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Little Fun Game For Y'all :3

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Alright, here's what I want to do. Everyone post your favorite song (that has lyrics and is either appropriate or easy to censor) and every fifteen, I'll put all the lyrics together and make a frankensong out of 'em, kind of like the "Highway to Cheese" thing from Curse You Greg. I'll start it off. I'm Not Okay by My Chemical Romance.


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All the songs that come to mind have excessive profanity. X_X


I'll go with Nightwish's 10th Man Down I guess. Only one rather mild word to censor there.

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I don't have any particular favorite songs (out of 3,000+ songs it's hard to pick favorites) so I'll go with one I've just been listening to a lot lately..


"Dream Warriors" by Dokken.

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I'm drawing a blank on my actual favorite song, but I'll go with this:


"Freeze Ray (or, Laundry Day)" from Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog


~ BioGaia

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Okay, so I figured I may not be able to fit fifteen into a single song, so instead I'll just do like three or four at a time, kk? Also, it may take a bit.


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Bluh, finally finished the first one. I’m Not Afraid of Everyone in Moskau by My Chemical Romance, The National and Dschinghis Khan. (Moskau translated into English [pro’lly with some changes so it’d still rhyme].) Songs suggested by Shadonix, Xaeraz and Aho.


Well if you wanted radio of the Russian land,

I never want to be afraid of everyone proud and divine.

For all the dirty young blue bodies glow,

The photographs of my kid on my shoulders through the ice and snow,

Remember when you hurt anybody that shined?


I’m not the drugs, there is music.

I’m not the drugs, there is love.

I’m not defending my family, there is laughter.

You wear out my orange umbrella, hey, brother, ho!


What will it take to show you that I’m afraid of everyone in Moscow?

I’ve told you time and time again throw my shiny new starspangled glasses at the wall,

To be afraid of everyone with fame and fortune to us all, ho, ho, ho, hey.

I held you close with my kid on my shoulders joining us for a casatchok.

For the last time, not to hurt anybody dancing ‘round the clock.


I’m not the drugs to sort Moscow,

I’m not the drugs or vodka all night long,

I’m not the drugs to keep you happy/make you strong ho, ho, ho hey.

You wear the little voices swallowing my soul out, Moscow.


Forget about radio and have a drink again,

The photographs of everyone you will never leave again.

You said “lay the young blue bodies with the old red bodies”

But the pages of Moscow are noble and old!


I’m afraid of everyone in Mo-Mo-Mo-Mo-Mo-Mo-Mo-Moscow.

I’m afraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaid…!

I’m okay, kid on my shoulders that will never expire!

But you don’t really need to hurt anybody deep in your soul!

Because I’m telling you I have the drugs, there is music!

I mean it! I have the drugs, there is love!


(Trust me.)


I’m not defending my family with my umbrella, there is laughter,

I’m not afraid of everyone, hey, sister, ho!

I’m not starspangled tennis shoes, hey, hey, hey!

I’m not afraid of everyone in Moscow!


[Line #17 worked so well I cracked up. :P]


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