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Make Me A Hero! - Winners!

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hey it's felix


Well, the polls are over, and the people of BZP and Piece Out have spoken. I'm also going to review the 3 finalists' MOCs ;)


In first place we have Koltrin's Silex!


Wow. If I hadn't known it was made for this contest, I wouldn't have guessed that there's a HF torso in there :blink: . The overall presentation is very nice. The legs here especially caught my attention. The thin leg-section in between the upper and lower parts provides some nice contrast between the bulky armour plates on the other sections.

The use of pistons on this MOC is quite clever. Instead of filling up that gap with various other pieces, the creator went for a more mechanical look. The arm with the jetpack is very cool, especially with the tubing running up the centre of the arm.

The other arm is cool, but I think the flipping sword action could be a bit better. The grey piece on the axle of the sword also looks a bit off.


Koltrin will recieve this banner as his prize, custom made by Spectral Avohkii Enterprises. Don't forget to give credit!




Coming in for second place is Brahma's Versarak!


I had a feeling that this MOC would go far. Although awfully cluttered at some points, its sheer size is quite impressive. The torso is amazingly solid, and incorporates the HF torso very nicely (down at the crotch area). The Rahkshi backs on the shoulders look really good (I know from experience that it's hard to do this) and the weapon is cool beanz. The legs look quite skinny and unposeable, but the feet make up for this. Although too big for the MOC itself, the feet are very well designed, using pistons to attach the Takanuva blades to the feet. The wings at the back look great also.

Hey, I mean, what's not to like? It's a giant Visorak with antlers :D


In third place is Fakhri's Dunkan Bulk (Assassin Armour)!


This MOC, although using the HF torso in the standard way, looks awesome. Just look at that blaster arm! Those silver pieces just mesh together so nicely, especially with the aimer on top. The use of the Axxon mask on the shoulder looks good, although there is some bare space underneath.

The body is brilliant. I mean it. The use of those Thunder parts looks so cool, and the Inika leg-armour in the centre just completes it. My only complaint here is that the Hero core is too far down, and sticks out too much.

Ok, so I do not like the other arm at all. It looks far too skinny and bare, even though the creator tried to cover this up with the piston.

The legs are fine, but sadly lacking in originality. I think that a bit more bulk here could do wonders.


Congratulations to Koltrin and the other finalists! And thanks to all who participated in this contest :)

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