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Exo Force R P G

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Blessed Blade


Got the first post totally finished. =D Given that there's no planning topic currently for the LGD RPGs; I'll post it here for people to look over if they wish, before I send it in to be approved or so. =)


-RPG: Exo-Force - Return of Shadows-


-=Table of Contents=-

(Use Ctrl+F to get to the section you want; along with the codes!)


Section 1: Story [001]

Section 2: Sentai Mountain Locations [002]

Section 3: The Mecha Factors [003]

Section 4: Rules [004]

Section 5: Punishments [005]

Section 6: Profile Submissions [006]

Section 7: The Code Brick Factor [007]

Section 8: Factions [008]

Section 9: Current Events [009]

(Post Two)

Section 10: Profiles [010]

(Post Three)

Section 11: Story Updates [011]

Section 12: RPG News [012]


-==Story [001]==-


Five years earlier, approximately one week after the storyline of Exo Force 'ended'...


"Hayato; quick joking around." Hikaru berated the red haired pilot, as Hayato was about to backflip the River Dragon once more.

"Aw; what's wrong? It's not like the Robots are anywhere near us. Or could touch me." Hayato said with a smirk, as he stretched out in the cockpit of the jungle Battle Machine.

"Besides; it's either that or we have to listen to Takeshi and Hitomi bickering again; and to be honest, I could use a break from that." Hayato said, as Hikaru shook his head.

"It doesn't matter. We're supposed to be scouting the area, and I for one would like to make sure that there are no robots who are about to destroy us in a second." Hikaru said, and turned his head to the side with a frown, as he heard the snapping of a twig.

"What was that?" Hikaru asked Hayato, as the playful pilot chuckled.

"Probably just some random bear; I wouldn't worry about it." Hayato said, and Hikaru frowned, but nodded.

"Yeah..." Hikaru said, as the two piloted their Battle Machines further into the Jungle, as a Robot Battle Machine slowly walked out of the jungle, it's eyes glowing bright red in the darkness of night.


The two pilots eventually made their way back to their outpost in the jungle, as a black haired young woman, and a green haired young man walked toward them.

"About time you got back." The green haired man said, and Hayato chuckled.

"See? What'd I tell you Hikaru? Takeshi's getting annoyed by Hitomi again; am I right?" Hayato asked, a playful grin on his face, as he walked up to the two of them, but Takeshi simply frowned.

"We've got a bigger problem... I'd recommend you get back to your mechs." Takeshi said, and Hayato paused, and looked at the pilot curiously, but nodded.


Two Battle Machines slowly moved out of the jungle, as their robot pilots looked at each other, and then at their targets. Behind them, a large golden Battle Machine appeared from the jungle, and the golden pilot of that smiled, his crimson eyes flickering slightly.

"It's time." The robot said, but then frowned, as a plasma beam just barely missed hitting him. He turned his head to see four Battle Machines gathered, and then smiled.

"Fine then. I'll wipe you all out right here and now, and then finish my conquest of the mountain finally. You may have recaptured your leader, but... I will own the day." Meca One said and then had his Battle Machine run toward the Human Battle Machines quickly.




The battle lasted for quite a while; however, the battle ultimately resulted in the end of the first Human versus Robot war. The four heroes and the leaders of the Human resistance succeeded in pushing back the robots. Midway through the fight, Sensei Keiken appeared to give precious info about Meca One that resulted in Takeshi and Hikaru teaming up to finally defeat and destroy the golden robot. However; Meca One's words rang true. Even as the Robots retreated, broken and defeated, it wasn't without casualties for the humans. Meca One, when he had captured Sensei Keiken, had introduced a slow acting toxin, that the Exo Force had no known antidote to. When Keiken appeared in the fight, he exerted himself in such a way that the toxin sped up, and he succumbed to it shortly after the fight was over.


Hitomi took over as the leader for the Human resistance, as they slowly began to return to their former lives. They thought the robot threat was finally gone.


They were wrong. Now, five years later, the Robots have returned. There is no info on who, or what, is leading the Robots, but the Robots returned in full force, and pushed the humans back to their old bases and outposts. The robots have also gotten slightly altered appearances, though they kept the base portion of their old appearances. The main difference is that their optical sensors look like traditional eyes now; albeit glowing red eyes, but still. In the five years, however, the Humans had upgraded their bases in case of any sort of attack, and had separated their resistance group into multiple squads. The main of those squads, however, was the Exo-Force, which was nearly recreated when the Robots reappeared.


The question is, however... Whose side will you be on? Will you fight to defend the mountain, or to capture it once and for all?


-==Sentai Mountain Locations [002]==-


Here you can find the different locations present on Sentai Mountain.


-===Human Side===-

===Human Base, Mountain Location===


This is where new players for the Human Side will likely start out. This is the main base for the humans is located, and is approximately halfway down the Mountain, or up, whatever you consider it. New Battle Machines are created here, or upgraded and repaired. This is also where strategies are thought out, however meetings can be video linked between the other bases on the Mountain.


