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Best Of The Bones Blog Archive





Hiyall and welcome to the list of links to my all-time favorite Bones Blog entries, from the very start loooooong ago. This entry will replace the messed-up and prone-to-disappearing sidebar archive and will be linked in my sig. I've listed slightly different titles here than what are in the actual entries in some cases for clarity's sake.



Comedies & Cartoons:

Interview: Evil Clock


Interview: Evil Lord Survurlode


Interview: The Chief Gremlin, Minion Of Survurlode


Interview: Gollaga, Enemy Of Survurlode


Interview: Orca Goblahk, Ex-minion Of Survurlode


Interview: Lawyerahk Bob, Of The Dreaded Real Life Attack Wing



Pet Peeve Winners!



Bo Ring Cartoon Collection #1


Bo Ring Cartoon Collection #2



The Bones Diet




The Gold Key To Nongu Award For Theories




Art & Writing Guides:

Bones Drawing Guide



Vector Art In Powerpoint: Quality, Inexpensive, Easy

NOTE: Now I use OpenOffice Draw, which is freeware, very different from Powerpoint in some respects, actually more powerful in most. With that, you can make vector art that is not only quality and easy, but FREE.


Coolifying With Powerpoint Vector Art


.ppt Face Contest Winners!



Ruthless Elegance: A Visual Guide To Cool



The Arena Method Of Writing


Adventure Mystery




Secure Password Method -- Bang (Strategically) On Keyboard




Best Of The Bionicle Entries:

Easy Makuta Powers Guide


Science Fantasy = Bionicle


Focus Groups: An Interview With Greg Farshtey


Bionicle Ends Right Now


Everybody Loves Teridax (His Name :P)


Eight Years Of Toa Mata?




Truthseeking & Debate:

Good And Evil: Points Of View?


Can Opinions Be Wrong?


Join Petiton For Ban Bad Grammer Toady!


Taste Reset Bars Exercise


We're All Smart -- Brain Allocation Theory




Off The Wall / Other:

Ban Coffee


Wacky Fanfic Elements


UFO Theory -- Ionic Triangle Stealth Craft






Home Makeover A Block Away




Oonahvay Labble


The Orange Fades


Wise Guy


Universe Swept Aside




Paracosmos RPG Game: The Map Of Mata Nui -- Walkthroughs:

From Beginning To Ko-Koro, by Master of The Rahkshi and bngi


From Le-Koro To Storyline End, by Master of The Rahkshi and bngi


List Of Paracosmos Matoran, by Zarkan




Pet Memorials:

In Honor Of Penny


In Memory Of Esne




Some other favorite banners from otherwise boringish blog entries:

















There's a lot more entries I could link, but had a kinda of blah reaction to while looking over them just now, so didn't. Also, I'm not listing the MOC contest results entries mainly because the images don't seem to resize anymore and some are ridiculously huge. I'll work on a contest results archive later that will instead link to the powerpoint slides I made of them. Still have to pick the winners of one of them, I think... And as for Unseen, I'm going to finish writing it and just post it in Epics.

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Great post. Your blog was really the only one I spent any significant amount of time reading. Regarding specific entries, I'm still waiting for all those wacky elements to show up in the Bionicle Paracosmos. So far, I think all we've really seen are Music (aka soulsongs) and the Mutated Elements (aka Kriitunga).


Also, is it safe to assume that, since BZP hasn't had significant lag issues for years, Survurlode is either dead or has given up conquering BZP? :P

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