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Goodbye Premier Perks

Peach 00


Hate to see these go, I was thoroughly enjoying the blogging experience. Plus, seeing a ranking icon was certainly cool, instead of just seeing text. I'd prefer it if that would stay there without PMship, it's not really a huge perk, to be honest. Anyway, I've definitely enjoyed this. This probably being the last blog post I'll have, like to advertise some things I've seen:

  • Inferna Firesword's epic Wings
  • Grant-Sud's Divided We Fall
  • What Lurks Below (also by Inferna)
  • Rising Moon's Dreams of Darkness

...And a few other things I can't remember. Plus, sorry to SYC requesters, I'm cancelling the stories, but I'll still view them in my spare time when I can and maybe review them. But anyway, I definitely enjoyed the blogging, the comments, the people - nice to know I had some people reading my blog. I felt like I was kind of noticed in some mannerism than through just my writing or something. Still, appreciate the views and the comments, guys. Maybe when there's another downtime, I'll show up in the blogs again. :P


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Yes, what Xinlo said. =)


Also, maybe this'll get pushed back again, remember the last time you said that an entry would likely be the last one? =P

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