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    In the past, before the upgrades and the downtime, reporting things in the blogs was a complicated mess of PMing BlogAlert, linking the content, describing the broken rules, and hoping someone read the BlogAlert account in a timely manner.


    NO MORE!


    The "REPORT" buttons on comments and entries DO WORK. Before the downtine, they did not. Now they do! Hurray!


    So, in short, if you have something to report, click that button, describe the offense, and a blog staff member will receive the report and an automatic link the the offending content. (Please do not use this to report signatures)


    This is much easier on us, on you, the general populace, and also on kittens everywhere.


    -The Blog Staff

  2. You were trying to cross the border, right? Walked right into that Imperial ambush, same as us, and that Thief over there.

  3. You ever notice how this chord, this chord and this chord don't sound nearly as epic as this chord?

  4. tnuvz_2019.jpg

    Ah idk I don't want to always just post every single redesign of my char to GA, that feels kinda spammy. So I'll just leave the sketch here.

    Actually I was out for some urban sketching yesterday, but after finding out that BZPower is back up - let's say I was inspired, and that happens so rarely these days that I let myself get distracted :)
    About the sketch itself, it was as always done in ballpoint pen, because I actually like that better than the regular pencil these days. ^^' Doesn't smudge so much in the sketchbook, and I don't "have to" do lineart. Of course, all mistakes are also permanent. But that's something I can live with. ^^


    small addendum: I just kinda wish my 13-year-old self could see what my art looks like these days. I think she'd be pleased - even if the new design isn't edgy enough xD By far.

  5. :kaukau: Holy cow.  I really, really with that this guy's designs were sets that I could just buy.  They are BEAUTIFUL.  I especially like how consistent the colors are.



  6. gotta say, kinda preferred the old way, but they're back, which is nice

  7. I know I didn't go over this in the last blog entry, but I'm sure if you remember me at all for some reason, you're probably curious as to where I've been or what I've been doing. The short answer is "none of your ding-danged business."

    I will say this, however: I do have a handful of things I was working on that were meant to be seen by the BZP public. This includes PIRAKA COMICS, which I know I haven't posted in what, three years? Yikes. Anyway, I've still got plenty of ideas left for it and they're all super amazing and I'm definitely looking forward to unleashing them upon an unsuspecting BZP audience. However, at this point in my life these things unfortunately need to take lower priority.

    Yeah, sorry about this being so vague. I will say this, though: I'm still here. I've always been here. I just don't post because, well, I really don't have anything to say these days.

  8. I've been a busy boy.  Slowly chipping away at making my Mandalorian armor and my Spirit costume.  I want to have Spirit done by Halloween and I might even be able to do it.

    I've also been making a vacuum forming box for the makerspace.  Been mulling over cool BIONICLE stuff to make with it.


    Oh and my LEGO Ideas project finally got approved.  You can find it at ideas.bfaho.me.  Check it out if you like Miraculous!  Or even otherwise.

  9. Still getting used to this new layout and everything…ah, welcome back everyone!  I missed you.  Some of you, at least.  The rest of you know what you did.

    Kind of a lot happened over the timeskip: my sister got married, I had a sudden-ish move, and I’m between jobs at the moment.  I’ve also been working on my writing, primarily Shooting Star Sonia (3 is almost done!) and a TWEWY fic I’m doing for an event, plus some groundwork for NaNoWriMo and a bit of thought towards Right of Law.  And, I’m pleased to say I’ve made some progress on certain issues I’ve been dealing with, though I won’t go into great detail.

    Come to think of it, my 15th anniversary happened during the break.  Let’s see, over the past year I continued working on Shooting Star Sonia and Right of Law, wrote Detective Jaiya and the Baffling Barrier for the Fanfic Exchange, and I won my very first raffle!  That’s about it, though.  Hard to say what next year will bring, but I’m hoping to make progress on Law, and I’m certainly looking forward to the next Fanfic Exchange!  And it seems Mr. Faber could have something interesting in store…

    That’s, ah, basically all I have to say for now.  Oh, and the Steven Universe movie is pretty incredible.  Also we’re getting a Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection in January!  Rad stuff.

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    The Pansarka system's gorgeous, innit?



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    where is the box i feel old and i have (1) opinion

    everyone else put in life updates so heres mine no one asked for

    estrogen made me hot and i have a boyfriend

    and a pool, i have a pool

    im kinda a big deal

  11. Remember the old days when we had rules about the combined file size of avatars and sig banners? What was it, 150kb max?

