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Peach 00


I'm feeling slightly ignored lately - I don't know what it is, I really don't. Not that I'm begging to be in the spotlight 24/7, but I'd just like to be notice. I've felt this way about a lot of things lately. My writing, discussion - it seems like I'm just being ignored, invisible to everybody else. My writing gets absolutely no recognition nowadays, and when I post valid, controversial points in some topics, people completely ignore what I say. I can post page-length posts and nobody even cares to read them.


And with my stories? I can spend weeks, months, years - nobody cares. I've been writing Danger Close for two years now. Repeat, two. I used to have plenty of recognition for writing it, solid reviews and comments. Ever since the forums came back online, I've been completely unnoticed. And when I entered the SSC8 contest, two people reviewed the story. Two. I appreciate the comments, but I'm just angry that nobody really cared to look, to venture into something new and maybe enjoy it.


And then when the polls come out...when they come out, I'm not there. Sure, there was a 1 in 43 chance, but it was a story I had been working on since the contest started. I put my nose to the grindstone to write the best story I could, and it doesn't get any notice of even existing.


So tell me, BZP: What does it take to get noticed? Put some flashy title in a blog entry or story? Make it something to do with zombies, blood, skulls, and maybe even My Little Pony? I seriously don't get what I have to do to actually be noted. After the polls came out, I've really been questioning my writing ability and if I'm all that good. Just being ignored hasn't at all motivated me to write, and I can't come up with anything original or creative. When nobody reads my writing, why should I write?


And before everybody starts saying that I should just get over it about the polls, I've been stressed out about this contest from the start. I've worked hard, and I think people should actually take note of the trouble it takes me and others just to write something others might enjoy. I write for people - I would never write if I didn't have the ability to share it with others.


...Still, guys, just tell me what it is that I'm doing wrong, and whether or not I should consider even writing anymore. ._.


Recommended Comments

Don't give up writing. I keep neglecting to even head into the creative outlet forums that aren't game-related, but if I get the chance, I'll likely read through a lot of the stuff. But even still, I wouldn't give up writing. I haven't gotten comments on stuff I've written elsewhere, but I keep going. If I were you, I'd definitely keep writing, because if you at least get people reading, then you know people like the story, even if they don't have enough time to comment. Though, it doesn't take all that long to comment...

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I know how you feel BZP can be a bit quiet sometimes. I think you'll get noticed eventually but don't let it get you down. Just don't stop writing and I believe you'll noticed.

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I know exactly what you mean. I feel the exact same way too often for my own good. The only advice I have is to muscle through it in the hopes it gets better.

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For the record, I did read your SSC8 story; I'm still guilty of forgetting to review, though. :<


Also, I don't have enough time to commit to reading any epics. I have a feeling other people on BZPower feel the same way. I think review trading would be an effective way of garnering more reviews for your story -- perhaps you could look into participating in the League of Authors when it gets more active?

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I really wish I had time to read BZP stuff. Of the little I've read, most of it has been really good. But as for me, I don't have the time to read, much less review, much less write.


But if I ever stumble into those writing forums, I'll read and review something by you.

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I went through a similar stage of... ignored-ness? before the downtime, and many multiple times before. Honestly, it hasn't really stopped - while I may have gone up a bit in blog popularity, my MOCs and epic have still been as neglected as ever. I've found that you just get to a point where you don't care so much anymore, and you end up just writing/creating to please yourself.


That's why I've not bothered updating my epic consistently - nobody cares. I write it because I enjoy writing, and I update it when the mood strikes me. I don't think there's any rhyme or reason to how people get popular here; I've been trying for 6 years before recently giving up. Maybe that's the ey, I don't know. But I've also seen many a memeber with insane skill at what they do get completely passed over, and some who are just good get shot to the top of the roster. It's life, unfortunately.


So I guess all I'm trying to say is don't stop writing if you like writing - maybe don't throw so much effort into it for other people's sake, because that'll just add more disappointment. On a somewhat unconnected note, up until the last week or so I thought you were a popular member :P


EDIT: Holy god that's long... sorry 'bout that.

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your very talented. dont let anyone else, or situations tell you otherwise. just because you are getting 'ignored' doesn't mean you are not talented. you have to remember this is a website for young kids, and basing your opinion on your talent here is not a good idea. i know many famous writers who attempted to get recognition or a story published and had the worse luck. most writers never got the chance to have a good community like this to share their preliminary works. someone who keeps pushing through and writing for themselves far outshines everyone else. you're not doing anything wrong. don't get so tied up writing for the sake of reviews or others; write for yourself. the more you get frustrated with this and wonder why no one is reviewing, the more it's going to destroy your writing spirit. thats why sometimes its good to practice writing and dont show it to anyone. remind yourself why you are writing.


regardless i know that it must be frustrating no matter how you look at it; i wish bzp members would take more time to read and review people's works. there is no secret to getting noticed. it's purely random i think. ive seen great stories get ignored, ive seen great stories get noticed. same with bad ones as well.


im doing a 25+hour work week with finals starting tomorrow and ill be moving out of college to find a place to live, but i'll try to put some time aside this week to read and review some of your works.

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It's kind of interesting how being "popular" is relative. Even though your latest stories haven't gotten many reviews, you should at least realize you have quite a lot of friends on here who seem pretty concerned for your well being. I mean, for one check out all the people above and what they've written to cheer you up.


Two, most of your friends are writers themselves, and they like you because of your known talent and personality. Not because you're some staff, or you've won some contest, or because you enjoy the latest trend. (no offence to any of those guys, but what I'm saying is, your "popularity" is because you've been original from the start)


Three. It's true that at the moment reviewers are pretty limited and this is because a lot of people aren't into writing on BZP right now. It could be for a ton of different reasons, but it's not necessarily you that's the problem. I've read quite a number of stories on BZP since it's been back, but I rarely review. Why? Same as you. I've been pretty busy. It's nothing against the story, and I would love to express how great it is, but I'm just not the best reviewer and it takes time for me personally to come up with what I want to say. So even though you haven't gotten many review, don't assume people aren't keeping tabs on you. (in a non creepy way) A lot of people follow your blog, stories and opinions. Check out your past records and you should be able to see that.


Four. Be yourself. Don't be looking for some way to get noticed. You're going to attract a lot of people who probably don't care, and just want to hang around with you and post on your stories and blogs to get "popular" themselves. (Sure, this is the internet and that's what they say about real life, but I've seen it happen before) Your position on BZP is a very good one in my opinion. Most people respect you, you do your own thing, you've been named a great author by many and your comments draw other people in.


All and all, I wouldn't sweat this too badly. Writing is a very special thing for you, and I seriously doubt you want to give it up. You have way too many people supporting you to even start to think that they aren't. :)

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Clearly you just need to make an entry titled "Takuma Nuva" and then EVERYONE will come rushing in. :D


(oh gosh, why did I follow a link to such an old entry?)


Takuma Nuva

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