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    In the past, before the upgrades and the downtime, reporting things in the blogs was a complicated mess of PMing BlogAlert, linking the content, describing the broken rules, and hoping someone read the BlogAlert account in a timely manner.


    NO MORE!


    The "REPORT" buttons on comments and entries DO WORK. Before the downtine, they did not. Now they do! Hurray!


    So, in short, if you have something to report, click that button, describe the offense, and a blog staff member will receive the report and an automatic link the the offending content. (Please do not use this to report signatures)


    This is much easier on us, on you, the general populace, and also on kittens everywhere.


    -The Blog Staff

  2. So I have been gone from BZP for a few years now, up until last week. There haven't been too many changes in my life in that time, but I figured I post about some things that have happened in my absence.

    1. I'm still working at my job at my local amusement park. Thanks to my position there, I spent A LOT of time working. In fact, the biggest break I got from it was when the pandemic hit the world. I went six weeks without working at all. In a way, it was kind of a nice break. But in the last month things have slowly been opening back up, so I have been going back to work because of it. (Fun fact, I was going to type this up a couple days ago but my schedule changed to where I got to work back to back doubles, so I had to move it to today.)

    2. I'm still playing Pokemon GO. It's one of the main reasons I go out on walks, because I wouldn't walk without it TBH. :P I have almost everyone Pokemon released in that game up to the posting of this entry. I also have various shiny Pokemon and ones with 100% IVs. There is a big group of players in my local area, which definitely helps with taking down raid bosses. Even though it does have glitches from time to time, I still really enjoy the game.

    3. I have an Nintendo Switch, with online access and all that. I'm picky when it comes to the games I get for it, but I've gotten some good one IMO. They are The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Odyssey, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Pokemon Sword, and the newly released Bioshock Collection. I've spent many hours playing all these games, with the exception of the Bioshock games because I literally got it at the day I'm posting this. I've also spend time on Tetris 99 and the games from the SNES online deal. I'm definitely glad I got my Switch.

    4. I haven't really written or typed any stories since I've been away. My job and other hobbies have really taken up my time, along with other responsibilities in my life. I don't know if my returning to BZP will spark that urge in me to write. I admit my knowledge of Bionicle lore has left me to an extent because I have been away, and I'm not the writer that I used to be. But I guess time will tell on that.


    That's about it. I admit it's nothing too exciting, but it is what it is. And it feels good to be back. B-)


  3. Can we just take a moment to appreciate the fact that 2005 was the only year we got 14 canister sets instead of just 12? While we've gotten canister-sized sets on more than one occasion throughout the years, we never actually got bonus canister sets outside of the Toa Hagah, and that is super special when you think about it.

    I read some complaints recently as to how the Toa Hagah are an "incomplete series" and were also clearly meant to be Toa Dume and Toa Nidhiki. The former statement is downright absurd for the aforementioned reason; did you expect that LEGO would produce 6 extra sets one year for no reason? No, that would've been at the expense at either the Toa Hordika or the Visorak and we would've gotten 2 sets less, not 4 more.

    Also, while I somewhat enjoy the notion that Iruini could've been Nidhiki (because of his mask shape), if we're being completely honest, Norik would've been a lazy Dume. No change of mask type from Noble to Great? Lazy. Besides, Dume and Nidhiki were from two different "generations" of Toa and they'd have had to be marketed as having lived and worked separately. And they would've had to be given different tools from one another. Given the circumstances, they were handled well enough.

    What I'm basically saying is that we got a treat and I for one loved it. Especially considering the pair wasn't available in Bulgaria and I had to seek them out abroad; it felt like a treasure hunt.

  4. Bfahome
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    Prototype #1 of a life-sized articulated Gali hook.  Rough vector design in Inkscape and laser cut on 5 layers of 1/8 inch plywood.  The two pivot points aren't actually connected yet, the idea is to have pvc pipe segments through them so it'll act as a hinge while preserving the hollow nature of the original pin connections.

