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    NO MORE!


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  2. 8_-_EoD_Poster.jpg

    Art by TBK.

    Two new collaborative adventures are beginning.

    In AZURE MOON, six Agori must lead a desperate, final push against an Imperial invasion that threatens to consume Okoto. Let the old powers die, and forge a brave new world.

    In SILVER SNOW, six Agori must adventure out into the dangerous and mysterious Spirit Side. Ragnarok is upon them. Two worlds collide; only one survives.



    So obviously I am a big fan of the Collectible Minifigures to the point where I obsessively try to get a complete collection of all the standard series.  But my method has always been to wait until they show up in stores and then feel out the bags I want.  Well, Covid-19 has greatly complicated that process.  Luckily, Chocolate Frogs was able to hook me up with a full set, and because I obsess over these too much, here’s a quick review of them individually.

    Drone Boy: I think this may be my favorite of the series.  I really do like the new drone element, and the printed control panel is nice too.  I’m not sure why he has a bandage on his face; just exactly what kind of accident is that implying he got into?  I also like how an extra propeller was included that fits into his teal hat.  :D

    Space Fan: She’s pretty mellow parts-wise but it’s still a nice execution.  The classic space shirt is a fun design, and the rocket schematics tile is nice, but the best piece is the round brick with the NASA logo on it... and I realize now that it wasn’t angled properly in my photos.  Whoops!

    Llama Girl: Costume characters are always big hits, and although this is an often repeated concept, it’s always a joy to get a new animal to add into the fray.  The llama head is very nicely detailed, and her torso also includes a zipper on the back to indicate that it is very much a costume.  Nice addition of a carrot.

    Pea Pod Girl: We get another costume, but this time she’s food based.  The costume mold is nicely detailed and printed, and I also like the use of green lipstick.  And, although it’s hidden, she also has a shirt with a salad printing on it on her torso.  The inclusion of the red apple is a little odd, since generally those don’t tend to mix with peas in salads.  Perhaps it’s supposed to be a tomato?  (I was discussing with someone, and came to realize that there aren’t many vegetable food molds in Lego.  There’s a handful of fruit and meat, but the only veggie is really the carrot, and that’s already been used.)

    Super Warrior: AKA Super Sentai Lego copy, AKA knockoff Power Ranger.  As a Power Rangers fan growing up, I totally see the appeal in this fig.  (Gosh, does that mean we need to wait for four more series for them to release more of his colorful teammates?)  The helmet isn’t quite as detailed as some of the Iron Man masks we’ve seen in the past, but it works.  The green Ninjago sword seems a bit lacking as a weapon (it needs a proper hilt) but it works out well enough.

    Martial Arts Boy: Lego Nunchucks!  They’re basically chains on the end of bars, but they’re one mold and I’ve heard a lot of MOCists are interested to start utilizing them.  The rest of the figs robes are nice, although we’ve seen plenty of martial arts / karate / ninja characters with similar designs.  I do like the use of the hairpiece (new in black) and the printed headband.  Still, probably one of the least interesting of the figs in this series.

    Tournament Knight: Lego has done plenty of castle figs before, so a Knight isn’t exactly breaking new ground, but it gives people to collect a new army builder for the raven faction in the Keetongu orange and black colors.  Plus, that sword is a new and detailed mold... I hope that gets released in some other sets, I wouldn’t mind more of that.

    Pirate Girl: She is a bit more-of-the-same if you got the new Ideas Pirate set, and Lego has done plenty of Pirates before, so her design also isn’t new territory.  Still, the hat / hair piece is a new mold and there’s decent printing on the torso and legs... plus, in general, having a detailed female pirate isn’t a bad thing.  Good supplemental fig to add to Barracuda Bay.

    Breakdancer: I am really digging the coral top she’s wearing, although not as big a fan of the hat / hair combo.  To show off her moves, she gets the DC jumper piece to give her some altitude.  Very neat.

    80s Musician: Don’t have much to say about him, but he fits the look alright.  Fun new instrument mold, nice printing.  I didn’t recognize the hair piece at first, but apparently it’s from TLJ Old Luke.

    Viking: We’ve seen Vikings before but they’re not as common as Knights or Pirates, so it’s a welcome addition.  In particular the new helmet mold that fits over the beard piece is great.  Definitely got an army builder here!  Shame he’s rare.

    Athlete: It’s been a while since we’ve seen track and field figs, and I don’t think we’ve had a character specializing in the javelin or discus before.  She comes with an exclusive white spear, a printing round tile, and two gold medals.  (One is a standard extra piece, but clearly it means she got Gold in both of her events.)  Her uniform tag reads “BIB 0937” but I don’t know the significance of that.  (Well, at least of the BIB part… the 0937 has been used on an amusement park ticket before and… apparently spells out LEGO upside-down, so that’s something I completely missed at first.)  Overall, lots of good pieces here.

