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Video Game Of The Year Playoffs: Round 1

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MT Zehvor


Well, the nominations are in, the votes have been cast, and the top 8 games have been selected via the choices of the good people who frequently visit this blog(or just showed up on that one entry). The matchups for the first round of playoffs have been determined.


And they are:


#1: The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim vs. #8: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

#2: Arkham City vs. #7: Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

#3: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword vs. #6: Minecraft

#4: Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception vs. #5: Portal 2


Personally, I'm liking this bracket a lot. All of these games are incredibly close, I have no problem seeing the bottom 4 all move on, knowing all the people who like them. Not saying they all will, but it could happen.


So anyways, here's how this works for those who don't know. Cast a vote for anywhere between 1 to all 4 of the matchups. The game in each matchup with the most votes at the end of the round will move on. If there's a tie...well...let's hope we don't have a tie.



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Let me guess - Portal 2? No, Skyward Sword.


Skyrim. It's not right to vote for something I haven't played.




Ah, forget it. Marvel vs. Capcom because it had Ammy in it (or was that a different Marvel vs. Capcom?), Portal 2 (because it looks fun), and I have no comment on the later one, so I'll just be a tie breaker/maker maker later on with that. :P


-Toa Levacius Zehvor :flagusa:

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All I've got to say is how the heck did shovelware get on the list, but not DX:HR?


Which one of these games is shovelware? They're all games that have gotten extremely good reviews AND are exceptionally popular.


Anyway, my votes:

  • ... darn it. Um... Skyrim and MW3... hmm.... nevermind.
  • Argh. Arkham City.
  • Also argh. Skyward Sword, I guess.
  • Portal 2.


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Skyrim because CoD was ruined when 8 year olds got Live...*shudders* (and Skyrim is BETTER)

Arkham City, I say, was a bit better

Skyward Sword's a bit better

Portal 2, I haz no PS3 (though the main reason I'd like one is for Uncharted 3, I have to say)


VOTE ALL GAMES WITH SKY IN THE NAME! 'cept Skylanders, which isn't in here.

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Ditto @Blade: Skyrim, Arkham, Skyward Sword and Portal 2


I've actually played the latter two, I hope to get Arkham if I ever get a decent graphics card, and Skyrim....maybe when I'm older. :P

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Putting a game that's been out for most of if not the entire year against one that's been out a few weeks is cruel, even if it's one as gloriously awesome as Skyward Sword.


That said, Skyrim, Arkham, Skyward Sword, and Portal 2.

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With the exception of MW3, which I haven't played, I would contend that any of the games on this list was better than DX2.


Ah, forget it. Marvel vs. Capcom because it had Ammy in it (or was that a different Marvel vs. Capcom?)

UMvC3 was MvC3 with 12 extra characters and a few new stages. Amaterasu was in both.


Skyrim 7, MW3 1

Arkham City 5, UMvC3 2

Skyward Sword 5, Minecraft 3

Portal 7, Uncharted 2


Wasn't expecting the last one to be such a blowout.



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I was gonna decide on voting for Skyrim after all until I saw the latest comment. Then I thought I'd look stupid. :(


Regardless, I'll vote Skyrim over MW3.



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1. Skyrim isn't my kind of game (not that it's bad, it's awesome from what I've seen, deserves all the praise it's got, but this is a vote based on personal preference, soo)... MW3.


2. Arkham City.


3. Minecraft. Skyward Sword seems pretty... interesting.


4. Uncharted 3.



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