    At some point I need to figure out a good 2d design program that'll let me do actual measurements and put some m e c h a n i s m s into it.


  5. Very few places still make desserts and breads from scratch these days.  And even the ones that do use some cheats like cake mixes, icing that gets shipped in buckets or just factory made products.


    Baking from scratch to me seems to be a bit of a lost art.  In my entire career I've worked in three locations that made everything from scratch.  In all of those locations I was the only baker/pastry chef and the workload was always demanding.  It can be a lot for one person to run a bakery alone.  At my first job, my position was terminated and the company went with factory made products as opposed to scratch made products.  


    It was disheartening.


    Nowadays I work in a grocery store, where nothing is made from scratch.  Everything comes in frozen, from bread doughs to cakes to cookie dough, etc.  And these products?  They don't hold a candle to the work I've done in the past.  And that's not because I'm an especially skilled baker, though I did build up my skill set over time.  No, it was simply because I took the time to bake the products with care.


    Baking isn't that difficult.  It is an exact science a lot of the time, and yes there are some projects much more involved than others, but overall things like italian bread, chocolate chip cookies or a fruit tart don't take an especially great amount of skill to achieve.  All anyone needs is a recipe, the proper ingredients (butter in place of crisco for example), some equipment and the time to bake.  


    It always saddens me these days to see so many people buying, frankly, inferior products at the grocery store.  People pay good money for birthday cakes that come in frozen, probably loaded with preservatives and topped with icing that comes from a box and gets water added to it.  And frankly it's overly sweet and addicting.  I just find it sad because here we have a special occasion and people celebrate with garbage food.  I've made cakes with flavor other than just sugar.  It's so much better, I find, to taste butter, real butter, in buttercream icing.  


    I know I must sound like a snob, but when I studied at culinary school I created and tasted some of the finest patisserie in my life.  I try to keep that alive every now and then too.  But in the food industry, the things we treat ourselves to just aren't worth the calories when they come from the store.  


    Anyway, that's just my random thought of the day.  

  6. 20200516_zsannlet_smol.jpg

    She's small. That would be all. :3

  7. 8_-_EoD_Poster.jpg

    Art by TBK.

    Two new collaborative adventures are beginning.

    In AZURE MOON, six Agori must lead a desperate, final push against an Imperial invasion that threatens to consume Okoto. Let the old powers die, and forge a brave new world.

    In SILVER SNOW, six Agori must adventure out into the dangerous and mysterious Spirit Side. Ragnarok is upon them. Two worlds collide; only one survives.



    So obviously I am a big fan of the Collectible Minifigures to the point where I obsessively try to get a complete collection of all the standard series.  But my method has always been to wait until they show up in stores and then feel out the bags I want.  Well, Covid-19 has greatly complicated that process.  Luckily, Chocolate Frogs was able to hook me up with a full set, and because I obsess over these too much, here’s a quick review of them individually.

    Drone Boy: I think this may be my favorite of the series.  I really do like the new drone element, and the printed control panel is nice too.  I’m not sure why he has a bandage on his face; just exactly what kind of accident is that implying he got into?  I also like how an extra propeller was included that fits into his teal hat.  :D

    Space Fan: She’s pretty mellow parts-wise but it’s still a nice execution.  The classic space shirt is a fun design, and the rocket schematics tile is nice, but the best piece is the round brick with the NASA logo on it... and I realize now that it wasn’t angled properly in my photos.  Whoops!

    Llama Girl: Costume characters are always big hits, and although this is an often repeated concept, it’s always a joy to get a new animal to add into the fray.  The llama head is very nicely detailed, and her torso also includes a zipper on the back to indicate that it is very much a costume.  Nice addition of a carrot.

    Pea Pod Girl: We get another costume, but this time she’s food based.  The costume mold is nicely detailed and printed, and I also like the use of green lipstick.  And, although it’s hidden, she also has a shirt with a salad printing on it on her torso.  The inclusion of the red apple is a little odd, since generally those don’t tend to mix with peas in salads.  Perhaps it’s supposed to be a tomato?  (I was discussing with someone, and came to realize that there aren’t many vegetable food molds in Lego.  There’s a handful of fruit and meat, but the only veggie is really the carrot, and that’s already been used.)

