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Posted by Trijhak in One Second in Eternity, Jul 26 2016 · 0 views

Let's imagine that, for whatever reason, you find yourself in an empty, endless expanse. The ground is colourless. There are no walls. There is no ceiling. No matter how far you walk, you will always find yourself looking at this nothingness, this lack of anything that seems to exist beyond the invisible and solid ground.

Then, something happens. Slightly above you, forcing you to tilt your head thirty degrees, parts of this nothingness open. But it's not what you're expecting - these parts open up to reveal a pair of eyes. The parts of nothingness that opened up were their eyelids, if they can be called that. These eyes are staring at you, unblinking, and they are something in an endless expanse of nothing. If you try to circle around them - you find that you cannot. No matter how many times you seemingly go in circles, the eyes are always looking at you, yet you know they are never turning to face you.

They are staring at you, and you are staring at them.

What do you do?


The Update on Frosam

Posted by PeabodySam in The Blaaaaahhhhhhg..., Jul 26 2016 · 155 views

Edit 7/26/16: This was originally posted back in 2014, but I tried to fix a broken Majhost link last year... only to forget that BZP's anniversary had just ended. Okay, seriously, BZPower needs to disable the option of editing blog posts for non-premier members if they're just going to leave the blog post in draft mode. This is the second time that this has happened to me!

Okay, so I know there's probably only two of you who have ever read The Story of Frosam or Vakama's Secret, and had one of you not suddenly showed up again after nearly a year of absence I probably wouldn't even bother to write this blog entry. But here we are again, it's always such a pleasure, and while only two of you care about this blog entry, I'm writing this blog entry specifically for you.

Now, I bet you're wondering, "What's the status on Reign of Shadows? Or Shadow's Reign, as you've been forced to call it since Greg Farshtey copyrighted Reign of Shadows?" Well, the short answer is... if you're holding your breath for Shadow's Reign, you're going to die of suffocation, because I honestly don't think I'll write it at this point.

Don't get me wrong. I would love to finish the trilogy and wrap up the story arc with the Shifting Shadows and reveal Meench Vyzumi's secrets and show how Turaga Wodahs and his Matoran fit into the whole thing... but at this rate, I think it would be unrealistic to honestly say that I will be able to write it.

Part one of the problem? Part one of the trilogy: The Story of Frosam. It sucks.

And, thanks to a certain hacker, it's no longer online.

Don't worry - I still have it saved on several computers, USB drives, and external harddrives. Unlike how BZPower handled the forum archive, I can take care of my stuff so long as I have it saved somewhere.

However, if you want to read Vakama's Secret and, subsequently, Shadow's Reign, you need to read The Story of Frosam first. Therefore, reposting The Story of Frosam is a major priority if I want to write Shadow's Reign. But it sucks. Who would want to read it, even if I reposted it?

And then I got an idea. Ideas are very dangerous things.

What if I rewrote The Story of Frosam?

And then I started thinking. Thinking is a dangerous pastime, I know.

And the more I thought about it, the more ideas came to me. Eventually, they became a flood, and I could not hold them back. I knew then and there that I had to do it. I had to rewrite The Story of Frosam.

Now, here's the problem. I've been working on this rewrite since last fall. I've only just started the second chapter. At this rate, it'll take a long time to finish this rewrite.

Also, there's Vakama's Secret. It's a significant improvement over The Story of Frosam, but it still has a number of problems. Worse, one of the ideas I came up with for the rewrite of The Story of Frosam completely retcons... well, Vakama's secret, which as you can imagine is a big part of Vakama's Secret. Now, Vakama still has a secret concerning the Shifting Shadows, and it's similar to the one in the original, but not quite the same. However, I don't have nearly as many ideas for a Vakama's Secret rewrite at the present moment, which is probably a good thing at this point.

But for now, I'm focusing my efforts on a rewrite of The Story of Frosam. And even though I'm barely over a chapter finished, I'm very pleased with the results so far. I'm torn on whether or not I want to wait until later chapters are completed before I post the first chapter, but I'll keep you guys (all two of you) posted.

