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Bionicle 2015

Posted by Vivian James in Terrible Joke inc., Sep 19 2014 · 3 views

>Bionicle comes back
>Lego experiences huge sales
>Half-life 3 announced
>Lego doesn't care
>Half-life 3 release date around time Bionicle summer sets come out
>Half-Life 3 released
>People start buying Half-life 3 instead of Bionicle
>Bionicle sales plummet
>Bionicle is on verge of dying
>Small group of fans decide to get together to stop Half-life 3
>group grows
>Half-Life 3 fans fight back
>anarchy reigns in the street
>I'll never be able to buy a Bionicle or Half-Life 3


The Return

Posted by Haku340 in All That I'm Hearing From You..., Sep 19 2014 · 3 views

So in the light of the recent announcement of the return of BIONICLE, I decided to hop back on over to this place. ###### it has been a long time. Last time I was here was when the forum was still in its original visual appearance, before all of the old threads were deleted. For those of you that don't know me, I was a fairly active member of the Comics and Completely off Topic sections of the forum, and a pretty devoted fan of BIONICLE, though with a limited budget.
The last time I actually made a post here was before I had finished my first year of secondary school (or middle school for you Americans). Of course, being a student of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (which is horrible, 0/10, would not reccommend), I will never be able to spend as much time here as I used to, but I'd be super glad to get back on board with some of the community shenanigans that go on around here.
For those of you that know me for my Comics, other than what is on my Majhost, all the files are gone but I still have all my notes and story ideas if any of you are interested. I might get back into making them some day, because I really did enjoy making them, but for now this is just a place to kill time and enjoy one of my old favourite things to do.
It's good to be back. Now let's go recover all those lost files, shall we?


my laptop is become death

Posted by farmstink buttlass in mister donuts, Sep 19 2014 · 16 views

So the laptop I've been using these past few years has finally given up on being usable. I suppose it was about time. Its "display driver" has been a pain for over a year now. Brief blackouts and the occasional pseudo-bsod's were not uncommon. The piece of junk couldn't handle more than two tabs at a time for a while now. It got so slow I end up spending a ridiculous amount of time restarting the system and my browser just to get a few minutes of smooth computerin'. It's so awful. (It's also probably fixable, but I know jack about computers, other than that this one is terrible.) Anyway, since a day or two ago every time I turned it on the screen has done a totally stereotypical glitch-out sort of thing where it cuts all over the place vertical-wise (yeah i am no good at describing things either). And today it just gave up. After a second or so of the screen working, it'll just go dark. Not completely--you can still see what's there, but in the same way you can still see in the dead of night with no light sources. (not good, is what I'm saying) It's unusable. Sigh.

I'm using a spare monitor we have for now. It seems like it's working ok. But I'll still probably need to get a new computer. And that costs money. Not good.



Posted by Calvirick in Calvirick's Blog, Sep 19 2014 · 17 views

Hipster photo of Nick and Kongu

Posted Image
(click to enlarge)


The best thing about Bionicle's return...

Posted by Wrinkledlion X in Mighty Morphin Flower Arrangers, Sep 19 2014 · 33 views

From now on, we won't have to deal with these ridiculous spinnies next to our names: what even are these Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image
Is that Gali in the first one? I dunno


Bring Back Bionicle 2017

Posted by The Dandy Automaton in The Junk Heap, Sep 19 2014 · 35 views

So yippee, Bionicle's back, my landlord will never see rent money, and my grades are bound to divebomb into a McDonald's deep fat fryer. But how long will it last? HOW LONG?

That's why I'm staying on top of things with Bring Back Bionicle 2017 because you can never be too careful.



Posted by Zatth in Zatth Blag, Sep 19 2014 · 18 views



This is not an entry about Bionicle's return

Posted by Smooth Jazz in The Swimming Beard Knows, Sep 19 2014 · 36 views

Probably the only one in the blogs right now. :P


Just realized...