    Man, I miss those days.

    Hey, all y'all. Bet practically nobody here even remembers or knows me at this point. But, for those of you old codgers that do and have possibly wondered what I've been up to lately, here's the sitch.

    First and probably the biggest, in the time since I was last around I've moved on from having jobs to finally landing a career. No longer do I spend my days washing dishes or flipping burgers. I am now the Product Support Manager for a company specializing in candidate sourcing and a jobs search/data engine. I spend my days managing a team of programmers including a rotating internship wherein I can help other up-and-coming developers learn some of the ins and outs of the industry. It is very stressful but very rewarding work and while I'm definitely not yet being paid as much as I "should" be, I love my job and wouldn't trade it for anything.

    Outside of the job, I'm living it up as a bachelor in my own digs. Rather than sink money into nothing, I skipped the whole "apartment phase" and jumped feet-first into the world of home ownership. It's been a wild ride and I'm learning new things all the time. My neighbors are pretty swell and I'm actually surprised that none of them have really voiced any complaints about the state of my yard/lawn that I've definitely not been keeping up with (it's been a crazy year between the promotion and grandparents). Also, I didn't know this when I bought the place, but I have six frickin' fruit trees: 1 apple, 1 cherry, 2 plum, and 2 that I'm not sure if they're weird-looking apples or weird-looking pears.

    Recreationally, I'm still loving my time as part of the TTV Channel. It's been a wild roller-coaster ride with all kinds of ups and downs, but we've done some great stuff (go watch Biocraft Chronicles if you haven't yet) and I've definitely made life-long friends. I also continue to play too much Warframe but I'm trying to get back into the swing of playing my ocarina too. I'm still very novice in terms of skill, but my goal is to be able to play the Ducktales theme before 2020 rolls around.

    A'ight, that's me. Peace.

  12. Wow, BZP is different now.


    I don't know what to say, really. 

  13. So the website has returned! Though I do not frequent this site very much, I am glad that something that was once a big part of my life is still kicking. I thought it was to be gone forever. Huzzah, I say! Let this site carry on to the distant mists of time.

    As a minute life update: my family is moving by the end of this month, recently tried sake for the first time, and I bought my first sword today. I will have you know it was nothing of weebish nature, rather it was a Roman Imperial Spathion. Stay thine katanas, otakus of the occident, I shall abide by hellene steel!

  14. So first of all I'm real happy that this old site is back online. BZPower has always been a special place for me and Brickfair has kind of renewed my interest in the Bionicle community, so I'm glad to have it back, and I think the new forum software will eventually turn out to be better than what we were using, even if there are some kinks to work out still.

    Anyway that Brickfair was one of the greatest experiences I've had in a long time. It felt so good to be totally immersed in such a great community for a few days. I've been trying to make an effort to be more social in general since the events of my last entry, and realizing that there's something like this where I can really connect with like-minded people greatly lifted my spirits. Special shout out to my Team Farm Animals! There were a lot of great mocs on display too, and even my one humble creation I decided to bring last minute seemed to get a pretty good response.

    This totally made up for missing last year's event. In a way, it felt nice to have such a big thing to point to as being better in my life this year compared to last, particularly something that I didn't share with my ex. (See last entry.) But hopefully I won't be missing any more!

    What probably stood out the most to me were the events of the final night. There was just a massive turnout for the annual dinner, after which we all hung around in the parking lot, no one wanting to leave too soon. But leave we eventually had to, with me going back with a few to play Jackbox back at the hotel as we had done almost every night. And honestly, there was just such a massive Bionicle presence in general. There were so many tables and they were so full a few people moved their mocs to other appropriate sections, and there were several seminars and panels related to Bionicle. The majority I think. It really showed me how big this community still is, even we're a bit fractured. 

    And I'm glad I had such a great community experience at this time, because shortly after I got back home, I lost most of my friends, including a few of my longest time friends since middle school, to what is essentially a political dispute. I won't go into details here, but obviously it upset greatly to have so many people I had been close to suddenly decide they want nothing to do with me. If it had happened at a lower point in my life, my spirit might have been broken completely. So thank you

    Since then, I've gone back to college. I go out and play Pathfinder on Thursdays and Magic: The Gathering on Fridays. I spend a lot of time on my studies, but I have been exploring that wider Bionicle community that I was alerted to, mainly in the form of listening to various YouTube videos in the background while I play Hearthstone. I did watch Biocraft as I was told about at Brickfair and really enjoyed it too!

