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Blessed Blade


Alternative Titles: Another Thing To Keep My Mind Off Megaman?


So. I've been playing Tales of the Abyss since like the weekend after it released. I still haven't grown bored of it(Though some things prevented me from my typical marathon runs during the part directly before things pick up in pace drastically. Like leveling and trying to unlock something. =P), and it is just plain awesome. And I know that by the time I finish this, I'll want to play other games in the series. Only problem there, is that I only have access to one of the other games, which isn't even a true main series entry(It's a sequel. =P). Tales of Symphonia 2.


But I don't mind playing through that. I just wish I had ToS1... Even if it'd take up even more time than me playing TotA has. xD(I mean, at least I could put this down when I wanted to without needing to save. No such luck there for ToS. =P)


Overall... I think I've found a new series to keep my mind off the lack of Megaman games recently. =P Only problem is that the art style of the game keeps reminding me of the Megaman Legends games. D=

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