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Exploding Angry Magical Giant Viking Princess

Posted by Xaeraz in Tim Mcgraw's What if? TRUCKS: fates, Dec 09 2016 · 11 views

so spheres of power is a neat magic system


Advent Calendar: Day 9

Posted by Bambi in The Small Horse, Dec 09 2016 · 20 views

Posted Image

Today we have.. This wonderful masterpiece.
No idea what it is.



Posted by Hordaki in Presumably Coherent Ramblings, Dec 09 2016 · 27 views
Film, Marvel, Spider-Man

(or there's an international trailer if you prefer a more action-y one)

There's just something so surreal and awesome about seeing Spider-Man existing and crime-fighting in the MCU, even after Civil War already did that. I'm really excited to see what Marvel can do with the ol' Webhead, and I'm glad that it looks like Sony is letting them take the reins. Tom Holland is great, the humor is funny, the Vulture looks pretty intimidating (although villains have never been Marvel's strong suit so I'm not sold just yet), and I like the idea of a mentor relationship between Peter and Tony.

(Also, for anyone who says Marvel movies have no stakes, skip to 1:23 and tell me that's not a tragic loss)



Posted by SPIRIT in SPIRIT's Blog, Dec 09 2016 · 31 views

Today I'm going to complain about people who like olives, but not for the reason you might think.

Personally, I love olives. Black, green. Can't get enough of them.

My beef is with people who buy olives with the pits still in them.

If you people are out there, why do you do this? We live in the information era. No longer must we be beholden to pits in our olives. For 3000 years the peoples of the Mediterranean struggled with this minor inconvenience, and now we have a factory machine that saves us the trouble. Anecdotally a random food blog I found on Google suggests that including the pit improves the presentation of the olive. Oh please, get over yourself. It's just going straight in your mouth anyway, and if you don't include the pit you can finish your meal even faster and get on with your miserable food blogging life. Now some of you may be thinking, "Hey, isn't it cheaper to buy the ones with pits in them? I'm on a budget, man!" Look, buddy. If you can afford olives, you can afford ones without pits in them. It's such a minor additional cost for a massive increase in quality of life. I dream of being about to pay an extra dollar to make my other minor inconveniences go away, and here you are spitting in the face of science.

In conclusion, I'll probably never work as a food critic.


gen 3 bionicle predictions

Posted by Rodimus in The Lost Light Insider, Dec 09 2016 · 55 views

Posted Image


A Nice Winterlude

Posted by Not Underscore in AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, Dec 09 2016 · 28 views

I finally got caught up on work after sustaining an illness for 14 days this semester, my high school had its winter concert tonight, and to top it off, it snowed! For the first time in 2 years

Now all that's left are finals...


a blog entry

Posted by Serein in VA-11 HALL-A, Dec 08 2016 · 37 views

hey yeah why not

so I have a new job, and that's been basically consuming my life

it kinda sucks but it pays pretty well for what it is I guess

I just got my first paycheck and I already spent like 1/4 of it though, probably shouldn't do that lol

also I had to call off work a couple days ago because I've been sick. still feel pretty bad but hopefully I'll be fine to work tomorrow

not really closer to any of my goals yet but I guess this is a start at least

so yeah that's that. that's what's new with me. what's new with you


Hacksaw Ridge Review

Posted by Jean Valjean in Kraggh's Works ♫♪, Dec 08 2016 · 26 views

Hacksaw Ridge Review :kaukau: This is going to be an incredibly brief review. Basically, this movie is exactly what you'd expect after watching the trailers. There are no twists, no surprises. it's pretty straightforward. It's masterfully directed, as is to be expected from Mel Gibson. The one thing that I wondered during the movie was whether or not the majority of the movie would be spent in the training camp, where Private Doss would spend a great deal of time petitioning to be allowed to not carry a gun, since that part of the movie went on for a while. However, it was a long movie, and there was quite a bit of time also dedicated to the actual part where he's on the battlefield.

There isn't much swearing in Hacksaw Ridge, or much to merit the R rating. The rating comes purely from the intensity of the battle scenes. People get shot in the head, and the enemy comes from nowhere. It's pretty frightening. Hands down, the most intense part is the gore. You see the soldiers walking over the intestines of their fallen comrades, and rats and maggots eating up the dead bodies. There are people who have their legs blown off by grenades, and you see them get carried off, with ribbons of loose flesh trailing behind on their stumps.

If you can handle watching that, then I do encourage that you go watch this movie. Due to the subject matter, it's a really good drama that doesn't slip into the boring territory.