    Super Warrior: AKA Super Sentai Lego copy, AKA knockoff Power Ranger.  As a Power Rangers fan growing up, I totally see the appeal in this fig.  (Gosh, does that mean we need to wait for four more series for them to release more of his colorful teammates?)  The helmet isn’t quite as detailed as some of the Iron Man masks we’ve seen in the past, but it works.  The green Ninjago sword seems a bit lacking as a weapon (it needs a proper hilt) but it works out well enough.

    Martial Arts Boy: Lego Nunchucks!  They’re basically chains on the end of bars, but they’re one mold and I’ve heard a lot of MOCists are interested to start utilizing them.  The rest of the figs robes are nice, although we’ve seen plenty of martial arts / karate / ninja characters with similar designs.  I do like the use of the hairpiece (new in black) and the printed headband.  Still, probably one of the least interesting of the figs in this series.

    Tournament Knight: Lego has done plenty of castle figs before, so a Knight isn’t exactly breaking new ground, but it gives people to collect a new army builder for the raven faction in the Keetongu orange and black colors.  Plus, that sword is a new and detailed mold... I hope that gets released in some other sets, I wouldn’t mind more of that.

    Pirate Girl: She is a bit more-of-the-same if you got the new Ideas Pirate set, and Lego has done plenty of Pirates before, so her design also isn’t new territory.  Still, the hat / hair piece is a new mold and there’s decent printing on the torso and legs... plus, in general, having a detailed female pirate isn’t a bad thing.  Good supplemental fig to add to Barracuda Bay.

    Breakdancer: I am really digging the coral top she’s wearing, although not as big a fan of the hat / hair combo.  To show off her moves, she gets the DC jumper piece to give her some altitude.  Very neat.

    80s Musician: Don’t have much to say about him, but he fits the look alright.  Fun new instrument mold, nice printing.  I didn’t recognize the hair piece at first, but apparently it’s from TLJ Old Luke.

    Viking: We’ve seen Vikings before but they’re not as common as Knights or Pirates, so it’s a welcome addition.  In particular the new helmet mold that fits over the beard piece is great.  Definitely got an army builder here!  Shame he’s rare.

    Athlete: It’s been a while since we’ve seen track and field figs, and I don’t think we’ve had a character specializing in the javelin or discus before.  She comes with an exclusive white spear, a printing round tile, and two gold medals.  (One is a standard extra piece, but clearly it means she got Gold in both of her events.)  Her uniform tag reads “BIB 0937” but I don’t know the significance of that.  (Well, at least of the BIB part… the 0937 has been used on an amusement park ticket before and… apparently spells out LEGO upside-down, so that’s something I completely missed at first.)  Overall, lots of good pieces here.

    Sidetrack for a moment to just say how similar the Viking and Athlete are when feeling for them in the bags.  They each have a spear, a rounded second accessory (shield and discus tile), a neck attachment that comes with an extra piece (beard and metal), and both have their smaller pieces placed in a bag within a bag.  Usually two figs in a series don’t share this many similarities; the best way to tell the difference is to identify the shield or round tile.  (The helmet and hair pieces are also different, but I find it tricky to feel the subtle difference between head elements like that.)  CF was able to figure these out when he sent them to me, but I was confused for a while as I tried to guess which was which.  Trying to determine the difference while in a rush at the store would’ve been infuriating!

    Piñata Boy: I really love the sombrero piece, so getting it back is quite fun.  He comes with two poncho elements to go over the front and back, and per usual his torso is unprinted.  The llama piñata is a nice touch with the mold and printing.  The stud on the top of the back is also hollow, which I think is a bit unusual for these animal molds.  Can’t really fit much candy inside though.

    Pajama Girl: She pulls off her theme well enough, with a new bunny toy mold and bunny prints on her torso.  The Hermione hair is new in blonde too.  Not the most exciting fig but she works; shame she doesn’t come with an alternative sleepy expression.

