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Peach 00


Well, I finally got some snow, even though it wasn't a lot. It melted right when it hit the ground, but it was just too cool to see it in November. I have never had that pleasure before. :D


Also plus the Danger Close chapter will have to wait. I might get into the SS contest after all, and I still have time to post the story, since it's all finished. I promised myself that I was going to get as much schoolwork done as I can so I can get in. Anyway, I'm going off for a day or two so I can put the nose to the grindstone on this. Wish me luck! ;D

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Heh, it was raining yesterday for me, too. But snow fronts were moving in on the Tennessee area, if I'm correct, and being a little far down south from that, I picked up a little bit, even if it's not lasting. :D


Hopefully I'll get some snow in Christmas time, I got eight inches of it last year throughout the end of December through most of January. I never get eight inches. o.O

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Way down south in the US. I don't usually get a lot of snow, but when I do, it's in mid-December or near the end of December.

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