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Of Movies and North Korea

Posted by Ta-metru_defender in TMD's Creatively Named Blog, Dec 20 2014 · 45 views

Essays, Not Rants! 144: Of Movies and North Korea

I have a strange fascination with a certain North Korean dictator. Maybe it’s because he’s barely eight years older than me, hangs out with Dennis Rodman, and tyrannically rules a country of 25 million people with a combination of a cult-of-personality and sheer terror.

Like I said, fascinating.

So naturally I was really looking forward to The Interview. I had passes to a preview of it on Thursday and was all set. Only, it turns out, North Korea was really mad about it and, a hack and couple terrorist threats later, and it’s been pulled from cinematic distribution. And I’m bummed.

Because The Interview is satire and satire is important. Because North Korea is terrifying; for there to be a country that, well, crazy is scary. But that’s the thing: we make fun of what scares us.

Satire takes away the teeth. It’s why The Great Dictator exists, why videos about Iraqi loyalists like this exist, and, of course, what makes The Interview funny. But what’s worth noting is that The Interview, like that video about subtitles and terrorists, seemed ready to make as much fun of the ‘good guys.’

The comedy of the subtitles video comes not out of how the reporter (and, by extension the media) treats the soldiers, that is her insistent condescension to them. The Interview’s comedy, based on the trailers, looks to stem from the bumbling antics of Seth Rogen and James Franco in a place where they really shouldn’t be. Plus, Kim Jong Un and all of his eccentricities makes for great fodder. Taking the mickey out of him with a movie like that doesn’t diminish his status as a threat, one that everyone is aware of, but reminds us that he’s still human. ‘cuz Supreme Leaders are people too.

But now I didn’t get to go to my screening and theater chains won’t be showing it. Granted, there’s some justification in not wanting to incur the wrath of North Korea, but it’s the precedent that’s worrisome. Another film about North Korea in production, Pyongyang, has been canceled for much of the same reason. There’s a weird sort of fear that’s stifling satire and fiction. Which, again, is a shame. Without it we wouldn’t have The Colbert Report taking shots at everything from terrifyingly conservative politicians to, of course, North Korea.

Now, there’s a distinction here to be sure. We make fun of the part that scares us, not what saddens us. There’s no comedy about those dying under the Kim regime, just as Jon Stewart couldn’t find anything funny to say in the wake of the grand jury’s decision on Eric Garner. There’s a line between the amusing and the not. Kim Jong Un exists on that line, almost caricature that he is. He’s an easy target, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth taking the shot.
So I’m of the opinion that The Interview shouldn’t have been canceled. Even if it’s cinematic release has been pulled, then at the very least there should have been plans made for an immediate digital release. It doesn’t make sense for the Hermit Kingdom to be the one calling the shots on what gets released in a different country. If anything, this has also upped the hype for the movie more than an advertising campaign could.

Because, hey, what gets a public’s attention more than an international incident?


Korra finale? Korra finale!

Posted by Necro in Double Standard Three; Back From The Dead!, Dec 20 2014 · 33 views



LEGO Justice League!

Posted by ChocolateFrogs in Scientific Progress Goes "Boink", Dec 20 2014 · 23 views
lego, comics, batman, superman and 1 more...

As you may know, LEGO and DC Comics released 22 variant covers for their comics in November to promote LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham. I, of course, had to have some of these for my collection! Here's what I was able to snag:

Posted Image
(^Link. Also: Flickr.)

Some of these are gracing my collection (and will look great when/if I frame some favorite covers), some are being donated to the BrickFair charity auction, and some I'm saving for sale/trade later (or now, PM me).

Some of the variant covers paid homage to covers that appeared a few years back:
Posted Image

And just to be clear, only these variant covers are LEGO-ized. The contents are the exact same normal art as one would find in the regular cover comic.

While variant covers are most certainly an easy gimmick to boost sales and perhaps gain new readers to a title, sometimes the price is right and the cover is cool enough to accept that. (What I won't do it pay way too much for a cover.) LEGO did this with Marvel last year for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, and I was able to grab two (donating Wolverine to BrickFair's auction).
Posted Image

What's next? I'll continue to collect and build superhero minifigs from all my favorite titles!

-CF :kakama:


Your Input

Posted by KITTENS FOR FISTS in Definitely Edible, Dec 20 2014 · 37 views

Should I change my text colour and font?

Small-caps it too? oops

Wondering, since I've had it set to a green + whatever that font I use is. Perhaps I'll let BZPower decide them, like they did with my name. No strike-through or anything that makes text annoying to read.


Bionicle 2015 at Target

Posted by Serpent of Fire in The Serpent's Lair, Dec 20 2014 · 53 views

Start keeping an eye out, My local Target had the Bionicle Protectors sets. Bought the protectors of Stone and Jungle.


So How About Korra...

Posted by Reznas in Reverie, Dec 20 2014 · 42 views

Yeah, I've never seen it, but I figured since everyone else was posting entries about Korra that I would as well. :)



My Korra Finale Thoughts

Posted by Lyichir in The Songs of Distant Earth, Dec 20 2014 · 54 views
The Legend of Korra

First and foremost, a spoiler-free review: IT WAS AWESOME. It was a fitting end to the series and certainly approached the greatness of the A:TLA finale even if it didn't necessarily match it.

Now, to the spoilery bits, sorted for your viewing convenience.




So yeah. I was extremely satisfied with the finale as a whole. Mike and Bryan don't seem intent on returning to the Avatar universe right away, but that's okay—I'll be glad to see whatever they might come up with next.


