"The classes aren't until 8:30; and it's only 7:40." Kaze explained, and Kali's eyebrow twitched in annoyance. However, before any comments could be made, Kaze noticed something else on the message.
"Looks like we have the classes here. They look relatively normal, though there are a couple I've never heard of before. 'Advanced energy theory'?" Kaze asked, and Sonia shrugged. However, all of them checked their own Personal Data Holders, and noticed that they had the same classes.
"Just great." Kali said, and sighed, as she shook her head.

Kaze decided to use up some of the time before the classes, and looked at the map again. He had seen that there was a map of the school pre-installed into the Personal Data Holder, along with other stuff like a music player and some games. However, right now, he paid attention to the map, as he scanned it, and tried to figure out where all the classes were. In the process, however, he noticed something weird between two of the classes. It looked like there was a gap in how the school was designed, an empty space without an outside wall. However, Kaze remembered seeing a wall on that part of the school, and quickly looked out the window at the school to check.
"Hmm..." Kaze frowned, and turned to the others.
"Guys, look at this." Kaze said, and the three looked over at him. Kaze motioned them over, and Kali sighed, and walked over, as Sakeo and Sonia followed.
"Look... It shows a gap, as if there's nothing at all in the space..." Kaze mentioned, and then pointed out the window.
"But there's a wall there." Kaze explained, and Sakeo frowned, as he looked at the apparent error.
"That is weird... Could it be an error on the map?" Sakeo asked, and Kaze shrugged.
"I dunno; but we have time to spare... let's go check it out." Kaze said, a smile on his face.

Five minutes later, the four were inside the school, and were headed toward the second floor stairway. Kali had initially frowned at the plan to look around, but had agreed to, since there was nothing better to do, and they had time to burn. The group headed up the stairs, and walked toward the spot that Kaze noticed. Kaze used the map to track their movement, as they approached the two rooms that bordered the spot. He saw that there was a wall where the gap should be, and walked up to it. Kaze knocked on the wall, and the sound echoed behind the wall.
"So it's hollow... So there is something behind there." Kaze said, and then started to pace.
"But how do we open it? Is there some secret switch we need to step on? A trap brick that makes the wall open up? Or something else?" Kaze wondered, as Sakeo sighed, rolled his eyes, and then walked up to the wall, and kicked it with the bottom of his foot. Kaze paused and looked over at Sakeo, as the wall opened.
"... Or that too. Good job." Kaze said quickly, and then walked up to the new entrance.
"Let's check it out quickly." Kaze said, and ducked inside before anyone complained.

Kaze raised an eyebrow, as he looked around the room. The others followed slowly and cautiously. There were multiple bookcases with weirdly titled books. Kaze walked over to one, and looked through it, but couldn't understand anything. It was English, but it was jumbled as if someone had shifted letters; though he couldn't identify any words. Kaze put the book down, and looked to the back of the room. He saw a computer, and walked up to it. He looked at the computer's screen, but couldn't read it either, as it seemed as jumbled as the book's writing. Kaze connected his Personal Data Holder to transfer some of the data, so he could attempt to translate it later. He wasn't sure why, but it seemed important to do so. Kaze paused, and turned around, as he heard footsteps down the hall, as they headed toward the secret room. Sakeo frowned, and motioned to the two girls, who hid behind a bookcase, as Kaze and Sakeo quickly made their way over to the bookcase as well.

Hartei walked down the hall toward the room. He thought of how Neo had acted the day before, and wondered if he would actually think of disobeying the leader's orders.
Neo acts as if he has his own plans; but even he should know the leader wouldn't stand for that. I hope that he knows what he's doing. Hartei thought, as he neared the room. However, he noticed that the wall was open and frowned.
How is the wall open? Neo's trying to convince Akaro that he's right about the leader's second reason for infiltrating the school... So... There must be intruders. Hartei thought, as he slowly approached the room.