In the meantime... please enjoy this preview image of a certain major character who desperately needed a revamp:

Posted Image


Bzpower, Contests and Scheduling.

Posted by Voxumo in The Fikou Web, Jul 26 2016 · 0 views
BBC #73

So I don't think I've made an entry like this before... but given an interesting revelation I felt it might be worth it.

There is one massive gripe I have about the contests Bzpower runs. A large portion of the time they never stick to their schedules. This is most prevalent within the Flickr Contests, which has seen voting delayed quite sometime in the past. The most current example is BBC #73, there was suppose to be three sections of voting:
Preliminary Voting begins June 23rd and ends June 26th at 11:59 P.M. EST.
Semifinal Voting begins June 26th and ends June 28th at 11:59 P.M. EST.
Final Voting begins August 6th and ends August 7th at 11:59 P.M. EST.

Only two of these occurred, with semifinal voting being completely removed, despite there being plenty of time... Plenty. On top of this there has been no explanation for why which is another common occurrence, as far as I am aware at least, maybe it was hidden in a blog somewhere. All I know is that it wasn't exactly made publicly aware, to my knowledge.

I mean I know this contest is pretty much over, except for the final voting because someone on flickr recently posted about sending in a moc they entered for final voting, a moc with the most votes in his voting topic. So if the contestants that made it to the top three have been made aware, why hasn't everyone else, including the other people who entered? Mind you I didn't enter so it's like I'm saying this because I have a horse in the running, not the case. This is just something that has bothered me for quite sometime... The lack of schedule keeping, with typically no reason provided for why, especially with the Flickr Contests.

I'm not meaning for this to be a target or attack against anyone, it's just something I've observed and has bothered me for at least a year now.


2016 Band Camp-day 6- This is my final form!

Posted by Rahkshi Guurahk in Blog of a Rahkshi, Jul 25 2016 · 0 views
Band camp, music, life, camp and 1 more...

So today was our first full day of band camp- albeit with a bit of schedule refinement from previous years-
We start at 9 (Yeeeeeeeeeees more sleep)
Stop at 12
Come back at 3 for sectionals, leave at 4:45ish.
And finally a block from 6:00-9:30.
Plus there was our usual going out for food and such during breaks, and I had Clarinet lessons during lunch.
That all was fun. =D


Another Slizer Game

Posted by Ursus Wielder Pahrak in Mt. Coronet, Jul 25 2016 · 0 views

Earlier this year I ran Slizer Dome, a game where the players assumed the role of Slizers and battled each other in a tournament to decide who was the very best. After having set it aside for a while, I think I’d like to start up a sequel sometime during the next month or two.

“Sequel” might not be the most accurate—I do hope to eventually do a game in this series inspired by the Slizers 2000 story, but this next game will actually be based on the multiple planets version of the Slizers story. So it will either be called “Slizer Dome US”, or “Throwbot Dome”. (Take your pick!) I think I’m also going to ditch the tournament aspect, meaning a winner won’t be decided by number of fights won anymore. I think this game will instead use a point system and proceed as follows.

Each of the seven rounds will still be divided into two parts, and the first part will stay the same: players choose to Train their physical ability, Forge a disk, or Gather a resource. I’ll RNG a number 1-8, and the resulting weapon will be added to their inventory (Disk 3, Physical 7, etc). This time, if you pursue a weapon you already have at least one of, numbers lower than the level you already have will be removed from the list. So, if you have Physical Level 5 and elect to train, I’ll RNG a number 5-8 rather than 1-8. This should increase your chances of actually increasing your weapon level rather than being stuck with what you’ve already got. You will then receive points based on what level of weapon you received! If you get a Level 1 weapon, you get 100 points. Level 2, 200 points, and so on. If you fail to increase the level of your weapon, you will receive only 100 points regardless of level. When you receive a Level 8 weapon, you will receive a point bonus based on how early in the game you got it: in round 1, a 700 point bonus; in round 2, a 600 point bonus; and so on. There will probably also be a point bonus for reaching Level 8 in all three areas, though I’m not quite sure how much.