    Sidetrack for a moment to just say how similar the Viking and Athlete are when feeling for them in the bags.  They each have a spear, a rounded second accessory (shield and discus tile), a neck attachment that comes with an extra piece (beard and metal), and both have their smaller pieces placed in a bag within a bag.  Usually two figs in a series don’t share this many similarities; the best way to tell the difference is to identify the shield or round tile.  (The helmet and hair pieces are also different, but I find it tricky to feel the subtle difference between head elements like that.)  CF was able to figure these out when he sent them to me, but I was confused for a while as I tried to guess which was which.  Trying to determine the difference while in a rush at the store would’ve been infuriating!

    Piñata Boy: I really love the sombrero piece, so getting it back is quite fun.  He comes with two poncho elements to go over the front and back, and per usual his torso is unprinted.  The llama piñata is a nice touch with the mold and printing.  The stud on the top of the back is also hollow, which I think is a bit unusual for these animal molds.  Can’t really fit much candy inside though.

    Pajama Girl: She pulls off her theme well enough, with a new bunny toy mold and bunny prints on her torso.  The Hermione hair is new in blonde too.  Not the most exciting fig but she works; shame she doesn’t come with an alternative sleepy expression.

    Sea Rescuer: We’ve seen a lot of diver figs before; in fact, the diver from the first series of CMFs was generally one of the least popular figs at the time, if I recall.  So this one had a lot working against her.  While her design is pretty standard, I do appreciate the azure and coral color highlights.  She also uses the jumper piece… but it’s flipped around to stick the bar into her flipper, and attaches to the base by a nipple element.  Of course, the diver is already second rate in her own bag; the real star is the turtle mold.  We’ve seen cutesy turtles in Friends and Elves sets in the past, but I think this might be the first realistic system turtle we’ve got.  (Teenage mutant ninja variants don’t count.)  It makes this diver worthwhile.

    Green Brick Costume Guy: Okay, he doesn’t really have anything more going for him that what the other brick costume character brought to the table.  But I mean, he’s green… even if it is the non-standard bright green shade.  And I guess he does have an uncommon hair piece in a new color.  I do appreciate the tile celebrating ten years of CMFs; I’ve now been obsessively collecting these for over a decade.  Sheesh!

    Overall, it’s a near wave of figs, with a lot of nice variety.  I think the clear winners are the Llama Costume Girl and the Super Warrior, although my favorite is still probably the Drone Boy.  The Sea Rescuer, Piñata Boy, and Space Fan also deserve shout outs!  (Meanwhile, my boring list consists of the 80s Musician, Pajama Girl, and Nunchucks Kid.  Knight, Pirate, and Viking get by as army builders.  The other four are very middle of the road.)  Well, those are my opinions, anyway.  Which ones are your favorites?


  4. My thoughts so far...

    Chronicles: Yeeeaah, they don't hold up quite as well as I remembered (especially the Mask of Light novel). They're a little on the boring side, which is forgivable considering the age range they're intended for.

    Adventures: These have always been my favorite, even if I don't care for the Hordika storyline. Time Trap still remains my favorite book.

    Legends: Currently I'm only on Dark Destiny. I almost forgot how edgy they tried to be during this period lol. Not sure how I feel about it.

  5. Hey! Long time no blog.


    After a short hiatus, my BrickLink store is back open!


    Mention BZPower and get 10% off!


    More stock coming next week!


    -CF :kakama:

  6. So, I bought Pokemon Sword.  Due to having some open time in my schedule and the game ultimately being a bit short, I’ve already beaten the main story and the postgame episode.  I actually had a lot of fun.  The game may be riddled with problems, not the least of which being the cut of National Dex, but what it gets right it gets so right—heck, some of what it gets wrong manages to feel right, which appeals to my shounen battle anime heart.  I’m not here to spoil, just want to say I’d recommend giving SwSh a try if you’re on the fence.  Also, while I may not have Switch Online or an SD card to transfer screen shots, I fell in love with League Card customization and desperately wanted to share mine in some capacity, so:



    Pupil of Gym Leader Bea and new Champion of the Galar Region, Liam! (You can’t see it but I’m wearing the Champion shirt, plus my hair looks much cooler in-game I dunno why it looks weird here.)


