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I simultaneously love and hate this game.So fun but so tricky. That's the best kind of game. :P


Haha, yeah. I started getting annoyed with the boomerang bros when I didn't have a mushroom, it'd be impossible to jump on them when they had both boomerangs launched. >_<


I never could get past the desert. Stupid friggin' sun. >:(


Heh, same here. However, I did get past the sun - run as fast as you can, and jump over it whenever it goes underneath you. If you get to the max running ability, it's easy to get past it, just as long as you time the jumps right. But I stopped at the desert for now, might play later...

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Used to play that on the ol Super Nintendo. Good times. :3 Never did beat it but whatever.


Haha, my brother has probably beaten it well over ten times. When he saw me playing it, I died, so he took the controller got me to World 2 in the space of two minutes. xD

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