The second part of each round will then be a battle against the Elemental Monster of the planet you’ve chosen. You pick one of your weapons, and I’ll RNG an affinity for the monster, and then we see how they match up rock-paper-scissors style. I’m not sure yet if I’ll also RNG levels for the monster, or if you’ll get a tie from both having the same weapon (in which case weapon levels are really only a concern of points). Obviously you’ll get points for defeating these, though I haven’t decided how many, and if a tie is a possible result you’ll probably get half that amount as a reward for not losing.

I’d like to do something special for the final round again, but now that the second part of every round basically functions the same as Slizer Dome’s Millennia battle, I feel like I should try to think up something even more different. We’ll see how that goes.

So would anyone be interested in playing this? I’d love any suggestions you might have!

EDIT: After thinking about it a little, I think I’ve actually already got things together. I never was good at pacing myself.
-Elemental Monsters will have randomly generated levels as well as affinities.
-Defeating an Elemental Monsters gives 1000 points. If you both have the same affinity and level, you will tie and receive 500 points. If you tie at Level 8, it is considered a victory.
-There will not be a bonus for getting Level 8 in all three areas, you’ll already have gotten three bonuses and have a very good chance of succeeding in all battles.
-Round seven part two will have an alternate opponent you can choose to fight instead of the elemental monster. I won’t spoil who it is, but the foe will be guaranteed to be Level 8, and victory will double your score, but defeat will halve it.

Not sure when the game will go up (and still need to decide on title), but keep an eye out for news once Technic Tournament 4 in 3D wraps up!


oh hey look its my blog

Posted by Arcee in Blog Horizon, Jul 24 2016 · 0 views

I really want to update my premier membership, I really miss having a blog on here again :-P

Anyway though some quick updates
  • been thinking of getting back into Bionicle fanfics! I've tried doing some Kopaka/Pohatu shipping oneshot things but it's been so long that I don't know the characters as well as I once did :-(
  • ive been getting super into Transformers comics lol (hence the username change...I can't believe Arcee was up for grabs!). Super loving MTMTE and RID so far, I'm so pleased to see Rattrap in a context outside Beast Wars :Y
  • speaking of Transformers I've been getting into drawing them, and my little ponies, and sometimes ponies as bots and sometimes bots as ponies
Here, have some Kohatu WIP
Posted Image


My Adventures in Las Vegas

Posted by Toa Smoke Monster in The Island., Jul 24 2016 · 0 views
Vacation, Las Vegas

So like I said in my previous entry, I did a lot of stuff in Las Vegas while on vacation. (Nothing that I can't post about here though. :P) I thought I'd give a quick breakdown of what exactly I did while my Dad and I were there.

1. We stayed at the Paris Hotel, which had a huge ground area. It was bigger than any other ground I have ever seen in a hotel. Though that is to be expected for a hotel in Vegas. :P But since we were staying there, we got a discount for a trip to the top of the Eiffel Tower they had there. We got a great view of the city from there. It also had a restaurant in it, but we didn't eat there.

2. There were people everywhere, all the time. It was one of the busiest places I have ever seen, even more so than Spring Break at my job. It was nuts!

3. We took a tour out to see Hoover Dam and Lead Mead. We were taken about 500 feet underground to see the tunnels that were used while the dam was in construction, plus we learned a lot about the history of the dam and Lake Mead. It was definitely the highlight of the trip for my Dad, as seeing the dam was one of the main reasons he wanted to go to Vegas in the first place.

4. We got to ride the Monorail Train and see most of its locations. Many of them simply led to other hotels that had casinos. And honestly, if you have seen one casino, you've basically seen them all. :P But the main reason we took it was to get to the Stratosphere, one of the hotels that has a huge tower has is roughly 108 stories high. We went to the top and saw even more amazing views of the city. We also learned that there are three amusement rides on the top of the Stratosphere, which was something that we weren't expecting. I even rode one of them while my Dad and I were up there. It was a lot of fun.

