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The Beastly Beast Of Birthdays

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hey it's felix


You know you want to hug it.


So I'm 16 today. YAY!

It just feels like a normal day, though. I'm nowhere near as excited as I was last year... :unsure:


Onto the MOC:

Ok, so it's a bit of a joke really. Except for the head. I might be just a little bit proud of that...

Haven't even tried using those Dinosaur pieces for about 8 years. Ahh the nostalgia...



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Happy birthday! :D You're not excited because I sent nothing this year... Don't worry, I'll make a Special Birthday Topic later.

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I'd say dibs on the B-day topic, but I beat myself to it :P


Have a great one bro :)


Lord Oblivion


Edit: Oh crud, i didnt read onewa's post :( Sorry dude, i didnt know you planned on making the topic

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So apparently, I'm not the only one who has Lego Dinosaurs pieces, But I never found a time to use them... Oh happy b-day :bigsmile:

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