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Zero Blade


Monster Hunter Tri Entry 5: Alatreon

Posted by An/A Blade , in Gaming, Internet, Monster Hunter, Nintendo Feb 21 2011 · 83 views

Yes; Alatreon. So; I fight him just now; with a party of four. Not even two minutes in; it's down to just me, against the huge dragon. My reaction: ._.;

The thing is; it all happened because one person died early on; and it wasn't even me! I forgot Cool Drinks, however, as I didn't know the battle was fought in a volcano. So this person dies, everyone's going 'uh-oh'; and as I finally get my bearings, everyone abandons the quest in like two seconds. Now, like any self respecting Hunter, I continued on. =P ... But I finally got owned by the wyvern approximately two minutes later. Twice. >_>; But hey; I never really expected to win, by myself at least. But still; these people were like HR 90 or so; and they just abandoned. Whereas I never even got killed until they abandoned. Funny, that. =P

/addendum: Second group was better. We simply got owned without abandons. =P

Now then, Status update.

HR 47(High Rank)
Equipment: (Armour, Charm) Same as earlier.
(Weapon) Reaver "Cruelty" Longsword, Thunderclap+ Longsword, Wyvern Blade "Flare" Longsword.

Awards: All from before
Bionomical Report(Capture lots of Pocket Monsters.)


Monster Hunter Tri Entry 4: Monsters Everywhere For Everyone

Posted by An/A Blade , in Gaming, Internet, Monster Hunter, Nintendo Feb 21 2011 · 104 views
Monster Hunter
So; as I said a couple days ago, the next entry, this one, is of my Monster list as it current is. First; however; a list of terms:
(G) = Gold Crown
(S) = Silver Crown

Also; there won't be any status updates this entry, I don't want to overload the entry. =P

-=Great Jaggi=-
Slain 48, Captured 2
Longest: 1167.9 cm (G)
Shortest: 850.2 cm
Titles: 2
Total: 50

-=Great Baggi=-
Slain 8, Captured 3
Longest: 1426.5 cm (S)
Shortest: 1038.4 cm
Total: 11

Slain 12, Captured 6
Longest: 1603.6 cm
Shortest: 1308.2 cm
Total: 18

Slain 4, Captured 3
Longest: 2403.8 cm (S)
Shortest: 1985.8 cm
Total: 7

Slain 10, Captured 9
Longest: 1076.7 cm (G)
Shortest: 807.5 cm
Total: 19

Slain 14, Captured 8
Longest: 1885.2 cm
Shortest: 1537.9 cm
Titles: 1
Total: 22

Slain 10, Captured 7
Longest: 2074.8 cm (S)
Shortest: 1526.1 cm (G)
Total: 17

Slain 3, Captured 1
Longest: 2164.8 cm
Shortest: 1940.2 cm
Total: 4

Slain 6, Captured 9
Longest: 1223.0 cm (S)
Shortest: 982.8 cm (G)
Total: 15

Slain 3, Captured 9
Longest: 2095.0 cm (S)
Shortest: 1657.7 cm (G)
Total: 12

-=Royal Ludroth=-
Slain 31, Captured 10
Longest: 1807.9 cm (S)
Shortest: 1406.1 cm
Titles: 1
Total: 41

Slain 14, Captured 2
Longest: 2844.8 cm (G)
Shortest: 1801.7 cm
Total: 16

Slain 15, Captured 9
Longest: 3045.8 cm (S)
Shortest: 2463.1 cm
Titles: 1
Total: 24

Slain 0, Captured 1
Longest/Shortest: 3067.6 cm
Total: 1

Slain: 1

Slain 0, Captured 5
Longest: 2458.7 cm (S)
Shortest: 2089.9 cm
Total: 5

-=Jhen Mohran=-
Slain: 3


Monster Hunter Tri Entry 3: The Tri Factor

Posted by An/A Blade , in Gaming, Internet, Monster Hunter, Nintendo Feb 19 2011 · 98 views
Monster Hunter
Two entries in a day? *Gasp*

Alright. So. First of all, next entry, whenever I make that, I'll list the different types of monsters I've slayed, how many, and the sizes of each.

