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Royal Wedding



Royal Wedding finale is best finale. Seriously, I was wowed throughout the episode. The songs were okay, but the plot was very interesting. Celestia actually fought someone! And Cadance is adorable.


Also, Jaller is best Captain of the Guard, be he pony or Matoran. :P




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... I still have no clue why so many bronies think this finale was so great. Seriously, Season One's finale was sooo much better!


The villain here was great. She had loads of potential and she showed she was smart and cunning, but then she just kinda... stepped aside to be defeated. =/ Plus, Twilight's song was awful (There's a lot more I don't like about it, but I'll save you the rant).


This Day Aria was great, though! ^^ And plus it's still a far better story than a certain book series I know of... XP

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I loved the Season 1 finale, and can't really judge this one against that one. But this is definitely the best epic, two part episode we've gotten. It definitely beats out both the season 1 and 2 premieres.

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