5. Now for my highlight of the trip, and that was jumping off of the Stratosphere. Yep, this hotel has a Sky Jump where you jump off of floor 108 of the Stratosphere and plunge 855 feet to the ground below. Normally, I wouldn't do something like this. But since I was on vacation and I really wanted to do something memorable, I decide to embrace the overused quote from Shia LeBeouf and 'just do it.' So I made the jump, and it actually wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. It is truly something I will never forget doing.

6. My Dad and I actually didn't gamble at all while we were there. At night, my Dad just did the things he does at home sometimes. As for me, I wondered my hotel lobby and the streets of Las Vegas trying to hatch eggs and find Pokemon for Pokemon Go on my iPhone. I seriously probably spent at least 6 to 7 hours over my four day trip in Vegas trying to find Pokemon and hatch eggs. I even got the 'Walking 10 KM' achievement for the game, and I didn't even download it to my phone until a day before I left for my trip! Its definitely a game that I will continue to play, because I do want to catch them all!

These are the main points of my trip. I did tweet a lot about my adventures on my Twitter account, so you can check there (@Toasmokemonster) if you want to learn more about my trip and see some pictures I posted. Thanks for reading, everyone!


A question for Jojo's Bizarre Adventure fans

Posted by -ToaD- in ToaDally Terrible, Jul 24 2016 · 0 views

I've just finished reading part 4 the other day and have now started part 6 but I'm curious about what Stand you all like the most, and also if you could have any one Stand which would it be?

Personally Sticky Fingers from part 5 is hands down my favorite Stand, it in general would seem like a really fun Stand and considering how usefully Bruno made it in combat situations was pretty entertaining.

As for having any one stand its pretty much a three way tie of Sticky Fingers, Crazy Diamond, and King Crimson all of which would be very useful in daily life; Sticky Fingers would make stuff really fun going through walls extending my limbs and such, Crazy Diamond would be immensely useful considering it can fix pretty much anything and heal anyone with the only downside of being unable to heal yourself, it would really help with a lot of issues and such, and King Crimson would just be fun to use with time deletion and telling people that it just works.


holy grail

Posted by Scythey in VA-11 HALL-A, Jul 23 2016 · 0 views

I said I'd pop back in on special occasions and I think this counts

a couple weeks ago I dropped $40 on a copy of Machinae Supremacy's rare, out-of-print Redeemer (Underground Edition) CD. this was an independently-released limited run version of their second album that was only available through their website and has long since been discontinued, featuring a different mix and an alternate tracklist to its more common major label retail counterpart. they rarely ever show up for sale anywhere so when I saw it, I had to jump on it, and today it finally arrived.

Posted Image

as the title states, this is basically a holy grail of my music collection. I'm stoked to finally own a copy.

updated collection picture:

Posted Image

from top to bottom:

- Redeemer (Underground Edition)
- Redeemer (Retail Edition)
- Overworld
- A View from the End of the World
- The Beat of Our Decay (rare UK promotional compilation)
- Rise of a Digital Nation
- Phantom Shadow

also owned digitally and not pictured:

- Deus Ex Machinae (band's first album, available for free through their website)
- Origin (compilation of free singles available through their website)
- Arcade (compilation of free singles available through their website)
- Fury (compilation of free singles available through their website)
- Echoes (compilation of free cover songs available through their website)
- Jets'n'Guns original soundtrack (free through their website)
- Jets'n'Guns Gold EP (free through their website)
- Gianna Sisters Twisted Dreams original soundtrack
- Epic Fan Pack (odds 'n' ends collection briefly available through their website)
- Live at Assembly 2011 (HD live video officially distributed through The Pirate Bay)
- "Gerudo Valley" single (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time cover, free single released this year)

band's currently in the studio working on the follow-up to Phantom Shadow, which is supposed to be released later this year. I'll update this entry when the time comes.


