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What if...

Posted by I HATE PUNS. in The Bread Star, Feb 27 2015 · 10 views

What if inane what if questions did not exist?



Posted by Mushy the Mushroom in A BLOG OF A MUSHROOM, Feb 27 2015 · 11 views
MR. TEA, AND, MUSHY, MAKE and 1 more...

HE'S 7'4"
Posted Image
Posted Image


California Two

Posted by DeeVee in What You Want is Now, Feb 27 2015 · 21 views
Homesick, California, Life

I don't know. I'm having a hard time adjusting to this new life, and it's taking a bit of a toll on my sense of... I don't even know?

In theory, everything here should have been a great move: better weather, better pay, a car for the two of us, a new career for Maddison, LEGOLAND trips, discounted LEGO purchases, a major metropolitan area to play around in, the beach, food, etc.

But it just doesn't feel right so far. My new store sucks, and as dumb of a job as "Starbucks management" is, it's where I'm at while I pay off my bills and then finish school for my real desire, and it's a job I'm incredibly good at, and one I actually enjoy immensely, which is more than I can say for the high-paying jobs several of my university friends have. But this new store is miserable. Anyone following me on Twitter (and if you don't like language you shouldn't) has probably seen the frustration bubble over, but the entire thing is just... It's a mess. It's a chore. I wake up and I hate going to work. But it pays well, and there is supposed to be a promotion spot for me in the coming months too. But I just don't know if I can make it that far? I'd try to jump ship to LEGOLAND with Maddison, but because she works there, I am unable to pursue a job at the model shop by default, and I don't think I'd want to anyway? System bricks are fun and all, but they're not my passion.

I don't know. Random late-night life update. Since we finally have an apartment and internet in it. I'm assuming things get better from here.


BS01's New Front Page

Posted by Zox Tomana in Softly Call the Muster..., Feb 26 2015 · 70 views

I like the look. I hate pretty much everything else. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to how the content blocks are organized, and the fifteen-link matrix of categories is daunting. And it'd be nice if G1 and G2 Bionicle had distinct sections of the site so that newcomers to the site wouldn't be bombarded with irrelevant and confusing G1 info when they first visit the site.

Then again, it's been a long time since I was actually active on BS01, so I doubt my opinion's all that important.

Figured I'd just make my own blog entry about this, since I was/am so involved in the project.

Alas, the separation of G1 and G2 has been quite a talking point, and it's hard to represent both simply and efficiently (at least, we haven't had any good ideas on it). As the guy who actually did the leg-work of making the design: we wanted the Welcome, Notices, and Social Media to be at the top, Partners at the bottom, and we tried to get the Featured Specials relatively close together (you can see that we failed with the Featured Page) as well as wanting the Featured Project near those and with Maintenance. The current set-up is the result of trying to make everything line up in certain ways, not to mention multiple attempts to get it to work with Internet Explorer (which it still doesn't do properly and I'm not happy that there isn't a fix for that in place). The matirx of categories... that goes back to representing the breadth of our content properly and it's hard to do =/ We were doing pretty well with the slider bit, but someone decided it wasn't ideal for our purposes. I dunno *shrug*.

Anyone's opinion on this is welcome, whether or not it's been years since they've been on BS01! Even if you aren't a member, feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Now, I spent hours on this thing, and I do mean HOURS, trying to make sure it would go well with Dorek's new look. Unfortunately, there are two things about the look I don't like, and that's the blue UDD and the MoCreation_2 logo. The latter just isn't the BS01 logo to mean. Yes, I've used the VS01 skin for the vast majority of time I've been on BS01 (until it went MIA), but if you asked me to associated BS01 with a logo, that logo has to involved the Avohkii, plain and simple. The Avohkii has been the symbol of BS01 for way too long to change that into the default, permanent logo that visitors of the site will be seeing.

The Blue UDD? I see stairstep curves on it. It be rather obviously pixelated on my screen and that doesn't look good. Yeah, we're technically an amateur group (this isn't any of our jobs), but we like to say we hold ourselves to a higher standard, and I'd like to think that higher standard involves our presentation to the public. Looking closely at the original Monobook, I can see the stairsteps, but they aren't nearly as obvious. Clearly we need to get better images for our backgrounds, but I'm not staff (Dory gave me temp Sysops, but I ain't staff :P ) so... not my job.

Oh, one more thing. Vector offends my sensibilities. I just don't like Vector based skins. I very much prefer the clean lines and divisions of Monobook. To me, if we could make sure the new set-up works right across the major browsers, it +Monobook & Avohkii + better UDD backgrounds would be a step in the right direction. Keep the dark bg and MoCreation_2 logo as a G2 Skin option for people already committed to the site.


