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I Got An Honorable Mention!

Peach 00


Although that might be a complete copy of Inferna's blog entry title, what else would I be saying? :P


Still, I got an honorable mention, as did Inferna. I'm happy with the results - so happy, I'm motivated to write again! =D


Congrats to all the winners, especially to Legolover, Aderia, and Grant-Sud. You guys deserved the places you finished in. :biggrin:


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I'd argue Aderia-chan should've placed in 1st. But then again, that wasn't her best piece of work.


-The Fearless Leader

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Sure it's an exact replica of Inferna's named entry, but when I saw the exclamation point and I was like, YEAH! Someone is excited! BD

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Guest kopakanuva13


Congratulations ;D


I've actually been planning on reading your entry among a few others... might get around to that pretty soon.


I was pretty surprised at getting honorable mention myself. I recycled an old story idea I had and kinda whipped my entry together. It wasn't nearly as good as my Valentine's Day entry whatever year that was.

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