Kaze frowned, as he slowly crept back to the computer. The transfer had completed, so Kaze unplugged the Personal Data Holder, and quickly moved back to the hiding place. Kaze watched as the person started to enter the room, but paused as footsteps ran down the hall. Kaze looked around the bookcase, as the person turned around, and walked out of the room. Kaze made his way toward the entrance, as he noticed two people were there, and that they were dressed similarly. The two talked for a moment, and both of them then ran down the hall. Kaze glanced at the clock on his Personal Data Holder, and noticed that it was 8:20. Kaze motioned to the other three, and walked out of the room, to make sure no-one was in sight. After the three made their way to where Kaze was, Kaze nodded, and the group ran down the opposite way to the third floor, where their first class was.

"Akaro. You don't agree with giving them up?" Neo asked, as Kazuki narrowed his eyes.
"Not after what you said when we fought last. Remember where you got that scar from." Kazuki said, and Neo growled, but Hartei put his arm up.
"It's for their own good; you know that, don't you, Kazuki?" Hartei asked, and Kazuki shook his head.
"How is it you can say it's for their own good; when you know as well as I do what the Chaos Hunters will do to them? I don't agree with that comment." Kazuki said, and Hartei sighed.
"Well, I was hoping you'd see it as we did. However, I would like it if you thought about it." Hartei said, and Kazuki frowned, as Hartei nodded to Neo, and walked out of the principal's office.
"Come on, you need to see something..." Hartei muttered, as he walked toward the secret room.

"So, some intruders got in, huh." Neo said, and narrowed his eyes, as he looked around the room with a scowl. The computer beeped, and Neo approached it.
"It looks like someone transfered some information. It also looks like it triggered the computer-side wipe, even though the intruders never touched the file in question. Doesn't matter; they didn't find any of the important information, such as who we are. And I doubt this amateur work was of them." Neo said, as he looked over at Hartei.
"It is however, interesting that they managed to do all this without getting caught. It looks like we'll need to step up our security..." Neo said, and smirked.
"There won't be a repeat of this; however; I can guarantee it."

-==/Chapter 4 End\==-

-==Chapter 0(5): Strength and Energy==-

Kaze panted for a moment, and frowned, as he considered what the group had seen in the hidden room, and the two people they had seen on their way to their classes.
Those people... They gave me the feeling that they wanted to hide something... But what? What could be in that room that's so important? Kaze thought, and looked up at the teacher. He was talking about the different kinds of energy; and what their uses could be.
"We have recently found four kinds of energy that seem to be both related, and unrelated, to existing energy sources. There is Physical Energy, Kinetic Energy, Mental Energy, and Elemental Energy. Elemental and Kinetic energy is not found in human life, however, it appears to be present in the environment, and in the case of Kinetic energy, in certain machinery. There have not been many studies about this, however, but figuring out how to use these forms of energy more effectively could be a huge advancement in human technology." The teacher explained, and Kaze looked intrigued, but as he was about to ask some questions, the bell rang, signaling that it was time for lunch.
Different forms of energy...? Huh, that sounds cool. Kaze thought, as he stood up, and headed for the cafeteria.

As Kaze walked into the cafeteria, he thought about the room again.
Why wasn't that room on the map, and why is it there at all...? Kaze thought, and sighed, as he sat down at one of the tables, and waited for the others to show up.
Guess that question will stay unanswered for the moment... Kaze looked around the room, and noticed Sonia and Sakeo as they entered the room, and waved to them, as they walked over to the table he was sitting at. Kali also walked in, and noticed the trio, and sighed, as she shook her head, but sat down at the table anyway.
"I'm not entirely certain why I'm sitting with you three, after that incident this morning... Any of those incidents." Kali commented, as she took a bite out of an apple, and Kaze nodded, as he looked around the room.
"Don't look now, but, there's those two food fighters again." Kaze noticed, as the two kids from the day before walked into the cafeteria, and then sat at opposite ends of the room.
"That oughta stop any food fights..." Kaze muttered, and went back to eating his food.

