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Zero Blade


Sonic The Hedgehog

Posted by Jotaro Kujo , in Sonic The Hedgehog, Super Smash Bros., 3DS, Gaming, General Life, Megaman, Nintendo Nov 29 2012 · 273 views
New, Format
[You're Too Slow!]

I'm gonna try a new format for my alternate titles, just to mention. Hopefully nothing eventually corresponds to an actual tag. ^^'

Anyway... So, one reason I've been off more than normal the last few days, is because of Sonic, specifically Sonic Generations, since I got that a few days ago.

Second reason, but more so why I haven't been on at night sometimes, would be Megaman 2. I CAN in fact defeat Airman, so take that as you will. It was on Difficult, and without the Leaf Shield. Put Item 2 to use, as well. =P

Third reason? I finally got Super Smash Bros. Brawl working again! Which means I can once again spend time to try to get 50-100 hours in multiplayer only, with no-one to crush fight against except the Bots. =P They really didn't make that easy to do, since Classic Mode, All Star Mode, Boss Battles, Subspace, and even WI-FI of all things doesn't work for that goal. ._.; Ah well; nearly to 20 hours as it is, then I'll just need 10 more.

That said, I'm nearly to the end of the unlocks, which saddens me. =( I want to eventually play through again, but I'm not sure how... Might be with the Wii U, but there's no way I'll be getting that any time soon, and without the Gamecube Controllers, I can't play Brawl as it should be played(No Classic Controllers unfortunately. I really need to get one, yes, but...), and I can't play my Virtual Console games, period, except for the handful of NES games I have, so I won't be transferring my data likely.

If I'm lucky, I'll be able to get a Classic Controller Pro soon enough, but since I just got two new Gamecube Controllers, there's no rush, except for Monster Hunter Tri. So yeah. =P

Back to Sonic, though, playing Generations has really gotten me back into a Sonic mood. I'm wanting to find a Sonic avatar now, and finish the games I have once again. Yes, I may have forgotten to mention it in the past, but I'm a Sonic fan. =P Just not once of those crazy ones that seem to be everywhere nowadays. xD


Pokemon Black And White Random

Posted by Jotaro Kujo , in Nintendo, Internet, Gaming, 3DS, Pokemon Jul 25 2012 · 235 views

No Alternative Titles


Can't type up the entry and that quick enough.

Awesome match; I made someone DC. =P Basically, I used my annoyance inducing Swampert to scout the team, take out his Dragonite, and then toy with him after that. After my Outrage crushed him, he DCed. =P

Lemme explain further.

I sent out my Swampert as lead; set up Stealth Rock and roared him away as he kept hitting me for miniscule damage. He first had his Milotic dragged out, then his Blitzle, which is exactly what I wanted to see, after having noticed it in Team Preview. He switched, but my EQuake still did damage to his Vigoroth, which once again thought it could take me with Strength. I roar again, and groan as the Milotic's dragged out. It wipes me out rather quickly.

So, I send in my Gallade. Toxic and Protect alternations allow me to predict what he'll do(Yay, predictions that are actually right! =D), though I kinda wish I had've pulled off two Bulk Ups before my Close Combat, since he succeeded with Protect twice. I outsped him when he tried to attack, one down.

Blitzle's back out, I go to Close Combat it, the Blitzle faints me since I was getting low on health. That's fine, I send out Garchomp, one EQuake faints it. He sends out his already damaged Vigoroth, I choose 'Outrage', it may have gotten to the animation, 'Communication Error'.

The only real regret I have is that I couldn't save the video of it. =P It was hilarious. xD

Spore battle just now: 15-28749-74313


Hey Canada

Posted by Jotaro Kujo , in 3DS, Computers, Gaming, General Life, Internet, Nintendo May 30 2012 · 259 views

Alternative Titles: We Need A Reblog Button.

Hey. Canadian 3DS users. Take your 3DS places; you might *gasp* get streetpasses!

Also, while you're add it, turn on the dang streetpass plaza's streetpass functions. I got two tags; both only for MK7, which, while that's cool and all, it doesn't help me with puzzles or Streetpass Quest(Using the EU name since that's cooler, admittedly.)...

Basically, use the system as it's meant to be used. You'd think bringing the system to a zoo of all places would get around 10 or so, if not more, at the very least... =/


Before I Forget

Posted by Jotaro Kujo , in 3DS, Gaming, Internet, Megaman Oct 14 2011 · 151 views

Other Titles: Capcom!, The Moon Is Not Enough, Trigger Must Be Getting Lonely, The Megaman On The Moon Will Stay There Much Longer, When A Legend Dies Another Is Born - Just Not Any Time Soon

Yeah... This is more of a ranting entry, just to warn you guys. =P

So. July 18th, I believe, of this year. Not a good day for Megaman fans, not at all. I mean, we had two games announced the year before, 3 if you really wanna count Rockman Online. However, Universe had been canceled about 4 months prior; but we still had Legends 3, right? Right?

Eh, not really. Capcom apparently didn't think that there was enough people who wanted it, so, guess what, they canceled both it and the 'prototype' that was going to be sold on the Nintendo E-Shop. The rage that resulted certainly got word out, I believe, and many people showed their support to try and show Capcom that they were in the wrong this time... Any of it work yet? Nope. Nothing's worked, even though two developers(Including Keiji himself) wanting to make the game, and a massive campaign by the fans.

But, really, I do not get Capcom's logic at all. I would've understood if it had some game breaking bug.(From the one person who got to play the prototype outside of Capcom's own media people; that was not the case) I would've understood if there had've been other reasons, like the 'reasons' for Legends 1 and 2 not getting released.

But they initially claimed lack of fan input(And to be honest, we haven't heard any better reasons. =P), when they themselves said that participation in the Dev Room was not needed. And if they had've actually kept it going, they could have dominated the E-Shop; given that there's still almost no e-Shop exclusive games.(There's that Golf game, and the VC stuff, but that's it.) And if they had've stuck to their original plan of using the Prototype as a gauge of fan input, then we might have actually gotten the game, instead of a cancellation notice.

Oh yes, and that's the other thing. They claimed that the Prototype Version's popularity would dictate whether or not the game would get released. The prototype was never even released; so how do they know whether or not the game would have been popular? And after all the commotion that happened immediately following the cancellation, you'd think that Capcom would've realized, "Hey, wait, we made a mistake"... But nope. They're just putting out the games that they were planning on releasing... Well... Minus any Megaman games, of course.


I Have A 3DS Now

Posted by Jotaro Kujo , in 3DS, Gaming, Internet, Nintendo Oct 13 2011 · 94 views

Other Title: Loading & Posting Is Slooooow

Add-on title: It's A 3DS. I Have A 3DS Now. 3DS's Are Cool!

So, yeah, got a 3DS over the downtime. In fact, I'm using it to post now. And typing is slow, but not too slow. Mostly it's the loading that is hard to handle. So if I'm slower to post, that's likely the reason. =p

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