    Sea Rescuer: We’ve seen a lot of diver figs before; in fact, the diver from the first series of CMFs was generally one of the least popular figs at the time, if I recall.  So this one had a lot working against her.  While her design is pretty standard, I do appreciate the azure and coral color highlights.  She also uses the jumper piece… but it’s flipped around to stick the bar into her flipper, and attaches to the base by a nipple element.  Of course, the diver is already second rate in her own bag; the real star is the turtle mold.  We’ve seen cutesy turtles in Friends and Elves sets in the past, but I think this might be the first realistic system turtle we’ve got.  (Teenage mutant ninja variants don’t count.)  It makes this diver worthwhile.

    Green Brick Costume Guy: Okay, he doesn’t really have anything more going for him that what the other brick costume character brought to the table.  But I mean, he’s green… even if it is the non-standard bright green shade.  And I guess he does have an uncommon hair piece in a new color.  I do appreciate the tile celebrating ten years of CMFs; I’ve now been obsessively collecting these for over a decade.  Sheesh!

    Overall, it’s a near wave of figs, with a lot of nice variety.  I think the clear winners are the Llama Costume Girl and the Super Warrior, although my favorite is still probably the Drone Boy.  The Sea Rescuer, Piñata Boy, and Space Fan also deserve shout outs!  (Meanwhile, my boring list consists of the 80s Musician, Pajama Girl, and Nunchucks Kid.  Knight, Pirate, and Viking get by as army builders.  The other four are very middle of the road.)  Well, those are my opinions, anyway.  Which ones are your favorites?


  9. Hey, BZPower. It's been a while since I've browsed your tabs. So, what exactly have I been doing? Well...it's a bit complicated. Currently I'm working on my own music projects which I have entered on a music site that lets me enter contests to see what I am capable of. I've improved a lot in just a few years if I say so myself. I've done a mix of metal with Psytrance (if it can be considered psytrance that is. Maybe more Trance than anything), Lo-fi, and even House surprisingly. I just crafted my own remix of a song called, "Black Space" by The Anix, and as far as I know I'm the only person who has purchased a remix license, and uploaded on YouTube and Soundcloud. So hooray!

    I hope to still be on site for a good while since I'm not working for a good while. Here's to new horizons!

    (There is a typo on the name when I uploaded the song)



  10. Bonkle
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    Who's there?

    It's the man who doesn't know he has multiple personalities.

    What? That's a stupid joke. Who came up with that?

  11. Bambi
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    A couple of things:

    First, anyone here play Temtem? I've heard mostly good things about it and was thinking of getting it, maybe if it goes on sale or something. Though now does seem to be as good a time as any, if I'm going to end up being stuck home due to recent events...

    Also, I'm super stoked that a bunch of Mario games are coming to Switch, especially the SM64 remake. Though to be honest, I kind of wish they'd port the DS version instead lol. But I'll take what I can get. And I think Super Mario World is coming as well? That'll be fun too. SM64/SMW are two of my favorite games of all time.

    One final thing, does anyone know what size the header image needs to be for blogs?

  12. fR5JmEg.png%5D



    The Mayor of Krutiera Magna - The Mayor of Krutiera Magna acts as as a 'leader' of Krutiera Magna, chosen by a combination of the populace's votes and then the Lord of Earth picking from a pool of candidates put forward. The Mayor is expected to act on the behalf of Krutiera Magna's populace, while also keeping the Lord of Earth's rule intact. While they may seem redundant with the Lord of Earth present, the Lord of Earth cannot rule an entire city by themselves. For that reason, the Mayor is expected to report to the Lord of Earth on how things are going in Krutiera Magna.

    Captain of the Guard - The Captain of the Guard is in charge of Krutiera Magna's guard force, which also doubles as its military. The Captain is expected to organise the defence of Krutiera Magna against threats, outside and inside, though they cannot command the Palace Guard - only the Lord of Earth may do such a thing. They also report to the Mayor, rather than the Lord of Earth.

