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Artists? Yall Alive?



About one month left in the General Art contest, and zero, yes, zero entries so far.


Are there people out there working on entries?


Should I extend the deadline?






Thoughts? I went for the contest after several people expressed interest in entering that theme, so... a little confused. :P


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Extending the deadline is probably a good idea. I was just viewing that topic, so yeah, I didn't see any entries. No clue why, honestly. =/

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Extending the deadline would be kind of odd, as it was already extremely long, and there's still more time left than the usual total entry period.


It's possible the issue we're seeing here is too long an entry period, resulting in people being able to put off their entries. I for one am still planning to enter but deicded to wait until April to begin my entry.


- 55555

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it might be because some people are participating/have participated in the comics contest and/or short stories contest, and some other(s) are just lazy procrastinator(s) (me, If I make an entry)

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I plan to participate and have started working on my entry, but I haven´t had the chance to work on it the past days.


~Gata. ;)

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In my case, I considered entering when I saw there was a new art contest. Then I saw what the subject was and realized that a) any entry I created would be extremely feeble and B) it didn't seem like something I'd be interested in drawing.


In any event I anticipate an extreme shortage of HF/Ninjago/other themes entries. This would compel me to make one myself, but frankly I think it's probably better to have no entries for those themes than to have a rushed, uninspired, and overall underwhelming entry, which is probably the most I could muster even with a deadline extension.


Here's hoping the entries that do make it in by the deadline will be impressive, and perhaps, inspiring.

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I always fine-tune my entries until the last minute, so that might be the reason. With so long an entry period, I'd guess that people are working slowly, using all the time they can.


Or procrastination. :P

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Aanchir, IMO the more entries the better. And if you start working on an entry you might surprise yourself. :)

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