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Random, Random, Random, And Ask Me

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Peach 00


Well, because it's getting late, I figured I'd give random updates, news, quotes, and mini rants before I get to bed. Seems better to have a wide range of completely spontaneous subjects compiled into one blog entry than spread out into about nine.


So, first, just like to get this out of the way: At my ballet place, my teacher has been telling me/my parents that one of my friends and I are the two most advanced students in the class. Despite the fact it's going to happen anyway because of my age, she's thinking of moving me up to the advanced 12+ class.


As well, this Russian ballet guy is coming the day after my birthday (my birthday is January 21st), and because I'll be 12 at that point, I'd take the advanced master class he's teaching for a day. Now of course the other teachers, including the assistant teacher, will be in this exact class, and my teacher thought it'd be awesome if I were in that class. So, just to see what my best abilities are, I'm going to be taking that class. =D (But unfortunately for me this guy doesn't speak a word of English, so I'm going to have to be working on ballet phrases and anything that he will understand when in communication.)


So that's update #1.


Now secondly, my brother (Tifosi 94) is having his birthday in six days, which will be five days tomorrow, but still, can't wait for that. My mom and I will be making a chocolate cake, either that or a black forest cake. For my birthday, I'm wishing for the Portal cake - anybody wondering what specific cake-type that is or if anybody has the recipe?


Annd for an entirely random part, I'm busy watching Cheers while typing this. It's interesting to see that there's basically a tie-in with about six other shows because of the producers/creators/directors of Cheers made those other shows. So, about all of them: M*A*S*H, Taxi, Cheers, Frasier, Wings, andone other one I can't remember. All of them are really cool shows. :'D


And again, on an entirely different note, writing has been semi-good. I've been wanting to do a human-Bionicle story lately, but haven't gotten any good ideas for it. Anybody have any practical ideas for a story? I'm wanting to use some of the characters in Danger Close (which, by the way, could use some attention, people), but I just can't think of any specific story background. =/ Also, advertisement for the following stories:

  • Wings by Inferna Firesword
  • Divided We Fall by Grant-Sud
  • Rebirth by Me (Self advertisement is pitiful, but what the heck)
  • Danger Close by Me

So, there's a small list, but deserves attention. Again, I didn't want to advertisement my own stories, but they do need some attention. Grant's story and my story are both SSC8 entries, so we'd appreciate views on both. Inferna's epic has had reviewers bail on her (No clue who those people are, but get with it, guys), and just about the same with Danger Close. Reviews for all those stories would be great.


And last but not least, ask me stuff. No clue what, but just ask me stuff.

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Whoa you're only twelve? [/stereotypical reaction]


But yeah I thought you were a teenager. :P


Also human Bionicle stories are awesome... (I wrote one B) )

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...No? :P


Whoa you're only twelve? [/stereotypical reaction]But yeah I thought you were a teenager. :PAlso human Bionicle stories are awesome... (I wrote one B) )


Heh, actually there are a few people I know that have mistaken me for thirteen or fifteen. That was when I was about nine or ten. :P


Then that totally makes you cool. B)

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