    Palace Guard - The Palace Guards serve the Lord of Earth above all else, even Krutiera Magna which the Lord of Earth rules. As such, they guard the Palace of Earth, and often accompany the Lord of Earth wherever they go, and in some aspects serve as their bodyguards, though the Lord of Earth is capable of defending themselves. In addition, they can command Krutiera Magna's guard force, a fact that can sometimes cause friction if the Palace Guard are seen to be abusing their privileges of command. 

    Advisor to the Lord of Earth - The Lord of Earth is wise, but not infallible. As such, they need someone to advise them on certain matters, and the Advisor is also expected to accompany the Lord of Earth wherever they go. They are also the individual the Lord of Earth trusts the most - if the Lord of Earth were to be absent, and the Advisor remaining behind, the Advisor would be allowed to represent the Lord of Earth, basically taking the run of things until the Lord of Earth returns.

    Diplomat - The Diplomat is expected to represent Krutiera Magna when dealing with those from the other settlements such as Bota Minor and Antrauta, and in part due to that is not allowed to carry too much advanced technology on them so as to not jeopardise relations with Bota Minor.



    Chieftain - The Chieftain is the overall leader of Bota Minor, descending from Bota Minor's current ruling family. They are expected to act in the interests of Bota Minor, and respect its traditions while taking a zero tolerance policy towards any and all technology. 

    Heir to the Chieftain - The Heir of the Chieftain is next in line to become Bota Minor's Chieftain, as a descendant of the Chieftain. They are to be prepared for their time leading Bota Minor, and one of these ways is by acting in place of the Chieftain whenever the Cheiftain is away, as well as advising them (which will also help them when they come to power). If they were irresponsible, they might be able to get away with a lot due to their position.

    Emissary - The Emissary handles diplomatic relations with the other settlements of Bota Magna, and is expected to report upon developments within those other settlements, in part so that the spread of technology does not lead to another shattering. Were they to be particularly underhanded, they might even think about sabotaging the technology they find in the possessions of others...

    Farmer - The Farmer farms, tending to the large farms on the swampy forest floor beneath Bota Minor. They are expected to care for and grow high-quality produce, assisted by the Scarabigs (domesticated large scarabax beetles), and are also expected to fend off anything that might threaten the farms - insects of varying size, saboteurs, disease; and are often heavily involved in the production of medical salves, poisons, and antidotes of Bota Magna.

    General of the Vineguard - The General of the Vineguard leads the Vineguard - a force dedicated to the safety of Bota Minor, as well as the destruction of any technology found within Bota Minor, and the well-being of the trees that Bota Minor is based upon.



    The Chancellor Elected by a vaguely defined council of individuals considered to be of significance in Antrauta (who themselves are elected), the Chancellor is the closest thing Antrauta has to a proper leader. Their leadership is not concrete, and thus their authority can be challenged, though for the sake of ease many go along with it as long as the Chancellor has been earnestly representing and benefiting Antrauta, not to mention the ire of any allies the Chancellor may have.

    The Speaker - Like the Chancellor, the Speaker of Antrauta is elected from the council of Antrauta, however, instead of 'leading' Antrauta, the Speaker of Antrauta is expected to represent Antrauta in diplomacy. As such, rather than a subordinate of the Chancellor, they are an equal who may do what they want, with the expectation that it benefits Antrauta in some way. 

    Commander of the Order of Outcasts - The Order of Outcasts is a militia dedicated to defending Antrauta, led by its Commander, who also does not answer to anyone's authority but their own when it comes to defending Antrauta - a fact that fortunately has not often been exploited; as unlike the Chancellor or Speaker, they are not elected from the council - the Commander is selected from within the Order of Outcasts. at least whenever a new one is needed.


    Vorox Warlord - In the wilderness of Bota Magna, there are many Vorox - some solitary, some who live together, some feral, some spurned and exiled. While they could choose to go to Antrauta, many of them prefer to live in the wilderness of Bota Magna - their appearance does them no favours after all. Some, however, have dreams of leading their own pack, and taking what they can..