Giveaway: GameCube Controller Adapter

Posted by Jedi Master J. in The Library That Never Was, Feb 26 2015 · 198 views

Dawn of The Final Day

- 24 Hours Remain -


Hey, folks. I thought pop in today and let you all know that I have a GameCube Controller Adapter up for grabs (Mostly because the friend, that I brought it for awhile back, doesn't need it actually since they manage to find one themselves.).

So yeah, if you want it, leave a comment in this entry. Oh, and to be fair about it, I am going pick who will get it from a random number generator. Also you have till midnight on Friday night (AKA February 28th [Saturday], 12:00 AM EST) to leave a comment here.

***Entry List***

1) Avohkah Tamer

2) Ballom


4) Obessionist

5) Parugi

6) Pomegranate

7) Major Alex Louis Armstrong

8) Baltarc



That's all I got to say for this entry. Thanks for taking the time to read this and may the odds ever be in your favor. Talk to you later, BZPers.

- JMJ 2015



Posted by Vorahk1Panrahk2 in V1P2's Blog, Feb 26 2015 · 87 views
LEGO Stuff

When I went out shopping yesterday I had three goals:

1.) Buy my sister some ceiling stars
2.) Find her a desktop fountain
3.) Buy an iTunes giftcard.

But when I was strolling through Target I decided to check out the LEGO sections to see if Onua and Gali where there on clearance. Sure enough, they were! There were a decent number of Galis for ten dollars, but I got the very last Onua which was priced at 13. So of course I wasn't going to pass up this opportunity. Throwing caution to the wind, I bought it.

I also ended up not buying ceiling stars or an iTunes giftcard because at that point I ran out of money. And I didn't find ny desktop fountains. Oh well.... it was totally worth it. Because Onua is SO COOL. I liked how it felt like a combination of technic and classic BIONICLE, and that's owed entirely to the gear function. The shoulder pads can get in the way of his arms depending on how they're positioned (and the way they're attached is kind of iffy), but that's really my only complaint. (Well, that and the stickers. I just don't like stickers.) He looks big, he looks buff, he looks like Onua. He also has two trans purple bone pieces, but really I'm just glad to add a little more CCBS to my collection. I don't know when I'll be by Target again, but if I get there in time I'll definitely pick up

In other LEGO news, I finished building 10232 Palace Cinema which I recieved as a Christmas gift. I'll probably end up writing a review which if I don't post in LEGO discussion, I'll definitely put it here. In case anyone cared (probably not).

Now excuse me while I go fanboy over my new toy... and my first new BIONICLE set in six years! :br:


Oh, Bleach...

Posted by Pahrak #0579 in Omega Republic Cavern of Diamond Asterisks of Creation Point UG & Knuckles, Feb 26 2015 · 48 views

Yes, I’m still reading Bleach.

Yes, it’s still not that good.

There are a few developments I want to semi-rant on briefly:

Anyway. I’m hoping it’ll pick up a bit soon and end on a higher note, but I’m not sure how realistic that is. Was Bleach always like this? Because I was thinking back and I realized it might not be that Bleach has gone downhill as I’ve sort of outgrown it, which is equally worrying in a way. :P Eh, whatever. Deep, calming breaths…


ffxiv players hmu

Posted by Cap'n K in Blog Horizon, Feb 26 2015 · 35 views

im on marlboro and my name is vestia khrusos

what if there was a bionicle company


Wow, the New 3DS 3D effect is unbelievable

Posted by ~Shockwave~ in The Aurora's Edge, Feb 26 2015 · 74 views

Posted Image

It's almost like it's real.

(Wait, no, don't go! I've been waiting two weeks to make this joke!)


I live in Australia now

Posted by SPIRIT in SPIRIT's Blog, Feb 25 2015 · 141 views

In case you were wondering.


BBCC #69 Conspiracy

Posted by Konahrik in Doorway From The Abyss, Feb 25 2015 · 108 views
Just joking, Or am I?

Regarding the recent delay in puting up voting polls, I believe I have cracked the code. In the topic, nowhere does it say regular members will be the ones voting on entries. I believe that the admins are infact the ones who will be/are voting. The reason the polls are up and no one can readily access it? It is an admin only poll. The admins have thus far been unavailable in the BBCC #69 topic due to them only being able to announce the finalists and then they will be able to resume their normal duties.

That or tufi got sick, or had personal issues to take care of that have thusfar kept them from completing their normal duties.

Which option sounds more likely? You decide.


Japan is getting a Mario Kart 8 Soundtrack!

Posted by Obsessionist in Chronic Obsessions, Feb 25 2015 · 57 views

As a Club Nintendo reward! That means that I can grab one off Ebay later! Yay!



Posted by Dorek in Bond of Flame, Feb 25 2015 · 93 views

Hah just kidding. But BS01 does have a new front page design so you should check that out.

