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  1. LEGO enthusiast who appreciates a sound mind and body.

  2. It's funny how three years ago, hardly anyone knew about the Guardians of the Galaxy and nobody expected it to be a hit. And now I just saw Geico, Hanes, and Ford all run commercials about them. Groot was hanging out with the Gecko and underwear will help you save the universe.


    Hollywood is weird.

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    I spent it doing homework so that's pretty cool

  3. I'm having the worst luck trying to tame horses. Admittedly, part of the problem might be that I've been going after the giant horse that's in the Gerudo section of the map.


    I refuse to give up, though. Clearly I just need a lot more stamina potions.


    Also, since my last entry was made a while ago, I do in fact have a job now. Not a particularly glamourous job, but it's busy, I have good coworkers, and it's not in downtown Seattle, so there's no traffic to deal with on the way to work. =)

  4. ~X-Clone~
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    It's 11:00 PM on a Sunday, and I just watched "Mask of Light" for the first time, just for the heck of it. I am super bored and have consumed many adult beverages.


    Bizarre, huh?

  5. Dr. Hidaka
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    After much thinking, I feel this should be known. For the last month, I've been in a romantic relationship with former bloggie Kohaku. We've known each other for ten years and it's been a heck of a time. Why it took me so long to realize this, despite all I have done for him, isn't important.



    What -is- important, is that, like I have for so long, love him very much and I hope and know this will lead to great things going on!



  6. Still no?


    Fair enough.


    Well, you can at least play the overwhelmingly less cold and less deadly BZP's Game of Thrones: Season 2, run by local G&T savant Voltex. Knowledge of or participation in the previous season, Martin's Game of Thrones, or BIONICLE GII is completely unnecessary-- everything important is summed up in the first post, and any additional information you might want to know can be found in Voltex's now-concluded Lore & Histories project, an interesting and often thrilling read in its own right.


    If you're still on the fence about it, know that there's still an open spot in the Fire Region: Led by yours truly, we possess the following advantages:

    -Boasts a military 9000 protectors strong; the 2nd-largest in all of Okoto.

    -Holds the beautiful Mt. Aodh in its borders! This beauty, best admired from a distance, releases a slow but near-constant flow of lava. The sheer destructive power gives her an air of majesty;

    -After conquering the Jungle Region, controls the largest amount of land of all Okotoan regions, and dominates a good portion of the island's economy, producing coal, forged iron goods, lumber, livestock, and various agricultural products for the other regions.

    -Lovely jungle in the east. Nice place for sightseeing, be sure to visit the charred section of jungle on the way, where the burned-out trees give the location a solemn, mournful tone.

    -Cordial relations with the 1st and 3rd militarily strongest regions on the island

    -Stunning coastlines! Excellent sties for vacation homes!

    -We have Windrider! And Blade, Dragon.star, and Smoke Monster, too!

    -But seriously, Windrider!


    The game link, for those interested: Here!


    It's just as well if you'd rather be part of another region. Hey, maybe you'll wind up with us anyway. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  7. Blessed Blade
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    Alternative Title: Oh Forgot To Mention This


    Hi everyone! How are you all doing~~~~? So, hi, my name's Chloe, everyone knows me as Blade, yada yada yada~.


    Well, this is probably going to be a short entry, but....


    Oh, by the way, I'm a transgender girl, so, yeah, there's that too~ ^^


    P.S. I'm Windy's Lesbian Lover now, so <3

  8. ...Meet the cure.


    Okay, not the cure, but more like a topical ointment to reduce the swelling and itch.






    Hi Tom!

  9. So last Saturday, I ordered another lot of Bionicles. This time it was around $29.99 for five of the Pirakas, excluding Hakann, with free shipping. The shipment was expected to land on my doorstep on Friday, but managed to get here on Wednesday instead.


    A thing that caught my eye when I was going through the box's contents was this little notecard






    That was awfully nice of the sender to include a little thank you note.


    The back only showed my address and long with the sender's and the sets include with the package. The 95% represents how completed the figures are.


    I obviously had to censor out our addresses and the sender's name. I don't trust y'all well enough to stalk me.



    On a side note, a garbage bag was used to store the figures inside of the box and some of the figures were also inside of another bag.


    Reidak was in the large Ziploc bag while Vezok was crammed into that tiny Ziploc baggy. The container on top of the bags contained some bubble wrap and a regular Zamor Sphere.




    And here are some miscellaneous parts




    Oddly enough, the shipment came with Hakann's and Irnakk's spine (the sender most likely got set 8626), Hahli's wing, and only two Zamor Spheres.



    All of the Piraka below has seen a fair share of combat over the years. For most of the figures, they came with part 6558 instead of 32054.