Posted by I AM MELON LORD! in Making the training more realistic ♫♪, Sep 19 2014 · 44 views

Bionice will be a zombie theme next year. Should they return, all of the characters we grew to know and love will be zombies.

Zombie Tahu, Zombie Lewa, Zombie Matoro, etc.

This pleases me...


~Melon Lord



Posted by Pomegranate in Hundreds of Crimson Seeds, Sep 19 2014 · 25 views

I just got my package in the mail (thanks again Reya!) so I'm gonna be celebrating the 2015 announcement by building the Bohrok, Bohrok-Kal, and Toa Nuva :D

This is a very happy day ^^


something about bonkles pt. 2

Posted by Cyrix in ♫ Don't Go to Sleep with a Frown in Your Pocket ♫, Sep 19 2014 · 38 views
gregf, bionicle, aaaaaahhhh, :D and 1 more...

I never thought I would see this day come! And if it ever did happen I didn't think it would mean this much to me but it does. BIONICLE is back, at least for the time being, and I am incredibly hyped.

The fact that we're bringing back something akin to the quest for the Masks of Power is nice. Going back to the roots of BIONICLE is probably a good idea, but I still sincerely hope that this is a reboot and not a continuation, mainly because the latter would be too confusing to incoming fans (among several other reasons).

"Happy and nervous too -- the return is a big deal, and you really want it to succeed, because you only get one chance to bring something like this back."
-Greg Farshtey on BIONICLE's return, LEGO Forum

Totally feel on that one.

EDIT: actually kinda interesting reading some of his replies on this stuff, 10/10 would recommend


On Returns

Posted by Xaeraz in Challenge Kourok, Sep 19 2014 · 42 views

Villager's pocket move is so ridiculously good.



Posted by Ehksidian in Ehksellent!, Sep 19 2014 · 30 views

also there's something about this "bionicle" thing being confirmed.


Bring Back Hero Factory Club

Posted by Lucina in tub, Sep 19 2014 · 162 views

So, as of today, Bionicle's return in 2015 is confirmed. Which means LEGO is banning the Hero Factory toyline, even though it's story didn't even get to finish. That's why I want all the fans of Hero Factory to come together and barrage LEGO with complaints. Demand LEGO finish Hero Factory! Bring back my favorite toyline! Force LEGO to repeal the ban on Hero Factory! Who's with me?



Posted by ChocolateFrogs in Scientific Progress Goes "Boink", Sep 19 2014 · 36 views
lego, pirate, metalbeard

Ahoy! We can't be forget'n that today be International Talk Like a Pie-rate Day, aye?

Be sure to put yer sea-legs on an' wave at that horizon over yonder, and don't forget to give your timbers a good shiverin'!

Posted Image


-CF :pirate:


Thinking of...

Posted by Reznas in Reminiscence of a Feeble Past..., Sep 19 2014 · 50 views

Writing a piano solo piece celebrating the return of Bionicle! You guys dig?



back at it again on mata nui

Posted by Ran Yakumo in back at it again at oscorp, Sep 19 2014 · 46 views
bionicle 2k15, rise

hoo boy


The return of Bionicle.

Posted by Element Lord of Milk in Build-a-bear workshop., Sep 19 2014 · 44 views
Bionicle, Lego, insanely happy

So, Bionicle 2015 was just announced today. It's been 4 years, 9 months, and 26 days since November 24th, 2009, the day Lego announced that. Bionicle would end. And now after all that time, it's finally coming back.



Medieval stuff

Posted by Pulse Trijhak in Definitely Not Edible, Sep 19 2014 · 34 views

What is it with medieval stuff and its strangely large influence on fiction?

Living in a place that went through that period as part of its history, it's kind of disappointing how many fictional works seem to make themselves way more boring by allowing themselves to be influenced too much by it. Asides from the fictional works produced during the medieval period, that has an excuse.


MT made a Thing

Posted by Torgalpif in Cloudbank, Sep 19 2014 · 24 views

For that contest as well. You should play it too.


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