The blond haired boy looked around the room with a slight frown, and then raised an eyebrow with a mischievous smirk, as he noticed Kaze, who wasn't paying any attention to him at that moment. The food fighter grabbed an apple, and took aim, before he pitched the apple at Kaze. Only one flaw in his plan; Kaze was pushed out of the way coincidentally, because of a comment that annoyed Kali. Second problem, the apple continued on it's path, and then hit Kali right in the face. Sakeo and Sonia looked straight at the food fighter, and Sonia shook her head, as Kali stood up, and wiped off the juice from the apple, and then grabbed an orange, and hurled it at the food fighter quickly.

Kaze groaned, as he stood up, and shook his head, as he watched the cafeteria break out into a food fight for the second time that week.
"What is this, a daily occurance?" Kaze asked, as he dodged what appeared to be a pineapple of all things, and then looked at the food fighter. He caught an apple that just happened to be flying near, and then whipped it at the food fighter, who got hit in the cheek by it, though it mostly just hurt, and didn't manage to be smashed open. The food fighter glared at him, and then got hit by a stray tomato, as the black-haired boy smirked, and returned to eating his food, after having fulfilled his purpose in the food fight. Kaze dodged an apple or two, and then looked back to the food fighter, as a coconut cream pie slammed into his face, which caused him to step back, and then wipe off his face.
"What a waste of a good pie..." Kaze muttered, and then hurled an apple at the Food Fighter.

Kazuki walked down the halls with a frown, as he thought over what he had been discussing with Neo and Hartei earlier.
I can't just let them get away with their plan... Not after what I know of. And definitely not with Neo involved... Kazuki thought, and then paused, as he stopped and looked into the cafeteria.
What...? Can this really be happening now...? Kazuki thought, as he sighed, and saw that there really was yet another food fight going on. Kazuki shook his head, as he walked into the room, with a raised eyebrow.
"What's going on here? Why are you all involved in another food fight?" Kazuki asked, as everyone paused and turned to look at the principal.

Kaze froze, as he dropped the apple he had been holding, and looked around at the others, wondering why no-one had explained things yet. Kaze then sighed, and shrugged.
"That guy started things again, he threw an apple aimed at me, but hit Kali instead." Kaze explained, and Kazuki then shook his head.
"Guys. You shouldn't waste food; not everyone gets to eat, and wasting it like that typically makes it so that they have to go hungry. Anyway, I need to go now, so don't start any more food fights..." Kazuki warned, as he smiled, and turned around and walked out of the room, and then began to walk down the hallway.
"Akaro... Come with me." Neo said, as he stood behind Kazuki, who turned around with a sigh, and then frowned, but nodded slightly, as the two of them walked to Kazuki's office.
"Give each of the kids on this list the message on this note... Don't try anything either, or there'll be a price to pay." Neo said, as he gave Kazuki the list and note, and then turned and walked out of the office. Kazuki sighed and shook his head, but complied anyway, as he sent the message to the Personal Data Holders of the kids in question...

-==/Chapter 5 End\==-


Of course, that's all I wrote for the prologue; or if i wrote it, it was lost three years ago; because I'd had up to like part 2 done. (I will be changing the individual pieces to 'pages' likely in the next version, because DoaH is so confusing in that regard compared to the sequels. >_^)


Oath To Order

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I ran up the stairs to the clock tower in the city I lived in. Above the building, the moon grew ominously nearer. I reached the top, and realized the gravity of my situation, even as my resolve simply grew greater. I thought back to how this all began, and how I got involved in all of it. As I recalled the thoughts of the past week, I played the sacred song... The Oath to Order.

(Three days ago)

This past week was the festival of the moon, a traditional celebration that involved everyone wearing masks that were said to have great powers. I didn't believe that, or the rumour of the world ending on 12/21/12 at first, until I first saw the moon in an odd position in the sky. At that point, three days earlier, a mysterious fellow told me that an important, special, and very dangerous mask had been taken from him, and that it needed to be retrieved in three days; the exact time when the fireworks celebration would take place for the festival of the moon... And the exact time when the world was said to end. I never made the connection at first, but that soon changed, when I ran into a masked child, who taunted me about the green-clad hero's destiny to save the world, or let it burn.

