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So if any of y'all have been following my blog recently, you'd know that I've been building some things (shocker there) and talking about a collaboration. I think.


Anyways, I have been working on a collaboration, and its still way in progress.


Of course, I'm referring to the




There are two sides, COG vs. Rebel. One is a strong military force, the other an underpowered uprising. Evil vs. Good. All that jazz.


Basically what I'm saying is, YOU should definitely check it out, and if you're planning on going to Brickfair, you should make a COG or a rebel (or both!). And if you want to send in a MOC, why not send in a COG (or a rebel) (OR BOTH!)?


The more the merrier, and besides, where's the fun in a collaboration if we keep it to ourselves?

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I'm totally in on this ;)

I'm new to sending things internationally though. Do you know how it works? I want to get my MOCs back afterwards, of course.

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Well of course it wouldnt be a secret as we accidentally talked about the collab a bunch of times before we decided to let everone in XD Anyways good idea on bringing our BZPers :)


Lets hope all goes well with this, we have 9 MOCs finished so far! ^_^


Lord Oblivion

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If anything, I'd ask Brickthing about it, as he has more experience than I do. I'd say pack it very well and include money for return shipping.


I know that info on shipping to Brickfair gets posted at a later date (it usually gets shipped to the Bionicle Coordinator to my knowledge, so keep your eyes peeled).


And glad to have you aboard!

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What defines the difference between the two sides?


-Nuju Metru


REBs are less 'mecha'ish and more like helpful machines. Some might have cranes on their backs or fans on their arms or welding equipment. COGs are primarily black with red armour. They also look far more menacing and usually have big guns. Basically it's peaceful-robots-gone-bad VS big ugly mechas. :)

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More or less the COGs are supposed to be militaristic/futuristic, with armor plates and such, while the Rebels are supposed to be industrial type bots in poor condition.

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...Rebels are supposed to be industrial type bots in poor condition.

You know what, I think I can do this. I may actually try and make something for this collab.

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