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You Might Want To Look At This

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I'll take more pictures once I make a new lightbox, my old one got smashed when I moved out of my apartment. There are some spots on this guy that I want to touch up, but I'm happy with the overall look of the MOC, especially the silhouette.

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Oh.... Kay. That's pretty awsome. Reminds me of that guy from the Star Wars landspeeder set. It kind of creeps me out- but in a skillfully built way. Awsome yellow armoring. But is there anything you can add to the that empty stud in the lower... ummm... long arms? Maybe more tubing? I look forward to more pictures!

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Nice. The yellow and gray work well together, and the general junk-robot feel is pretty cool. Only complaint is that the lower long arm is just a bit too thin to be that long.

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I totally like the shaping of this. That abdomen especially is very nicely done.

The head kind of bothers me though, I feel that the concept is rather standardized by now.

Perhaps you could do something else with the current eye holes and position an eye where the gray

T-pin sticks out in the front of the face?

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The legs overall could use some work; either you're going for organic or mechanical, and the legs kind of throw that vibe off (plus, I've never been a fan of using the rounded 2x2 tiles as connectors; it's weirdly popular these days, but not my jam). The main torso is great, and that head is quirky, yet clever.

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