    -Spike the Coalossal

    -Steg the Rillaboom

    -Murun the Runerigus

    -Beat the Corviknight

    -The Smogington Brothers the Galarian Weezing (character limit made it Smogingtons but)

    -Zacian (in the post-game…)

    Between this and my recent replays I think I want to revise my old region ranking.  Stay tuned for that!

  7. Ta-metru_defender
    Latest Entry

    I'm still not dead.


  8. Decided to flip the order of the serials, so just finished part 3 of PTB (yes, you actually don't have to wait six weeks for the next chapter -- I know you're shocked :) ) In this episode:


    * We meet the "Who Am I?" winner

    * We answer the age-old question, "What happens when Nynrah Ghosts have too much time on their hands?"

    * We go inside the red star for the first time, and while we don't come out knowing just what the heck is going on there yet, it sure SOUNDS disturbing

    * We get the return of some folks that neither you nor I EVER thought we would see EVER again (and special thanks to Biosector01.com for refreshing my memory about them) (and no, it's not the Makuta, relax :) )


    And in chapter 4: More red star, somebody hits the right switch and regrets it ... or is the wrong switch?, and there are some people who get very frustrated by long lines ... murderously frustrated, in fact. Oh, and what does all this have to do with the murders of Karzahni and Tren Krom? And will Kopaka and Pohatu get the chance to find out?


  9. :kaukau: Holy cow.  I really, really with that this guy's designs were sets that I could just buy.  They are BEAUTIFUL.  I especially like how consistent the colors are.



  10. I'm looking for some help from one of you creative types out there. I would like some overlay images we can use during BZPower's streams, both for builds and games, to help share info for people who tune in part-way through and give them more of a BZPower-feel.


    For a visual style, I'm thinking something like the overlays we use for our YouTube thumbnails, with the angled line and the gears, but obviously smaller so it takes up less space. Maybe one in the bottom left and one in the top right. One would have generic BZPower info, the site name, URL, and social media names and icons. The other would be mostly empty to be customized for each stream. For sets it would have the set name, piece count, and price. For games it would have the game name. An overlay with directions for the giveaways we do might be a good idea too.


    Resolution should be 1920x1080 minimum and the file format should be something I can easily edit in GIMP to add the required text, so XCF or PSD probably.


    I am ready to be wowed. :)

  11. Bloghaku

    I disappear for a few years and the whole website changes. Why do you do this to me?

    But in reality life has uhhhh really freaking sucked.

    Still recovering from freaking hurricane freaking sandy in 2012.

    We had a contractor steal $60,000 this year. So that messed everything up. Here is a tumblr post from before we had that stolen that sums up everything from 2012 to the start of this year. It's insane.

    At this point right now we are in an RV park that closes in like two weeks with no where to go so might be homeless unless there is a miracle or we find something.

    How have you all been?

    (I can't promise I'll post much but I have wanted to make an I'm alive post for awhile.)




  13. Bundalings
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    I just found it in Alpha Sapphire! I wasn't even looking because that would be insane. Did they change the encounter system for Feebas from the original game?


    Edit: Looks like they did. There's now a 5% chance of encountering Feebas on any tile. Carry on, then!

  14. Ektris
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    I sometimes really miss this community. And others I used to be involved in as part of the larger BIONICLE/LEGO fandom.


    So I occasionally peak in, see how things are going... Generally without comment, and usually leaving a little more saddened by not feeling connected to it anymore and that things in general are really rather... quiet. Which I suppose makes sense when the focal point and passion of the fandom is dead again.


    But man, what passion... I dedicated so much of my formative years to this, as did so many others. They're great memories. And I am glad to see some still chugging away at it and newer folks still somehow discovering it.


    I'm not sure what made this visit different. Anywhere I'm present online now, I more often than not just lurk and not contribute. Quite the contrast to how I used to be. Just don't have the time and energy to. So a mix of nostalgia, boredom, sorrow, and maybe a touch of hope. Reflecting a lot, I suppose. I know it's not going to change anything and I'm not really back - not even sure I'll respond to anything here. I just really, really wanted to say...




    And I miss you all.


    Those who will read this and those who have long since moved on before I did.


    And thank you for all those memories.



  15. heck
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    this site still exists? lol

  16. Monday, January 9, 2012


    Hello friends.


    It certainly has been a long time. I see now that I managed to go through all of 2011 without making a single post - anywhere on this website! The downtime throughout the entire summer probably did not help any. Now it looks like the Official Greg Topic, has just... stopped. And from reading the home page these days you would hardly know that this is a BIONICLE website.


