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Trainer in a Faraway Place


Kid Icarus Tournament Sign-Up

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Nintendo, Kid Icarus, Gaming, BZP May 08 2012 · 2,129 views

Let's use this as the tournament's registration place and such; if you wish to join the tournament, just put a comment here.

Here's the deal. There will be two tournaments, both taking place at an undetermined time, but the Light versus Dark tournament happening to kick off the events.

I'm hoping for the LvD tournament to start next weekend or so, but it all depends on the schedules of who joins and such. In addition, for the LvD tournament, you will be assigned a certain team, Light, or Dark. If we have more than six players, there could be two brackets, with the winning team of one bracket going on to face the winning team of the opposite bracket.

If you guys have any questions, feel free to post them in the entry. =)

LvD Tournament:

Bracket 1:

1. Blade
2. Vorex
3. Pyrrhon
4. Ddude
5. Terminus
6. Blank0000

Bracket 2:
7. PowerMiner
8. Sithblade7
9. Alku/Hades
10. Kinali
11. Kohaku
12. Thanatos the Hamazing

Wildcard: JiMing

*Accepting two other members until Tournament starts*

FFA Tournament:

1. Blade
2. Vorex
3. Pyrrhon
4. Ddude
5. Alku/Hades
6. Kohaku
7. PowerMiner
8. Terminus
9. Sithblade7
10. Blank0000
11. Thanatos the Hamazing
12. JiMing
*Entry closed due to having 12 members


Name Change

Posted by Blessed Blade , in BZP, Kid Icarus May 07 2012 · 919 views

Alternative Titles: What Happened?

So, decided yesterday that Pit was just too awesome to not have a member appearing as him, so Blade just got Finished, and spawned as the Angel. =P

Also, just was messing around with the whole future entry bumping stuff(Just to see what the options were like), and while it semi-worked for the tournament entry, it caused my blog to vanish. 0_o If you guys can't see the entry in question, just say so here, and I'll try to get it working again...


Kid Icarus: Uprising

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Kid Icarus, Gaming, Nintendo May 04 2012 · 1,668 views

Alternative Titles: This Is A Must Play Game.

Okay, gonna start this entry with this... G-FOOOOOORE IN MY FAAAAAAAAAAAACE!!

... Okay, joking aside, I'm gonna start off by saying this game is amazing, and if you don't have it, but have a 3DS, pick this up as soon as you can; because it is one of the best games I've played.(Still think Tales of the Abyss is slightly better, but the multiplayer gives this a lot of replay value. =D)

The controls might take a little of getting used to, but eventually, it's one of the simplest control schemes I've ever used. I'd say it's better than Dual Analogs, and even rivals the Motion Controls from Goldeneye.

Multiplayer is amazing as well, though it's like everyone took a level in strength today, since I kept getting owned by Club users. But it can't really get 'broken', since there's a counter for everything. ... Well, everything except the Daybreaker, but if you let someone get all three pieces, that's your problem. =P But, that said, if you let someone get it, you'd better hope you're not the Angel in Light vs. Dark, or that the Angel isn't anywhere near you, as you're not dodging that attack, unless you're really lucky, and the opponent badly misses. =P

And the storyline... Oh man, the storyline. I was honestly very surprised; I was expecting a very good storyline from what people were saying... I was wrong. It was and awesome, and very funny too, storyline! The sheer number of references is awesome, and I liked how it was able to poke fun at so many things. =P I won't spoil anything, though, since it's too hamazing to be spoiled.

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Name: Chloe Anna
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Unova Dex: Not Yet Started -- Black
Unova Dex, National Mode: Not Yet Started -- Black 2

Kalos Dex: Not Yet Started -- ???
Hoenn Dex, National Mode: 721/721 - Main File/Alpha Sapphire

Alola Dex: 301/301 - Main File/Moon