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Too Hot...

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hey it's felix


I often wish I lived somewhere wintery :(

So yeah, it was 60˚C in the sun today. SIXTY FREAKING DEGREES. Only 40˚C in the shade, but that's still sweat-worthy.

I'm just glad that my school has fans and air-cons :P

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*runs this through a temperature conversion calculator*


*realizes that it's really really hot*


Seriously, that might have been some sort of record. I mean, El Azizia, in Libya, the temperature reached a scorching 136 degrees Fahrenheit (which is 57.8 Celsius) on September 13, 1922.

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holy banana thats mad i would be dead if i lived there

EDIT: dran i thouught i was great because i actually had remembered to close the color code tags thingy and then i posted this and i didnt work and i realised that i had written

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Dude, trust me. You do NOT want to be in Michigan right now. If there's one thing I hate it's the FREEZING COLD winters. In winter, I'm always wishing I'm someplace warmer. Also I find 60 degrees to be nothing compared to what it could've been.

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