    Anyway, even though this is a very busy period of time, I think it is important to take some time to wrap up an old tradition. So just in case you feel like you never got a proper conclusion to the Farshtey Feed, and even though this should be considered way out of date, I give you its last entry ever, corresponding to p328-334; 1-5. Enjoy. =)



    • It has been a month or so in the story since the defeat of Teridax. [source] [source]

    • There are many species from the Matoran Universe in the new Matoran/Agori settlement on Spherus Magna, but there are far more Matoran than anyone else from the Matoran Universe. [source]

    • In the aftermath of the battle between Mata Nui and Makuta on Bara Magna, there are probably a little over 40 Toa left. [source]

    • Kualus and Nuju are not able to speak to the birds native to Spherus Magna in the way they can communicate with bird Rahi from the Matoran universe, because the languages are completely different. The biomechanical birds from the MU speak a variant of programming language, like the other languages in the Matoran universe. [source] [source]

    • The Order of Mata Nui will stay together. [source]


    • Lightstones no longer work now that the Matoran Universe is destroyed. The Matoran did not bring any of them to Spherus Magna. [source]

    • The Makuta stone from the Amaja Circle tales was brought from Metru Nui to Spherus Magna. The Makoki Stone and other items of value would also have been taken when the Matoran migrated from Mata Nui to Metru Nui, etc. [source]

    • The Matoran did not bring heatstones to Spherus Magna. [source]

    • The Matoran military groups from Mata Nui/Metru Nui have not been disbanded since Makuta's fall. [source]

    • The Matoran will probably continue their sports and games on Spherus Magna when they have the time. [source]

    • Old enemies such as the Dark Hunters and Barraki will doubtfully be welcomed in to the new society. [source]

    • Now that the Matoran Universe and prototype robots have broken down, they will be used to build shelters on Spherus Magna. [source]

    • Some beings are holding out from evacuating the Matoran universe, primarily those who can survive without heat or light. [source]

    • The Order of Mata Nui will certainly try to establish a new version of the Pit, in collaboration with the Agori. Greg supposes that guarding the new Pit would be a shared responsibility between Glatorian and the Maxilos robots. Hydraxon's role is unclear, but he may be used as more of a bounty hunter. [source]



    • Takanuva still has yet to fulfill his true destiny. Greg knows what this destiny is, and whether or not it will ever be revealed depends on whether it becomes important to story. [source] [source]

    • Takanuva and the Toa Mahri should be considered veteran Toa by now. [source]

    • Tahu is adjusting rapidly to his newfound Rahkshi powers. [source]

    • After the fall of Roxtus, Branar met up with one of the fragments of the Rock Tribe. [source]

    • The following characters/creatures have made it out of the Matoran universe and are on Spherus Magna: Voporak, the Rahi Nui, the Kardas Dragon, Tahtorak, the Kanohi Dragon, and Umbra. It is unknown whether Varian has made it. Tren Krom was freed from his island and allowed to escape, but it is unknown who. [source] [source] [source] [source] [source] [source] [source]



    • Greg, on the outcome of "The Powers That Be": "Best answer is to look at the title -- it's about power. BUT -- I will give you a clue -- in the end this story is not going to be about death and murder ... the story is about to take a BIG turn." [source]

    • Greg strongly hints that the Red Star is "causing trouble." [source]

    • According to Greg, the reason why Toa and Glatorian characters have been the ones seen settling problems between the Matoran and Agori instead of the Turaga and village elders is because the village leaders are busy trying to set up a social structure for their new society, and are leaving the handling of internal disputes to the respected heroes. [source]

    • Metus transformed back into an Agori because what Mata Nui did to him wore off. [source]

    • The gold-skinned fusion creature knew so much about Annona because it is telepathic. [source]

    • Annona was referring to Zaktan when he mentioned the "one thought dead." [source]

    • The elemental power inhibitor which Kabrua is using only works on Toa. [source]

    • Mavrah really is who he appears to be in "The Powers That Be." [source]



    • All of the Sisters of the Skrall who went looking for Angonce fell under Annona's power, as seen in "Sahmad's Tale." [source]

    • Unlike the male Skrall, all female Skrall have personal names. [source] [source]

    • The female Skrall of Bota Magna are much like the ones on Bara Magna. They too have psionic powers and do not get along with the male Skrall in their region, having formed an enclave of their own. The Skrall of Bota Magna in general are just as militaristic as the ones on Bara Magna. [source] [source]

    • If female Skrall have a male child, they give it back to the males. [source]



    • The name of the red, tentacled creature from "Sahmad's Tale" is spelled "Annona." [source]

    • Annona has always lived on Spherus Magna. [source]

    • Greg sees Annona as female. [source]

    • Annona looks like a ball of energy with tentacles. [source]

