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Trainer in a Faraway Place


Random Blender Render

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Blender, Computers, Creativity Nov 20 2012 · 667 views
Alternative Titles: I'm Back Baby!, Never Quoting Austin Powers Again For A While I Promise


So; I stopped blogging for a while. My bad. ^^' I haven't really been doing much of note lately... I also haven't really been doing THAT much with Blender; mostly just trying to get proportions right for stuff like humanoid creations. My past two attempts haven't really done that great. This is more of a test, and is a more chibi look than there should be; however, I rather like the look of it. So, without further ado, I introduce what I call 'Cube Man Zero', as per my save file's name. =P

Cube Man Zero, Fight, for everlasting peace!

Okay, okay, so it looks pretty barren. That's partially because it'll be a simply test for things like animation and such. Though, if it works well enough to be modified and updated in terms of design, then I'll probably use it over some of my more complex design tests that haven't gone very far. =P

So yeah, it's not SUPPOSED to be truly complex or anything, but I think it's good for a test model, and I wanted to show it off, since, well, I haven't exactly updated anything recently. =P


Master Sword Render

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Blender, Computers, Gaming, Zelda Oct 22 2012 · 782 views

Alternative Titles: It's About Time.


Well, it's kinda been completed for a few months, but, well, I haven't had a chance to really get a screenshot. The textures aren't all on, and probably won't be for a while, but it works rather well as it is. =)

Link to rendered image.

I need to scale it down, if I ever use that for a test sword model, it outscales the rest of my test models by a Longshot. ... Which gives me an idea for a possible object to make next, if I continue a Zelda pattern. =P

If you guys want, of course, you can give me requests for stuff to make. =D Speaking of which, I need to work on that tea cup that Alex had suggested a while back; I got distracted by the Game Engine stuff. xD


Blender - Laptop Edition

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Blender, Creativity, Gaming Jul 21 2012 · 497 views

Alternative Titles: Oh No - He's Addicted To Blender Again.

Decided to install Blender, see if it works on my laptop.

It does. >=D Therefore, despite me now having my uber powerful computer(... Compared to this laptop, at least; 2 gig RAM and such isn't truly 'uber powerful', no matter how much faster it is than my old computer. =P), I can still work on creating 3D Models! =D

And yes, I'm using it without a mouse. Scrolling isn't as easy(Since it only updates the view AFTER you remove your finger from the scrollpad), and moving the view might get annoying since Shift is a ways away from the click buttons; but to rotate the view around the model, it's easier than you think. Since it has the dual click 'middle mouse button' set up. =)

Now, I need to think of what to make next... Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?


Master Sword Part 4/this Past Week

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Blender, BZP, Creativity, Gaming, General Life, Zelda Jul 07 2012 · 602 views

Alternative Titles: No - There's No Three - Don't Ask.

That's all one title, I separate alternate titles with commas. =P

So; dual entry!

First of all, remember the master Sword I was creating? Well, I more or less finished it! The only problem is; I don't know how to texture it that well(Especially with the Gnu Image Manipulation Program deciding to not handle PNGs anymore.), nor do I know how to take pictures of stuff that's been created. >>' That's really the only reason I haven't put up even an untextured version of the model yet. =/

Second... Well... This week hasn't been that great. Something happened a few days ago; which is the reason I was offline for the past two days, as otherwise I likely would've been annoyed for seemingly no reason.(Along with the fact that my computer wasn't plugged in until today. =P)

Though, yesterday was also due to my tooth starting to hurt a little, because of it seemingly finally appearing, after being blocked by my wisdom teeth until last year. However... All I could think at first was, 'What's with my teeth and the summer!?', because it was a year last month that I had my wisdom teeth out. =P


Master Sword Part Two

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Blender, Creativity, Gaming, Zelda Jun 20 2012 · 461 views

Alternative Titles: Now What Would This Be Called... The Unconnected Master Sword?

So; finished the second piece of the Master Sword last night; now I have the handle and the blade done(Though I notice the blade still needs some more work. Ah well, can't get everything perfect until it's all finished anyway. =P); still no textures, though to make the parts look better, I put some materials on the objects; purple colouring for the handle and hilt, and a silver....ish... colouring for the blade, with a little mirroring for the moment, so it looks like it's made of metal.

Of course, since I'm only working on the hilt now(This oughta be fun...), I only have a handle and blade, both of which are unconnected, though it's really beginning to resemble the Master Sword. But, since it doesn't have the pattern on the blade yet, I'm half tempted to make two hilts; one unpowered, and one true form. =P

Also, I asked the question on my status update yesterday, but for the engraving on the blade, and the gem; are they visible from both sides of the sword, or just one side? It's important to when I go to texture everything. =/(Have no real clue how I'll get the engraving on the blade aside from cheating and making a separate object for that. =P Gem should be easy, though it'd be a similar situation.)


Master Sword

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Blender, Creativity, Gaming, Zelda Jun 19 2012 · 417 views

Alternative Titles: This One Wasn't Forged By The Goddesses - That's Okay Right?

So, yesterday's Blender project... Creating the Master Sword. Yes, I just said creating the Master Sword. The Sword of Evil's Bane.

It's an ambitious project, I'll admit; I spent a good few hours last night on it(Between researching, and actually pulling it off, I pretty much spent the entire day on it, but more prominently since about 6 or 7 last night, for 3 or 4 hours after that), and I haven't even gotten to the handle or hilt yet...

But, since I pretty much completed everything I needed for the blade except reassessing the scale and other stuff, that'll be today. =P

I'm using the Skyward Sword version as a base, since it's more detailed, though OoT3D's version of the Master Sword was my initial guide, if only because that's the only 3D model of it I have on-hand...

Making the hilt should be fun, though. =P


Blender Take Two

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Creativity, Blender, Gaming Jun 18 2012 · 610 views

Alternative Titles: I Found My Calling Finally

No, not The Calling, I found out about them a while ago. :rolleyes:

Anyway, was working on Blender yesterday. Seems pretty good. =D I didn't really do much, though I made an untextured version of the Refractors from Megaman Legends, and messed around with the Game Engine stuff. Which is awesome.

Though, I noted 'untextured' for a reason. I was trying to get the thing to be textured for a good portion of yesterday, but it just won't get textured for me. D=


3D Modeling

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Blender, Computers, General Life, Internet, Music Apr 16 2012 · 648 views

Alternative titles: Ideas For The Future

So, to get ideas for what might happen eventually, when I get rid of my fail computer, I thought about what I want to try out.

I've already tried The GIMP, it's only my laziness that's stopped me from using it more lately.

I know I like gaming, and want to try for that, alongside something computer related, job-wise.

I like music, so being able to edit it might be an idea.

... So, I decided that when I upgrade my computer, in addition to The GIMP and my other typical stuff, I'm gonna try and get Blender and Audacity. =) Have no clue when that'll happen; but it should be intriguing.(Hint: I currently have no clue how I'll do well at creating 3D models. At all. =P) I'm willing to give it a try, though. Really, one I get something that can support 3D graphics, I can work from there. Shouldn't really matter exactly how new it is, as long as it can support that. =P

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