Still needs some fixes (like making links actually show up...)


Agent Carter

Posted by Zeddy in Zomg, Feb 25 2015 · 62 views

I have mixed feelings about that finale... I'm sad that it's ended and season 2 is nowhere in sight, but also excited for Agents of Shield to finally start again. :P For me it was probably one of the better shows I've seen, and I think like Breaking Bad since they had a clear time frame going in they were better able to craft a decent (great), no-loose-ends type of story.

I'm just gonna sit here hoping and praying that they renew it coz we need more shows like it on TV.


Never Played A Zelda Game

Posted by Based Goomy in GOOOOMY, Feb 25 2015 · 86 views


I was wondering where I should start. I've only got a 2DS, so I was thinking of going to pick up Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask down the road.



Posted by farmstink buttlass in incredibly silly and just a little bit rude, Feb 24 2015 · 80 views

So like, last month I disassembled most of my CCBS sets. But for whatever reason I guess I forgot Nitroblast? (also, i'm like mostly sure i also haven't found out furno 2.0? not that it matters much). So yeah anyway I dug him out the other day and like

I completely forgot he had a red torso? Because he totally comes with a red torso. It's. It's red and everything. Also a bunch of other red bones and stuff.

It makes me think. That there is kind of a pitiful amount of colors available for CCBS torsos. Like, almost every set has a black one. Fire Lord had the big one in orange, Nitroblast had the medium sized one (with wide shoulders) in red, and I believe Stormer XL had one of the medium ones in dark stone grey? And that's it. Three other colors, in three sets, years ago. We're finally getting something new this summer, the medium narrower one in silver metallic. Which is cool, especially since all five sets have it, but...jeez, that's still just five.

There's kind of an unfortunate lack of colored bones in general, honestly. Like, when CCBS was first introduced it was nothing but black for the heroes, but at least the fire villains had red and flame yellowish orange and I guess medium stone grey bones? In Savage Planet we started getting dark stone grey bones, which are boooring. But Witch Doctor did come with some red ones...maybe a few other sets too? I think Scorpio may have had some. Dunno. Then Breakout had Breez and Thornraxx with bones in white/red and medium azure, respectively. Toxic Reapa had lime green,and Black Phantom had some dark red...think Splitface had one red one??? And...after that it's a bit foggy, honestly, since I never got a lot of BA or IfB sets, but I know that medium azure kept being used some...and of course last year with Chima and some beasts we also got a bunch of parts in trans light blue and tr. fl. red-orange. Obviously this year we had some nice flame yellowish orange, tr. fluor. green, and tr. br. bl. violet parts, and in the summer we're also going to get some trans bright green bones...and well, that's a sizable list, just thinking of some stuff off the top of my head, but even though it kind of feels like a lot, it's really kind of tiny in the big scheme of things. Especially since most colored bones are only available in one size, with the most notable exceptions being trans light blue (it's got like what, 3 or 4 different kinds of bones?). Kind of wish we'd get some more variety...

It's kind of boring, I guess, is what I'm rambling to say. That was really rambly, wow. Also like way incorrect about a lot of things.



Posted by Nigel Thornberry in Nigel Thornberry's Hat World ♫♪, Feb 24 2015 · 141 views

After watching the Oscars, I was in a mood to watch some movies yesterday (also, wow can Lady Gaga sing!). So, I spent like twenty minutes trying to figure out how to hook up our DVD player because the sound wasn't working, and then watched The LEGO movie and UP; two of my modern favorites.


So... many... feels... ;-;

If I really hated myself I would have thrown The Fox and the Hound into the mix because the part where she abandons Todd in the nature reserve and reads that poem is... it's just too much... ;-;




The Eternal Dilemma

Posted by Ta-metru_defender in TMD's Creatively Named Blog, Feb 23 2015 · 67 views

I gotta write this essay but all I want to do is make food and eat.


From: Gravity Falls Topic

Posted by Akano Toa of Electricity in Oak Log Bans, Feb 23 2015 · 59 views
Blatant ad, Gravity Falls, 8D

Posted Image

I noticed that the old topic for this awesome show was past the revival limit, so I thought I'd try to reboot discussion. Monday was the most recent episode, Northwest Mansion Mystery, and the next episode, Not What He Seems, will air on March 9.

So, let the discussion begin!

As for author theories,


Also, the Teaser for "Not What He Seems" looks very promising. 8D

Posted Image

Source: Gravity Falls Topic

I made a Gravity Falls discussion topic in Completely Off Topic. Feel free to fuel the discussion over there if you're a fan of the awesome Disney show. :D

Posted Image


bionicle g1

Posted by Horse Divorce in You Know, I Think Blues Are Stupid., Feb 23 2015 · 93 views

if there were two guys on a rock and one killed the other with the moon would that be messed up or what

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