    • Annona remained in hiding for so long out of fear of the Great Beings. [source]



    • The Kestora, the beings found living in the Red Star in "The Powers That Be," are of the same species as the black and purple creatures seen in "The Journey of Takanuva," when Takanuva was visiting a pocket dimension. [source] [source]

    • Kestora are biomechanical and are creations of the Great Beings. [source]

    • The Kestora are the same beings Gali Nuva saw living in the Red Star through the telescope. [source]

    • Kestora appear to wear masks and hold bladed weapons, and are a little smaller than Matoran or Agori. [source] [source]

    • Kestora do not live anywhere else in the main universe besides the Red Star. [source]

    • The reason why Kestora were found living in a pocket dimension is an unclear topic. Greg once stated that there is no reason to believe that the Great Beings are responsible for their presence there. According to him, the Great Beings did create all of the pocket dimensions tied to the Matoran Universe, but they did not put the Kestora in the pocket dimension Takanuva visited. In his words, "How exactly the GBs created these entities [is] not yet known. So what they may have done is gotten the ball rolling, but the actual creation took place over time in the two different places, which would then explain some of the behavioral differences between the two groups. The ones in the City of Silver seem to be warriors; the ones on the red star are not." When asked later why the Great Beings put Kestora in such a place, Greg replied with a conflicting answer, saying, "Because the Kestora were good for what they wanted done there." [source] [source] [source]



    • Gaardus, in addition to teleportation, has the power of flight, enhanced senses, and considerable strength. He also wears a functional Great Kanohi Hau, which is the mask he wore as a Matoran. [source] [source] [source]

    • Judging from the combiner model of Gaardus, he was originally a Ta-Matoran. [source]

    • The Nynrah Ghosts who experimented on Gaardus were rogues who had been exiled from Nynrah and forced to work elsewhere. [source]

    • Gaardus was mutated before the Barraki rebellion and before Phantom was mutated as well. [source] [source]

    • The Order of Mata Nui, Brotherhood of Makuta, and likely Artakha as well all knew about Gaardus. [source]

    • Gaardus likely had no knowledge of the Red Star before he went there himself the first time. [source]



    • Toa Chiara wears the Mask of Stealth, which she also wore as a Matoran. [source] [source]

    • The gold-skinned fusion creature does not wear any armor. [source]

    • Marendar keys in on Toa power to find Toa. [source]

    • The Element Lords are physically one with their elements. They do not wear extra armor. [source] [source]



    • Perditus is older than Gelu. [source]

    • Tarduk is older than Berix. [source]

    • Tuma is probably older than Stronius. [source]

    • Greg has estimated how old these characters would be considered to be in human years:

    Gresh: mid-20's [source]

    Ackar: late 40's [source]

    Raanu: early 60's [source]

    Tarix: early 40's [source]

    Kiina: mid-30's [source]

    Tuma: mid-40's [source]



    • Orde, Zaria, and Chiara all fought in the battle against the Rahkshi during the final battle between Mata Nui and Teridax. [source]

    • In the serialized form of Journey's End, Makuta comments on Pohatu and Gali devastating half a legion of Rahkshi, whereas in the Bionicle comic book that covered that same scene, he comments on Pohatu and Gali devastating half a legion of Skakdi. Greg says that Skakdi were meant in both cases. [source]

    • Kyry is depicted differently in "All Our Sins Remembered" from his winning MOC contest entry because the artists were never aware of the contest or its results. [source]

    • The Order of Mata Nui destroyed most of the energized protodermis sources in the Matoran Universe with a counteragent. What's left is still inside the Matoran Universe. [source]

    • The Mistika Makuta's armor was the same color before they were mutated. [source]

    • Greg, explaining the different types of physical dimensions that exist in the story: "The main universe is the one in which the 2001-2009 story has taken place. It is the equivalent of Earth-616 in Marvel. We consider it to be the core reality for purposes of story. An alternate reality is another version of the core reality in which events unfolded differently. It is not linked to the core reality, it exists on its own. New alternate realities are formed whenever a decision is made in the core reality. A pocket dimension is a totally separate reality linked to the core reality. New ones are not constantly formed, and it need not have any relation at all to the core reality." [source]

    • Greg imagines that there were still problem Rahi with infected Kanohi on Mata Nui as late as the start of the 2003 story. [source]

    • Greg, on how Tahnok-Kal was able to retain its memories after its Krana was stolen in Comic 11: "Well, it would be fairly impractical if everytime a Bohrok changed its krana, it lost all its memories, etc. My guess would be there has to be some mental link between krana to insure things like that don't happen." [source]