Important locations in the Human Base:

The Training Area; this is where people can practice their hand-to-hand combat skills, or even practice their mech battling skills.

The Hangar; this is where the Battle Machiness are stored and worked on. You can usually find people in here, whether they be pilots or mechanics.


===Golden City, Human Side===


This is the Golden City, the location where the old Human versus Robot war reached a critical point. The technology is still relatively unknown, regardless of the time spent being analyzed. However, the records of the past fights has been chosen to be stored here, in a vault that has been locked by a Code Brick that has been cracked by the Human Side.


Important locations in the Golden City(Human Side):

The Golden Archives; this is where most of the battle records are stored from the fights of the past. After being retrieved, the records can then be sent to other bases to be analyzed, or worked into battle training simulations.

The Golden Lab; This is where the Code Bricks are sent to be analyzed once they have been located and brought back to the base. This is also where technicians are taught how to work on computers, however that training takes place in a separate location than the main lab, for obvious reasons.


===Sentai Jungle, Human Outpost===


The Sentai Jungle... Mysterious, littered with streams and deadly plant life... And the subject of multiple fights. This war has revisited the Sentai Jungle, and has lead to the Humans and Robots both establishing outposts here. The Human Outpost isn't as technologically advanced as the Robots' Outpost, however, they use the technology they do have wisely. They have connections to the other bases on the Mountain, and can camouflage their base with Anti-Radar coverings, which are designed to look like plant life found in the jungle.


Important locations in the Human Outpost:

The Camouflage Area; this is the first stop for people who wish to learn how to blend into the jungle. Try and visit here first anyway, if you plan on heading into the jungle, it'll give you help to be camouflaged in, and will allow you to stealthily creep through the jungle, as this area can also camouflage your Battle machines.

The Stealth Attack Area; Here, you can learn how to stealthily move through the jungle without attracting attention. This is not the same as the training from the camouflage area, as that merely lets you blend in when not moving. Here, you will learn how to sneak up on enemies, and dispatch them. Even if that's not exactly easy against robotic opponents.


-===Robot Side===-

===Robot Base, Main Location===


This is the main Robot Base... You can spot it from a mile away, due to the huge head shaped like a robot's head that makes up it's front entrance. The head had been damaged from the fighting in the old war, and has not been repaired, instead leaving it there to note to the new generation of robots that they failed to claim the mountain once... And that they won't again.


Important locations in the Robot Base:

The Robot Creation Factory; This is where the new generation of robots are made. The enigmatic robot leader watches over this factory to make sure that everything goes as planned. The factory also has multiple guards posted all over the main production area, so attempts to attack it have failed so far.

The Robot Programming Lab; This is where the robots that are created are programmed.


===Golden City, Robot Side===


After the return of the robots, the Golden City was on of the first things they attacked, to try and take it away. Though they didn't take the whole city, they took over a good chunk of the city, effectively splitting it in half. There is a stalemate at the moment, which is having the effect of neither side gaining any more of the city than the other.


Important locations in the Golden City(Robot side):

The Golden Databank; this is where all the important intelligence for the Robots is located... literally. Though the robots can transfer this data to their other bases quickly, it is the safest here, given the fact that they converted a normal code brick-opened safe into holding the databank's computers.

The Golden Production Facility; This is where the Robot's Battle Machines are created. While they aren't Code Brick Battle Machines; they tend to have a yellowish tint to them to show they were created here.


===Sentai Jungle, Robot Outpost===


The Robot Outpost in the Sentai Jungle is located near the old Human Outpost, where their fallen comrades had once laid. As a tribute to their old leader, the Robots have decided not to camouflage this base; but instead make it stick out, giving everything in this base a golden tone to reflect Meca One's former colouring.


Important locations in the Robot Outpost:

The Robot Strike Headquarters; this is where strategies are laid out and sent from the leader of the Robots. This is one of the most important parts of the Robot outpost, and as such, all concentration went into making this the most guarded area of the outpost. The Robots also decided that this was all the Robot Outpost required.


-===Neutral Areas===-

===The Sentai Caves===


This is a system of caves that are scattered around the island. While some have been captured by the robots as part of their base, there are some parts of the caves that are not linked to the Robot Base by tunnels; and have tunnels connecting them to other sections. It's rumoured that one of the bridges connects one cave to another, but further details are unknown.


===The Sentai Jungle===


While the Jungle has multiple outposts located in it, the Jungle itself is a neutral area. It may just hold many secrets; some surprising, and some just as dark as they are surprising...


As more areas on the mountain are discovered, this will be updated accordingly.


-==The Mecha Factor [003]==-


In this RPG, you pilot giant Mecha known as 'Battle Machines' as in the normal Exo Force story. However, while the main models are available mostly, there are also new, technologically advanced, Battle Machine models that are always being created.