    Here's Zaktan with a missing hand and his right thigh armour, including part 2780.





    Reidak came intact aside from his buzz saw. His right hand is also a newer mold.





    Thok is missing a hand.





    Avak is missing his right thigh's armour and the axle through his skull is a bit too long.





    And lastly, Vezok right shoulder spine connector bit is missing.





    Luckily, I can improvise and replace most of the broken and missing parts, including Vezok's head spine.


    For $30 for this lot, this was a nice steal, considering that a lone Piraka would've been auctioned off around $15ish on eBay.

  10. I've been really inactive on this site lately. I haven't even visited for a couple of months. Now it's December, and that's weird. It feels weird, but I guess that's just life.


    I got Pokemon Sun. I've been playing it. It's fun. It's been ages since I played a Pokemon game from the beginning, and it was a lot of fun. Helps that I think it was probably the best story the series has had thus far. Whole thing was really good. Enjoyed it a lot. Mechanically there's a lot of mixed feelings about this generation, but I definitely can't say the actual game wasn't enjoyable. My final team was a Primarina, midnight Lycanroc, Mareanie, Salazzle, Golisopod and of course Solgaleo. (Though of course that last one only joined my party very late in the game). First time actually using a team of six or less, so that too was fun. I've grown quite attached to this team.


    I finished the game last weekend, so I've been working on finishing up the dex since then. I don't like doing things in half measures much, so I was going for a living dex, and I finally completed it tonight. The final catch to complete the dex was appropriately Necrozma.


    And I caught it in a Beast Ball, because, as the title clearly states: a madman.




    I also caught Solgaleo in one so that was fun.


    A bunch of places had the Gen 6 games for really cheap last week with the sales, so I bought Omega Ruby. I'd been wanting to for the past, couple years, I guess, but being able to get it for 25 bucks finally made me do it. I have a lot of bred shinies I've been meaning to use, so I've been wanting to form my OR team out of those guys. Should be fun when I get around to it. Since I just finished Sun I don't know when I'm gonna want to start up OR, but I'll get to it sometime. Going back to HMs is gonna be hard, let me tell you.


    Anyway, that's just been me and my pokeymans. Random post but whatever.

  11. I'm looking for some help from one of you creative types out there. I would like some overlay images we can use during BZPower's streams, both for builds and games, to help share info for people who tune in part-way through and give them more of a BZPower-feel.


    For a visual style, I'm thinking something like the overlays we use for our YouTube thumbnails, with the angled line and the gears, but obviously smaller so it takes up less space. Maybe one in the bottom left and one in the top right. One would have generic BZPower info, the site name, URL, and social media names and icons. The other would be mostly empty to be customized for each stream. For sets it would have the set name, piece count, and price. For games it would have the game name. An overlay with directions for the giveaways we do might be a good idea too.


    Resolution should be 1920x1080 minimum and the file format should be something I can easily edit in GIMP to add the required text, so XCF or PSD probably.


    I am ready to be wowed. :)

  12. I know I don't come here very often, but sometimes it's nice to visit and maybe leave an update. It's been a couple years since I made a blog post, but I'm sure there are still some people who remember me (if they don't already interact with me on Facebook, which is my main social hub online). I realized I missed visiting to celebrate my account becoming a teenager, but I've been somewhat busy with life anyway. This year has been an interesting one for me, to say the least.


    I'll give you a brief update of my life this year:


    I left a night job that I worked for nearly 6 YEARS! (My, how the time crawled.)


    I got a new car!


    Bigger than that, I got...






    Engaged! :wub: :ooolala-sign:


    That's right. Soon enough there will be a Mrs. Toaraga-- and after I wrote that, I realized how awkward that sounds. But seriously, I met a great girl, and we're getting married next year.


    So yeah, that's a brief rundown of my year. I'm still alive. I've got a new job and car. And I'm getting married!


    ©1984-2016 Toaraga EAM

  13. Hey everybody!


    It's that time of year again!


    I'd like to give away 6 months of Premier Membership!


    To enter please comment your favourite musical theatre song, or your favourite musical, and youll be entered!


    I'll draw the winner on November 25th!

  14. Here's a situation.


    "You have 24 hours to live. What do you do?"


    Pretty common situation. If you have 24 hours to live, what would you do?


    For me, I'd probably call my loved ones and tell them what they mean to me. I'd write some sort of story about my life and I'd organize some of my stories, concepts and ideas into files with instructions on how to expand on them. I'd probably write some sort of will as well.


    What about you?


    If you have 24 hours to live, what would you do?