I found it odd, but I quickly asked around, and found out that it was said that a person wearing green clothing was to appear and save three four protector giant with a magic sword and instrument. I shook it off; however, when I got back to my apartment, I realized that the clothes I was wearing that day were indeed green, and noticed that my keyboard synthesizer somehow was still working, despite not having had batteries in it for months, and being unplugged. Starting to get creeped out, I showed one of my friends what was happening after I noticed it, and they gasped, and informed me, that I was apparently the hero of legend. Not fully understanding, I was directed to the nearby swamp, where I had to go into the ruins that had long been there, and fight through many monsters. Eventually, I freed a spirit that had been trapped there recently, and learned a new song from it, that was simply called the 'Oath to Order'.

Traveling back, I realized I had about 2 and a half days left to get this task done, so I ventured toward the mountains in the distance. I didn't realize it would be as time consuming as it was, but I journeyed on, and eventually reached a temple at the top of a snow-covered mountain, and once again fought through it, facing off against creatures I could previously only dream about. I wondered why things were suddenly appearing, but brushed it off for the moment, having freed a second spirit. I also found it strange how familiar this situation seemed, but moved forward, headed toward the nearby ocean next. At that point, I only had 1 and a half days left, so I quickly hurried, discovering a hidden shrine on my way, which contained a sword that even I could sense had strong magic powers in it. Disregarding that for the moment, I made my way through a segment cut off from the rest of the ocean, and eventually reached an enigmatic place in the middle of the ocean. I battled my way through that too, and found a third spirit, who filled me in on the rest of the legend.

Apparently I had been destined since ancient times; the so called 'end date' being a call to the hero of fate to step up and save the world, or watch it be destroyed. The mayans created a magic mask that eventually grew a personality of it's own. Fearing the great power of it, they sealed the mask away. They knew it wouldn't hold forever, so they 'predicted' the end of the world, which was in reality three days after the seal broke. Due to the child-like nature of the evil sentient mask, they figured that it would 'play' with the inhabitants of the world, by giving it a warning, which is why they placed the 'end of the world' after the breaking of the seal. To combat the power, however, they crafted special tools to repel or seal the evil once more; the Blade and Keyboard of Fate. In order to stop this moon, however, I must free the last spirit of the giants, they told me, and then play the Oath to Order.

Finding myself back in the city with only a day left, I quickly headed to the last place that there could be evil nearby; the graveyard. On the way, it all started to make sense to me: Why everything seemed so familiar, what the deal was with the legend of the Mayans, and why the masks were said to be magic. There was a game that was created to 'test' for potential Heroes of Fate, and to imprint in their memory the song that was necessary to either reset the chain of events, or the song to stop the events from ever occurring again. The Mayans weren't just predicting the end of the world; they were rather predicting when the evil they sealed would be able to wreak havok once more. And then destroy the world. Because obviously that would happen anyway. The masks were magic, especially the ones handed down through the generations. Not all masks in the world are magic, but I found out the ones crafted during the festival do get imbued with special power. I tracked down a good number of them in the previous days during the festival, however, I hadn't initially thought them to be useful.

Further questions, however, had to wait, as I arrived at the graveyard, and made my way into an ancient spiraling hole descending into the ground. After making my way through the depths, I defeated a large monster, and freed the last giant, who instructed me to find and retrieve the last masks I was missing, and then call them when the time was right. I didn't know when that was at first, however, as I went around the city, tracking down the last few masks and helping people out in the process, I realized the 'right time' was at midnight of the final day of the festival, when powers were said to be the strongest. At that point, I knew where to go, and after I found the last two masks, I took my collection, and headed to wait for the clock tower to open. As I headed there, I noticed people being told to evacuate; I guess they realized the grave nature of the situation. I can't let them down.


