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Blog Story: Chapter F

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Disclaimer: The characters in this story are named after real members, but their personalities and traits are fictional and are not meant to reflect on my opinions of the actual members. This is a work of fiction, and I hope you enjoy it.


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Chapter F


Krahka advances on Eeko, flexing her muscles. Most people would be afraid if she attacked them, but not Eeko. He calmly spins his blade and waits for her to make the first move.


Krahka doesn’t take long. She pounces forward, claws outstretched. But Eeko smoothly dodges to the side, and she misses him. While her back is turned, he swings his blade and cuts her hind leg.


Krahka roars and spins around to attack again. She lashes out with her claws, but Eeko blocks them with his blade easily. She lunges forward again, trying to bite down on him, but Eeko jumps and flips over her head. As he lands, he spins around and kicks her in the side, knocking her to the ground.


“You give up yet?” he asks a fallen Krahka. “Or do you want me to gut you?”


Krahka stares at him for a few moments, not making a movement. Then, with a sudden cry, she bolts, leaving the scene behind as she runs away.


“Hey, where’s she going?” Sumiki asks.


“She knows when she’s going to be defeated,” Eeko says.


“Well, we won’t do the same,” you shout.


“Then you’re all just stupid,” Eeko adds.


You, Sumiki, and Blue all rush forward, hoping to swarm Eeko before he can attack. Eeko tries to fight back, but you overpower him, and force him to the ground.


“What are you going to do now?” Sumiki taunts.


“I’m not the one you have to worry about,” Eeko says with a grin.


Suddenly, somebody grabs you from behind and pins your arms to your side. You recognize your captor as the member Letagi. Another member, BCII, comes up behind Blue and grabs him too. Eeko then quickly leaps to his feet and subdues Sumiki.


“You took too long,” Eeko says. “I called for reinforcements, and my minions quickly came to my aid. Yes, Letagi and BCII work for me. Want to know how? Let me show you.”


Eeko pulls a kraata out from behind his back. “This kraata will suck out all your life force, leaving you an empty shell. All that remains will be completely obedient to me!”


You and your friends struggle, but Eeko and his minions are too powerful. They place a kraata over your face, and you lose your mind. Literally.




You Lose.


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