  15. Unit#phntk#1
    Latest Entry




    i should really use this blog for something other than making this joke once a year


    e: i just went to change my name and pressed enter before I was done typing .-.

    at least it cut off at "Unit" instead of "Uni" or "Unit#"

  16. First things first: TNI has a new chapter, so go check that out. Ask Matau! to follow soon (assuming enough questions roll in), and come Halloween, the Holiday Series will be starting back up! Already got a few nice ideas in mind.


    As for my personal life and busy-ness, I'm still quite busy with graduate school but try to find time to write here and there. Hopefully things stabilize soon, but you never know. Adulting is hard!


    On my other BIONICLE projects, Sad Sad Lewa is still waiting for more players but I haven't forgotten it completely. Only two people have responded to my big comedy project announcement, but if I get more (especially animators/artists, we're really short on those) we'll be able to decide on a theme and get moving. I personally like the idea of an animated/voice-acted version of Ask Matau! right now (as it would be much easier to translate into video than TNI) but we'll see. Might also make it completely brand-new. Who knows?


    Still trying to re-format the QFTCJP cache I found online, but it's slow going. Looks like it includes most of the 2001 saga (about 15 chapters) but nothing past that. I'll definitely be posting something when that gets finished! I may be on less frequently than before, but I'm not gone completely. BZP will always be important!




    :mirunu: Lewa0111 Nuva :mirunu:

  17. Letagi
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    I'm going to BrickCon after all - turns out there will be people from Edmonton there that I know so I won't be wanting for company.


    In keeping with tradition, I'm accepting suggestions for this year's brick badge. Past badges have included "Fashionable AFOL," "This character limit suc," and "The character limit still su."



  18. Hey all,


    The prints I am selling on B/S/T are on sale for one more day! This would be a great time to pick one up if you haven't already.



    Thanks for any support you can give!


    A reminder that the pictures in the thread are real-life photos of the prints, and if anyone wants to see the original digital images, I can supply them via PM.

    Feel free to message me with any questions!


    -Orion (Haecceity)

  19. makuta_titan_01_full_768.jpg


    "You wanted our power, monster. Let us see if you can handle it!"


    Successfully got my entry in for Bionicle's last hurrah! See more pics and learn the complete backstory over in BBC or give it a like over on Rebrick!

  20. BS01 has been working on a secret project that we hope you'll enjoy. Check out the topic, and stay tuned for more details.

  21. Before I start this, I would like to preface saying that this will not be one of those complaints about how it didn't capture the mystical aspect of 2001. Because as many of us know, "mystical aspect" is code for "fond childhood memories" that is very difficult to replicate after you've stepped into the cynical years of adulthood.


    However I would like to bring up a perspective that I've held for quite a while now. To address this we must first ask ourselves "what even is Bionicle?"


    Obviously opinions will vary, however mine is that Bionicle was a story-driven toy line (or a toy-driven storyline if you want to be hypercritical of it) that followed the adventures of tiny robots inside of a big robot, and then some half-robots on a desert planet. Not robots living on an island called Okoto.


    Why? Because Bionicle, in its conception, was the generation one storyline. A hard reboot in a different universe doesn't qualify it to be equivalent to the first generation.


    Sure, they may have the same characters, but are they even the same? Look at all of them, particularly Pohatu. Their personalities are different, and what even is a character if you take out its personality? I'd say nothing. And so if you change the personality, you essentially have a different character on your hands.


    However the fact that the overarching storyline does not exist in the first canon is what does it. This reboot was in no way connected to the original storyline, save a few cosmetic details. Therefor, why do we consider them to be similar when they aren't?


    The first Bionicle and the second Bionicle are two different themes that should be treated as such. Gen 2 is about as connected to Gen 1 as Hero Factory is connected to Exo-Force. Recycling names doesn't allude to a continuity.


    However, this may look as if I'm being critical of Gen 2. I'm not, in fact I'm a big admirer of what they did with it, particularly in the set department. What I would have preferred is if they had marketed it as a separate theme.


    But this begs the question, would that have been good or bad for the theme's sales? Obviously marketing it as Bionicle will help with sales among the older fans. We saw how much hype there was. I can testify, I remember going to Target to buy all six Toa on January 2nd 2015. However what would have been better, in my opinion, would have been to completely distance itself from the original line and run it on a different name. It shouldn't have been a failed attempt at resurrecting an old fandom. They should have let the first Bionicle rest in its original glory, and the theme to replace Hero Factory would have had a newer, fresher, storyline. I'm going to go against the grain here and say that it should have cared less about the older fans, and more about the younger ones. I feel that Gen 2's potential was severely harmed by the designers feeling like they owe us anything. All that money spent on the creation of the golden masks could have been used in more productive areas of expenditure.


    But in times like this, everybody thinks they know something. Who am I to say that I'm smarter than the next guy?

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