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Blog Story: Chapter C

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Disclaimer: The characters in this story are named after real members, but their personalities and traits are fictional and are not meant to reflect on my opinions of the actual members. This is a work of fiction, and I hope you enjoy it.


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Chapter C


“Arpy is totally on to something,” you say. “Bionicle was dying out. The story wasn’t as good, the sets were boring, and the extra merchandise is plain annoying. I think Lego can certainly do better.”


“You’re insane too,” Sumiki says.


“I disagree with you,” Blue started.


“Well, you know what, have it your way,” you shout. “If you can’t handle a little change, why don’t you just go ahead and weep away your sorrows. I’m going to hang out with some more progressive members.”


You leave Sumiki, Krahka, and Blue behind, and they begin arguing about how they can make Bionicle come back sooner. You catch up with Arpy, and say, “Hey, can we hang out?”


“Sure,” Arpy says. “I was just heading to a party myself.”


“A party? For what?”


“The end of Bionicle, of course. It’ll be quite a celebration.”


You go with Arpy and attend the party. You see that there are plenty of members who agree with you. Bionicle’s ending could just be the beginning of a special something else.


But you notice something strange. All the members are very cheerful, but they are very one dimensional. Even Arpy, who’s usually quite full of wit, it just smiling dumbly. You begin to wonder if there’s something strange going on.


You’re about to leave and go ask some other people about this when somebody sneaks up behind you. Before you can turn around and see who they are, they shove something on your face. To your horror, you realize it’s a kraata. It attaches to your mask and starts sucking the life out of you. You struggle to remove it, but the being behind you pins you down.


“No, don’t struggle,” he hissed. “Soon enough, it will all be over, and you’ll be on the right side. My side.”


You tried to scream in protest, but already your voice is gone. Your mind is driven blank, and you become an obedient slave, with no thoughts of your own. But if anybody asks, you love that Bionicle is ending.


You Lose


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