    Hermit of the Northern Wastes - In the icy Northern Wastes of Bota Magna lives a small and disconnected community of Ice Agori, largely ignorant of Bota Magna at large, living in peace and often not communicating with others except for trade. This is one such Ice Agori.


    There we go, the roles of Bota Magna. These roles aren't 100% finalised, though I doubt they will change much. 

  13. -Windrider-
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    Life's been a whirlwind of some kind of magnitude, but I've been up in Canada successfully working toward my PhD. Poutine is amazing.

    Even more amazing than mashed potatoes in french fry form is that after having started a relationship and working toward a life together, Aanchir (Skye) proposed on Valentine's Day! It's been an incredible feeling - warm, peaceful, and also how I end up just beaming like a dork when I get to say "my fiancée" in conversation at school and everywhere, really.

    We don't have a specific time fixed for the wedding yet, since Skye's going to get everything in place to move up here permanently in place first, but consider: LEGOLAND wedding.




  14. So, over the past few years (about 3?), I've had the privilege of being able to travel to a few different countries. Mostly for academics. I started collecting the different bills, because, as a United States resident with a mostly monochromatic currency scheme, the other colors and sizes of foreign currency is one of my favorite things ever. Also, sorry, the coins photographed really terribly, but I realized too late. 

    这是中国元。 我在大学的时候, 专业是中国文化, 所以我需要学习一个学期在中国。我三年以前是留学生在上海。

    Translation: This is Chinese currency. (if you didn't guess). When in college, I studied Chinese, and needed to study in China for a semester. Three years ago, I studied abroad in Shanghai. 



    The two small bills, which are the equivalent of a few Chinese cents, were pretty hard to come by, I think I only encountered two or three of each my entire semester there. 




    Entonces, tengo dinero Guatemalan tambien. (lo siento, mi español es muy muy poco, jaja). Viajé a Guatemala uno año pasada. Creo los dinero Guatemalan esta mucho bonitos. 

    Translation: I've also collected Guatemalan money. (sorry, my Spanish is abysmal). I traveled to Guatemala about a year ago, and I think their money is gorgeous. 



    A fun fact, the exchange rate for Chinese Yuan and Guatemalan Quetzales is almost the same. (or at least, it was when I was in each country, respectively). 

    While I don't think I can say I've been to Colombia, I do have Colombian bill (the little blue one beneath the Guatemalan coins). It was acquired during a layover in the Bogota airport. My personal requirement for being able to say I've been to a country is 1) leaving airport/customs/border crossing property and 2) buying something in the country in the native language. The Colombian bill was more of a gift, and was kept because it's really pretty and makes a good bookmark :)

    Now, what I really need are some widgets.  

  15. AZBlue
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    TL;DR: School is going well, and my best friend and I are well on our way to being something more, something better.


    It's been just about 4 months since my last post, and things have continued to go well. I'm in my 4th week of my 1st semester of Robotics, I completed ISU's START program in December and was recognized by my English instructor for my essay work, which included a fan-fic set during season 3 of The Flash written from Iris West's perspective. That recognition came at a small graduation ceremony that my mom attended. My best friend was there too, a young woman who is also in my congregation from church. My friend and I went to see Frozen 2 after the graduation, which was fun. Before the movie we talked a little, including about dating, but we decided to just stay friends for a while longer. After a few weeks she let me know that she'd signed up for the Epee Fencing class that the Phys Ed department offers and that I'd already signed up for, and we've been partners for most of the days so far.

    Well, on Friday the university held a formal dance. My friend and I wanted to go together, but out of respect to our earlier decision neither of us had mentioned it to the other. Wednesday we had lunch together with a mutual friend, and both of us are indebted to that friend. She not only mentioned wanting to go to the dance, but invited my best friend and I to go with her as a group. So yeah! I met them at my best friend's house where they were getting ready. Our wing woman came to the door when I got there, while my best friend was finishing up. I stepped inside and after a moment She came out from the hallway into the entry. She was wearing a prom dress that she'd not gotten to use in High School, a dress much like Belle's from Beauty and the Beast, but so much more beautiful. After having my breath taken away I smiled really big and of course complemented her.

