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Some Days I Wish I Was Rich

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Like, stupid rich. Because there are just somethings that you can only get when you're so rich you don't know what to do with yourself.


Just to note though, at 180k (USD), the Morgan Aero Supersports is cheaper than a 458 Italia by about 130k. And I totally rather have the Aero.

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Nice car :) Very sleek, and has a kind of old school appearence, but somehow pulls it off. The curves are to die for :>


Although I personally prefer Ferrari's, Lamborgini's, and Camerros :P


I wish I was rich too ;_;


Lord Oblivion

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Yup, that is one screaming-hot car. But I dunno, I'd just as soon not own one, even if I were ridiculously rich. Possessions generally don't bring happiness or meaning to life, they just tie you down. Unless you actually, like, fall in love with your car and end up having, like, a relationship with it. A $180,000 car will get you from point A to point B no better or worse than an $18,000 car. The only difference is style - a matter of appearances only. Ah, the seduction of material things... :rolleyes:



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