BS01 Podcast and more

Posted by Swert in Life in the Swert lane, Jul 23 2016 · 0 views

BS01 Podcast and more Whew, editing videos can be challenging some days. I posted not one but two BS01 Podcast Interview episodes on our YouTube channel. I have to say, I came up with a very useful format that's very easy to edit and publish, but eventually I'm going to have to find a way to make it even faster. Also the fact I have a 40 minute video to edit next will likely notKill me :P

I also finally got my ticket for BrickCon 2016 (YAAAY I'M GOING THIS YEAR!) and I'm going full-force this time. I don't know what I will do officially, but maybe I'll bring my new Nuva Cube? That'll be fun.

Also I have a new Nuva Cube. It lights up. It's also tiled on the surface. You're welcome, Kayru!

Otherwise, it's been chaotic the past few weeks (boss went on vacation in Europe, I had to handle the entire shop, practically by myself. Not much fun.) and now I'm looking forward to just catching up.

Sooo yeah, that's that. Cheers, all.


tarn does art

Posted by Tarn of the DJD in Logan Circle, Jul 23 2016 · 0 views
my art

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

​guess what
I do art
​here's some of it

​I don't have a scanner, or at least one available to be used by me, so I just took these with a camera.

​They all have names btw, from top to bottom: Samuel, Andromeda, and Selene. Samuel and Selene are from a concept for a webcomic I've been working on for a while now and Andromeda's just an OC I like to draw who sorta has her own concept.

Did I mention it was absolute heck to post these? I started working on this entry at like 5:00 PM and now it's 7:35. Thanks imgur. I finally just re-uploaded them to tumblr at smaller sizes, which worked perfectly.

​Enjoy I guess.


The Beauty of Pokémon Go

Posted by Ta-metru_defender in TMD's Creatively Named Blog, Jul 23 2016 · 0 views

Essays, Not Rants! 227: The Beauty of Pokémon Go

A recent issue of TIME Magazine (a magazine I usually like) ran a small article about Pokémon Go. In an article describing how the game “shows the unnerving future of augmenting reality,” writer Matt Vella describes players in Prospect Park as “a dozen people shuffling about haphazardly, their zombie eyes fixed on glowing phone screens.”

Okay. Fine.

Honestly, I shouldn’t be too surprised. This is the same publication that ran a cover article about how millennials (ie: me) are entitled and narcissistic; Pokémon Go is more smart-phone enabled shenanigans. But that this article essentially dismisses the game is frustrating. Because yes, Pokémon Go is another game, but it’s position as a augmented reality game makes it something really special.

Something beautiful.

The open-endedness of games like Mass Effect make comparing notes with other players a lot of fun. Who did you romance? What did you save? Red, blue, or green? Your choices in the game give you a common ground. Same with discussing responses to The Last of Us or describing that great moment you had in Halo. Video games create (virtual) experiences and memories. Like any memory, these then become things you talk about.

But Pokémon Go exists in the real world. You don’t catch a Seel in the Seafoam Islands, you catch a Seel in Battery Park. You don’t hatch eggs by walking from Cerulean City to Vermillion City over and over again, you do so by walking to work and back. That gym doesn’t exist in your GameBoy, it’s the Washington Square Arch.

Because of this, those memories become physical. My brother and I roamed the East Village together looking for Pokémon, glued to our phones, yes, but also talking and enjoying the outdoors. The outdoors outside, in the real world. In other words, Pokémon Go makes the very act of walking into an adventure. The game augments reality itself (hence the whole AR genre) into a game.

That Pokémon Go exists in the real world is part of its beauty. Players have to go outside to catch Pokémon, collect items, and challenge gyms. So folks are going to parks, museums, and zoos to find Pokémon. Yes, on their phones, but actually out there.

With the game comes a community, one that, in my experience, has been remarkably positive. Stopping at Astor Place to take over a gym and catching someone’s eye, knowing we’d worked together to claim it in the name of Team Valor. Or striking up a conversation with someone at the Garibaldi Statue Pokéstop where someone used a lure. Then there’s my Facebook feed starting to look more and more like a schoolyard conversation about where to find Pokémon and whose is the best.

Pokémon which, remember, you find in the real world.