    We left in our friend's car for campus, arriving about half an hour early. While waiting for the doors to open we stood in the hallway outside the ballroom, where a classmate from robotics showed up with his wife and a male friend in tow. Over the course of the night, the wing woman mostly danced with my classmate's friend, leaving my best friend with me. During one particular slow dance, to the song Hero by Enrique Iglesias, we nearly kissed! Unfortunately we were interrupted by a kinda creepy guy that had latched onto our group. Overall the night was great though. A bit later I requested a song for the next slow dance, Beauty and the Beast from the 1993 animated version of the movie. I think that it became our song when they played it. We'd been standing over by the photo booth that'd been set up, waiting to get a group picture when the song came on, and she looked around surprised before settling on me. She smiled and I offered my hand and led her to the dance floor, where I got to dance with a real life Belle. She told me today that it was her favorite part of the dance.

    The happy mood continued on to Sunday, which while a normal service, was great. The first Sunday of the month is general used for congregants to share their own thoughts and feelings about church stuff, and of course both my dear friend and I spoke. After our meetings we said bye, and headed home to await the incoming snow storm. I ended up watching parts of the Super Bowl, which my team won! Texting her about it, she was excited for me even though she's not interested in sports at all. (I'm only slightly interested myself).

    Yesterday we didn't get to see each other until the afternoon at our fencing class because of delays that the storm caused, and we talked about going to the sledding activity our congregation had planned because of the snow. Unfortunately she had some homework and wasn't able to go,  but she asked if we wanted to go today. We went to the same hill from last night and had a great time talking and sledding and just enjoying each other's company. It was an awesome almost date! We headed back to a common building after about an hour to sit and talk and warm up before I had to get back to my classes. As we walked she mentioned that she would've really enjoyed going to dinner this evening, something I'd offered due to her not having her usual ride to her choir practice if she'd needed to stay on campus. She then said that she'd enjoy having dinner together another night though! As a date! We don't have anything planned yet as far as when, but we do have a where, a diner just across the street from campus. Right now I'm sitting listening to her sing with the choir, enjoying the music and picking her voice out every so often. I know how I feel about her, I haven't told her yet because it's not time, but I know, though she probably suspects thanks to how easily it shows on my own face when I'm around her.

  16. Visited the flea market on Sunday, managed to find a couple cool little retired pieces, including a couple Star Wars polys I needed for my collection! Overall, spend $65 Canadian; I think I did pretty well!

  17. Serpent of Fire
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    This is my sort of annual visit to BZP to see how things are. This site was one of my main stomping grounds when I was in my teens. Man the time has flown by. I'm freaking 30 years old now! It's pretty cool to see that this place is still going.


    Well, until next time! 


  18. Valendale
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    Well, I figured I would just write a little about some of the low and high points of the year.

    Well, at the beginning of the year, I was still recovering from my breakup in November of the previous year. I was passed the worst of it, but I was still distraught and would have bad periods lasting a few days at a time that would continue for several months. For some time, my ex had been a driving force in getting me out of the house and experience new things and just be social. I realized at this point how much I had really been forsaking other relationships in my life.

    In this period, I was rediscovering my friendships and trying. I started really playing magic again. I was spending any time at my friends' apartments that I could. I joined a pathfinder campaign. I even went to my first bar after my 21st birthday. And speaking of that birthday, it was actually one of the better ones I've had. This general mood and pace continued for a while with me becoming and rebecoming close with several people.

    I took classes over this summer for the first time. I had classes 3 days a week and worked the other 2. I enjoyed getting both education and work experience at the same time without getting burnt out on either. The stuff with my friends basically continued as well. We went to the lake and there were even a few parties where I was being rapidly introduced to new people.

