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Blog Story: Chapter G

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Disclaimer: The characters in this story are named after real members, but their personalities and traits are fictional and are not meant to reflect on my opinions of the actual members. This is a work of fiction, and I hope you enjoy it.


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Chapter G


“You’re mine!” Sumiki shouts, firing his crossbow. Eeko knocks aside the arrow, but Sumiki is already rushing towards him. Eeko swings his blade, but Sumiki ducks beneath it and tries to deliver a powerful blow to Eeko’s chest. He misses.


Eeko backhands Sumiki, sending him into the dirt. He stabs his blade down, but Sumiki rolls out of the way just in time. Sumiki gets to his feet and charged Eeko again, but Eeko ducks down and throws Sumiki over his shoulder with ease.


“Pathetic,” Eeko says. “Where did you learn how to fight? In the Marketplace forum?”


Suddenly, Eeko feels a sharp pain in his leg. He spins around to see that Sumiki had grabbed his fallen crossbow and fired from behind him, catching him in the leg. Sumiki rushes forward again, and Eeko blocks him, but his movements are slowed.


The fight only lasts a few more moves. With an arrow in his leg, Eeko cannot dodge as quickly, and has to revert to using his sword to parry any blows. Sumiki gets in a lucky hit and knocks the blade out of Eeko’s hand. After that, it only takes a single punch to bring Eeko down.


“Ha, told you I could take him,” Sumiki says.


You and Krahka rush forward to subdue Eeko. Meanwhile, Blue summons a Forum Leader to come aid you.


“Now, tell us how you’re controlling all these members,” you question Eeko.


Eeko laughs harshly. “And why would I do that?”


“Because we’re the winners,” Krahka says.


“You’ve won one battle, but this is not over,” Eeko snarls.


“It is for you,” Sumiki says.


“Well, I guess I can tell you this much,” Eeko says, thinking it over for a moment. “I’m not the one behind this. I’m just the second in command, so I was spared the brain-washing. Who you really want is TTN.”


“I knew he must’ve been behind this!” Sumiki exclaims.


“No, you were sure Eeko was,” you correct him.


“Minor details.”


“But don’t bother, because there’s no way you can beat him,” Eeko raves. “You and the rest of BZP-Koro are doomed!”


Eeko starts shouting out more threats, but then Blue arrived with Spirit, who takes Eeko away for imprisonment. Meanwhile, you fill Blue in on the details.


“Well, I guess we’ll need to follow TTN next,” he says.


Follow TTN

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