The clock struck midnight a few minutes ago, and now I am running up the stairs, finally caught up in my tale. I'm at the top now, and I'm looking around, but I don't see any... Wait; what's that? The child from three days ago? How is he hovering in the air? What the!? He's causing the moon to speed up it's course! The Keyboard... It's my only chance. I have to play it. I have to play the Oath to Order... Here goes nothing! I play the song... And nothing seems to happen at first; though the kid is freaking out. I then head rumbling sounds off in the distance, that aren't caused by the moon... But; is it really enough?! Wait... What's that sound? It's like the song is echoing... I listen closely, and then look over the side of the Clock Tower, and realize that people have not evacuated after all. They put that much faith in me, and are now echoing it in the melody that spread throughout the city and surrounding countryside... They are echoing the Oath to Order! Just as it seems all hope is lost, a glimmer of light shines through, and the four giants appear, just in time.

The giants push out against the falling moon quickly, barely managing to stop it in it's tracks. I stare in shock, not entirely able to believe that it's all over, however, the child seems to be going even crazier, mumbling stuff about how things don't end there, and then lowers to the ground, and collapses, as the mask levitates into air, and beams into the moon. I frown at that, not noticing a way up, however, the giants channel the energy that is not being used to stop the moon, into sending me into the heart of the moon itself... Here goes nothing.

What.. Is this place? It's not what I'd expect at all... A sprawling field, with a lone tree in the middle. I go to investigate, and find five red haired children, looking like the mysterious fellow from earlier. I talk to the children, and they request the masks I collected. I complied, and handed over all the masks, and then they disappear, forcing me to talk to the last child, who is wearing the evil mask. He hands me one final mask, saying he wants to play, and I accept the mask, and don it, even as the scenery warps, and the mask floats in the air, tentacles suddenly appearing from it's back.

I draw my sword, only to find it's become a dual helix styled sword. I gasp in shock, and look at my reflection. I... have become the legendary 'Fierce Deity', resembling his look right down to the last detail. I finally understand my role in all this, and I turn to the mask with a cold look. I dash forward, slashing out at the sentient mask, sending out beams of light in the process. The mask recoils, however, the remains; which the spirits of the giants were trapped in earlier; suddenly appear from seemingly within me, and take on semi-physical forms. I quickly destroy them, and continue to attack the mask, however, it quickly knocks me back, causing me to wince at the force of the attack, and then grows arms and legs.

The first thing it proceeds to do... Is moonwalk away from me. I just stare at it, and shake my head, and then go on the offensive, slashing out at it quickly, even as it whipped it's 'arm' out at me, slamming me into a nearby mirror. The mirror shatters, and I lay there face-down for a moment, however, the thought of all the people counting on me; believing in me... It gives me a reason to stand up. I slash out once more at the mask, and it seems to yell in pain, before transforming once more, into an even more humanoid form. It seems to be wanting me to give it my all... So that's exactly what I will do. This is for everyone in the world; I will not lose! I slash out at the monster with all my might, and every attack seems to fuel the next, dealing more and more damage. The last attack seems to fatally damage the mutated mask, and it roars in pain, slamming me back once more, this time, however... I can't hold on...

What happened next was told to me only by by-standers afterward... But, apparently the moon's 'face' disappeared, and went back into orbit. I appeared on the grass outside of town, still unconscious, with both the Fierce Deity Mask and the evil mask near me. The evil mask seemed relatively intact, aside from a slight discolouration where I had fatally wounded it. When I came to, I saw the child who caused all this trouble, trying to explain that he had just been lonely, and that the mask took over his thoughts after he first found it. The odd fellow that started this whole journey was also there, and thanked me for retrieving the mask, and then walked off. I made no effort to stop him, since the evil seemed to be stopped, and I was in no condition to even really move. I just wonder if that was enough, or if that was really all that happened... I seem to recall the mask saying something like 'thank you' as it was dying.