That's where you come in. While you can create your own personal Battle Machine, you also have the opportunity to allow your team to use that as well. Not everyone will be able to have their own Battle Machine be used by their faction, but every week or so, a person will be chosen by the RPG staff to have their Battle Machine be part of the typical faction lineup. The RPG staff will use multiple aspects to make their choices, but creativity is definitely a big part of this.


Link to an entry that has a list of Battle Machines that everyone can use.


-==Rules [004]==-


1. Label your posts with IC and OOC, please.

2. Obey all forum rules.

3. No killing player characters without permission.

4. No "Leet". It's not allowed, and as such, shouldn't be in here.

5. God Mode isn't allowed all that much. There will obviously be exceptions given that this is a mech based RPG, there is still a limit to what you can and can't do.


-==Punishments [005]==-


Ok, I dislike to do this, but, these are what you get if you break the rules.


1. You get a simple PM warning, telling you not to do what you did, plus your Battle Machine is temporarily disabled somehow.

2. You get a public warning, and a medium wound on your character, and part of your Battle Machine is damaged.

4. You get a critical wound, and a suspension from the RPG for two days. Your Battle Machine is also damaged majorly, by missing an arm or something.

5. You get your character killed off, and your Battle Machine destroyed, and suspended from the RPG for a week, and when you get back you can make a new character.

6. You get one of your characters put on the most wanted list for the the opposite faction, and you are banned from the RPG until I decide you are fit to play again.

7. That was your last chance the last time. You are permanently banned from the RPG, and all your characters are put on the most wanted list for the opposite faction. You can argue your point, but there's not much hope you can get back.


-==Profile Submissions [006]==-


Please post the profiles in the topic in OOC.


Username: (Your username)

Character Name:



Bio: (Just a short Bio on your character's backstory and such)

Faction: (Either the Humans or Robots for now)

Character Appearance: (Either describe what your character looks like, or post a reference picture)

Primary Battle Style: (Do you focus on close combat, or ranged? Do you try to go for speed attacks, or tank your way through fights?)


Mech Name: (What is this called? It can even have names different from the official ones)

Mech Model: (What is the Battle Machine itself?)

Mech Weapons: (What is equipped to this Battle Machine? Try to keep to three handheld weapons, and two shoulder mounted weapons.)

Mech Appearance: (What does the Battle Machine look like? If it's an official Battle Machine, it could have a different colour scheme or so.)

Mech Characteristic: (If you're making a custom Battle Machine, this is stating what style this is; and is pretty much the same as your Primary Battle Style. However, if it's a 'Team' Mech, then you need to use the characteristic that's already stated there)


-==The Code Brick Factor [007]==-


In this RPG, although it's not mainly set in the Golden City, there are code bricks to find, and retrieve from the opposite faction. The Code Bricks will act partially as Power Bricks, in that they can be used to power your Battle Machines, or grant special powers, along with unlocking special areas in enigmatic places such as the Golden City. The Code Bricks, after their other uses are expended, can also be melted down to create brand new Battle Machines, though the person who's creating the new Battle Machine has to be extremely skilled for it to work correctly, since there are more factors at work than a normal Battle Machine's Creation.


There's one thing about using Code Bricks to create battle Machines, however; the Code Brick Battle Machine would then have the Code Brick's properties, and wouldn't be able to be physically destroyed... However, it could still be captured by the opposite faction. This is to prevent destruction of a Code Brick simply to disallow anyone from ever stealing it away. In fact, it may turn out to be more disadvantageous to create a Code Brick Battle Machine, since it can be stolen away even easier than a simple Code Brick.


This section will be used along with the Current Events section to show Code Bricks in effect, what Code Bricks have been obtained, who has them, and if the Code Bricks are in their normal state, or have been remolded into Battle Machines.


-==Factions [008]==-



The Humans are, well, humans. They haven't got the sheer numbers on their side that the robots do, but they do have their advantages, such as not being as fragile as the robots are, despite their bodies not being as 'sturdy' as a Robot's. Humans have their own 'brand' of Battle Machines, but aren't as fast in upgrading or repairing their Battle Machines as Robots are.




Robots are the metal inhabitants of Sentai Mountain. Due to their mass production capabilities, they tend to outnumber the humans most of the time. However, with mass production comes problems. Robots are extremely easy to destroy, despite their steel exterior. For one, destroying their power core, or otherwise disabling it, will overload the rest of their body. Second, take out it's memory unit, and it'll be destroyed. On that same note, tampering with the memory unit of a Robot could make it be reprogrammed to not know what to do, or even fight against other Robots. Due to the fact that Robots are, well, robots; their battle machines can be created, repaired, and upgraded very quickly.


-==Current Events [009]==-


This section will normally be updated every day at a certain interval, typically at night.


There are no events happening currently.


There are no Code Bricks in play currently.


The humans are not doing anything currently.


The Robots are not doing anything currently.

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