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Playing Portal 2 Blind

Jedi Master J.


Hi, BZPers. Its me again. I am just popping in to give you all another update on the misadventures of JMJ. Today's topic again involves my misadventures of playing games on Steam. This time obviously it involved trying to play Portal 2; which as I predict before I even brought it, I can't play it.


What I found funny though is, that unlike Bastion (which outright told me that I could not play it when I try) it actually let me try to start playing the game. You know what I saw when it start up after a loading screen. Nothing but darkness, cross-hairs, and subtitles (It still plays the voices.). So apparent my computer can play Portal 2 just without the graphics and images necessary to solve the puzzles in the game. Nah, that's not important, right? I'll just use my mental powers to solve the puzzles. XD


So yeah, I going to need to get a new graphics card, if I want to play either of those games. And well, I doubt I will be getting one anytime soon unfortunately. But I do have five other games on Steam that I could be playing and they work, so it is not that bad. Still its moments like this that remind me why I do not play PC games much. And why is that, you might ask?


Well, it is a couple of reasons. The first reason being that if you want to play a game, especially a recent game, on the PC, you will basically have to rebuild your computer to get the best gameplay out of it. The cost alone in that and the fact that involves me having to deal with stuff that I am completely unfamiliar with is what turns me off the most about that. As for my second reason, I hate using a keyboard as a controller. I personally feel completely uncomfortable use it as a controller.


And in particularly, it is why I tend to favor playing console's games more because a ) you know the game is going to work on your system beforehand and b ) you get a controller that you can manipulate in your hand and you don't have a bunch of buttons everywhere on it (some of which might not do anything because nothing bound to that key).


But yeah, I tend to be turn off by those kind of things when it comes to PC games. And well, that's all I have to say today for this entry. Thanks for taking the time to read and I guess I'll see you all later. By the way, the next entry might be LEGO related since I think I am writing about Steam too much on here.




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So why not get Portal 2 on the PS3?

You know, thanks to Steamworks, having Portal 2 on PC also puts it on your PS3 account, I'm pretty sure? Doesn't do a lot of good in this case, but there you go.

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