    Anyway, that's a short update on the last little bit with what's been going on with me. I'm glad to be back on here; let's keep the good times rolling.

  15. I have to say, the blogs look terrible now. The layout on the homepage, the in-blog reading view, everything.

    But they're back now. Hi, everybody!


  16. Hey, folks. Since BZP is back online now, I figured I pop in and give a general life update for those interested (Probably no one...).

    And boy, it has been awhile since I wrote an entry. I didn't realized that I kind of drop off the face of BZP since 2018 onward. XD

    So where to begin? Well, not a whole lot has changed for me in past two years... Still working at the same job for past nine years and still living with my folks (Yeah, not a great look for a 27 year old... I do pay them rent at least. But yeah, it is something that I needed to work on. XD).

    So yeah, not much to share on those fronts, so I won't bored you with that.

    Have I done much LEGO building in the past two years? I mean LEGO sets wise, yeah, I have build an occasion set here and there (I actually have a bit of backlog of sets that I should build at some point. Like I still have Lord of Rings sets from way back still boxed and on a self near me. XD).

    I hadn't brought anything recently though or done much MOCing (Mind you, that's not too surprising as I have never been that great at MOCing to begin with). So not much share on LEGO front either.

    Thoughts on Bionicle Gen 3 rumors sparked by Christian Faber (that were in news here awhile back)? Well, I am not against LEGO doing another attempt at the theme if they want, especially since I did like the sets from Gen 2.

    Moving on from that, I guess I will talk about gaming next. I am going organize this in a list format since that feels like best way of doing this (Note: Not in any particular order)...

    - I finished the story for Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch (on PS3) finally. I had a pretty good time with it, although I do regret having so much gaps between playing it since I definitely didn't remember a lot of stuff. Oh, and I am not a big fan of familiar combat in it. People praised that element a lot and I really don't get it (Personally I think Pokemon combat style is much better than it). Also the last bit of game felt really tack on to me (Really it felt like it could work better if it had been flesh out more in a direct sequel). Hm... I might go back to do trophies at late point (Basically if I clear my PS3 backlog out).

    -   I managed to get all trophies in Journey (PS3). I must say I was surprised there are people still playing it online on PS3 after it being out for like 6 years (I did this in 2018, unless I am remembering wrong.).

    - I got all trophies in Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (PS3). The game still tugs at my heartstrings after all these years.

    - I played LittleBIGPlanet 1 (PS3) until I got stuck in the Bunker. I recall finding some of the controls rather annoying and not being a fan of respawn system. It is hard to say if I will go back to it anytime soon.

    - I played Ico (PS3), which was definitely more my speed than LittleBIGPlanet 1. The last thing I recall doing it was finding a secret room that gave me a weapon. I didn't finish it since KH3 was on the way to being released at the time, so I took a break from it. I definitely will be going back to this eventually.

    - I briefly play Marvel's Spider-Man on my PS4 to test it to make sure it worked. The only thing I did outside of first mission was collect all map points and schoolbags. XD I really wanted to play more of it, but sadly I loan it to my brother awhile back.

    - I played KH 0.2 and watched Back Cover in prep for KH3. I really enjoyed KH 0.2. I wish it could been a full game rather than tech demo for KH3. Oh, and I didn't replay KH3D since I just didn't have time since I did this so close to KH3. It is on my to do list to replay eventually.

    - I played KH3. I honestly play this game non-stop when it came out. I was that excited for it and I am glad I brought it. While it was far from perfect (I definitely have my complains on stuff), I enjoyed it and I look forward to DLC this winter. Oh, and I didn't get all trophies (I did get all Hidden Mickeys though). I might go back and do them eventually.

    - On Nintendo Switch's NES app, I have finished Super Mario Bros 3 and I am currently working my way through Metroid 1. I am really bad at Metroid 1. XD

    - I have 100% non-DLC story mode in Splatoon 2. I also finished Octo Expansion in prep for last Splatfest (My Team, Order, sadly lost Splatfest). It is going be awhile before I 100% Octo Expansion because man, it is difficult.

    - I completed my goal in Pokemon Crystal (3DS) and got Celebi! Also recently start slowly working on my Pokedex goal for Pokemon Gold.

    - And lastly, I am currently working my way through Paper Mario 1 for first time. At the moment, I am on Chapter 5 and I will be continuing that this weekend.

    Alright, that's basically a summary of what I been up to gaming wise. I probably miss some stuff, but this list is long enough as it is, so I'll end it there.

