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I'm Writing Again!

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Peach 00


I finally got the motivation to put a few fingers on the keyboard for a change. :D So, I've got a WIP that's basically a dark romance right now, entitled What We Create. Only got a page in it, but I plan on it being about ten to fifteen pages. Despite the length, it'll still be good - the few characters in it are my villains in Danger Close, specifically Uzian, Fuzan, Colorn, and Tikiani. Silio won't be making an appearance in it, but only because he's had his day in the sun in Rebirth. But still, I won't reveal the plot, but I promise it'll be pretty good. ;D


Also I might post a songfic I did through the duration of the downtime, but only in my blog. If there are good comments on it here, there's a chance I might post it in the SS forum. Supposed to be a Nikila and Lesovikk romance, entitled Angel. The song of course is Angel by Sarah McLachlan - I was considering using Witness instead, but the other song seemed more suited to Lesovikk. And I've got plenty of other stories that I'm planning right now, all of them interesting. Plus, just about all of them tie into Danger Close with the exception of one probably.


Ah, what Call of Duty Black Ops, Animal Crossing, and Pink Floyd can do to inspire me. :P

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