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Q: Who's Better: Peach Or Daisy?

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Peach 00


Another one of my video game character choice questions. This is just for entertainment purposes - I'm dying to see what you guys will say. :P

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I was about to say Peach because Daisy hardly appears outside of spinoffs, but then I realized that was because she doesnt get kidnapped all the time.


So I'll go with Daisy, but only the old Daisy, because her new voice is so annoying. x_x

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Um, how can the answer be anything but Daisy?


Peach gets captured on a daily basis. How come Mario or even Luigi never has to save Daisy?


Have you played her in Mario Strikers? She is SCARY.


Or I'd have to go with Rosalina as well. :D

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Peach is the Mary-Jane Watson to Daisy's Gwen Stacy. Tough call.


I'd have to go with Peach; hilariously dependent, but still capable of holding her own in every other game besides main series ones.

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