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Obligatory Spoils Entry

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Well, to start things off, first year in a loooooooooong while that I did not get any Lego whatsoever for Christmas. I think the last time that happened, the Piraka had just been announced and I wasn't too interested in Bionicle at the time (although I got interested in it again when the Inika came out, so that was pretty short lived). Well, who knows, maybe I'll get some Lego on my Birthday in t-minus 5ish days.


Anywho, I got:

  • A box of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies
  • Two Brooks Brothers Bow-ties
  • A bag of Swedish Fish
  • 300 Hardcover Graphic Novel
  • A wool sweater
  • A lot of socks

All in all a great haul, for sure.

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