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So, I'm Back

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So, I had this big speech prepared for me to stick in my comic topic when I reposted it, but I kind of wrote it months ago when I thought BZP would come back at the end of July, so most of it is obsolete. :P


So I'll basically just go with the same thing but update it here and there.




Well, BZPower is back.


And you know what that means.


I have to keep my topic from dying once more.


Anyway, you're probably wondering what I've been up to since BZP's been down.


Well, for a little while I was still obsessed with Pokemon--that ended on May 7, meaning the obsession exactly lasted two months.


So what did I do then? Well, I focused back on school. Then school got out, and I decided to finish up my epic. I finished it at the beginning of July, and I've released most of it on this one place. It'll start to go up on BZP tomorrow. I've considered releasing new chapters every other day when possible. Excluding Sundays; don't ask why because that's probably going to take us into religious discussion.


Then I thought I might as well get back to comics; I hadn't worked on them at all since February. So then I made eighteen comics in a few weeks. I've got a big multi-part filler about Pokemon obsessions and whatnot, and--since RWAM was only intended to go until the end of Tavakai: The Movie, which shouldn't be too far off--RWAM will be concluded in an abridged version with Tavakai narrating most of it. There's also three unreleased Noob War comics. I made a huge stockpile. I'm planning on releasing them every other day when possible; the day that there isn't a movie. Excluding Sundays.


Oh, and originally I had huge plans for what I'd make after the movie/epic. But over time I've become disinterested in Bionicle and decided it's probably better if I focus on making original comics. I'm putting as much of my work into putting that together as possible.


Well, as for now, to merit reposting of my topic (since I wasn't sure whether that was necessary and had a spare comic lying around), I've got the last movie comic, which I made in February and saved in case of a topic-life emergency. Please excuse the lack of unique panels. I spent lots and lots of time drawing masks and recoloring closeups for that one panel. I think I can be excused for being too lazy to pose them more than once.


Link to comic topic

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