I'm also tempted to say "Oh hey look, a really good film about religion!" Which is sort of is. Often times, movies about a person's faith are really lame and kind of prejudiced, but this is a good one. Granted, Doss was a Seventh Day Adventist, and I have major disagreements with those guys, but still, it's refreshing. Perhaps a movie of similar quality will one day be made about a guy from my branch of the faith.



Thoughts on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Teaser Trailer

Posted by Toa Smoke Monster in The Island., Dec 08 2016 · 23 views
Vol. 2, Marvel and 2 more...

Two Notes. One, I know this trailer came out a few days ago. I just didn't feel like making a blog post about it until now. :P And two, the trailer has a word in it that is not BZP appropriate, so I can't post it here. But you can find it on Youtube easy enough.

As for what I thought of the new trailer, I liked it. As with the first 'teaser trailer,' this one doesn't really give us an indication on what the story is going to be about. It's either characters talking among themselves and just clips of actions scenes. I don't have a problem with this at all, since the story isn't spoiled in this as trailers for other movies have done.

I do have two concerns though. One is Drax's character. It definitely seems like he's going to have a bigger comedic role in this one than in the first movie. I'm okay with him being a little more comical, but I just hope it isn't overdone. I hope he still has some dramatic material to work with in this films's story.

My other concern is Baby Groot. I watched someone on Youtube talk about both trailers for this movie, and he brought up that Marvel could keep Groot in his baby form in it to help sell Baby Groot toys. I can see people wanting to own such a toy, so I could see Marvel doing something like this. But as long as the character is used right in the story, I don't have a problem with him being a baby for the majority or all of the film. I just hope he's grown up by the time he shows up in another Marvel movie after this one.

But even with those concerns, I'm still really excited to see this movie. I really enjoyed the first Guardians of the Galaxy, and I hope that this one will be just as enjoyable. B-)

What did you guys think of this new trailer?



Posted by DeeVee in What You Want is Now, Dec 08 2016 · 94 views
MOC, life, Dragon, Eh


You may have noticed that where at one point I was a very very very active member of the online community, and recently have been quite reclusive. You probably have not wondered "hey, what's up with that?" Well, a few things!

I've spent the last six months working very hard to prepare for an interview I had in November- I passed the interview and am getting a promotion in January to what is essentially "Store Manager in Training". Nine months after that (Ocotberish?) I will be interviewed for readiness and probably be given my very own Starbucks store to operate and staff and run all on my own. I've worked very hard at this, and to see an actual career progression after I spent years messing up my collegiate life and trying to move forward through debt and difficulty is very freeing. To know that I'm less than a year away from a salaried, full-benefits, full-month of paid-vacation, full-life position is very rewarding. Knowing that my income will go up 1/3 of my current income and then double again from that in a year... Preparing for that interview was intensive and I put a lot of work into it. While I have still been attending conventions and building MOCs, my participation online took a huge backseat.

On top of that, BZPower and BIONICLE were always a thing that I enjoyed. I spent many many years here because it was a place where I was safe, where I was welcome, known, and where over the last ten years, I made some of the closest friendships imaginable. Heck, I live with one of those people! But life doesn't stay static, and people change and they grow, and sometimes they grow... poorly. Sometimes those we love and care about make bad life decisions, and they take many of those people around you down with them. The even more frustrating aspect is when you have had rumours made up wholesale about yourself, had vague conspiracy theories written about you, and people who were some of your longest-tenured friends buy the stories entirely, all without every asking you a single thing about them. Never saying "hey, I heard this is happening, what's going on? We've known each other for 15 years!" And when you say "hey, I'm concerned about all these warning signs and problems" they say "we like this person better now, we think them spiraling out of control and losing any sense of stability is character growth. They told us we can't trust you anyway." Never once wondering if those were a deflection to avoid taking responsibility for someone else slowly spiraling.

When those people verbally and viciously attack someone you love after they have come from one of the hardest times of their lives, because that person discovered those stories and discussions, and became angry, those friends, once the closest, lashed out and removed us from their lives. When those people said "we're here to talk about how to help" and then followed it up with "lol, let's kill people and talk about where to bury the body lol" as their method for helping, well, it was clear they only wanted to help their own egos. When confronted by the person they were apparently trying to help, they blamed that person for their actions, labeled them selfish for not liking their method of help, and then blocked them entirely. I'd say good riddance, but nothing about it was good.

The connection here is that those people were BZPower friends and family for me. They were current and former staff members. People I've let stay in my home- people whose homes I've stayed in! It creates kind of a disconnect and a lot of pain, and everytime it feels like it's abating, there are suddenly more made up stories and ridiculous falsehoods we're accused of as we have attempted to navigate depression and anxiety, life and death. It just sucks and it makes this place hard to hold onto.