So, first things first. Why, do people on recruiting servers, sometimes join up to do quests other than what's listed? Like, the city's a Lagi city, but people want to do Rathalos. It doesn't make much sense. Or; even better; the person joins the Lagi city, and they're only HR 32 or something. High Rank Lagiacrus is 40+. Sure, you help the person, but it take away from Lagi fighting. =/

Second, more a note, and something I noticed about myself. I had horrible trouble with LR and Offline Barioth. Yet, I get on the first HR Barioth quest I find; and win easily. And then proceed to do it again one or two more times. It makes no sense. 0_o Yet I can't destroy a Diablos. Posted Image

Third, something that's just... weird. An observant eye will note that the Ala longsword has inherent Dragon properties; right? Well the Ala armour set has... Awakening. Yet Awakening's useless on the longsword, since it already has an element. 0_o But what's even weirder; is the Jho Longsword needs Awakening for it's Dragon Element. What did Capcom do; accidentally switch Jho and Ala's armour set properties? 0_o It would make more sense to have Awakening on the Jho set, since it can be used without mixing weapons, though everyone does that anyway. Posted Image

Status Update:

HR 42(High Rank)

Equipment and Awards unchanged.


Monster Hunter Tri Entry 2: Of Jho Captures And Hunter Ranks

Posted by An/A Blade , in Gaming, Internet, Monster Hunter, Nintendo Feb 19 2011 · 101 views
Monster Hunter
... Dangit, now I'll need to get a new category for this. >_>

So, anyway. I'm really liking that new Jho Capture mission. Why? Because I've already captured him approximately five times. Got the first form of his Longsword, which is awesome, even if it needs Awakening to actually get it's Dragon Element.

The next thing, is that I just got to HR 40 last night. I've been authorized to embark on 5* Missions!

That means that all I have to do is get to HR 45 or 46 in the next little while, and I'll be able to get every single High Rank item in one way or another; barring those stupid Conqueror's Seals. >_> I do need to own HR Lagi a few times though; getting either Lagi + Armour, or just plain upgrading my Lagi armour is a very good idea to do... And it means I get a head start on upgrading my Helios Armour once I start getting those Seals.

Also; I'm not good at all against Diablos +. Found that out last night. =P

Updated Stats:

HR 40(High Rank)
Equipment: (Armour)Rathian Helm(Upgraded)
Rathian Mail(Upgraded)
Rathian+ Gauntlet(I don't remember the exact name)
Helios Coil(Ceadeus item, not upgraded)
Rathian Greaves(Upgraded)
(Charm)Perception+8, Pellet S -10 Talisman(For Cap Guru)
(Weapon)Reaver "Cruelty" Longsword, Thunderclap+ Longsword, or Wyvern Blade "Fire" Longsword

Awards: Chief's Garb(Complete 1-3* quests)
Tidal Necklace(Defeat Lagiacrus)
Gem of the Depths(Defeat Ceadeus)
Scroll of the Sage(Complete over 10(?) pages of combination list)
Farm Certificate(Max out Farm)

Copper Medal(Complete 1-3* online quests)
Jhen Crystal(Defeat Jhen Mohran)


Monster Hunter Tri

Posted by An/A Blade , in Monster Hunter, Gaming, Internet, Pokemon Feb 15 2011 · 109 views
Monster Hunter
So; I just got Tri, again. Have I ever mentioned it's awesome?

Here are my stats:

HR 34(High Rank)

Equipment: Lagi Set(Complete)
Fire Res+9 Talisman
Thunderclap Longsword

Awards: Chief's Garb(Complete 1-3* quests)
Tidal Necklace(Defeat Lagiacrus)
Gem of the Depths(Defeat Ceadeus)
Scroll of the Sage(Complete over 10(?) pages of combination list)
Farm Certificate(Max out Farm)

Copper Medal(Complete 1-3* online quests)
Jhen Crystal(Defeat Jhen Mohran)

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