    After the semester ended, I took some time and got back home. I can't stand the city sometimes, and I always enjoy spending a little time with my family. I also got in some building in this period. And then we get to Brickfair which was really the highlight of the year for me, but I already kind of wrote about that in depth.

    After returning home from Brickfair though, things took a turn for the worst. Something happened between my friends and I. (I don't want to get into it too much here due to BZPower rules, but I'll happily give more information privately.) It felt like almost everyone I knew turned on me overnight. And these are people I've been very close with for years, since middle school in some cases. I only had a couple people I could really trust.

    So as fall semester started up, I was feeling pretty down. For someone who had been spending most of the year trying to be more social, losing your main friends hits hard. So I started trying everything I could. I started playing magic at games stores instead of primarily kitchen table. And luckily my pathfinder group was still accepting of me. Lately I've been spending more and more time at the school's student center, just like playing games and hanging out. 

    Over the Thanksgiving break, I was excited to be going to see my aunt for thanksgiving. I hadn't made it the previous year, and I was in dire need of anything going better this year than the last. Unfortunately, as I was on the road, disaster struck again. It was raining hard, and I hydroplaned off the road. Luckily I was unharmed, but my car was totaled. Still, I made it to thanksgiving a little worse for the wear.

    The semester quickly wrapped up, which was good for me since I had no car and was relying on my friends at the student center to get to and from campus. My grades this time around were a little worse than they have been, but I passed all my classes. Now I'm home again, feeling somewhere between trapped and dreading school starting again.

    One other thing I did this year was start keeping a journal. I've always really like record keeping for some reason, and this year I finally found the resolve to start keeping one like I've always wanted too. I helped me get down my thoughts when I had no one to talk to and kept my mental health up. I'm very proud to have kept it the whole year, and I'll probably continue do so in the future. 

    Overall, this is the roughest year I've had in a long time, maybe ever. But I got through it. And honestly when I write it out like this, there were a lot of positives, even if some of them were tainted by negatives later on.

  19. So this one kid I'm working with is 9.  He has a lot of difficulty saying vocalic /r/ (e.g. car, stir, bear, deer, etc.), but we've made some big strides in the last few months.  He's also a major bookworm.  Magic Treehouse, Minecraft novelizations... if you think a nine year old would read it, he's read it.  Often we'll read passages from his favourite books and practice some good vocalic /r/ sounds.  Today, to my surprise, he's waiting for me on the stairs clutching a familiar red book...



    Yes, friends, it was none other than BIONICLE Adventures #10: Time Trap



    Kid: Yeah, I really like this book.  You're probably going to think some of the characters have really weird names.

    Me: 4_parallel_universes_ahead_of_you.png


    So the legend of Bionicle isn't quite dead yet, folks.

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    Hey everyone!

    Made this account 16 years ago. Crazy how time flies. In that time, I finished elementary school, high school, my bachelor's degree and my masters. Now I live in Germany. Who would have thought.

    When I get home, i think I'll display my 6 OG Toa. Man those were the best.

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    I certainly still do as well.

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  22. Well, this isn't a blog post I'd suspected I'd be making, even up to just a year ago. But, It's time for me to face the facts: I'm actually gynesexual. In case some of you don't know what that means: well, the definition seems to vary a bit, but in my case, it means I'm attracted to "femininity" and the "feminine" form, but I'm not picky when it comes to people's sex, sexual organs, or gender identity. 

    A bunch of LGBTQ+ friends have told me this officially means I'm under that banner as well. So, uh, hi everyone. I hope you'll all give me a kind welcome. I'm really excited about this, but understandably also quite terrified. Cause I live in semi-rural Tennessee. People around here are not gonna take it well if/when I make this public. In fact, I really can't at the moment - not if I wanna keep my job. And this is while I'm currently still single. 

    I'm sure ya'll can help me figure this out along the way, though. People from this site already have helped so many other people come to terms with their non hetero-normative sexualities. It's good to know I'm not alone. Anyway, that's all for now. Peace out, ya'll!

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