And Another Korra Entry

Posted by Pahrak #0579 in Vista Point, Dec 20 2014 · 52 views




Posted by Actually... I'm Santa in The Titanic or someplace, I dunno ♫♪, Dec 20 2014 · 57 views



9 Day Revamp To Christmas Day 4 ERROR

Posted by ShadowWolfHount in The Man With Big Beautiful Eyes, Dec 20 2014 · 22 views

Okay so on the 9DRC day 4, Mata Nui that was meant to be for Day 5 had to replace Day 4 do to the picture somehow became pixelated. So I have to retake the former day 4 revamp picture.


Justin Timberlake

Posted by Based Goomy in GOOOOMY, Dec 20 2014 · 47 views

I know I'm a little late to the party but

Justin Timberlake has an immense amount of talent

I've heard his music for years on the radio but I've never really payed attention and analyzed it deeply.


Online Purchases

Posted by Kitania in silly strings, faerie wings, Dec 20 2014 · 49 views

posting this everywhere but ngl i'm pretty psyched to have the skirt i ordered finally

it feels nice and not cheap even though i got it at a decent price, it fits perfectly fine and looks rather flattering on me. just need to buy the other parts to make an entire outfit since it doesn't go well with most of my shirts (maybe a sweater i have would work better) it's red/black with a sort of flowy floral design on it (the flowers are black) and idk i like it.

i did want a black/purple one but i didnt see any i liked


i am a part time employee

Posted by Xaeraz in Challenge Kourok, Dec 20 2014 · 75 views

how can you justify having me work 30 hours over the course of four consecutive days


Medically Induced Selfishness

Posted by Sumiki in Blogarithm, Dec 19 2014 · 66 views

My grandmother is making excellent physical progress; she's far beyond where she was a week after the first surgery. The physical therapy the rehab center is making her is above and beyond what we are capable of assisting her with.

The painkillers have made her equal parts loopy, groggy, and irritable. Her loopiness makes her forgetful and willing to say things in her sleep worthy of my status updates (my personal favorite is "baby fig, baby fig, oh, baby fig ... CHICKEN"), her grogginess makes her fall asleep in the middle of eating, and her irritability makes her demanding ... when she's not subject to mood whiplash, going from laughing at a joke to crying about nearly dropping an orange.

The frustrating part about this scenario is that she craves things—either material items, like clothing, or her favorite snacks, like olives. Today saw us go down to the rehab center a little over an hour away, go out to the grocery store in rush hour to get olives, only to have her eat two before realizing that they needed to be chilled. She did this a couple of times after surgery #1, with hamburgers and barbecue.

It's impossible for me to be aggravated at her, because I know that this is the medicine and not her normal personality. All the same, I do hope that she's able to continue recovering at the same rate so she can get her personality back, as talking to her now can be like trying to talk to a toddler.



Posted by 2nd Lt. Jean Havoc in Colony 9, Dec 19 2014 · 69 views

Posted Image
You have no idea how happy it makes me to show up somewhere on the front page.


in-depth analysis of the Korra finale

Posted by Ryuujin in from the edge of the forest, towards the deep green sea, Dec 19 2014 · 90 views



Smash Wii U Tournament

Posted by MT Zehvor in "Box"-tus Arena, Dec 19 2014 · 80 views

So thanks to the goodwill of one Mr. Mesonak I have a half year's worth of premiership, which I will use to…do stuff with…I guess.

And the first item on that "do stuff" list is advertising an online Smash Wii U tournament some friends and I are putting together. Tenative ruleset is as follows:

Double elimination
FT3 games advances, with the exception of Winner's, Loser's, and Grand Finals, which are all FT4
You can pick any stage/rule set if you both agree to it; otherwise, rules and stage selection are as follows
3 stock, no time, no items
Starter Stages: Battlefield, FD (and all Omega forms), Kongo Jungle, Halberd, Lylat Cruise, Smashville, Town and City, Duck Hunt, Pokemon Stadium 2, Delfino Plaza
Counterpick Stages: SMG, Mario Circuit, Coliseum, Bridge of Eldin, Pilotwings, Luigi's Mansion, Wii Fit Studio, Skyloft
First stage decided by random selection out of the starter group, loser picks stages from the entire pool thereafter, same stage can't be used twice in the same set (once FD/an Omega form is used, FD/Omega Form can't be picked again)

If anyone wants to join, let me knowwwwww



BIONICLE 2015 Final Review and Drawing!

Posted by Aanchir in A Golden-Red Horizon, Dec 19 2014 · 105 views
BIONICLE, LEGO, Sets, Reviews and 1 more...

BIONICLE 2015 Final Review and Drawing! In my last entry, I shared my first two BIONICLE 2015 set reviews for The New Elementary. Now, I can share the third and final (for now, at least). Check out my review of 70778 Protector of Jungle, 70780 Protector of Water, and 70781 Protector of Earth right here!

In addition, I've managed to draw something I'm really proud of for the first time in months! Check out my drawing of Gali - Master of Water right here in the General Art subforum!

I'd love to draw some other BIONICLE characters, including maybe one of the Protectors I got, though I might want to wait to see if we learn anything more about their individual personalities in case that might inspire a particularly fitting pose.


The Legend of Korra

Posted by Bfahome in You're attacked by a Repair Nektann, Dec 19 2014 · 138 views

The episodes themselves were pretty good, but in terms of being a finale to the series, and possibly the franchise? I'm a little disappointed, honestly.


The Colbert Report finale was miles better.



Korra Finale

Posted by Ektris in Bleeding Blue, Dec 19 2014 · 60 views
Legend of Korra, Avatar, Nick and 1 more...


That was phenomenal.


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