And that sucks too. I've spent a decade and a half on here. This has been my home longer than any house, any place ever really has. I graduated high school on BZP, I went to college on BZP, I left college on BZP, I got my second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, etc jobs on BZP, I traveled on an airplane for the first time on BZP, I fell in love for the first time on BZP, I moved states on BZP, I've been promoted, fired, promoted, etc on BZP, I've explored hobbies, photography, philosophy, religion, faith, ideals on BZP. And yet this one thing has disassociated my desire from this hobby and fandom almost entirely. It sucks. It sucks a lot. It's not fair.

I don't know entirely what to do or what to say otherwise. I'm still angry. I'm still hurt. I'm still frustrated, and it absolutely murders me inside to see these people parade around and say things about us in public spaces to people I care about while I don't have the same platform to speak up. It's frustrating because you tell yourself "just let it go and move on, forgive and forget, hope for the best" but that never happens.

Anyway, I've actually been building pretty prolifically during this time, but not taking any pictures. But I've resolved to change that this month, so here's a dragon.

Posted Image
(I know it's a "Wyvern" but I don't care, it's a dragon if I say so.)


A Shipment of Pirakas

Posted by B0ss Manducus in A Devoted Follower of Frank, Dec 07 2016 · 29 views

So last Saturday, I ordered another lot of Bionicles. This time it was around $29.99 for five of the Pirakas, excluding Hakann, with free shipping. The shipment was expected to land on my doorstep on Friday, but managed to get here on Wednesday instead.

A thing that caught my eye when I was going through the box's contents was this little notecard

Posted Image

Posted Image

That was awfully nice of the sender to include a little thank you note.

The back only showed my address and long with the sender's and the sets include with the package. The 95% represents how completed the figures are.

I obviously had to censor out our addresses and the sender's name. I don't trust y'all well enough to stalk me.

On a side note, a garbage bag was used to store the figures inside of the box and some of the figures were also inside of another bag.

Reidak was in the large Ziploc bag while Vezok was crammed into that tiny Ziploc baggy. The container on top of the bags contained some bubble wrap and a regular Zamor Sphere.

Posted Image

And here are some miscellaneous parts

Posted Image

Oddly enough, the shipment came with Hakann's and Irnakk's spine (the sender most likely got set 8626), Hahli's wing, and only two Zamor Spheres.

All of the Piraka below has seen a fair share of combat over the years. For most of the figures, they came with part 6558 instead of 32054.

Here's Zaktan with a missing hand and his right thigh armour, including part 2780.

Posted Image

Reidak came intact aside from his buzz saw. His right hand is also a newer mold.

Posted Image

Thok is missing a hand.

Posted Image

Avak is missing his right thigh's armour and the axle through his skull is a bit too long.

Posted Image

And lastly, Vezok right shoulder spine connector bit is missing.

Posted Image

Luckily, I can improvise and replace most of the broken and missing parts, including Vezok's head spine.

For $30 for this lot, this was a nice steal, considering that a lone Piraka would be auctioned off around $15ish on eBay.


Long-Forgotten Ruin

Posted by Pahrak #0579 in Mt. Coronet, Dec 07 2016 · 43 views
writing advert

Believe it or not, there’s a new chapter of Beyond Ruin!

This one is about a Queen discovering a location rich with magic and going in to investigate. Since we need conflict, that turns out to not be a great idea. It’s written a little more vaguely that the previous chapters, for reasons explained in the chapter itself, plus it sort of follows the last one’s idea of introducing new magical phenomena. I think that’s something I’d like to focus more on: not just establishing the Queens, but also building the world around them by having them discover it.

…Now if I can just keep myself motivated. I don’t want to give up on this idea, but I can’t help but feel a little discouraged when I realize I’ve been “working” on it for 3-4 years now with what feels like not a lot to show for it. Guess I’ve just got to keep trying!


i can't wait

Posted by Stark in The Storyteller, Dec 06 2016 · 45 views

for transformers 5 to totally jump the shark when they have megatron fight evil optimus prime in the finale

and thus megatron, saviour of earth, becomes the legendary hero he was born to be


Anger level

Posted by Darkness Turducken in Designated Tekulo Crying Corner ♡, Dec 05 2016 · 81 views

Anger level Tahu dressed as Santa.



Posted by Spoopy Imrukii in Toa Imrukii's Blog, Dec 05 2016 · 63 views
Edge, Edgelord, Bonkle

I have found the Edge. This is Edge. Edge, Edge, Edge, Edge, Edge, Edgelord, Edge.