    • The Iron Wolves and biomechanical dinosaurs created by the Great Beings were modifications of existing creatures. [source]

    • Greg, on why Angonce chose to stay on Spherus Magna: "I personally feel it is because he felt more of an attachment to the Agori than some of the others did. Keep in mind, though, that there is no evidence the other GBs actually left the planet, just that they disappeared. No one knows where they went." [source]

    • Greg, on how the Great Beings built the prototype robot: "[T]hey did not build it with their own hands. There aren't that many GBs, it would have taken them ages to build something that big by hand. They mostly used construction robots and a few Agori." [source]

    • The prototype robot was not built with a machine analogous to the Red Star, since it was not designed to leave the planet. [source]

    • The Great Beings already knew how to repair Spherus Magna when they created Mata Nui, but for geological reasons the repair of the planet could not be safely done until 100,000 years had passed. Therefore they did not implement an immediate solution and programmed the task into Mata Nui to be completed after his journey through space. [source] [source]

    • Marendar and the elemental power inhibitor were developed more or less at the same time, but by different Great Beings. [source]

    • The Great Beings did not stay in contact with the Kestora inside the Red Star; otherwise, they would have known that Mata Nui crashed. [source]

    • The Matoran universe inhabitant who is a Great Being in disguise is not being controlled remotely. The Great Being put his consciousness into one of the Matoran universe beings at the time of its creation, so he was never who he appeared to be. This Great Being is confirmed to be male. [source] [source]

    • Greg, on whether the disguised Great Being's intentions are evil: "Who defines evil? All we know is that whatever he is planning to do, Orde objects to it and wants it stopped. But to the GB, it might not be 'evil' at all." [source]

    • Even though the disguised Great Being would have left his old body on Spherus Magna for the others to find after he transferred his consciousness, the other Great Beings could have done nothing to stop him if they did not know where he had gone, and they had no access to the Matoran universe once it was launched anyway. [source]

    • The disguised Great Being is not using his real name. [source]

    • A Great Being would not be able to transfer his consciousness to a non-biomechanical being like a Glatorian or Agori. [source]

    • The Great Being who was cursed by the Mask of Life affects everything within a certain range of himself, and the effects only last while those things are in range. It would be possible for the Mask of Life to lift the curse or revert affected objects. [source]



    • It was not possible to travel between the Red Star and the Matoran Universe when they were docked together. [source]

    • The various forms of protodermis in the Matoran Universe were created artificially. [source]

    • Greg, on Tren Krom's original function: "He ran the universe - basically, he acted as the operating system for the machine until Mata Nui's AI came online. [... T]he MU was not turned on yet at that point, so he did not need to be wired into it to run it. Which is why once it was turned on, he wasn't able to do it anymore. All he had to be able to do was basically oversee the living things in the MU, and being telepathic, that was easy for him to do." [source]

    • Greg, on what Shadow Stealer did to protect the Matoran universe in the days before the first Toa: "There are always menaces -- remember, there was a giant robot being built in an area where there was wildlife and the robot was not sealed yet, so someone had to be defending the construction site from the inside." [source]

    • In the case that a planet did not have any large bodies of water, Mata Nui would have had to observe it from space. [source]

    • The Great Beings created the pocket dimensions tied to the Matoran universe, although we have not yet seen one which really served an important purpose. [source]

    • The lake of energized protodermis where Keetongu and Helryx encountered the Energized Protodermis Entity has existed in the Matoran Universe since 100,000 years ago. [source]

    • Lesovikk's mad Turaga, the one who sent all of his Matoran to Karzahni while Lesovikk's team was fighting Zyglak, went crazy all on his own; no external power caused him to go insane. [source]

    • During the Time Slip, the Order of Mata Nui did not hide more than one Av-Matoran in any one location, in order that they be spread out. [source]

    • The Great Beings did not create any male Ce-Matoran before deciding they should all be female. [source]

    • The Energy Hound species of Rahi was created by the Hand of Artakha. [source]

    • The Toa Mata were in training around the time when Mata Nui was being activated for the first time, and they were not even the first Toa team in existence. Even so, the Matoran Universe was constructed in a matter of months at the most. [source]

    • Protodites are biomechanical. [source]

    • Greg says that it is likely that all the Makuta had a Toa Hagah team at some point. Toa Hagah generally followed their Makuta wherever they went. It is likely that the Makuta employed Toa of Magnetism and Iron, given that they wanted Toa with those elements to be where they could keep an eye on them. [source]

    • Greg's opinion is that the fact that Life, Time, and Creation have legendary masks implies that these powers are considered beyond standard elements. [source]

