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Gifts Galore

Peach 00


- Stocking stuffers (Bottle Caps, Smart Tarts, beads, etc.)

- Digital clock (I've needed one)

- Two long-sleeve shirts

- Plush robe

- Plush socks

- Rear Window Grace Kelly Barbie

- $200 (=D)


Although it's not a lot, it's awesome, nonetheless. I plan on spending the $200 on Portal 2, some beads for jewelry, trading in my Forza 3 copy for the Top Gear edition, and some other things. Might get my ears pierced, I got a pair of earrings that are really pretty. Not sure when that will happen, though. Still, I loved the gifts, because with the money I can spend some money on extra gifts that I didn't get with the rest of the things I got. ^_^


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