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So so so I FINALLY had the time to finish watching the first season of Code Geass.




I love this show very much (it's such a strong story), but the last five episodes made me cry, and then there are plot twists and aaaaaaaaaah!


Euphemia........ ;.;


ARG I have to go find the second season somewhere. XDDD



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This was one of the two Anime series that I was able to watch all the way through. And it was awesome. B) (Earl of Pudding <3)



Gato is very correct about R2, though.

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Spoilers: Second season was horrible and nonsensical.


I realize that now... ended up watching it for the Storm of Orange's Loyalty

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I liked it, but I think they may have been trying too hard with season two. I would have enjoyed it if it became a long-running show, though.



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Second season is just trolling


its fabulous and awesome


don't listen to anyone that says otherwise, they don't have the humors

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I just finished the first season as well. Did not expect the accident with Euphie. Poor girl.


The first episode of the second season confused me at first, but it started to come together at the end. I like how it mirrored the start of season 1 as well. R2 is, as far as TV Tropes tells me, one of the biggest "love it or hate it" seasons of anime. So naturally, I can't wait to watch it. ^_^

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