    The only other thing that I can think to talk about is that I recently went on my first plane trip as I went to Seattle for PAX West last week. It was pretty fun trip. I am glad that I decided to tag-along with my sister for it. I am also not as afraid of planes anymore, so that opens the door at least to consider doing other trips like this in the future (Although planes are pretty cramped, so definitely not doing trips longer than 5 hours.).

    My biggest highlight from PAX West was getting to play FF7 Remake demo (I was really lucky on Monday... Also Monday was like the best day. It was so much less intense compared to other days). It was great and I can't wait to play it next year. *hype*

    *look at how long the entry is* Alright, I think I rambled enough here. If you like to hear more about my Seattle trip, let me know and I'll take time to write up a summary on the trip for here with some pictures for ya. But anyway, thanks for taking the time to read this rambling entry about my life.

    - JMJ 2019

  17. BZP is back

    It's like some kind of new dawn

  18. "Two and a half months later."


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    Yeah this will take some getting used to...

    Hopefully broken things get fixed...

    Those 2011 dataclysm flashbacks are stronger with this new flashier look after a while of waiting...

  20. Essays, Not Rants! 383: 21 Minutes


    I’ve made no secret my anticipation for Death Stranding, the latest project from Hideo Kojima, the gaming industry’s undisputed resident auteur-genius-lunatic. This is the guy who brought us all the lunacy of the Metal Gear Solid series that somehow managed to merge questions of linguistic existentialism, mutually assured (nuclear) destruction, and giant robots into a cohesive narrative about the role of a soldier. I wanna see what this guy does.


    The latest trailer focuses on the character Heartman, based on the likeness of Nicolas Winding Refn. Which, before we get any further, sidebar:


    Refn is a writer-director, perhaps best known for the excellent movie Drive and more recently Too Old To Die Young. He’s not the sort of person you expect to provide the likeness for a video game character, but here we are.



    Heartman. His whole deal is that every twenty-one minutes his heart stops and he dies, only to be resuscitated by an AED three minutes later. During those three minutes, he searches for his family on the “other side,” before coming back to life and resuming whatever it is he’s doing. Since most of life — aside from sleeping — can, as he puts it, fit into that twenty-one-minute window, things do go on.


    Alright, let’s take a second and acknowledge how freaking silly this is. Who on earth is going to commit to a bit as ridiculous as a character who chronically dies? Someone walking around with an AED strapped to his chest and keeps coming back to life?


    With that out of the way, let’s now acknowledge how ridiculously brilliant this is. Kojima is a man known for taking big ideas and running with them far past anyone with a modicum of self-awareness would think to. The latter half of Metal Gear Solid V is essentially a treatise on the connection between language and cultural identity as weaved into a narrative through a deadly virus that’s passed on through speech. Somehow, it works, and the notion of a lingua franca has never seemed quite so ominous.


    In light of that, I really can’t wait to see what Kojima does with Heartman. Kojima is not a man to approach an idea like this half-heartedly or with his tongue in cheek. There’s no winking at the audience, no sheepish acknowledgment that the idea is patently ridiculous but, please, just go along with it. Nope. Heartman dies every twenty-one minutes and that’s that.


    But because there’s no winking, it means that Death Stranding will be totally free to explore just the toll this has on Heartman. He can’t really accomplish much of significance in the periods he’s alive, so the question becomes if the time he spends dead is what really matters, as that’s when he can look for his family. In light of that, are those twenty-one minutes just him waiting to die? How then does he spend his time?


    The trailer features Heartman’s room, a small studio stocked with books and a variety of media. Knowing how short each instance of his life is, though, how does that affect the diversions Heartman seeks out? There is some irony of this being presented in a Hideo Kojima game, a man who made a reputation out of cutscenes longer than Heartman’s lifespan, but perhaps Heartman then serves as a vehicle for Kojima to meditate on the transience of life. Writing a character who experiences life in such a different way forces Kojima to look at things differently.


    Ultimately, that’s all part of the way Kojima approaches stories. Nuclear-wielding mechs and nanomachines are vehicles to really get into the nitty-gritty of thematic questions. Heartman, then, is the home for questions of existentialism, as filtered through an idea somehow simultaneously so ridiculous and brilliant. It’s simply wonderful, and just another reason why I really can’t wait to get to play Death Stranding later this year.



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    span.s1 {font-kerning: none}

  21. Hello everyone. The final design and color is HERE

    If you're going to BrickFair VA 2019, feel free to post your reservations here. It'll probably run for a week or two.

    That's all, have a good one.

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