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Bzp Is Back! Yeeees! Also, What I Did While It Was Gone...

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yeah, did a bunch of random stuff while BZP was down...


*got rid of my Vimeo, put my music up somewhere else (one song i made has a swearword in it, and i don't know whether the website it is on is alloud, so i'm gonna have to check with the mods about that...)

*I learned to appreciate Dubstep (Especially skrillex)

*Went to a two-week-long camp, and it was probably one of the best experiences of my life.

*Freshman year yahooooo! :P

*Got accepted into an advanced english class at a nearby college (yeeeees) basically, i finish 4 years of english in 2. So, pretty happy with that :P

*Got 6 plugins for ableton: Sylenth1, Sawer, Morphine, PoiZone, Sakura, and Drumaxx (thank goodness they were on sale :P)

*Dj'd for a garage sale...that was kinda sad, no one came...

*found out there's some kind of medical mystery happening in my left foot...

*I'm begining to like firefly. :P


all i can think of right now...time to figure out how these new forums work...

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