    • According to Greg's belief, all the Nynrah Ghosts are Fe-Matoran. Therefore, Phantom was originally a Fe-Matoran, since he was a Nynrah Ghost. [source] [source]

    • When Av-Matoran become Bohrok, their consciousness does fade away, and they effectively die. From their point of view, it is a natural part of the cycle of life, and not something they fear. [source]

    • The primary color for the Iron element is metallic gray, like Zaria. Iron may also have other colors such as gold, bronze, and gray. [source]

    • Greg, on whether Matoran-language names are actually pronounced like they are spelled: "MU inhabitants speak programming language, so it may not sound anything at all like what our language sounds like. If I recall, one of the early online animations had them speaking in this very high-pitched way that sounded pretty much like programming noise." [source]

    • The inhabitants of the Matoran universe have mechanical eyes. [source]

    • Matoran of Plasma probably prefer hot climates like Matoran of Fire. [source]

    • Fe-Matoran would settle in environments near where metal can be mined. [source]

    • Matoran of plant life like to live in forests or jungles. [source]



    • According to Greg, the Energized Protodermis Entity is not as old as the Great Beings, since it did not achieve sentience that early. [source]

    • Vorox have always been aggressive, even before devolving into beasts. [source]

    • Like the Vorox on Bota Magna, the Zesk there did not regress into savagery either. [source]

    • The terms "Vorox" and "Zesk" are demonyms for members of the Sand Tribe rather than the names of species.

    • The Vorox and Zesk's tails are probably biomechanical. [source]

    • The Element Lord of Rock was not a supreme leader of the Skrall tribe before becoming an Element Lord. Basically, the Skrall were broken up into legions, and each legion had a leader. To Greg's knowledge, there was no overall supreme leader. [source]

    • Greg, on the whereabouts of Gresh's parents: "No idea. Probably still out there somewhere. Eventually, you do leave your parents and go out and make your own life, and that is what Gresh did." It is "not impossible" that they fought in the Core War. [source] [source]

    • A very popular delicacy among Glatorian is a particular species of hawk, for the reason that it is so hard to catch. It lives on mountain peaks. [source] [source]


    • Aqua Magna may have had sand bars for seabirds to rest on in the time before Spherus Magna was reformed. [source]



    • Kanohi Nuva powers can be shared with the inhabitants of Spherus Magna. [source] [source]

    • The Kanohi Rau only works with languages of the Matoran universe. The Rau would be able to decipher codes as well, since codes are basically languages. [source]

    • Toa and Glatorian can channel their elemental powers through any of each other's tools; they are not limited to work with only one element. [source]

    • In terms of elemental power, the following rank from strongest to weakest: Makuta, Toa Nuva, Toa Hordika/Toa Inika/Takanuva, Glatorian. Toa Hordika have the same level of elemental power as normal Toa but less mental capacity to use it. [source]

    • Toa Tuyet is much more powerful than a Toa Nuva, but Greg argues that she is not as powerful as an Element Lord, since an Element Lord essentially is one with the element it controls, whereas Tuyet merely wields it. She has more raw elemental energy than a Makuta, but a Makuta has more willpower and mental discipline to be able to use its power more efficiently. [source] [source]

    • Tahu, with his new Kraata powers, is more powerful than Toa Tuyet with her Nui Stone. [source]

    • A normal Toa would not be able to use a Toa Kaita mask. [source]

    • When used above water, Lesovikk's sea sled does not fly, but hovers above the ground. [source]

    • Krahka would be able to change herself to look mostly like a Glatorian or an Agori but would not be able to make herself mostly organic like on of them. She would be a biomechanical version of one and not terribly convincing to anyone who really knew what one was like. [source]

    • The Shadowed One is not able to use Kanohi. [source]

    • A Mask of Rahi Control would not work on Spherus Magna wildlife. [source]

    • Takutanuva, like Makuta, had the ability to shapeshift. [source]

    • A user of the Mask of Intangibility avoids falling through the ground by willpower. [source]

    • It is known that Av-Matoran can access special powers when in contact with a Toa or Makuta. These same powers would be available to them upon becoming a Toa. Takanuva never found out what his Av-Matoran power was as Takua, so he cannot access it. [source]

    • The Kanohi Hau cannot block unseen attacks, so it would not be effective for blocking attacks from an invisible opponent. [source]

    • Makuta can only use one Rahkshi power at a time. The particular strength of these powers in comparison to a Kraata depends on the willpower of the individual Makuta. [source]

    • The quick healing Rahkshi power only affects organic components, not armor. [source]

    • Rahkshi powers like fire resistance need to be consciously activated. [source]

  17. Trijhak
    Latest Entry

    When I was young I was very paranoid about a lot of things. In some ways I still am. 