For the record, this is to be read as if the person has only three hearts. Makes the big fight much more suspenseful. =P

(Also, the ending sequence takes place at about 3-4 AM-ish. Earlier than when it would take place in Majora's Mask, simply because it's too early to do anything more without going over the time IRL. =P)[/hr]


New Laptop

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Computers, General Life, Writing Jul 15 2012 · 524 views

Alternative Title: Or Should I Say My Own Laptop.

So, got a laptop of my own last week. =D FInished setting it up Friday night, been using it to browse stuff since then.

It's rather convenient, even if it needs to be plugged in all the time. =) Looks like it can run Blender too, but there's still the whole 'I have no mouse for it' problem. Unless I can mimic the functions, but I don't know if I want to try. =P

Dang enter; it submitted the post on me. xD

I've also been writing a Pokemon-related story, however, I might hold off on posting it; at least until I get further in. =)


Another Story

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Pokemon, Writing, BZP, RPG Mar 09 2012 · 373 views

Alternative Titles: Though It Doesn't Seem Good That I Haven't Fully Finished A Story Yet.

Two titles say it all. =P Though, I'm still working on one story, so it's not fully abandoned, and likely never will be. =P

Regardless, that's not the point. Point is that I'll be creating an epic based off Rise Of The Rockets sometime soon. It will mostly be an expanded variant of what's going on over in Unova in the RPG, along with adding some background info on the reasoning behind the situation. However, aside from name dropping of the faction Team Liberty, I won't involve any characters that were made by others, except as potential cameos. I don't want to accidentally get anything wrong. =P So, in that way, it'll be a retelling. =P

I might get the first chapter up sometime next weekend, potentially even sooner if I can get it written well enough on my 3DS =P ... But, then again, with no tabs and pasting, I need a computer to actually post it...


Destiny Of A Hero Tidbit Of The Day

Posted by Blessed Blade , in BZP, Computers, Creativity, General Life, Internet, RPG, The Terakou Files, Writing Jul 20 2010 · 426 views
Destiny of a Hero
Well; I figure since I've given the blog readers sneak peaks at stuff before, I may as well now. =P

I might do a daily thing of sorts; but for now; the biggest thing...

Destiny of a Hero, when I actually get an RPG up and retooled, or when I finish the epic... Well, it'll be 12 chapters long, not including the prologue. And that's not including the different split ups of the chapters so it's not all at once. =P

/EDIT: Whoops; forgot a category. >>;


Um Oops?

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Bleach, BZP, General Life, Music, Writing Feb 19 2009 · 622 views
I forgot 'bout the blog. Again.

Also, I got the second chappie done of Curse of Destiny a while back, but then... forgot to write more. Also, I'll debut it in March, also possibly writing new chapters if I don't get them all done now >_>''

Bleach went to it's fourth opening the other day, and it's awesome Posted Image

/EDIT: Whoops, forgot category >_>



Posted by Blessed Blade , in Bleach, Creativity, Gaming, Writing Feb 08 2009 · 434 views
*Makes note to make a writing category* Done =P

Ok, so, I've decided to give writing a try again, since my last few efforts ended with the stuff dying. Ok, so I've decided to write it all first. Currently, I've got the two I've already mentioned(I might post that forum blog-exclusive one in COT too. Once I start writing it =P), the first being that blog exclusive I mentioned, which I'm keeping the title secret for right now, and the second being The Awakening. Now, I've got a third. I've decided to call it "Curse of Destiny". It's gonna be a little different, and is something definitely going in COT. It's got a very interesting premise if I should say so myself, and I've got the first chapter somewhat done(Had to split the original first chapter into two, because it was very big. Haven't started writing on the second chapter though), and might put it up by next week's end. So, I've got writing on three things to do. Joy. xP

Anyway... I've completed Parts A, C, and D of Bleach: Dark Souls, and have beaten arcade mode with most of the chars. Part B, and a few of the remaining chars will be hard to do, because some of those are the Joke Chars, and at least two of the challenges in Part B are tough(Heal three Shinigami with almost 0 HP with Hanatarou. Yeah, that's easier said than done, especially on Normal and Hard, seeing how long he takes to finish his healing moves and the fact the Shinigami run around a lot, and the range healing move doesn't heal much...). So, that's gonna be tough to finish completely =P But, seeing as I actually beat the Line Jumping challenge, I took out a very tough part, and figure if I I use Stop Timer cards for the Hanatarou thing, I may beat that, but I haven't tested it yet. Oh, and I haven't really touched on Time Attack or Survival Modes yet, so that'll have to be done too...


