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Blog Story: Chapter K

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Disclaimer: The characters in this story are named after real members, but their personalities and traits are fictional and are not meant to reflect on my opinions of the actual members. This is a work of fiction, and I hope you enjoy it.


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Chapter K


“Combine you’re elemental powers!” you shout. “It always works for the Toa; it should work for us.”


The four of you lift up your weapons and place them together. “For Unity!” you all shout, and then you release your energy.

Or at least, you try. But nothing happens.


TTN laughs. He is actually beside himself with laughter. “I can’t believe you are so dense,” he says, catching his breath. “Regular members don’t have any elemental powers, only Staff do.”


“Oh yeah, I forgot about that,” you say.


“Well, you time playing as Toa is over,” TTN says. “It’s kraata time!”


He grabs more kraata, and heaves them at you. Your friends dodge this time, and try to fight back, but a kraata catches you in the face. You remain conscious just long enough to see TTN fell each of your friends, and kraata them as well. Then your mind is gone.



You Lose.


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