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Trainer in a Faraway Place


I Have A New Name Now

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Bleach, BZP, Computers, Internet, Random Oct 15 2011 · 438 views

Other titles: Oh No Another One?, This Guy Has Too Many Names, So I See You Change Your Name A Lot, Sir Changes His Name Too Much

So, yeah, not much to say here. I was contemplating a couple, but well... I just kept returning to this one; and it fits my new avvie, so... I have yet another Bleach-related name. =P

I might also make up a blog entry of the different features I'm discovering about the board, like the fact that you can reply to comments and the fact that a PM conversation, well, only counts as one conversation. =)

Overall, though, not that long of an entry this time; but I'll likely have another sometime today about something or another. =P


Um Oops?

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Bleach, BZP, General Life, Music, Writing Feb 19 2009 · 612 views
I forgot 'bout the blog. Again.

Also, I got the second chappie done of Curse of Destiny a while back, but then... forgot to write more. Also, I'll debut it in March, also possibly writing new chapters if I don't get them all done now >_>''

Bleach went to it's fourth opening the other day, and it's awesome Posted Image

/EDIT: Whoops, forgot category >_>



Posted by Blessed Blade , in Bleach, Creativity, Gaming, Writing Feb 08 2009 · 431 views
*Makes note to make a writing category* Done =P

Ok, so, I've decided to give writing a try again, since my last few efforts ended with the stuff dying. Ok, so I've decided to write it all first. Currently, I've got the two I've already mentioned(I might post that forum blog-exclusive one in COT too. Once I start writing it =P), the first being that blog exclusive I mentioned, which I'm keeping the title secret for right now, and the second being The Awakening. Now, I've got a third. I've decided to call it "Curse of Destiny". It's gonna be a little different, and is something definitely going in COT. It's got a very interesting premise if I should say so myself, and I've got the first chapter somewhat done(Had to split the original first chapter into two, because it was very big. Haven't started writing on the second chapter though), and might put it up by next week's end. So, I've got writing on three things to do. Joy. xP

Anyway... I've completed Parts A, C, and D of Bleach: Dark Souls, and have beaten arcade mode with most of the chars. Part B, and a few of the remaining chars will be hard to do, because some of those are the Joke Chars, and at least two of the challenges in Part B are tough(Heal three Shinigami with almost 0 HP with Hanatarou. Yeah, that's easier said than done, especially on Normal and Hard, seeing how long he takes to finish his healing moves and the fact the Shinigami run around a lot, and the range healing move doesn't heal much...). So, that's gonna be tough to finish completely =P But, seeing as I actually beat the Line Jumping challenge, I took out a very tough part, and figure if I I use Stop Timer cards for the Hanatarou thing, I may beat that, but I haven't tested it yet. Oh, and I haven't really touched on Time Attack or Survival Modes yet, so that'll have to be done too...


New Blog Title

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Bleach, BZP, Computers, General Life, Videos Feb 04 2009 · 742 views
Well... The OmegaBlog one won.

But, I think I might do a Bleach-related one next month.

Speaking of Bleach, I've been watching Memories of Nobody a lot lately, and I think it's a very good movie Posted Image


Obligatory Bleach Entry

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Bleach, Anime, General Life Nov 04 2008 · 417 views
Well hey, why have a category when you can't use it?

So, the Bount arc just started over here in Canada, it looks interesting, but I'm just gonna not say anything in case people ha- Oh wait...


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