Destiny Of A Hero -- TIM Sneak Peek

Posted by Blessed Blade , in BZP, Computers, Creativity, Internet, The Terakou Files, Writing Nov 03 2008 · 641 views
Destiny of a Hero
As Kaze stepped through the portal, he had a feeling something was wrong. Everyone who was from the right dimension had quickly followed him, but seconds later Kaze found out why he felt something was wrong, as an explosion rocked the portal that was sending the group back to their true dimension. As a side-effect of the explosion, too, Kaze lost consciousness. When he awoke, he found himself lying on his back in the middle of no-where.
Why does everything have to happen in the middle of nowhere? Kaze thought, as he sat up and rubbed his head to look around. He found himself feet away from what looked to him to be a warehouse, and also saw that there was grass all around, along with sand.
Great. From a place that's totally cold to a desert. Just great. Kaze thought with a sigh, as he got up, and saw three people running from the warehouse.
"There he is! One of those Ki-shooting freaks that Neo told us about!" The one in the middle yelled out, as they pulled out Chaos Hunter standard Laser guns.
Well this definitely is my right dimension, the Chaos Hunters aren't on our side. But, how'd they know it was me? Kaze thought, as he grabbed the chainblade off his back and got into a battle stance. Kaze thought about using his Armour, but shrugged off that thought as they were just grunts, and nothing to use it against. Kaze ran at the three Hunters, and slashed at them, who jumped back and let off some shots, which Kaze leaned back to try and dodge, and sent two Ki blasts at the left and right Hunters, knocking out the one of the right and injuring the one of the left, though he just kept shooting at Kaze. Kaze decided to run at the remaining two Chaos Hunters, and slashed twice at the two, each hit with the flat side of the sword, and knocked them back, and unconscious.
"Whew, that was hard..." Kaze said to himself, as he saw someone else walk up and draw a sword.
"Blade Hikari I presume?" The new guy asked, and Kaze got into a battle position again.
"What's it to you if I am?" Kaze asked, and the guy smirked.
"If you are... You're going to die before my hands."


Destiny Of A Hero - Idh Sneak Peak

Posted by Blessed Blade , in BZP, Creativity, Internet, The Terakou Files, Writing Jul 21 2008 · 621 views
Destiny of a Hero
I'll let you wonder what the initials stand for, and no, no revealing what it means if you know it Posted Image Common courtesy, PM me with the guesses... I'll let you know if you're right Posted Image

"OOF!" Kaze yelled out, landing in soft snow. The 13-year old boy stood up, and looked around. The surrounding area was full of the white snow, which confused him, seeing as just a little while ago, it was the middle of July. Kaze shook his head, and stood up, almost reaching the top of the not ruined fence because of the snow. Kaze walked around, the Armour's metal covering him from the cold snow that reached up to almost his knees. Kaze put the sword that was in his hands back on his back, and walked to the backyard, where he was met with a puzzling sight; an almost pristine condition back-yard.
"What is going on here...?" He thought, with a confused look on his face, as he backed up, and tumbled down a snow bank into the neighbouring house's back yard. The snow seemed to be lower than the other back-yard's, but there was a snow pile reaching up to bridge the height difference between the two properties, though that was almost all the snow. Still puzzled at the conditions, Kaze walked towards the exit to the current back-yard, and when he got through it, he saw a girl, who walked over to him, and smiled.
"Hello, who are you?" The girl said, and though Kaze thought he remembered her from somewhere, he couldn't remember from where...

Ok, that's the end of that... Time to speculate on what's going there Posted Image Remember, if you have the answer, keep it to yourself please Posted Image

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