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18, Not 17, Dynasty Forgotten, Rpg Plans, Etc.



Random updates:


1) So it turns out there actually already was a seventeenth art contest, which simply wasn't listed in the archive, making the current one the eighteenth. Working on fixing that everywhere... :P [Edit: Should all be fixed now. Lemme know if yall spot an error still.]


2) Since I just posted another Altacosmos, I was in the mood to review the previous two ones on the old forum, and discovered that apparently I never posted the fifth and final chapter of the second one, The Dynasty. I totally don't remember leaving it unfinished and thought it was all posted. No idea if the downtime interrupted me or what, but in any case I will repost it soon (in the same short epic format). Sorry about that folks. :P


3) This week I need to work on other stuff, but next week I hope to go through files now archived on my new laptop (copied there) and figure out which file was the most recent RPG update, and upload it.


As I had promised, if I was unable to revamp the RPG quickly for a new version, and I haven't had time for that. But I don't plan to post a new topic for the old file.


4) Instead, once that is done I intend to revamp the RPG as planned and when it's ready post a topic about it. :)


5) Still planning to do that standalone game I mentioned a while ago later.


6) Plan to finish (before posting) Unseen and simply post it as an epic.


7) The new Altacosmos, The Islander, I just posted was not the one I had planned to launch next. That one is to be the longest Altacosmos Chronicle yet, and is maybe about halfway written. So at sooooooooome point I also plan to finish that, but not sure when.


Recommended Comments

Was the last chapter of the Dynasty ever posted, because I remember reading the whole thing?


Also, will the next Altacosmos be an epic or just a really long short story?

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It was originally a short story, and the end was visible, but very long for one post, and when I found a typo and edited, the end disappeared; the maximum length for posts submitted was apparently much longer than the maximum length for edit submissions. That's why I converted it to a short epic instead.


Next one is an epic. :)

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