    I used to imagine myself putting on a protective piece of headgear to... prevent people from reading my thoughts... at school. If I didn't I would be so afraid that people could read my thoughts. I don't know why I thought this other than just basic paranoia. Probably should have just tried to relax, which is difficult sometimes and is still now.

    Similarly, I used to stare into nothingness, and when I made sure nobody else was around, I would talk into this nothingness as if the world was a television show. I don't know why I did this. Still, it's something I just thought about for the first time in a long, long while. It would be nice, maybe, if we would stop being tools of humour in a televised sitcom. Hmm, maybe not, maybe one should be careful about what they want and wish. 

    This year hasn't been great, has it? It's like we all fell down some stairs and we keep falling down the next step hoping we regain ourselves but we seem unable to for some reason. I hope, therefore, that we right ourselves. Metaphorically, I fell down some stairs and managed to right myself very recently. 

    Of course I think I probably might have messed something up or a few. Threw myself out of the BZP Realms Discord after being there for quite a while in a rude manner. I'm sorry about that, for all those that applies to (a fair number of people if I recall). 

    Well, here's hoping things go better from now on. 

  18. So around this time of year I hear a lot of scrooges trying to dampen the holiday mood by saying something along the lines of "You know, people commit suicide more often around Christmas. It's a shame how people get so stressed out over gifts that they end their lives."


    Well, no more! Because that is 100% false!


    I'm bringing this up right now because I've heard this four or five times in the last three days, and it annoys me incredibly. I don't even celebrate Christmas and I love the holiday season because of how cheery people get, and how they seem to be more generous, so people trying to dampen things by spreading misinformation about people dying gets under my skin. So please, next time someone tries to rain on the parade with that line, present the facts.


    A bit of a heavy topic for BZP, but I think that saying "Hey, people aren't killing themselves in droves, things aren't as bad as you might think they are!" is an acceptable reason to delve into a heavy topic.

  19. Sumiki
    Latest Entry

    My grandmother died this morning at the age of 77.


    Words can’t even begin to describe the misery she went through in the past several years of her life. Her immense medical record was just about as long as the list of doctors who were mortified at the prospect of having to navigate the murky medical waters of a woman who, by all rights, should have been dead five times over. Between her assisted living facility, the various wards of the hospital, and rehab facilities spanning across several counties, she was a threat to sap the combined medical resources of the greater Charlotte area. 77 is not an old age, but aside from her thinning, yet stubbornly black hair, her body might as well have been 97.


    I don’t know, at this point, what finally did her in, but I can venture a guess that it’s something to do with the all-too-uncommon perils of someone with her comorbidities: her stage 2 kidney failure prevented her from taking the full dose of diuretics necessary to get the inevitable fluid buildup away from her heart and lungs, while her stage 3/borderline stage 4 heart failure had a hard time keeping up with the volume overload. People in her condition walk a thinner and thinner tightrope until they (or their loved ones) are forced into choosing death by kidney failure or death by heart failure.


    It was getting to a point where we would have been forced into making a difficult decision on her behalf. While she never suffered from any sort of neurological conditions (other than lifelong anxiety and depression), she was so tired—especially in the final months—that she could barely lift up her head, and her generally high creatinine levels (a byproduct of kidney failure) led to many a moment when the vivid imagination of her dreams got to her in her few remaining waking hours. She would have been in no condition to weigh the awful choice which was coming her way; a nursing home would have been the next step, and that process would have been an unimaginable emotional anguish for everyone involved.


    Her passing, while undeniably sad, is a weight lifted. Her condition would have killed a lesser person, and her life is a testament to a strength of willpower so strong that the rest of us would do well for ourselves in life if we had the tiniest fraction of hers.


    You often hear about deaths like this being sad, but not too sad, because they’re “expected.” As cliché as that might be, I can attest to its accuracy, having seen her on her deathbed on multiple occasions within the past several years. It was hard on those occasions because we grieved her passing and got through the emotions associated with such a loss, only for her to pull out and get through another two years.


    Even towards the end, she had good days, good weeks, and even good months. She found as much joy as possible in the little pleasures and comforts still available to her—watching the livestream of my graduation, hosting her bridge club for the final time—up through May. When it became clear that her body wouldn’t get back to the quality of life she once enjoyed, it shut down for good; that fight to get to the next goal, the next thing-she-was-looking-forward-to, just wasn’t there this time.


    If there’s anyone who taught me perseverance in the face of adversity, it’s her, and I hope that I can follow her example for the rest of my life.

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