Look, I’m twenty-five; smack-dab in the middle of Generation Y. I’m one of those who grew up with the internet and social media. We’re those who see technology not as something to be scared but by which we’ll save the world. Pokémon Go, though probably not quite that extreme, exists within that vein. For all the stories of players finding dead bodies in rivers and falling off cliffs, there are many more about the game helping people deal with anxiety or depression and stories of it providing an avenue of social interaction for autistic kids. You can complain all you want about phone-addled Millennials, but a fear of AR as a harbinger of awfulness is unfounded.

‘cuz this present is the future.

Our future.

And it’s wonderful.


Happy Anniversary

Posted by Furiosa's Sidekick in Lone Star Blog, Jul 23 2016 · 0 views

Yes, I did log in just to see what spinny I had now. That's what I've become.

Real talk though: happy anniversary to BZPower and to myself. I can't believe it's been 14 years since I signed up on my old dial-up internet. Times were so simple back then.

Anyway, I don't really have much to update. I'm still working on my video game. I've mostly just been trying to survive this heat. There's not much incentive to me trying to go out and meet people when everyone's all sweaty and gross. I went to Brick Fiesta earlier this year (as is tradition) and had a lot of fun. Will not be a BrickFair this year, but I'll try to go next year and make this into a 4-year cycle :lol: ('09, '13, '17).

How have you been? Yes, you. I thought I just wanted to see the spinny but now I'm interested.


name change?

Posted by Lucina in The Storyteller, Jul 22 2016 · 0 views

i am currently considering my first name change in 1.5 years

more updates to come


Dollar for your Thoughts

Posted by Hordaki in Hopefully Coherent Ramblings, Jul 22 2016 · 0 views
Penny Thoughts, Film

What is the best remake/reboot and why?

What is the worst remake/reboot and why?


It's More Likely Than You Think

Posted by Rache in Somewhere Far Beyond, Jul 21 2016 · 0 views
status update, been a long time


It's been a while. Things have gotten... kind of weird, since the last time I made a blog entry.

I haven't composed a new piece of music in more than a year, thanks to my computer's speakers and headphone jack breaking - followed, back in May, by the computer itself. About to go ahead and install a couple of programs for that on this borrowed computer, once I can verify that the owner is cool with that.

In less aggravating (but probably more important) news, some of you might have noticed I've flipped the gender marker on my profile. Not joking about that one, in case you were wondering. To be honest, I should have figured it out a bit before I did, but hey, I was busy.

Lastly, to leave things on a light note, finally bought and played through The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Ghirahim's a pushover, Demise is a filthy cheater, the game itself honestly talks too much, and the whole thing leaves me yearning for Skyrim's world design - not heavily-modded Skyrim, either. Pure vanilla, with all of its failings and, as I judged it at the time, emptiness.


Pokemon go

Posted by Underscore in AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, Jul 21 2016 · 0 views

So now that we're all sick of Pokemon Go, when will we get Yu-Gi-Go?



Posted by Pomegranate in Hundreds of Crimson Seeds, Jul 21 2016 · 0 views

Yesteryday was BZPower's 15th, and my 9th as a member :D

Crazy how time flies! I'm very grateful for BZPower and all you cool people and for the fact that, against all odds, Bionicle is still in my life all these years later -- all is as it should be ^_^


I started making pixel art because I suck at regular art.

Posted by Jobber in Weekly Random Blog, Jul 20 2016 · 0 views
pixel art

I've seen great improvements ever since I started drawing pixel art, even more so than I did with regular digital art.

Oh, and BZP's activity has been shrinking dramatically as of late.


Uh... Uh...

Posted by Shadow FF in Revived, Jul 20 2016 · 0 views

So... how are you people? Are you surviving through life? What should you be doing right now? What did you just eat? What's on your mind? Are you tired? Are you feeling lazy today? Are you still reading this? Does something physically hurt? Are you bored out of your mind? Did anything make you laugh today? Are you getting sick of these questions? Do you want me to stop?

...and I ran out of things to say.

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