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Peach 00


Who has heard of this cool band? :3


My favorite songs personally are Where Did All the Love Go?, Ladies & Gentlemen, Roll the Dice (a full song, the title is written like that), Thick As Thieves, and Fire. I wish I had more of their songs, I only have eight or so. =/


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I have all their studio albums hurr durr


Favorite songs are Stuntman, Thick As Thieves, and Neon Noon

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I was given an album by them by this really really really really awesome BZP Member who likes wolves, Zelda, Pink Floyd, always in a good mood and is a major BS01 Member as well. I won't disclose his name though.


Oh! Hi Cholie! ^_^


Anyway I have their West Pauper Album and my favorite song, just, might, be, Happiness. Thick as Thieves and Underdog are close though...

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