That is all.


Coordinating a Bionicle area... First time for anything, right?

Posted by Swert in Swert Blag, Dec 04 2016 · 56 views

So I've been placed in charge of coordinating a (rather small-ish?) table area for a Lego art and play event in Tacoma, WA. I've already begun planning how it will form together, but the fun part still comes in that I need to build about 7-10 new items that go towards it being awesome, including a new display case for my masks.

In other news, if you happen to hear from the TTV Brickfeed podcast I was on, I actually left my job of six years recently. This is one of the contributing factors in letting me get a chance to plan such an area in the first place (otherwise I'd be planning -everything else- at that event.) With that said, it's going to be an interesting ride to see what I can pull off design-wise.

I'll try to post photos when I get it set up, if anybody's interested :P



Posted by Ehksidian in Cairo, Oblivia, Dec 04 2016 · 94 views


xenoblade x came out a year ago in the states and thus i felt the need to post this


I am Kuan, Toa of Fire

Posted by Turkey Makuta Luroka in I am Luroka, Makuta Luroka, Dec 03 2016 · 50 views
MOC, RPG character

MOC here!: http://www.bzpower.c...an-toa-of-fire/


But For Different Reasons

Posted by Ta-metru_defender in TMD's Creatively Named Blog, Dec 03 2016 · 60 views

Essays, Not Rants! 246: But For Different Reasons

I first saw (500) Days of Summer when I was eighteen. Fresh outta high school, I was one of five people in the theater. I loved it, and would go on to watch it in theaters two more times when I moved to Singapore a month later, and then again when I bought it on BluRay. I loved it for its emotional honesty, for the way the film depicted Tom’s thought process on screen. But like Tom’s own relationship with The Graduate, my own love of (500) Days of Summer was based on a bit of a misreading.

See, I, for a variety of reasons, identified with Tom more than I should have. I thought Summer in the wrong and pitied him for pursuing a woman who didn’t feel the same way as him. I have a totally different read on the movie now, seven years later, but let’s stay here for a moment.

I misread the movie (because the wonderful thing about fiction is its give and take), and I liked it a lot. But the reasons I liked it were, in my ways, a little off. It doesn't mean that I shouldn't have enjoyed it, just that what I brought to it and wanted from it (Tom and Summer should be together!), meant that what I got out of it was filtered through it (at least the devastation from Summer prompted Tom to get his stuff together, and hey, there's Autumn!). Thus my own catharsis through it is, well, different from how it works now.

Now, seven years later and hopefully a modicum wiser, I still love the movie. But, as you may have guessed from what I've already said, for very different reasons. Tom seems now less a hopeless romantic and more a selfish git who fancies himself one. He's made sympathetic through the film's storytelling, but Tom really isn't a great guy. The takeaway from the film is instead a cautionary tale about expecting some sweeping love story to solve all your problems (it's also a brilliant deconstruction of the manic pixie dream girl).

So yeah. I still love the movie, albeit for a few different reasons. Which is really a testament to the film itself, that it's able to make a sympathetic character out of someone as glaringly flawed as Tom; enough that a glowing positive interpretation of him is honestly quite valid.

You're just missing the point.

Now, the point of any piece of fiction can be argued ad nauseam, and (500) Days of Summer itself remains open to a variety of opinions as to what is its point exactly, but to stop an understanding of the film at it being ‘just’ a love story with a downbeat ending. There’s more to it than that, and an arguably more complete catharsis can be found when you realize that it’s Tom’s willingness to fix himself and find happiness outside of a relationship that helps him get his life back on track. Or is it — since the button with Autumn casts Tom’s development into a measure of question.

I find that this is something true of a lot of stories. Pacific Rim is plenty enjoyable for getting to watch giant robots and giant monsters beat the stuffing outta each other, but its commentary takes it to another layer, just like how Godzilla is all the more enriching in light of the stances it takes on nuclear weapons or the environment (depending on if it’s the original Gojira or Gareth Edwards’ recent outing). There aren’t really ‘wrong’ ways of loving a story,* there are just different reasons for it. I figure part of really appreciating fiction is being willing to let your understanding and appreciation of a story evolve. Who knows, it may get even better.

*For simplicity’s sake, I’m ignoring flat-out misinterpretations like a white-supremacist/Aryan interpretation of The Lord of The Rings, something Tolkien himself decried. There’s a certain amount of latitude to finding meaning, but there’s also a point where sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Maybe that’s another rant for another day/


This probably won't be useful

Posted by Bfahome in You're attacked by a Repair Nektann, Dec 03 2016 · 90 views

This probably won't be useful But it's interesting sort of.

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