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Integration is definitely the hardest part. A lot of people try the BZPRPG, but it's so massive and there's so many players and so much going on that they quickly give up. If you want to get into the BZPRPG, you need to be dedicated and persistent.


When starting off, you'll probably make a couple of posts before you actually start interacting with another player character. This is perfectly normal, and just because someone's not talking to you right after your first post doesn't mean you're a social pariah. :P This is a great time to start to explore your character and get a feel for how they think and act before interacting with other people. Think of it as a brief tutorial to help you get used to the game before actually diving in.


Now, if you want to start getting integrated into the BZPRPG, it's going to take a bit of work. Don't expect people to just approach you! It does occasionally happen that someone will just bump into you and you'll start interacting, but trust me: it's rare. If you want interaction, seek it out. If there's a Toa juggling fireballs in Onu-Koro, then go up and talk to him! If a bloody and bruised Skakdi drags himself into Po-Koro, ask him what happened! If there's someone in the middle of Ta-Koro trying to kill innocent Matoran, then go fight her! The onus is on you to seek out interaction; the BZPRPG is huge, after all, and it's easy to slip through the cracks if you're expecting people to come to you.


Once you've found (or made) an excuse to approach someone, start talking! And if it turns out that they want to go hang out at the local bar, or play a Kolhii game, or go hunt Rahi, then go along and see what happens. People are almost always open to others joining their groups; after all, it's the player interaction that makes the game! :)


And you can always check out the General Discussion topic: there's almost always someone advertising an event you can join in, whether it be an attack on the Nui-Rama hive or a Rahkshi fight in Po-Koro. And if none of the events interest you, then advertise your own! Say: "Anyone interested in joining my character in trying to dig down below the Kini Nui, meet in the Lavapool Inn in Ta-Koro." Granted, trying to excavate the Kini Nui will likely bring the wrath of the Staff down on you, but you get the idea. :P To put it as simply as possible: get out and meet people, and have fun!

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^^That, or send me a PM and I'll see what I can do. As a member of CRANE, I'll try my best to find someone you can interact with.

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As much as I agree with what Nukaya said, there's one thing I have to point out.


Digging under the Kini Nui (even if it's just an imaginary example) is a really, really bad idea. Nuju is pretty much the only staff left, and his version of Makuta doesn't take kindly to visitors. :P


That bit aside, welcome to the party!

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Yay, thanks everyone, especially Nukaya. I'll see if I can get started sometime this weekend, although I've also got a b'day party to go to :P

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